Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beers and Jeers #13 (Dec 30/08 vs Ottawa Senators)

Well. That game was a so-so match. Kinda fun at times. Kinda sad at times. The outcome was a little predictable. I mean come on... Why put in Garon? (didn't work). What? Reddox as a 1st line RW? (it worked/sort of) I sure hope that things look a little better against the Flames.



Shawn Horcoff

- Yes you are reading this correct. He played pretty good last night. He actually looked like the old Horcoff. Maybe playing without Hemsky was a good thing for him and Penner. Horcoff was all over the ice tonight. Amazing. That guy was worth the $$$ tonight. However, I don't know if he can continue that when Hemmer comes back. But for the good game tonight. Have a cold one Horcoff. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- I may get slack for this one but I thought that Cole was pretty good. He had lots of shots and a 4 hits. He played his role and I think it is really starting to pay off for the guy. Since he didn't really produce tonight. Have a half of beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mention

- Bobby Nilsson (had 3 hits), Liam Reddox (he was the poor man's Hemsky, although he was on the ice for just about every goal. For us and them)



The Entire Team

- Geez you guys... Just when the train was rolling. And the bed goes to poop. Sad really. I was actually thinking that we were going to keep this going. I guess I was wrong. So for losing this game... Booooooooo!

Mathieu Garon

- My opinion was that he looked bad tonight. He made a spectacular save and then the next minute gets burned. Terrible. I can't believe this was the same guy from last year. Sorry man... Boooooooooo!


Calgary on New Years. Better win. Nuff said.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beers and Jeers #12 (Dec 28/08 vs Nashville Predators)

Well, that was a good game to watch. It was a real total team effort tonight folks. Amazing what can happen when you play a full 60 minute game. About time. Nice to see three lines producing goals tonight. No one really stood out as playing bad. Well one. But you have to read on to find out. Good job Oilers!



Erik Cole

- What a stellar game from Erik Cole tonight. I knew if he kept plugging along things would turn around for him. And see what happens when you move him to the desperation line (Nilsson/Gagner/Cole). Magic. I guess I could say told you so but I won't. Maybe MacT has been reading my blog? How do you know? lol. Anyways... these three guys need to produce and they did tonight. I am afraid that I am making Mr. Cole into an alcoholic. So for playing an excellent game... Have a cold one Erik. Cheers!


Sam Gagner

- The little dude was awesome tonight. Slick moves, nice passes and great down low work along the boards. By rights he should have received an assist on the Souray bomb. He did all the work but was the 4th guy to touch the puck. But regardless Gags played a hell of a game. Beer Sam? Sure you will... Cheers!



- These two guys are one of the main reason we are still in a some what respectable position in the standings. Their work ethic and their never give up attitudes are really showing lately. 2 points each tonight. I try and think of when we have had a better duo in Edmonton. I have to go way back for that. No guys... Further back then the dreaded Janne Niinimaa/Roman Hamrlík duo. I am pretty excited that we have these guys locked up for quite some time. Then you add Gilbert and Grebs. This could be one of the best top 4 in the league. So here Boys... One frosty each. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson (Another outstanding game for Roli. We needed a rock and he became one.) Dustin Penner (Good hustle out there tonight. Really showed that he was trying. Maybe even more than Horcoff and Hemsky.) Kyle Brodziak (He was pretty good on faceoffs tonight.)



Shawn Horcoff

- Oh why, oh why do you annoy me so much? Where did your heart go? Stats are not everything. Sure you had a goal. That was good. But... You were pretty bad on the faceoff dot tonight. When you are the one that is sent out on the important draws you need to win at least 50%. 60% or higher would be more ideal but we will take anything over 50%. Your back checking was average. When Hemsky went down and managed to come back, the only guy on that line that was trying his butt off was Penner. I expect more out of Horcoff I guess. To me he just isn't "getting it done" and he is one of our leaders. It's like he is just trying to be an offensive dynamo. And he's not. He just really needs to focus on his defensive game. So for annoying me tonight. Booooooooo!

But like I said... Good game Oilers! Let's keep this train rollin'. Woot Woot!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Beers and Jeers #11 (Dec 26/08 vs Vancouver Canucks)

Ales Hemsky
- He had the puck on a string tonight. He seemed really at home out on the ice. Horcoff finally converted on one of his passes. Good for Hemmer for getting 2 assists tonight. What more can I say about him? Have a beer Ales. Cheers!
Dwayne Roloson
- He played a real solid game tonight. Made huge saves and kept the rebounds to a minimum. He almost flubbed the baseball swing he does and was lucky Vancouver didn't capitalize on it. He has been a nice story that has come out of the three headed monster saga. I think the team is starting to "trust" the goalie again. Good for you . Have a cold one Roli. Cheers!
Erik Cole
- I can't believe how hard he tries and gets robbed on a nightly basis. It seems like his moves just don't seem to work. I do love his work ethics though. He tries and tries and never gives up. Maybe someone should do a "little train the could" story about Cole? Hey? Anyways... Nice game tonight for #26. Cheers!
Honorable Mentions
- Lady Smid (Played well all night. Came up huge with the face first block at the end of the game. Good effort all around for Lady), Marc Pouliot (How does this guy keep scoring? Seriously. How are you doing it?), Sheldon Souray (5 shots and a nice goal. As always a good game from Shelly), Shawn "the one trick pony" Horcoff (hey you used your one trick. And it worked. Yay!)
- Why so many commercials tonight? And the same four clips over and over. Isn't it bad enough that we have to watch all those Safeway commercials? Every 30 seconds... BOOM. Another commercial. So for annoying the crap out of me tonight. Booooooooooo!
That's it folks! Good game tonight by the Oilers. Not much to really complain about. Except, I almost gave Staios and Gagner a Jeer tonight. But we won so I am letting it go. Improve for next game.
Let's Go Oilers! Clap... Clap... Clap, Clap, Clap.
See ya next game...
Smokin' Ray

Monday, December 22, 2008

Beers and Jeers #10 (Dec 22/08 vs. Phoenix Coyotes)

Well let's just say it was nice to watch a game without the politics flowing in the background. Especially with it being a win. And believe me, the team really needed that win with the Christmas break coming up. Good for the Oilers.
On a side note: I would be pretty disappointed if Dan Carcillo was on my team and pulled some crap like that. That was a stupid penalty to get for yapping. I am sure Wayne will snapping on him after this is all over. He didn't look to impressed with him. Why keep sending him out? But now, back to the Oil...



Sheldon Souray
- He played another excellent game tonight. 28:25 of ice time. Wow. That's a lot of skating. He played his normal physical self. He was warrior tonight for the Oil. Then he pulls out the Souray bomb like no other and rips one past Tellqvist. What else can I say about him? So for the game winning goal... A beer. Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano
- For a guy that has played on the 2nd line, the 1st line and now the 3rd line... It just doesn't faze him. He plays the same no matter what. I honestly think that he has been one of the most consistent Oilers this year. Tonight he was again. The goal he scored is what Horcoff has been trying all year long. And he made it look easy. (on a side note: Hemsky is better on the LW side. Why does he refuse to play there 5 on 5?) Cogs better get used to drinking beer here at the Jambalaya with me. I am really starting to like the cut of this guys jib. Here's a BIG cold frosty mug for you. Cheers!

