Friday, January 30, 2009

Beers and Jeers #25 (Jan 30/09 vs. Minnesota Wild)

Well, was that the Edmonton Oilers? I couldn't believe my eyes. The puck just drops and Staios absolutely nails a Wild player. Then drops the gloves and backs up his actions. Nice veteran move. That instantly moved the momentum to the Oilers side. 4 minutes later Hemsky scores a lucky one. Yes! Great start. Take that Flames fans... Anyways. The guys that I have been hardest on lately we very good in the 1st period. Sure they wanted the "young" guys to take ownership for their actions. But with out the strong veteran leadership group taking charge and leading this team much like they did in this game, we would be a much better team for it. Am I wrong?

Big Mac vs. The Bogeyman #1

- This was a good fight for Big Mac. He looked really nervous at the start. But excited. The dukes went up and the waiting game began. Once the fight started it was a pretty good one. No real "big" punches that did any damage. But shots were felt. It ended a draw. Then as Big Mac was skating off you could see him grin. He felt good. He wasn't broken. And that fight did a lot for the rest of the game. Bogey was not a factor at all tonight. Mission accomplished.

Period 2 was also great. Lots of action. The play was pretty back and forth. Visnovsky scores a beauty. The Oilers PP was not great. 1for 5 for the game. This could have been a 7-1 game instead 3-1. I'm not really complaining... but I am.

The 3rd period started and wouldn't you know it. I go out for a smoke (What? you smoke Smokin' Ray? *pause* oooooooooh.... I get it, Smokin' Ray.) and the Wild score. What the hell? I know, I said the same thing. But the Oilers stared to play a tight game and really held off the Wild. Roloson was a monster (screw you Pierre MacGuire) in this game. He deserves a lot of credit tonight. He played great. Oilers hang on to win the game. All is good in the Oilers Nation once again.


Tonight's Lines

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (This line was kind of a dud line. Hemsky was good. Penner was a blob of blue and copper. Horcoff... he wasn't bad tonight. Not great. But not bad either.)

Nilsson Potulny Cole (Nilsson is a ticking time bomb with the puck. It may explode. It may be a gift for the opposing team. Potulny was average as he only played 11:02. Horcoff and Cogliano took his spot on occasion. Cole was good tonight. Admit it Cole... you miss your little buddy Sam.)

Moreau Cogliano Pouliot (This line and the 4th line changed throughout the game. MacT was trying to get things going. But yet last game, the lines never changed. Go figure? Moreau - Good, Cogliano - good / he belongs on the 3rd line, Poulot - 4th line guy / average.)

Strudwick Brodziak MacIntyre (This wasn't really a line that did anything. Big Mac fought, but only played 2:13. He did mange 2 hits, and they were good ones. Strudwick was a puzzling choice. I was thinking more along the lines of Stortini in the mix tonight. But once again... what do I know? Brodziak was a faceoff machine. He was out for a lot of the "big" draws. He did ok at 6-4 for 60%.)



Minnesota Wild - 1

Edmonton Oilers- 3



Dwayne Roloson

- I will be the first to admit that I didn't think it was a good idea to put Roli in for this game. Ex team, they know his weak spots, losing record against Wild. But like I have said a million times. What do I know? He was brilliant tonight. He made huge saves when needed and was a fierce competitor till the end. I have always liked Roli, but tonight he raised my respect level for him. His mental toughness is second to none. He knows how to be a real professional. He has been since he has become an Oiler. Good days or bad days... the man is class. Have a beer Gramps. Show these kids how to drink. Cheers!

Steve Staios

- I want to say that if Steve Staios could play like that every game, he could be a real high level NHL defenseman. He did everything right tonight. I have had a huge mean streak for Staios lately, but I can say that tonight he made me stand up and cheer. He made me believe that this team is the team that I say they are. A team of champions. Hard hitting. Shot blocking. The knuckle breaking dedication that it is what it takes to get to the show. (That didn't make sense to me either.) To win the cup. Hopefully he maintains this and we continue towards that silver lining. Mr Staios sir. Enjoy a frosty. Cheers!

Ethan Moreau

- The captain came through tonight. He played the same way as Staios did. Well, except he scored. Chopper provided everything that he has lacked in the last while. The penaz. Or swagger. Whatever... he was damn good. In fact. Have a Mountain Crest Chopper. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Andrew Cogliano (I think he belongs on the 3rd line. That just may be his niche. Horcoff Jr., but better. 2 assist night with great play making. Solid game for Cogs), Lubomir Visnovsky (How good is he? How many dmen take a shot and continue into the slot and bang in their own rebound? Lubo does. And he does it well. He played a real solid game.), Sheldon Souray (When doesn't he play good?)



