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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Derrick The Baron / Mascot for OKC Barons / Winner Announced

After months of fans waiting -- and me bugging them -- the OKC Barons announced that Derrick the Baron is the new mascot for the Oklahoma City Barons hockey club.

OKC Barons Logo
The winner of the Name The Mascot contest was Sara Silverhorn. As the winner of the Barons Name the Mascot contest, she wins a VIP trip for two to Dallas to see the Barons parent club, the Edmonton Oilers, take on the Dallas Stars in January. Congrats Sara!

Did I mention that Derrick is a mountain lion? Confused on why a mountain lion? Me too. But then I read this and it makes sense.

Below in BLUE is what the site had to say about the new mascot;

The Oklahoma City Barons are proud to introduce their mascot, Derrick. Although his territory can stretch from the base of the Rocky Mountains all the way into the plains, he chooses Oklahoma City as his home.

Derrick’s ancestors were among the group of mountain lions first sighted in Oklahoma in the mid-1800’s. Since that time, his family has honed their skills to be good athletes, great entertainers and a champion for their favorite sports team. Several of Derrick’s relatives have been involved in sports including football, baseball and basketball in places spanning the country including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California.

However, Derrick felt he had a different calling. Although he liked being outdoors, there was something about the sport of ice hockey. The crisp passes, the hard hits, the effortless skating of the players and the enthusiasm of the crowds drew Derrick to hockey like a moth to a porch light.

Derrick’s training was complete and he was ready to be a part of his own team. His own hockey team. The crisp passes, the hard hits, the effortless skating and the enthusiasm of the crowd connected with Derrick very deeply. Once he learned of the Oklahoma City Barons, Derrick knew in his heart he had found his team. The Barons represented his mountain lions’ ideals on and off the ice. A foundation of strength and pride in his teammates, caring about the fans and providing fun, family entertainment to the residents of Oklahoma City. Immediately, he began his journey from the high plains of the Rocky Mountains to Oklahoma City. Derrick was seen exploring the halls of the Cox Convention Center by the Barons staff. He wasn’t stalking any prey, he was learning the easiest way to engage fans, take pictures and give high five to fans. That display of passion for Barons’ hockey led to an interview and Derrick was officially hired July 27, 2010.

Although fierce looking, he has a soft side and loves to take time to stop and give a high five, take a picture with a fan or sign an autograph. He looks forward meeting each and every Barons fan. Derrick is available for appearances at any function. Contact the Barons office at 232-GOAL to have Derrick make your next group outing, church function or birthday party memorable for all who attend.

Well I guess I don't have much left to bug the Barons about anymore. Oh yeah... they still need a General Manager. I'll get on that tomorrow.  ; )

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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