Strudwick and the 4th Line
- What a heck of a game by the 4th liners. Stortini with a big hit. Then goes on to score. His 1st of the year. Atta boy Storts! Then Carcillo hit Brodziak and who's there? His boy Strudwick. Crazy fight between those two. Decision... Strudwick, hands down. The 4th line even was able to get a shift at 5:00 left in the 3rd. MacT was loving those guys. Maybe it's just me, but don't you think Brodziak is more comfortable as a 4th line guy rather than a checking 3rd liner? Ready to split a 6 pack? Good Game guys. Cheers!

Honorable mention
- Ales Hemsky (Solid game again from Hemsky. He sure is making it look easy lately), Marc Pouliot (your making MacT look good), Dwayne Roloson (Not a great game, but a pretty good one), Erik Cole (He's just keeps trying his butt off every night)



The Entire Team
- Still can't play a full 60 minutes huh? That was a terrible 2nd period and we were lucky it was only 2 goals. The biggest down fall that the team has is taking too many penalties. It can literally cost you a game. It very well could have tonight. It's just a good thing Carcillo is a goof. And the team still has to look for that forward pass instead of passing back as a safe move. People like Staios fumble those kind of plays. So for not really looking to hot in the 2nd period. Boooooooooo!

Other than that not much to complain about. Like I said, not a bad game by the Oilers. I hope MacT leaves the lines alone because they are seeming to work. Except, I would rather have Nilsson back on the left with Gagner and Cole. Reddox just shouldn't be on a 2nd line. Besides... We could call the Nilsson/Gagner/Cole line the Desperation line.

Happy Holidays to all the Players, Coaching Staff and Management at the Edmonton Oilers. Enjoy your families and forget about us for a while. It's time to focus on the ones we love.
And a Happy Holidays to the readers. I hope all goes well with all of you in the New Year. 2009 will be good for all.
Smokin' Ray Burnt

What a great article on Sheldon Souray

Well folks. I don't usualy do this but this was a great article that I wanted to share with everyone. Reading it made a little warm and fuzzy inside. There is hope for good people that want to be here. What a Jib Cutter...

Oh. And it's GAME DAY!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Blame Game.

Now, I am not a fan of the blame game. Yet people's opinions are being tossed around all willy nilly and things are seeming to be out of touch with the reality of what is actually going to happen. Who do I blame for the Oilers troubles? Not who you think. Read on.

Craig MacTavish

- I know that most people really believe that it is the coaches fault. Is it? Really? I don't think so. I quite like MacT as a coach. Sure his style is a little unorthodox but it works when the players buy into it. He definitely is more of a younger guy coach. His way of helping Gagner and Cogs seems to be on track and working. I am curious on how Steve MacIntyre is going to look when he comes back. He's been working hard at doing whatever the coaching staff has asked. In Bobby Nilsson's case, it's hard to coach someone that really has no effort or desire to get better. I don't think that MacT really has control over the older players (Moreau, Horcoff, Hemsky) If he did he would have put Hemsky on the left side and Cole on his right. But Hemmer says no and the answer is no. End of story. I really believe that it takes Mact a little to long to figure out the older players and how to use them (ie: Peca). Cole has been very manageable this year and I'm sure that is going to help him during the next few months as we move along towards the playoffs. I really think that Cole is going to be a huge impact player by the time we are heading into the playoffs. (we will be in the playoffs this year) So for more reasons than I want to or feel like writing, MacT will NOT be fired this year. If we tank and not make the playoffs then he will resign after the season is over. I repeat. He will NOT be fired this year. Besides... how many coaches are ready to jump a plane and move to Edmonton? Not too many I would think.

Ok. Let's just say for example... I am a crappy worker (player). I come to work and kinda sorta do a little sweeping. I then read the paper for a bit. Then I walk around pretending to be busy. Then I go to the bathroom for 20 minutes. Then oh! Lunch time. Cya in an hour. Then my Foreman (coach) pulls me into his office. He gives me the "we need to be more productive" speech. "Ok. Loud and clear", I say. Then this continues for a couple of days. I seem to get the speech every 2 days for a week. The store manager (GM) starts to see me wandering around. He starts wondering what I am up to. How am I making him any money. Now the company owner (Mr. $$$$) gets wind of this. He's pissed off. So tell me. Who should be fired?

The Store Manager (GM)? Perhaps. He did hire me for $20 an hour. But not likely.

How about the Foreman (coach). Should he be fired because I suck? Maybe. Although he did try and inspire me and really you can only help someone for so long before you come to a realization that the guy that was hired is a moron.

So who ends up being canned? Me (the player) I can blame management all I want. But I suck. So I deserve to be fired. Unfortunately that can't really happen in the NHL. Buy outs are costly. And it's hard to trade nothing for something.

So what am I getting at here? Blame the players for being crappy. It's not always the coach. I'm not saying that Mact hasn't screwed up. He has a few times. I'm just saying it not his fault. Just ask Tampa Bay. or the Islanders.

Kevin Lowe
- Despite the little story that you just read. In this case I do blame Kevin Lowe for 50% of the teams woes. He is the one responsible for bringing in talent and he's the one who makes the deals. In a hockey world this position is very important. A coach can only do so much with what he has. Sure the Oilers are stacked with talent. Small talent for the most part. But that is really a small reason. Well... half the reason.
When the leaders of the team are struggling then the rest of the team struggles too. This isn't new. It happens in all sports. I am the coach/captain of my slo-pitch team. When I am "on", the rest of my team feeds off it and we play well. If I'm not going good then I can hardly expect anyone else to be. Right? I live by the motto "Leadership is Action... Not Position". Ask Messier. No action. No position. Therefore your team will stink too. For this I put the other 50% blame to these three guys.


- These three are supposed to be the leaders. The amount of "power" these three have in the locker room is enormous. These three have not been living up to their leadership position. The last couple of games, Chopper has been good. But before then.... c-r-a-p-p-y. And he's the Captain. Sure I am sure he is good at organizing player functions and all the other crap he does, but we need an on ice leader. Any "A" can do what he does. But the "C" needs to be a game changer. He needs to be able to throw a huge hit or score a goal when you need it. And Moreau hasn't done that for the team.

Staios has not been very good this year. It kinda sucks that his spot is pretty golden. He takes bad penalties at bad times. Almost borderline over aggressive. That is not what a leader is supposed to do. Not one that I would want to play with anyways. I believe that he needs to be moved.

Now Mr. Horcoff. Mr. Money Pants. I liked the 3rd line $2 million dollar Horcoff better. That guy played like he wanted to be 1st line guy. I just see no real effort from him this year. He was a good pk guy. Now he's an ok pk guy. On the PP he is a one trick pony. And other teams now know what he does. That is why last game he wasn't effective. I wonder why people that get big contracts always suck for the first couple of years? The last year is always their best year. So that means we have the next three to four years of the crappy Horcoff. Yay! I always said that he was a great 3rd line guy. He was a good 2nd line guy. But he is an average 1st line guy. We need a awesome guy to be 1st line guy and that isn't Horcoff. So now what? Not sure. A trade? A demotion? That falls into Kevin Lowe's department, the other 50 %.