I could complain about a few little things but what the hell? We won. YAY!

Ok. Just a little...

Dustin Penner

- This guy is a slug. I really think MacT should bench him again. And again in 15 games. And repeat, until he can produce in a consistent manner. The guy is lazy. The guy drives me mad. Hello? You play on a 1st line. With Hemsky. And you do what? Lolly gag? Moron. Shape up. Booooooooooo!

Liam Reddox

- This is only because it makes me feel good, and you suck. Booooooooooooooooo!


Sunday is the next game. 12 noon vs Nashville. Tough game. Hope the same Oilers attend that game. Until next time...

REMEMBER: You are only as good as your last game... and we were freaking awesome!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beers and Jeers #24 (Jan 27/09 vs. Buffalo Sabres)

Well that was one of the most crappiest starts that I have ever seen. 1st goal in 10 seconds?!? 2nd goal a minute later!?! 3-0 by the 10:00 minute mark. This is the 1st period still. And it's Buffalo in the lead. Way to go guys! The Oilers couldn't even score on the couple of Power Play chances that they had. This team fell flat and it's going to be hard to get back up. The best part of the 1st period was when Roli was pulled and Deslauriers came in and actually made a save. (Although I don't pin the crap start entirely on Roli) The crowd responded with a cheer. So what went wrong? Staios was terrible. Falling and giving the puck away like a peewee hockey player. By far the worst Oiler. In fact that period alone is getting him a nice brand new shiny Boo. Hemsky was the best Oiler, if you can even say that.

And how do we start the 2nd? Pissed off and mean? Maybe a fight? No. Buffalo scores. Again. And again. And again. Well you get the picture. Not a good night in paradise. 7-1 for the Sabres after the 2nd. Erik Cole tried to give the team some life by scoring a nice wrister. But to no avail. Deslauriers didn't fair any better. Not a good night to be an Oiler goalie.

The 3rd was just as stinky. At points you wonder to yourself why am I still watching this? Because I have to. The team needs us. (I feel a little responsible here. We were 5w - 1 L since I bought my new hat. But... I had to cut my mullet because it was just to shaggy. I think I screwed the team. I should never have cut my hair.)

So all in all that was a terrible game. There was a few bright spots. Erik Cole was not bad. He did look a little lost without Gagner. Hemsky wasn't bad either. But I don't think that anyone deserves a beer tonight. But I am sure I can round up some Jeers though.


The Lines Tonight

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (Hemmer was a one man show. Horcoff won faceoffs but then that's it. Penner was Penner. Lazy)

Nilsson Cogliano Cole (Cole and Nilsson seemed good. Cogs seemed out of place with those two. Maybe Gagner is important to this team?)

Moreau Pouliot Reddox (The dynamic MacT shut down line. Awesome! But they didn't shut anyone down. So what good were they?)

Strudwick Brodziak Stortini (Stortini was the best on this line. Brodziak played an awkward game. He just didn't look comfortable. I barely noticed Strudwick)







There is none.



Steve Staios

- This guy was a real terrible hockey player tonight. Bad plays. Falling all over the place. Chasing guys around. The stats don't really show what I seen, but Steve Staios was bad tonight. Very bad. Boooooooooooooo!

Shawn Horcoff

- At $7 million next season, a game like this isn't going to cut it. As a leader of this team you can not afford to have nights where you are not noticable. Unfortunately for the fans and the team, this has happened a lot this year. I hope a change is in order here. You suck Horcoff. (Except for your faceoffs tonight. That was good) Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The rest of the Edmonton Oilers



See you all Friday. If I pay for that game and it turns out to be like this one I... I... damn it. I will still get the next one. "sigh"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oilers Jambalaya #3 (Random Thoughts)

Hello everybody. The All Star weekend is in full swing and lame as usual. Well, ok... only parts of it was lame. I just have a hard time seeing this weekend as a "showcase" weekend for the NHL. This (skills competition and game) is not really what the NHL is about. I get confused when I watch this stuff. Like why would you tell the public that the goalie that you brought in for the Breakaway Challenge was told "not to try"? That's just weird. I did however enjoy the final elimination shootout. And who wins that? The guy I said shouldn't be there instead of Hemsky. But what do I know right? The Hardest Shot was a good one. It's to bad Souray didn't connect like he can. But there is always next year.

Andrew Cogliano was the NHL fastest skater. Since when did they let the YoungStars participate in the Skills? I don't remember that from last year but I may be wrong here. Too bad Erik Cole couldn't have participated. But good job Cogs. You fastest skater you!


CBC really blew it when they decided to not re new the HNIC song. Sure the guy that won the contest was from Edmonton but, the song sucks. The only "hook" of the song is the bag pipe intro. But it is soooo quiet you barely hear it. Why not Stompin' Tom? That really would have been better. And did you notice that the 5 finalists were songs that were keyboard type songs. Think of all the people that did all that hard work to write, record and release songs (Rap/Rock/Alternative/Electronica) that CBC new fully well that they were looking for a "copy" version of the old song. Thanks for wasting peoples time CBC. Why not just say that that is what you were looking for? Get a new song for next year please!


Why is there not a cut off date for free agent signings? I mean really... Forsberg again? Neidermayer last year. Kind of Sundin this year. I think the NHL needs to change something here. This is getting ridiculus.


All this complaining about fighting in the game is starting to bug me. This isn't the NBA. We don't hug our "Homeys" after a game. There is no "Keep it real yo!".

No, the NHL is not like other sports. We do not need to compare this great unique sport to a pile of oranges. We fight to protect ourselves. We fight to spark our team. We fight because sometimes that's out job. (well not Me.) The NHL is different and that is a good thing. I see more damage to guys on icings. That my friends is the real problem. Not fighting.


My final question today...

Why are the Oilers locker room stalls not old guy/young guy/old guy/young guy? That may have some chemistry building mojo going on? I don't know. Just wondering.


Next Oiler game - Jan 27/09. That's Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beers and Jeers #23 (Jan 20/09 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets)

That was a good game to watch. Great 1st period by the Oilers. A nice hard bomb by Visnovsky. My two picks for having a good game today was Visnovsky and Souray. Lubo played well. Damn he's fast. Souray was ok. Not his best game. Maybe his mind is on the All Star game?

The 2nd period was one of those "I wanna mess with your mind" periods. One minute I'm pissed off. The next I'm in an euphoric state... then BAM! Sad and wondering where it all went wrong. We looked so good. And now it's catch up time once again.

The 3rd started off with good energy. Chances were had by all. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then Boll runs Roli and the intensity rises. People around the league should know by now that there is some players (Iginla is one) who play better when they are mad. Roli is another one of them. And that made him mad. Thank you Mr. Boll. Then comes a Blue Jacket penalty. Hemsky makes one of those crazy passes back door. But Horcoff wasn't there. Grebeshkov was. He Scores!!! Tie game.

Well now what?

So I say, "Ummm... Hello? Mr. Hemsky? Can you do something?" "Sure kid.", he says. "Can you score the Nation a goal?", I ask. "Well since I'm not busy going to the All Star game... why not. How about a wrist shot?" Well wouldn't you know it. The guy is magic. The Oilers win. All of the sudden we are 6th in the standings. Yeah! Life is good again. Way to go team. Enjoy the break. But not too much. MacT won't have that.


The Lines Tonight

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (they looked good. Penner was slow tonight. But Hemsky was magic.)

Nilsson Gagner Cole (Cole and Gags played good. Nilsson didn't look like he was back to normal yet.)

Moreau Cogliano Pouliot (These guys also played a solid game. Pouliot was the weak link on this line.

MacIntyre Brodziak Brule (I liked this line. I would probably make this a more usable line. I'd give Big Mac a little more ice. Not much. But a little.)


Blue Jackets - 3

Oilers - 4



Ales Hemsky

- The man is back. And back with a bang. A 4 point night. He was unbelievable tonight. He was everything that we want him to be. An All Star. Yeah... I said it. An All Star. Have a frosty beer. In fact have as many as you want Hemmer. Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky

- 2 point night for Lubo. I thought that he was great tonight. Good back checking. Good shooting. Good all around game. I say you deserve a beer Mr. Visnovsky. Cheers!

Ladislav Smid

- If you were watching the play you probably didn't notice him much. But I like to watch the corner of the screen to see what is going on behind the play. There was Smid. Digging and grinding. My wife calls him the "SPAZ". One minute he's all good. The next he's frothing at the mouth ready to bite. Maybe because I am a little scared of him, have a beer Smid. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Dwayne Roloson (When Roli gets fired up... so do I. I love this guy. Tambo made the right decision.), Tom Gilbert (2 assists tonight. Jumped up in some plays. Finished +1), Shawn Horcoff (he played pretty good tonight. Threw his body around and was skating hard.)



I don't have any. I've got nothing. I am actually happy.

Ok then. Well I guess I should go now. Hmmm. This is weird.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beers and Jeers #22 (Jan 18/09 vs Phoenix Coyotes)

What a fun evening that was. Started with the Glenn Anderson Ceremony and ended with a Moreau Hat trick. The ceremony was good for the most part. Whoever wrote the Kevin Lowe speech really sucked. Lame jokes and re-used lines from past speeches. But all in all it was a good show. So #9 is gone now. Never again can it be used. Who's next? #4? #30? #27?