I'm sure I may have made some people mad at me because of this. But so be it. It's my opinion. And my opinion only. This is not written without thought. It just has been driving me nuts that people want MacT fired. It comes down to the core players. The veterans. Then it falls on Lowe. (how much authority does Tambellini really have here?) Bottom line... I support MacT. There. I said it.

Beers and Jeers #9 (Dec 19/08 vs Anaheim Ducks)

Well. Wasn't that a crazy penalty filled game? The game was so different from beginning to end that it was hard to tell if I was still watching the same game. The lines started out as predicted. Then as time went on MacT was putting the blender on low speed. Partly because of trying to get a spark and partly because of the PK and PP opportunities. Some guys didn't get to see much time on the ice. People like Horcoff were granted lots of time. So it was a hard game to evaluate. I am not really sure why Nilsson was benched. If anyone knows, please share it with us in the comments section because I would take a crappy Nilsson over a good Pouliot any day. But let's get on with it...


Erik Cole

- See what happens when you mix a little Gagner and a side of Cole. I can almost bet my old 1979 Chevy pickup that those to will be playing together next game. And why not? Cole has looked good like he did tonight for the past few games. I am happy that he was able to contribute tonight. 31 shifts. 7 shots. 2 missed shots. 1 hit (I don't really believe the count of this stat ever) and 3 takeaways. He was solid the entire game. Cole is starting to become a regular in the Beers and Jeers. This guy is a jib cutter for sure. I guess he knows where the fridge is. Help yourself. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- I am digging the beard that you are sporting now. It is looking like a team thing. I like those sort of things. Good team building. Sam was great tonight. Even if he didn't get a point to night I still would have given him a beer. His defensive game is really shaping up nicely. He takes hits and makes nice plays. He almost seems like his is another Hemmer, but there is a little difference there. His thinking is quicker. He sees the ice so well. And he was pretty good on the faceoffs tonight. That helps to get you out on the ice a little more. Great game Sam... Have a frosty. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- The big guy with the bomb did some damage tonight, even if he didn't score. He was dropping wingers like flies. It was nice to see him get some good shots off. 15 in total. 11 hit the net, 2 blocked and 2 missed. Good game all around for Mr. Souray. Beer? Of course you will. Cheers!

All The Stick Manufacturers

- Congratulations! I seen maybe two sticks broken all game. It was like the teams were back to using wood again. It's about time you guys figured out how to make them better. It's too bad that Stoll didn't use any of Souray's sticks last year. He may still be here. So to all the guys in suits that claim to do all the work on your product... Share a six pack. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson. He was solid again tonight. Good on him.

- The Entire Team. Pretty good effort throughout the game. Let's do it 2 in a row. Go Oil!

- Lady Smid. Nice hit. It really changed the game. Bad timing penalty for Horcoff... Good hit from Smid to get that momentum back.


Shawn Horcoff

- Maybe I just have a hate on for this guy. I really didn't think that he deserved 3rd star. Sure he played a lot. But he really wasn't noticeable. If you want to be a 1st line guy, you need to be noticed. So he played 28:05. That's a lot of ice time. 6:25 was played on the PP and 6:49 was played on the PK. All that ice time and he managed 4 shots. 2 that hit the net. 1 blocked and 1 missed. 4 shots. Really? With 28:05 of ice time? The 53 shots that hit the net and Horcoff took 2. Plus the penalty that he took in the 2nd was a real momentum swing for the Ducks. Good thing for the Smid hit to get it back. I don't know? Maybe I'm wrong here but either way it's my opinion. So hey Horc. Boooooooooooooo...

Marc-Antoine Pouliot

- I am not sure what kind of magic fairy dust you sprinkled on MacT to give you all that PP time. I'm sure it was the stong stuff. I really don't like him. I think tonight he looked shaky at times. It was like he would play hot potato with the puck. That really caused some dumb passes and chances for Anaheim. You can't keep making off the cuff passes and not expect to get burned sometimes. And how did you ever manage to sneak on the shoot out list? Gagner, Hemsky and Cole should have been the names. Pouliot. Pfftt... Booooooooo...

The Referee's

- Are you lips sore? Need some chap stick? I can't believe how many penalties there were. And why on earth is knocking a stick out of a guys hand a penalty? Seriously. Why? Why even hang on to your stick then. It should only be a call if you break the stick. (even then... the sticks break for no reason sometimes) It's a dumb rule anyways. Even though you were just doing your job. I have to do mine. Booooooooooo...

Well that's it. The Oiler's have a few days to wait until the next game. Until then, enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beers and Jeers #8 (Dec 17/08 vs. Vancouver Canucks)


Ethan Moreau

- For a guy that was non-existent yesterday, he sure came out with a bang. He played a pretty solid game and actually looked like the leader out there. He beat on guys when he needed to. He laid some nice hits. He even was shooting. Not sure how he didn't get any hits? I'm sure I seen a few. But regardless... it was about time our Captain showed up. 1st Beer of the year Chopper. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- Once again he was good. He was hitting everyone in sight and took a lot of shots. Mind you most of them we deflected. But it was still a good game by Cole. He just needs to score a goal and people will relax. Don't worry folks. He gets better every game. Have a cold one Cole. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- Hard work and determination paid off. I just seen the monkey jump off his back. See what happens when you get a little dirty in the crease? A goal. And... He led the team in hits with 2. Go figure. We should see him play a little more confidant now. Good game Gagner. A frosty one for ya? Cheers!



Steve Staios

- Nice check moron. A little to aggressive dontcha think? What the hell man? Your lucky Roli didn't get hurt. That blunder changed the game after that. Dumb Staios. Dumb. Booooooooooo...

Shawn Horcoff

- Did you even play tonight? (yes I looked at the stats) Every time the camera showed you you were sitting on the bench shaking your head. Quit shaking and do something. You are considered a leader and you blew it tonight. If the Oilers are going to be successful this year you need to be a consistent player and leader. Maybe he needs that #1 spot to be taken away for awhile? Show up next time please. Boooooooooooooo...

The Entire Team

- Two in a row guys. Need I say more? Booooooooooo...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beers and Jeers #7 (Dec 16/08 vs. Chicago Blackhawks)

Wow. What a game. Good thing I didn't have to pay for that. Have we won wearing the old jerseys yet this year?


Zack Stortini
- Nice to see you throwing actual punches. Not a bad fight. Beer and some ice for the knuckles? Cheers!

The Oiler's Trainers
- I'm sure you worked your butt off getting cleaning up the mess after MacT had an explosion in the dressing room. And you probably had to get a lot of towels for the girls to cry in. So you all can share a beer. small cheers.