The game was a barn burner. Action right from the beginning. I must say the effort level was there from the get go. The team really had a shot in the arm when Hemsky came back to the line up. I think Penner and Horcoff showed their true colors when Hemmer went down for those games. Penner is overpaid and Horcoff is NOT an all star and overpaid. I would love to see a Penner/Cogliano/Hemsky 1st line. Shawn Horcoff can take the 3rd line position. I bet Cogs would be a 70 point guy too.

Kyle Brodziak had a good night in the faceoff circle. (12-2) 86%. But that's pretty much it for him. But, game after game I notice Erik Cole takes 3 or 4 faceoff's a game and usually only loses one. Why not try him out at taking the draws? He doesn't need to play center, just take faceoff's. Worth a try don't you think?

I couldn't believe that Steve MacIntyre wasn't playing. I really wanted to see him fight Carcillo tonight. For one, it would have been an easier test than say Boogaard. And two, I wanted to see him (Carcillo) get his ass kicked. I wonder if Big Mac was able to meet his hero Marty McSorley today? I hope so. This is the best season ever huh Big Mac? Lucky S.O.B.

Well let's hope that all this Oiler nostalgia and alumni guys being around for the last couple days really rubbed off on the team that we have now (young and old). I said at the beginning of the season that the Oilers are going to the SCF this year. I feel it. I believe it. And I still do. As of late, (since the closed door meeting) that the team seems to have changed. They have a hand shake clap thing that they have going on. Some guys are rocking mustaches. (Penner/Gagner). The lines are mixed now more old with new players. So I see that the team is starting to have fun again. And the ball will roll. Believe...

The lines tonight:

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (Horc/Pens suck without Hemsky. Tonight they looked great. Surprise!?!)

Reddox Gagner Cole (Are you serious? Reddox? I suppose that if you score like Schremp or Potulny or Brule you then go to the 4th line or pressbox. I just don't get it MacT? Anyone but Reddox please)

Pouliot Cogliano Moreau (the best line that played as a group. They all complimented each other nicely tonight. Nice to see Moreau play a good full game)

Strudwick Brodziak Brule (This doesn't even look right on paper. This is the line Reddox should have been on)



Ales Hemsky

- I can not believe the impact that this guy has on his linemates, his team and his fans. He was amazing tonight. You could hear the crowd buzzing after he would do something. Very exciting to have him back. 2 goal night. +3. Solid all around. Welcome back Hemmer. Have a cold one. Cheers!

Ethan Moreau

- Quite possibly his best ever game as an Oiler. I cheered for him tonight. To think that that was his 1st hat trick. Good for him. Maybe this is the confidence that he was looking for? Let's hope we get the same guy for the rest of the year. Have a triple sized beer Chopper. Cheers!

Ladislav Smid

- The guy was an animal tonight. He drops the gloves again. He really is not bad at fighting. In fact, he looked like he knew what he was doing. Plus he ends up with an assist. Maybe he was trying for a Gordie Howe hat trick? At any rate he was fantastic. He was dumping the puck in and was the 1st one on the puck in the corners. At times I thought that he was a forward. One of our best d men tonight. Here's a frosty beer and an ice pack for the knuckles and the ass bone. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Tom Gilbert (quietly picked up a couple of assists.), Andrew Cogliano (had a nice 3 assist game. He looked really good tonight), Steve Staios (had a 2 assist game. Played hard), Erik Cole (he really tried hard tonight.), Dustin Penner's mustache (that is one nice porn stash. Looks good.)



Rob "Plugs" Brown

- He is slowly turning into my #3 behind McGuire and Crawford in the dipturd catagory. Do everyone a favor sometimes and shut up. He spits out random stuff so that hopefully he looks like he knows what he is saying. eg: 10:00 left in the 3rd. "I'm sure Roli will have to make another big save for the Oilers before this game is over." No kidding smart guy. Need I say more? Oh yeah... Your bald. Deal with it. Booooooooooooooo!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Beers and Jeers #21 (Jan 16/09 vs. Colorado Avalanche)

Well that was an interesting game. That must have been an impostor team that played the Wild. Maybe Springfield in disguise? Anyways the team that played tonight was pretty good. We won the 1st period and lost the 2nd. I was really digging the Cole/Gagner/Potulny line. I would still like to see a Cole/Gagner/Cogliano line. Maybe a PP unit? The 3rd period saw the team get into a little penalty trouble. That is a bit of a momentum killer. Especially tied 2-2. Then the old Horcoff side door trick to save the day. But great eyes by Grebeshkov. He made a great pass to Horcoff.