The Entire Team
- Your defensive zone coverage sucked tonight. In fact everything you guys did sucked tonight. I am expecting a much different result tomorrow night. Wow! (shakes head) Boooooooooo!!!

Booooooo! again.

Mathieu Garon
- 5 goals against. Way to make a statement. Boooooooooooo!

Monday, December 15, 2008

"What Would _______ Do?"

Well I was thinking about doing some Christmas shopping on Sunday and decided to head to the local Wally Mart. This is my daughter's 1st Xmas and I can't help but keep buying her stuff. She's so damn cute. So, I start walking in (with my list of course) and automatically head to the toy section. I used to love this section when I was a kid. Mom and dad would say "meet us at "whatever" time. I'd say "yeah" and I would be gone. I still feel like a weirdo standing there checking out the cabbage patch kids. I feel like I need to prove I have a kid in order to be in the girl section. People are rude for the most part. So I get a lot of stares and whispers.

I look at my list and the spin and dance Uniqua from the Backyardigans is #1. I can see it. There is only one left and I'm 50 feet away. The place is swarming with people. Damn. I need it.

Now I am not all that religious (unless the Oiler's is considered a religion) now a days but I couldn't help but think... People like to live thier lives with the whole "What Would Jesus Do?" So why not the Oiler's right?

"So" I thought. What Would Hemsky Do? Good plan. So I started out doing a fast jog, then I started really picking up speed. WATCH OUT! I jump to the left. Oh no! Spin-a-rama to the right. Almost there. One more juke to the left and back to the right and I'm there...

Right on. It worked. Just as I start to catch my breath, this dude in a suit starts to cut in front of me and starts grabbing for the toy. No way there tie wearing dude. Not today.

So? I quickly thought...

What Would MacTavish Do? I flashed a grin and without a blink I grabbed a hold of the dude's tie and ripped it right off. He stood there speechless as I grabbed the toy and walked quickly away. Take that Harvey the Hound #2

Yeah! (self high 5)

Well now I am starting to feel pretty good about myself. What's next on the list? Baby Einstein Kaleidoscope. Cool toy. Lights up and plays music. Easy to learn colors type of toy. Well... There was two left. Two. Now anyone knows that you never want the front toy because everyone and their dog has played with it already. So you want the one that is way in the back. Right? Well just as I start walking to get it and this lady and her 7 year old kid were heading that way.

Quick think man....

What Would Cole Do? I started running and just as the two of us were reaching "the toy", I pretend to slip on some water and I deliver the best Erik Cole open ice hit on her. BAM! She goes flying to the floor. Yes!!!! I got it. The back one. I help her off her kid and apologize for slipping and make some joke about how crappy the employees are here and I make off laughing under my breath. Sucker.

Now I have one more thing on the list and so far no luck. Oh wait. Is that the new IgglePiggle doll/figurine? It is. Hmmmm.... My girl is going to love that.
What Would Visnovsky Do? I know. He's good at getting in and getting out quick. So I kick it into high gear and do a run by. Successful! I have all three presents that I wanted to get for my princess. Living large and in charge.
So I go heading off to the check out till. Long lines of course. It's Christmas.

As I am waiting in line that jack ass Mr. No Tie guy from the Uniqua episode is giving me the eye. "Screw him", I say. I'm leaving. What could be the harm now right?
So What Would Souray Do? So I gave him that look. You know the look. The "I'm gonna rip some poop up on you" look. Yeah that's right. I'm bad ass. (I'm actually scared but you can't show him that) I finish paying and get my cash back and I start getting ready for the full on winter blast that I am sooooo lucky to receive at this time of year. And here is that hole of a butt, Mr. Suit with no tie guy again.
"Hey", he yells at me. "I needed that toy for my kid."
"So did I" I say back.
"Are you getting smart with me?" he growls.
"Yes I am", I reply.
He keeps getting closer to me. Sure enough he's parked beside me. What dumb luck huh? He looks really angry the closer he gets. Crap once again. What now?
Ahhhh... then it came to me. What Would MacIntyre Do?
What could I do? So I shirted him and started feeding him rights to the side of the noggin'. It shocked him a little. You could see it in his eyes. He starts to cover his head. So I did what Big Mac would do. I started feeding him in the ribs. (I learned from Big Mac that no matter what, you need to hit the opponent somewhere that's vulnerable or otherwise it's a waste of a punch) So I kept swinging until I was satisfied that he was going to be stunned. He fell to the ground and I found my opening to make a run for it. I snatched up all my gifts and jumped into my old crown victoria and sped off quickly.
Next stop... Tim Hortons.
Mmmmmm... Double Double.
Geez... what an afternoon. Next time I am going to send the wife. She's more like Chopper. She just goes in swinging her purse like she's big #18 and her life depends on it. Until next year...
Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

Smokin' Ray Burnt

***TRUE STORY: Based on true events that may or may not have happened in real life***

MacT just try these...

I just want to see a game with these forward combo's. I don't mention defence because I like the pairings.

Penner Horcoff Hemsky

Gagner Cogliano Cole

Nilsson Brodziak Moreau

Strudwick Pouliot Reddox/MacIntyre/Storts/Pisani

Just a thought.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Oiler's Jambalaya #2 (Random Thoughts)

Hello once again...

I have a few things on the brain and was wondering what you guys thought.
Why do fans complain about everything? Fire MacT. Trade Souray. Trade Lubo. The sky is falling. Trade everyone. What? Are you serious?
I mean really... we do have it pretty good. There just seems to be no patience anymore. When did everyone get uptight about things? We didn't really start out all that well in the '06 cup run either. The same people wanted Peca to sit out or be traded. Right? Now wasn't he one of our best players during the playoffs that year? I am going to have to go out on a limb here... but I think Cole will be our Peca this year. I just think that things may turn around for the team (and Cole) in the new year. To the point that we look similar to the team in the '06 run. We have all the right pieces. We just need to figure it all out again. Hopefully this time half the team doesn't leave after the year is done.
If our (Oiler) colours are blue and copper. Why is red shown on everything. Take a look a jersey. One little red pin stripe and all of the sudden our colours are red and blue. Why? No really... Why?

I bought a lawn chair. Blue and Red. T shirts... blue and red. I have three toques. They are all blue, white and red. The oil drop is copper. Nothing else though. Underwear... blue and red. My winter gloves... blue and red. Knick knacks... blue and red.

This could be more puzzling than the leaning tower of Pisa. It's whacked. Yet nothing we can do about it. But yet it drives me mad. Hmmm....


Does anyone else think that we need a new format for the all star game? I do.

I really believe that every team needs to have at least one representative at the game. (there was a few years when the Oilers had no one go.) I think that the fans should only vote on their own team. Say the Oil fans vote for Souray. Then he is the rep for the Oilers. After all that, then the league can decide the rest. ***For the record.. it should be a crime if you are in the top 20 in points in the league and you don't make it. (it's happened before)

Hold on... I know this is a crappy set up but it is a start. I want your opinions on this. What would you do?


I have heard about people wanting to do a lottery for the draft picks to prevent people from tanking the season. I like it. Here's my theory.

I would host the lotto draft the same weekend as the all star break. I would put one ball for each team in a pit and one by one pull a name. Starting with the 1st pick overall, and ending with #30.

Now the team that was luck and was given the #1 pick will not qualify for the #1 pick again for 10 years. That way nine other teams can have a chance at getting the #1 pick. If say, next year the team that was 1st last year was picked again, they move to #2. Then the #2 pick will receive the #1 pick. Then it goes back to #3, 4, 5 etc...

The reason that I say to do the draft at the all star break is so that teams can trade for the high picks and know what they are getting. I believe the trade deadline could be that more exciting. And maybe stop the giving up of teams near the end of the season.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beers and Jeers #6 (Dec 13/08 vs. Vancouver Canucks)

Very good game by the Oiler's. They are finally getting on track. I keep telling everyone to be patient and it looks like it's paying off. So here we go...


Ales Hemsky

- This guy keeps on keeping on and is making himself look more and more like a star. He seemed a little stiff in the 1st period. But as the game went on his moves started to look a little more natural out there. He also had a beautiful goal tonight. (10th goal of the season) He made some great plays tonight too. All in all a pretty solid game tonight. So for another excellent game... (I'm turning you into an alcoholic) have another beer Hemmer. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- My man crush continues for this guy. I thought he played really well tonight. 2 shots, 5 hits and a takeaway. His speed is his forte' and he was using it tonight. The points will come. They will. It's the little things that he is doing right at the moment that count the most. (IMO) Great game Cole. Beer? Cheers!

Dwayne Roloson

- Shutout! Shutout! What more do I need to say? Atta a boy Roli. Maybe not a hard fought win but who cares? A win is a win and it must be nice that you can play a solid game and get rewarded with a shutout. The (old) man continues to amaze me. A big frosty Roli? Cheers!

Gilbert and Souray Pairing

- What an awesome pairing. They compliment each other like mustard and ketchup. Mmmmmm... they are good. And they make each other look better. That MacT must be a genius? You guys can share a 40oz Big Bear. Cheers Guys!



Marc Crawford

- Good god! Why on earth did CBC pick up this guy? Talk about over analyzing everything. He is kinda like Eklund from HockeyBuzz. If you keep spitting out crap eventually you will come out a winner. Loser! Pierre McGuire still has you beat though. However... you are a very close second. Sadly I used to love watching HNIC. Now I cringe on a Saturday. I could write about my displeasure for this man all night but I can't be bothered. So for being such a dip turd Marc Crawford... Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

To My Dad

- You know I love you, but since you are a Nucks fan and we won... Hahaha! Booo...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beers and Jeers #5 (Dec 11/08 vs. Florida Panthers)


Ales Hemsky

- Even though he was only credited with 4 shots and 2 missed, it seemed like he took a lot more than that. He played pretty well tonight even after he hurt his back and his left hand in the 1st period. I thought that he gave his all tonight. Atta boy Hemmer! Have a beer. Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky

- This guy was awesome tonight. His speed was on hyper-drive. Took a lot of shots. Played 23 minutes. He sure is starting to fit in here. Have a canadian beer Lubo. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- I thought that Cole was quite a force out there. He was shooting, hitting, drawing penalties, and most of all trying to make a difference. Clearly one of our better players tonight. Frosty Cold One? Cheers!

The Whole Team

- Great game guys. Florida didn't get a shot until the 11 minute mark. Awesome! It was nice to be on the other end of the stick for once. So for sticking to the game plan for the whole game... I'll buy a round. Cheers!



Well. Even though we lost it was a stellar game by the Oilers. Not much to complain about.

except.... we didn't score. Booooooooo.

Monday, December 8, 2008

If I was the Owner/GM/Coach I would... #1

Hi Everyone,

You are probably thinking... "How many segments does this guy have?" I have lots. I have OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) My brain doesn't stop. It's Oilers all day every day. Drives my family nuts. Can't help it. I mean come's the Oilers! And besides I like to keep things fresh and I try not to regurgitate my material so I try and have mixed segments.

So here's "If I was the Owner/Gm/Coach..."


If I was the Gm I would...

Before I think of doing any trades I would have to think that some of the players were untouchable. Here is my list.

Ales Hemsky

Sam Gagner

Andrew Cogliano

Lubomir Visnovsky

Sheldon Souray

Tom Gilbert

Steve MacIntyre

Not on the list? Everyone else to me can be sold. I do like Big Mac. He's very coachable and he's willing to learn. He is training really hard since he's been off and I think we will see an improvement in his game. Plus we got him for nothing and we need him for at least this year. The other six are the six I build around.

But that's just me.


Now if I were coach...

Here is my line up that I would roll after Nilsson and Gagner come back.

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (1st line)

Schremp Cogliano Pouliot (2nd Line A)

Nilsson Gagner Cole (2nd Line B)

Moreau Brodziak Brule/Reddox (Checking Line)

No fourth line (in hockey talk). I think it is worth a try. It could be very effective. The hot players will then get a PP opportunity.

But what ever... just a thought.


If I was the owner I would...

Be painting my face and make damn sure the crowd seen me on the Jumboton. I would show you guys that I really am a fan of the team and I am there to support it. I would be shaking hands and kissing babies at the Gretzky statue before games. I would be outside lighting cigarettes for the smokers during the intermission. I would walk in the locker room during a really crappy game and stand in the middle of the room and stare at them in silence like that commercial. The who wants to be traded look. I would randomly give $20 back to fans after a bad loss. I just made $475, 000 on that game. What is giving away a couple grand gonna kill me? I would start a "let's Go Oilers" chant when we really need it during a game. Maybe start the wave even though it's lame.

These are the things that I would do for the fans. Not much, but it helps.


Anyways... that was another classic segment by Smokin' Ray Burnt

Thanks for stopping by.

Hear Me Out #1

In this segment of Hear Me Out, I am going to talk trade talk. I am not one for this kinda thing but I have nothing else to do until Thursday. So here we go...
Well there seems to be some really good players available right now. (according to sites like hockeybuzz, spectors, and the 4th period which most of the time they are wrong or full of it.) How can we not think about the possibilities out there? I don't think that any of the players listed here are really all that attainable by the Oilers but let's take a look anyways.

Marian Gaborik

- I would like to have this guy. Very fast and has a pretty wicked shot. His defensive is lacking but makes up for it with his offensive production. However he hasn't played 82 games since ... well never. He played 81 once in 2002/03. Is he worth the gamble? Not sure. He is also listed as a RW. Would he play left wing and not look out of place? Would he still be a floater?

Ilya Kovalchuk

- I would also like to have this guy. He does play left wing and shoots right. He's fast and agile. I think he could have magnificent chemistry with Hemsky. Again he isn't a very defensive minded person, but you know what? Most highly offensive people suck at coming back and helping out. So would I take a chance on this guy? Yes I would. Today.