It's kind of strange. I am starting to like Liam Reddox. (don't worry...not that much) Not on the 1st line. Or the 2nd line either. But he plays with a lot of hustle. Seems to really try his hardest. Maybe he's a poor man's Cole? But not.

Garon didn't really look very sharp tonight. I guess we can hardly blame him. It's not like he's getting lots of starts. It's too bad that Garon probably won't be an Oiler next season. I do like him. It's just that Gramps (Roli) has been good this year. He may not be next year, but he is now. And in order to acquire a top 6 forward, I am sure a goalie will have to be moved. Garon is most likely the guy.

The Pouliot fight gave me a good laugh. He looked like Huggy Bear Jr. The guy really shouldn't drop the gloves. Save that for the other guys.



It's weird. I don't think that anyone really deserves a Beer or a Jeer tonight. Maybe it's that fact that I am still pissed off at Air Canada for cancelling my wifes flight after we drove 3 hours to the airport. Just to turn around and drive home. To go back tomorow. I hate Air Canada. Booooooooooooo!

Cole, Gagner, Potulny, Visnovsky, Staios, Horcoff, Cogliano, Souray all played pretty good. The rest were really unnoticable. But a win is a win and I can drink a beer to that. In fact I think all the Oilers fans deserve a beer tonight for all the dedication to a team that is as unpredictable as this team is. CHEERS EVERYONE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beers and Jeers #20 (Jan 15/09 vs. Minnesota Wild)

That was one of the worst games that I have seen this year from the Oilers. On one side, Minny sucks to watch. Probably my least favorite team to watch. On the other side, the entire Oiler team looked scared and timid. Until the 3rd of course. But to little to late. Penalty after penalty can't really help the cause. Plus it makes it hard to make any type of a comeback. Then the bakery opens and turnovers are served to everyone wearing a Wild jersey. (not sure why the stats were not picked up) That was a pathetic game. Just pathetic.

There was two moments that really got me going. The two fights (Smid/Sheppard fight and Souray/Weller fight) I loved how Moreau tried to steal Souray's thunder by trying to get in the fight. Loser. Learn to be a Captain. If anyone should demand anything (firing/trade/demotion) ... it should be the removal of the 'C'. It's not on the right person.



I am giving a beer to both Smid and Souray for their respective fights. They were both entertaining and made me actually excited about something. Smid made his fight look good by throwing the bombs. Good to see him do something. Souray absolutely killed Weller. massive lefts to the skull. A real dandy of a fight. And people really want fighting removed from the NHL? If that fight didn't entertain you then maybe hockey isn't your sport. Cheers to the both of you!



The entire team sucked tonight. I am surprised that I am even writing anything. Horcoff sucked. Moreau sucked. Cole sucked. Penner sucked. Gagner sucked. Cogliano sucked. Roloson sucked. Gilbert sucked. MacT sucked. Everyone sucked. Even Reddox sucked. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I really hope that tomorrow's game is better. I'd imagine that Garon gets the start. But you never know... Could be Deslauriers.

With my wife and daughter going home to B.C. for a week, I suppose you will see a little more content on here to read. Maybe a new Mr. Belvedere? Maybe something new all together. Ohhhh.... exciting. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beers and Jeers #19 (Jan 13/09 vs Washington Capitals)

That was a better game than last game. I still don't like to be out shot but the win is good. There were a few guys that looked like this was their team. There was a few guys who were tweeners. And of course there were the last few that were stinkers.

I am a little amazed that with all the inner troubles on the team, our Captain Moreau isn't more of a captain and has dealt with it. I have been the captain of a few teams. I have had to be the middle man lots. No big deal. That is part of being a captain. But he hasn't been doing that. Sure there was a closed door meeting. That doesn't mean that Chopper shouldn't have already dealt with this. As a captain. On his own. There has been talk that MacT is to blame for this mess. Wanye Gretz over at wrote a nice piece about this. I still blame the leaders (Moreau, Horcoff, Staios) for the sub-par play but it's a good read and a different point of view. Plus he has inside info and I don't.

Back to the game. The Oilers were good tonight. I really didn't think that this game was going to go well. I guess I was wrong. The 2nd line was clearly the 1st line tonight. As the games go on MacT is starting a love affair with Cole. Bout time. I still do not understand the Reddox situation. I feel embarrassed almost when fans from the other teams ask me what is going on. I don't even want to answer them. I shrug my shoulders and smile. I don't make the lines.

Anyways it was a fun game to watch all around. Let's get on with the booing and beer drinking.



Steve MacIntyre

- Well Big Mac scored his 1st ever NHL goal. Awesome. I bet that is what he said too. One shot, one goal. Not bad. I was a little sad that he didn't fight, but oh well. We win. He played a whopping 3:40 and even though he really didn't contribute a whole lot... He deserved a beer. Not any old beer but a big beer. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- This guy is getting my vote for MVP of the team. Hemsky is good but no one puts out an effort like Cole does. The guy gives his all. When you play with Cole you can't help but bust your butt as well. That is one of the main reasons why Gagner is excelling right now. It's like a yawn... it's contagious. Cole had the most shots on the team tonight. He also had 2 takeaways to go with the 3 goals. Once again I sit and drink with Cole. Frosty mug time... Cheers!

Kyle Brodziak

- A great all around game from Brodziak. He was the old Horcoff. (geez, I hope he doesn't ask for $7 million too.) 2 assists, +4 and 3 blocked shots. Now I am not a real big Brodziak fan, but if he could play like this every game he would be a favorite of mine. Good game tonight. Have a beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Gilbert Brule (He played a solid game. 2 point night.) Steve Staios (excellent shot blocking on #8. He played well too.) Dwayne Roloson (Another beauty from Gramps.)



Not much to really boo here. That was a pretty good game. Lots of hustle. Not quite a 60 minute game but real close. The team really does need to get more shots. To see Ovechkin blast them from all over, he really made it look easy. Why can't an Oiler do that?

There was however a few players that were not playing above par. These players were not very good IMO. Shawn Horcoff, Ethan Moreau, Liam Reddox, Dustin Penner, Tom Gilbert and at times MA Pouliot were all pretty stinky.

Gilbert made some bad passes. In fact I think somewhere Robin Brownlee is laughing

Reddox looked like a bantam player.

I only noticed Horcoff because he plays so much.

No real physical jam from Chopper. He did however have 0 hits. Awesome.

Pouliot didn't look right all night. Except for that one PP where he was with Cogs and Gags.

Penner. Did he play?

Now that I think of it all six of you deserve a jeer. Boooooooooo!


Next up... The Wild.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beers and Jeers #18 (Jan 11/09 vs. St. Louis Blues)

The game that we just witnessed was a strange affair. At times I was screaming and yelling and was having a gay ol' time. The next minute I am searching for a bandwagon to jump on. All in all, we won the game. At the end of the day that is all that matters. (yeah. I just said that.) It was nice to see MacT put some of the lines back together. Duh! I was once again a little stunned that Schremp wasn't called up. But by listening to MacT we all might as well give up on that. I expect Schremp gone by the deadline. That's too bad. I really liked him.

Back to the game. The 1st period was kind of dull. I hate it when the other team scores 1st. Hate it. But thank god for the 2nd period. Gagner to Potulny and way long to Brule who went up stairs for the goal. Wow! But don't forget the couple of shorthanded rushes that swung the momentum the Oilers way just before that goal. Those made me stand up and yell. We need more of those. I need more of those. Then the Cole/Gagner reunion. These guys seem to find each other and having Potulny play with them made everyone play well. That was a good line tonight. That was enough to hang on for the win. I really hate it when an announcer starts talking about stats before the end of the game. I hate it even more when there is 5 minutes left. 4:38 left in 3rd in fact. "This will be Gagner's 2nd game winning goal". Are you retarded? Don't say that. But I guess I am a little superstitious.



Ryan Potulny

- "Who is this guy?" That was my thought before the game started. I changed as it when on. He was pretty good tonight. He has pretty good hockey sense and a lot of hustle. 2 point night. Life is pretty good today now isn't it Ryan? However... knowing MacT, Reddox will probably take his spot with Gags and Cole. For a great 1st Oiler game and a welcome to the team. Have a cold one. Cheers!


- Geez MacT. Do you like to look stupid? I defend you and you do the unthinkable and separate Gags and Cole. Glad to see you came to your senses. These two were good again tonight. I can't explain why they work so well but they do. Hopefully they stay together for the long haul. I think the team needs that in order to be consistant. Here a couple of beers for the dynamic duo. Cheers!

Steve Staios

- The guy that has taken tons of shots from me over the past while. (mostly bad ones.) Tonight he looked really good. Not just the couple of rushes but his overall game. 3 hits ans 3 blocked shots. That was the Staios that I used to love. The warrior. And he played simple hockey and that is all that I think he can do. So for playing well, have a frosty mug of brew. Cheers!
Gilbert Brule
-His best game as an Oiler. Glad to see him do well. He played pretty solid and ended up getting a pretty nice goal. His speed was on fast mode cruise control. I had fun watching him play tonight. So for a real nice effort tonight. How about a big beer? Cheers!



Not much to jeer here except for the lackluster performance from the 1st line. Sad how much Penner and Horcoff rely on Hemsky. Reddox is not a substitute.