Jay Bouwmeester

- I have already heard of talks that linked Mr. Bouwmeester to the Oilers. But do we really need to add another 4.8 million to the payroll? Imagine for a moment.. Souray, Visnovsky, Gilbert, Bouwmeester, Grebeshkov, Staios with Smid/Strudwick on reserve. I have to admit. Pretty nice defence corps. But can he survive in his hometown or crack like many others before him?

Jason Spezza

- Another injury prone guy. When he is on his game he is awesome. When he slumps he slumps. He is quick on his feet and has a pretty deadly shot. His face offs are not that bad either. All he could do is help this team. As long as he doesn't slack off for MacT.

Dany Heatley

- When the Heat is on, he's flying. At one point he was one of the best in the game. He is a natural left wing and could compliment Hemsky nicely. I am not sure I would take a chance on him. I don't think that he fully recovered mentally from the crash.

Maxim Afinogenov

- I used to think this guy was the cat's meow. But times change. I'd maybe give up Nilsson for him. But even then I think that is to steep. He still is fast which is Oiler style, but is his work ethics really all that good? And again he is a right winger who shoots left. Not really a fit for the Oilers top line.

Michael Nylander

- All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHA! That is karma for you. I am sure you all know the story behind him with the Oil. Don't want him, don't need him.

Mattias Ohlund

- While he is a quality defenceman, we really don't need him either. Pass.


Now after all that. who would I take 1st?

Ilya Kovalchuk. He is what we need. Can we get him? Doubt it. (please prove me wrong)

So now I guess the real question is who do we give up?

Brodziak? Schremp? Garon? Roli? Nilsson? Moreau? Cole? Penner? Horcoff? Pouliot? Grebeshkov? Staios? Smid? Cogliano? Gagner? Hemsky? Souray? Visnovsky? Gilbert? Strudwick? Stortini? Brule? MacIntyre? Pisani? Deslauriers? Reddox? Some Kid in the Minors? Or #1 pick this year and next?
What do you do?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Oiler's Jambalaya #1 (Random Thoughts)

Even though we won last night....

That was a stinker for sure. Where is the effort? Does the team know that they were on HNIC? You realise that the whole nation watches you right? And that's how you want to play with your Mom watching? I think that would be embarrassing. One shot after the 1st. Very impressive. Ending the game at 43-17. Yeah! Whooo Hoooo! I swear someone better give Roli huge high five. And maybe some kissing on the feet. Ok. I feel better. But you have to bet that MacT is going to skate you guys hard this week. To top it off, it sucks no Oilers till Thursday. Now what?


When I first was learning how to play hockey we were taught to play the man and not the puck. Right? This is a fairly easy concept, and it works when executed. So why does the team always go for the puck instead of laying the guy out? Most likely a 50/50 chance of getting burnt. But if you hit the guy then no one is burning anyone right? Like I said Easy concept and it works. Try it sometime.


Since when are we playing rugby? Or football for that matter. There is such a thing as a forward pass. What you say? Really? We can do that? Generally the good teams pass in the forward direction. I mean really. Why give the other team any help by passing back to your own zone? Move it forward and go and get it. Look... I panic too in hockey sometimes. I get that. But dump it forward and go get it. Don't freak out and pass back to your defence. Then they freak out and next thing you know the other team has possession. Get it? Got It? Good!


When is Shawn Horcoff going to get some more moves? His only arsenal is by going to the right side waiting for the one timer. Good play... but it can't be the only gun in the pocket. You need more. In the last few games I have seen changes to Penner's game and Hemmer's game. They have adjusted to look like 1st line stars. Sorry Horcoff. You have not. In fact, I prefer the 2 Million Horcoff. At least he tried his butt off. I want a refund on this guy.


The emergence of Hemsky has been very exciting to a fan like me who has been waiting to see the real Hemsky. I think ladies and gentlemen, he is finally here. He seems really confidant this year and I think he really is trying to be a leader on the ice. He always said it but never really maintained any consistency for a whole season. I say so far, so good.


I personally can not wait for Big Mac to come back. I hear he is learning to fight better from Rocky Thompson. How scary is that going to be? A better skater, better shape and a better fighter. You better run...


I truly feel bad for Erik Cole. I do. I think what we have here is another Mike Peca situation. I don't think that MacT really knows how to use him yet. Or maybe he isn't listening to Cole. Either way, I don't think that the fans should be getting impatient with him. It took 60 or so games for Peca to be used accordingly. I expect the same with Cole. Then the Oiler fans will see why we got him in the first place. Mike Peca felt like the fans hated him by the middle of the season and his mind was made up to leave. I don't want the same with Cole. If you can remember... Peca was one of the best players for us in the playoff's. When... Not if, we make the playoff's. Erik Cole is going to be one of our best players too. Us as fans need to be patient. This is going to be a special year. Mark my words.
Until next time.
Smokin' Ray Burnt

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beers And Jeers #4 (Dec 6/08 vs. San Jose Sharks)


Ales Hemsky
- The guy is a warrior. He plays like his contract is up this year. As the season goes on I feel like he is turning that corner to a real successful career. Finally he is what we all thought he was going to be. If it wasn't for Hemmer we would look really bad tonight. Beer for Hemmer. Cheers!

Dustin Penner
- Once again the big man doesn't disappoint. He is providing the screen that we have so desperately needed since Smyth left. Good job tonight big guy. 1 goal, 1 assist. Beer? Cheers!

Dwayne Roloson
- Another solid night between the pipes for Roli. Nice to have a goalie that we can rely on. A nice 41 save night. The ONLY reason why we made it to overtime. Have a nice cold beer Roli, you deserve it. Cheers!


The Entire Team
- One shot after the 1st period. Are you kidding me? Good thing for Hemmer scoring. The second period was not that much better. We need that consistency that MacT has been talking about. 31 - 10 after the 2nd period. Terrible guys. Terrible. We were lucky to get that win. So for the piss poor effort once again. (43 - 17 shots) Pfffttt... Boooooooo...

The Third Line
- What is the point of having a third line if you don't notice them during the game? Clearly need a change with the 3rd and 4th lines. Brutal. Boooooooo...

The Fourth Line
- What a waste of a line. Booooooo...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Beers and Jeers #3 (Dec 5/08 vs. LA Kings)


Robbie Schremp

- Not a bad game for Mr. 88. 3 points in 2 games. He was fore checking, back checking and laying out some hits. (They weren't huge but hits nonetheless) This was the only guy to get me excited tonight. It looks like he is making a case to stay with the big club. I am very happy for him. Oh yeah... Nice move in the shoot out. I still say that was over the line. Two beers in a row Schrempy. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- Really not a bad game. Still not the guy we traded for but he is getting better. I will give him one thing. He DOES try hid butt off. Half a beer Cole? Cheers!

Marc Pouliot

- Pretty decent game from the Pou. Nice shootout move. Still not sold on his play. But I do remember him and Schremp playing very well together last year in the minors. I bet they stay together for awhile even after the other guys comeback. Have a beer Pouliot. Cheers.


Liam Reddox
- Why are you still here again? 1 point in 9 games and a -1. Seriously. Demotion. Booooooooo.