The team really needs to play a full 60 minute hockey game. It happens from time to time. Not recently... But it happens. I sure hope we can do it on Tuesday as we are facing the Capitals. That won't be easy at all. But until then...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Beers and Jeers #17 (Jan 9/09 vs. San Jose Sharks)


I don't feel like writing about this game. I am not impressed at all. Losing Souray is crap. Stortini I can deal with.
I wonder if the moon was a true full moon?
Why is this team awesome one game and bottom feeders the next?
Why did Cole and Gagner not play together?
Why is there no "jam" on this team?
Why do we have to keep asking why all the time?

Anyways no Beers... just Jeers.

To the Entire Team

- Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beers and Jeers #16 (Jan 7/09 vs Vancouver Canucks)


What was that? The game was on the verge of becoming a classic but it never happened. This Oilers team is really starting to bug me. I compare them to crack. You know... you get a little taste of the good stuff. Oh man it feels great. It feels so good. You want more. OH MAN CAN LIFE BE SWEETER? (what feels like 30 seconds later...) Awww man. What's going on? Why does it hurt so much? Why can't I have more?

See what I mean? It sucks. The Oilers during the 1st period looked like a bunch of peewee hockey players. Falling down like their legs don't move. Pathetic. 3 PP's and 8 shots. Wow. Stellar.

The 2nd was almost boring to watch. Except for the Canucks kicking our ass. The 3rd at least was better. I am not sure why the Oilers insist on waiting for the 3rd before they start trying.
Top face off guy for the Oilers this game.... Sam Gagner. 5-3 (63%)
The worst face off guy... Andrew Cogliano. again. 3-5 (38%)
The most giveaways... Ethan Moreau a whopping 5 giveaways. Atta boy!
The most blocked shots... Staios and Visnovsky with 4 each.
The most hits... Erik Cole with 4 hits and multiple rub downs.
The most shots... Sheldon Souray with 5 shots and 3 attemps blocked. He out shot the forwards? Really?
on a side note: Congrats to Souray for making the all-star game. Nice to have someone represent. What does Hemsky have to do to make an all-star game? Play in Montreal? Or Pittsburgh? The guy is an all-star that doesn't get the nod to go to the game. Bogus NHL. Explain how Doan is more of an all-star then Hemmer. (other than points) Or Dustin Brown? I don't know... Maybe I am a nut bar.



Erik Cole

- This guy is everything that I would want in a player. He never seems to give up. Seems like he is willing to try anything. And he can score the odd goal. He played a real good game tonight. Need I say more? Have a Beer Erik. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- The big boom was pretty good tonight. A couple of bad giveaway plays but more than makes up for it. His fight was nice. Seems like the Oilers are a bunch of one punchers. Your probably getting sick of beer by now? Ahhhh balderdash. Cheers!



The Entire Team

- Wow you guys sucked tonight. With all the trade talk, I wonder if this was the last time that we see Horcoff in an Oiler jersey? Something has got to give and I fully expect someone gone by Thursday morning. Just a bad game tonight. I am not sure the coaching staff understood you Tambo. Better say it to them one more time and a little sloooowwweeerrr. Boooooooooooooooo!

Dwayne Roloson

- Terrible game Roli. You usually play good when your mad. But not tonight. That wasn't the Roli from last game. That was the stinker Roli from last year. Sorry man but you deserve this. Boooooooooooo!


Next up. San Jose Sharks. Hope we have the other team this time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beers and Jeers #15 (Jan 5/09 vs New York Islanders)

Wow! Canada played a heck of a game tonight. Exciting as ever. I think it topped the last game for excitement. Good job Eberle and Team... The drive for 5 is done. Now on to #6.

The Oilers started the game out pretty crappy. The crap that Horcoff was doing was horrendus. Not sure why he decided to play tonight? The 2nd period was much better. The 4th line was hopping. Roli was getting better as the game wore on. The 3rd period started off good. And then it just rolled on. Cogs scored though. Made it 3-2. The faceoffs were much better tonight. Cogliano and Horcoff were the 2 worst. They need to get better. ASAP. You know it's kind of sad when your #4 line is your #1. Hurry up and come back Hemmer.



Jason Strudwick

- The man was an offensive dynamo. Well one goal may not make him a dynamo, he sure played well. He was hitting and doing all the small things right. I felt bad for him when everyone is high fiving him and them the goal gets changed. Ouch. But my wife said it was ok. He had the momentum to do it again. Don't tell her this, but she was right. The 4th line was a force to be reckoned with and Jason Strudwick did his share and more tonight. Great game. Have a frosty beer. Cheers!

Zack Stortini

- The big guy looked like a hockey player tonight. His improvement in the last couple of weeks is nothing short of a miracle. I said a couple of weeks ago that if Huggy wants to keep his spot then he best improve before Big Mac returns. By golly he did. He really did. I thought that he played his butt off tonight. So for a snazzy effort. Have a nice paper bagged Colt 45. Cheers!