The Entire Team

- You guys blew a 3 goal lead. No effort, No hard work. Pretty sad guys. No sugar coating here. YOU GUYS F**KING SUCKED tonight. Overtime win or not. You sucked. Try that crap against San Jose and the score will be 8 to 3. Boooooooooo...

Be better tomorrow Oilers. or else....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Like The Cut Of Your Jib! #1

In this instalment of "I like the cut of your jib", I will be talking about Sheldon Souray. The big man #44 from Elk Point, Alberta.

This guy is a Jib Cutter 100%. The man ooze's class like he's sweating on a hot day. He is as mean as Rita McNeil waiting in line for the buffet and you budge in front of her and she kicks you ass sooooo bad that she eats you as an appetizer. His shot is so scary that even I have nightmares about blocking them and I don't even play in the NHL. And his style of dress makes even Versace look like a homeless guy. He's smooth and violent all at the same time. The man is awesome plain and simple.

Two games ago against Dallas, the kid line was out and the period just ended. Someone (can't remember who) started to beat on Gagner a little. While everyone else was heading off to go back to the dressing room, there stood Souray on the bench. Waiting... Watching... Then after the scrum was over and the opposing player skates by.... Souray unloads a verbal assault on the guy and you could tell that he meant it and that it couldn't be repeated around small children. He sticks up for his own guys and that alone is classy.

When he came here from Montreal, I didn't really know what to expect. (except for his shot) Last year I was quite upset that we are paying this guy a boatload of $$$ and he only plays 26 games. 10 points and was -7. Wow. 6.25 Million and that is what we got. Bogus. Joni #2.


This is the Souray people expected. He's on pace to beat his own personal best of 64 points. Finally. Finally Edmonton gets a winner. And finally a true leader. I personally would give him the C right now but I can't. He's great. He hits, shoots, fights and brings a certain level of excellence that few can provide. When he's on he makes others around him play better. He has been pretty solid with Gilbert. He was even willing to play the left side so Visnovsky could be on the right. What a team player. Teams can't find enough of these guys.

I think our D corps is finally coming together. We have Souray under contract until 2011/12. Visnovsky until 2012/13. And Gilbert until 2013/14. I say the future looks pretty darn good.

So for all your hard work... Sheldon Souray, I like the cut of your jib. You jib cutter you.

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beers and Jeers #2 (Dec 3/08 vs. Dallas)


Dustin Penner
- The big man played a great game tonight. He was actually skating hard, laying the body and making some sweet passes. He made that 1st line look good. Good on ya for keeping this up since the MacT lashing. Here's a big frosty mug of ice cold beer. Cheers!

Robbie Schremp
- What can I say about the guy. He was way better than I think anyone could have expected. He was hitting guys. Took a few shots. Made some really nice plays. If he keeps this up he may just stick with the big club. Right on Rob. Beer? Cheers!

The Entire Team
- Wow. They played a whole 60 minutes. See what happens? You win. We need more of that. Here... split a keg. Cheers!


Not to much to complain about here. But...

Denis Grebeshkov
- Way to many giveaways dude. Sorry man but, Boooooooo!

That's it folks. Great game by the Oilers. We will see you next time. WoooOOooOoo!!!!!


Cranbrook = Stanley Cup

Ok folks. Your probably saying what? What is Ray up to this evening? I have a theory that I want to share with you. Ready? Ok.

Since 1994/95 there has been a person from Cranbrook, British Columbia associated on the Stanley Cup winning team every year. What you say? Impossible. Here... Let me show you.

1994/95 New Jersey Devils - Scott Niedermayer (Raised in Cranbrook)

1995/96 Colorado Avalanche - Jon Klemm (Born/Raised in Cranbrook)

1996/97 Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman (Born in Cranbrook)

1997/98 Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman (Born in Cranbrook)

1998/99 Dallas Stars - Brad Lukowich (Raised in Cranbrook) name is not on cup, yet he played in 8 games of the playoffs. 2 in the conference finals. Go figure?

1999/00 New Jersey Devils - Scott Niedermayer (Raised in Cranbrook)

2000/01 Colorado Avalanche - Jon Klemm (Born/Raised in Cranbrook)

2001/02 Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman (Born in Cranbrook)

2002/03 New Jersey Devils - Scott Niedermayer (Raised in Cranbrook)

2003/04 Tampa Bay Lightning - Brad Lukowich (Raised in Cranbrook)

2004/05 Cancelled

2005/06 Carolina Hurricanes - Randy Petruk (Goalie) was in the Hurricane system but never played. He was born and raised in Cranbrook. But in my mind... the Oilers won that cup and Jarret Stoll was the captain of the Kootenay Ice, which is in Cranbrook. Take your pick.

2006/07 Anaheim Ducks - Scott and Rob Niedermayer (Raised in Cranbrook)

2007/08 Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman (Born in Cranbrook)

2008/09 ?

So what am I telling you? We need a guy from Cranbrook in our organization. Now that we have traded Stoll we're up a creek. So who could we get? Hmmmm... Scott or Rob Niedermayer most likely won't come here. Yzerman is a Detroit lifer. Jon Klemm is in Europe. And he's old and not worth it.

Brad Lukowich is a plausible option. 32 years old. Decent 5-6 d man. Plus he wins no matter where he goes. Expect San Jose to win the cup this year. (If they can get by the Oilers in WCF that is...)

The best option is Nigel Dawes (was Captain for Kootenay Ice) from the New York Rangers. He is a great leader who plays with proper conduct. Hard worker and is willing to be coached. Someone to think about.

Orrrrrrr.... We could get my old neighbour Tom Renney to come and coach or something along those lines. Not that we need a new one.

Take this for what it's worth, but the facts are the facts. Not my fault.

Smokin' Ray Burnt

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Belvedere #1

Dear Mr. Belvedere,

I received the call today. I was having some tea and biscuits with Timmy Sestito and the phone rang. I thought that it might be my mother and she keeps nagging me about using deodorant so that I smell good after games, so I was going to leave it but I decided to answer anyways. Boy am I glad I did. It was the big club. The Edmonton Oilers.

Oh boy Mr. Belevedre. This may be my last chance. I have been trying to learn and train so hard. I have been trying every kind of power drink there is. I have been practicing my puck flips like it's going out of style. I know I made a joke with Timmy about him going and not coming back. Oh how I hope I don't come back. Maybe I'll be traded? Maybe this is the only reason that I am getting called up? Maybe I still suck? But do I suck good enough to actually be traded?

I'm probably just a throw in. (sigh)

I hope all goes well with this. I really don't want to go back to Springfield. I have only scored one goal and I am really starting to believe I am incapable of scoring.

Oh well. Time to sleep. I need to dream about me being like that #89 chap. He has all the luck. (sob)

R. Schremp

*not an actual letter. just made up lame humour by Smokin' Ray Burnt*

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Your Last Chance.

Yeah. A couple of lame jokes to start it off. Yay! But it's a tune that's all to true for Mr. Schremp. Is this really his last chance? Some say yes. Is this a "showcase" of sorts for the team of him? Maybe a package guy to go in a deal with one of the goalies? What if he just so happens to light it up in the next (1,2,3) game(s)? Where would he play if he stays with the Oilers? Who in the top 6 moves down? Lots of questions surrounding this call up. It's really not that simple as the cover of a hockey card suggests. The Mystery of Robbie Schremp.

Right from the get go I was a HUGE Rob Schremp fan. His skills are pretty good. His stick handling is ridiculous. His creativity is Gretzky like (but not really). The kid has all the tools to become a 1st line player in the NHL. Maybe a top notch 2nd line guy. PP specialist. You know... someone useful.
But something is wrong with the situation. A situation that stinks of weirdness. This is a guy that fans embraced because we lost our guy "that female dog Comrie" (we actually aquired Schremp in the Comrie trade) and we were looking to cling on to some hope. Someone young and fresh like Comrie was at first.
Enter Rob Schremp. He had controversy surrounding him from the beginning. His attitude was crummy we were told. Fair enough. Massive skills.... no size, no grit. Damn. Every year since we drafted him I was the 1st person to say "This is his year". "No Doubt about it". "Schremp for PM". But MacT would not have it. The year Schremp led all Oilers in points in the preseason. Mac T said no once again. It really was his size and his ability to be easily knocked off of the puck. Almost embarrassing for him. They told him his problems and he didn't really want to listen. Quite sad really. You would think that you would do whatever it takes to make it and stay in the NHL. Break your balls to get there. Need motivation? Gagner made it there in his 1st try. Year 4 Mr.Schremp and you have played 3 games. You could be a Senator or Thrasher before you know it.
But, hopefully this time around all that conditioning and training he has been doing is going to pay off. Hopefully this time his potential is realized and maybe sticks here with the big club. Hopefully this time the fans that want you to succeed will actually not look like idiots for sticking up for you all the time. I for one will be cheering for him next game. But I don't really understand why him? Why him right now? Why not Brule?
Last chance or Showcase? I guess we are going to find out.

Beers and Jeers #1 (Nov 30/08 vs. Dallas Stars)


This is a segment that I like to call "Beers and Jeers". It's basically my 3 stars of the game we all just watched. (But not 3 stars) Due to problems with the puter last night I couldn't get this posted.


Lubo Visnovsky
- This man came back from a crazy hard hit during the St Louis game to play in this game against the Stars. I thought he was gone for a week at least. I would still be there in the fetal position sucking my thumb. Good on him for playing today. Plus I heard from SN that he wanted to come back during the St. Louis game. Are you sure this guy isn't canadian? He went up in my books this weekend. Thank god he isn't another Pitkanen. And his actual game play today was great. Very fast and had his head up quite a bit. Wonder why? Anyways. Here is a beer for Lubo. Cheers.

Ales Hemsky
- I wish I had the talent that he has. He played another good game. I am finally relieved that he is starting to look like that point per game player that we drafted. He just looks comfortable out there. Beer Hemmer? Cheers

Sheldon Souray
- How is this guy not our current captain? He probably poops leadership in the morning while eating a big bowl of nasty flakes. He can't skate worth a crap but everything else he does turns to gold. He played a solid hard fought game tonight. Again. How about a case of beer for Shelly? Cheers great leader.

Kyle Brodziak
- Not much to say but nice goals. Lucky. But nice. Did you and MacT have this planned to make him look good? It worked.


Shawn Horcoff
- Not much to jeer here other than he needs to go back to getting the puck out of your own end school. How many times in a row does he shoot it right at the guy coming down on him? I don't get it. Not just this game, but for at least 2 weeks. It drives me MAD. And my wife goes mad because she can't stand to hear me yell at the TV "Damn Horcoff!!!! Get IT OUT man..." A jeer for you Horc's. Boooooooo

Mac T
- Now I am the biggest MacT supporter there is. I like him. I think he's a good coach. The team plays well when they play by the system. But what the hell man? Where was Roli? I thought that if you won you kept playing? You made yourself look at little dumb yesterday. No wonder the goalies are confused. I would be to. But whatever? I'm not the coach. So here's your jeer. Boooooo.

The Whole team
- For the whole team that blew that game. Booooooooo

Smokin' Ray Burnt

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to the Oilers Jambalaya

Hello everyone and welcome.

My name is Smokin' Ray Burnt. I am a musician (more on that later) and a avid Oilers fan. I am 31 years old and I have been a fan of the Oilers since I was 7 years old. (1984 for those who don't want to do the math) Why the Oilers? Not sure why. But I do know how.

I had a relative who was trying to break into the league with the Philly Flyers back in the mid 80's(he managed 20 something games and then blew his knee out) and something (CBC) must have drawn me to the blue and orange. (incidentally my two favorite colors) My dad always liked hockey. He would listen to the Canucks games on the radio in the car. So I grew to like it too. I just remember watching the 1984/85 playoffs with him and falling in love with this magical team. This Oiler team. They were fast and tough. They were smart and lethal. Everyone was mystified by Gretzky. But Messier was my favorite player. Semenko was a close second. And wow... Paul Coffey. Grant Fuhr. Gretzky. Kurri. It was great. I was spoiled and didn't even know it.

So that was that. I am a very loyal guy (ask Pepsi) and that was my team for now on. Forever. It was a little harsh sometimes being a fan because I grew up in B.C. No one could understand why I wasn't a nucks fan. For one, they suck! Two, I don't care. My old man cheers for them but not I. The razing went from bad to worse in the mid 90's. (I think most people can remember) But I didn't care. They were my team and I kept up hope.

By the late 90's I had moved my way up to the awesome city of Edmonton and the hardworking province of Alberta. I ended up living 4 blocks away from Northlands. (I miss that name) It was awesome to be at the games and experience the "air" around a playoff game. That's right... I paid the $1 and beat the hell out of the Colorado Avalanche car with a sledgehammer in front of the Skyreach Center. That was fun. And I seen Mark Sholtz and that fatter dude from breakfast television play with their band outside of the arena. Bad ass is what that is. jk It was even better because the games that I couldn't afford to go to I would rush home as the game was about to begin and turn on the game with the mute on and listen to the live crowd. Playoff crowds are freaking awesome in Edmonton. So I would be on my couch and cheer with the crowd I heard coming through my window.

Then the great mighty run of the modern era. I'll tell you one thing. I almost cried the day they announced the Peca/Pronger signings. It felt like my hope and patience for the past 16 some odd years was finally paying off. And it almost did. Game 7 almost. I cried then... Then I was spitting mad a few days later. (still am...) I couldn't understand why anyone would want to go? 1 game from a championship and you want to give that all away for "greener pastures"? Bull crap I say. But life goes on and here we are at present day.

I've seen a lot as a regular everyday normal fan. I have opinions just like the next guy. Am I right sometimes? Hope so. Am I wrong sometimes? Most likely. But who cares. I am passionate about this team. I am their #1 fan. (like 18,000 others) I just hope I can bring another side of things out. If it's game day then I will be at Oh damn good fun there.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope I can entertain you. Or at least waste your time.

Smokin' Ray Burnt

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