Tom Gilbert

- Even though he didn't really put up any numbers. He was in my opinion very effective. He played the man/body very well. His decision making was very quick and correct. Overall I just really liked what he brought to the game. Have a Heineken Gilbert. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Erik Cole (played a solid game. No points but a great effort.) Dwayne Roloson (good game. Made the stops that were needed.) Sam Gagner (Did very well on the faceoffs and was shooting up a storm.) Mathieu Garon (I'm sure he did a great job opening the bench door. jk)



Shawn Horcoff

- Why did you decide to play tonight? Nice cough up in the 1st period. How did it feel to see that puck go in the net? Probably pretty crappy I suspect. Shawn's off beat game continued throughout the entire game. Penner looked like the only one trying to do anything tonight on that line. So for playing and playing very badly... Boooooooooo!

Robert Nilsson

- I think Ricky Bobby was trying to hard tonight to look like a playmaker instead of a shooter. That is what Gagner is there for. Shoot the puck. Please. So for doing nothing but bring down your line mates. Booooooooooo!

Liam Reddox

- Not sure why Robbie Schremp isn't in your shoes right now. MacT said when a top six guy goes down then Rob would be the next call up. But they called Brule. Ok. Fair enough. But tell me why is Reddox playing on the top line? I don't understand what it is that I can't see here. I don't know... maybe it's just me? Boooooooooooo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Like the Cut of your Jib #2

This instalment of Jib Cutter is about the kid from the Czech Republic. The master of flash. The juke and jive king. The one the only... Mr. Aleš Hemský. (<---- I guess that is the proper way to spell his name)

This guy is an incredible player. His offensive skills are something you would have to sell your soul for. Most games he does something that makes me go...what?!? And I love him for it. The Oilers (IMO) were really lucky to land him at 13th in 2001. You would have to think that teams probably would have picked him sooner. I mean come on... Stephan Weiss at #4. Here take a look for yourself. I feel very fortunate to have this man as an Edmonton Oiler. I think we all should. Besides, he could have been a Bruin. (When we traded Guerin to Boston for Anson Carter, 2001 2nd rd pick and the option to switch 1st round picks in the 2001 or 2002 draft. In 2001 we chose to change the first-round selection (19th overall) for the Bruins' (13th overall). Thus giving the Oilers the 13th pick).

This season he has really been making strides in his game. He shoots a lot more now. I've noticed that we don't really have to scream at him anymore. "Shoooooot". Kinda nice huh Hemmer? He still has that deadly passing. He finds people in the strangest places sometimes. But then again, that is what makes him so special. He finally seems to be that point a game player that we all hoped for. I am very excited for him. He seems excited by it too. He has stated publicly that he want to be that guy. The "guy" the coach can look at to do something. Mind you Hemmer hasn't had all that much help this year, he is leading quite well.
So for all the hard work and dedication it took to become and keep going as a great Edmonton Oiler. Here's to Hemmer... I like the cut of your jib young man.

Beers and Jeers #14 (Jan 3/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well, the curse is over. Thank god. I was starting to think that those jerseys were a bad idea. Glad I can move on. :) Pretty good game overall by the Oilers. The PK was better tonight. The overall team toughness was going strong. That is a good sign that this team is progressing into more of a competitive team. Still miss Hemsky though...



Erik Cole

- The man is quickly turning into my favorite Oiler this year. He seems to be more comfortable every game and his offence is starting to be more consistent. He can pick a pocket and make a play or land a big hit and this is all within one shift. He is just so big and fast. He can draw a penalty like a girl on 118th ave can draw Johns. That is pretty impressive. So for another whopper of a game. Enjoy a beer Mr. Cole. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- He really was the force behind the team as the game started. Nice goal to keep the train rollin'. He kind of did look like Paul Coffey. This very well could have been one of his best games this year. So for that, have a 40oz of Big Bear. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- I thought that the little dude was pretty good tonight. Made some really nice passes/plays. He seems to have nice vision right now. Two assists again tonight. When it rains it pours I suppose. I think Sam deserves a frosty beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

Dwayne Roloson (played very good tonight. Made great saves and was a rock again for the Oil), Kyle Brodziak (did pretty good on the draw this game), Shawn Horcoff (played pretty solid. Gave a good effort. Didn't really screw up to bad.) Bobby Nilsson (how did he get a +2? Nice pass to Cogs), The Fourth Line (played nice and physical. Couple of fights and some real nice hits.)



Not much to Jeer tonight. Well except Marc Crawford. I hate that guy. Booooooooo!

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