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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars in OKC

There has been significant chatter over the last few days about the Oklahoma City Barons hosting a preseason NHL game between the Oilers and the Stars. 

An anonymous tweeter @OilersRumors has came out and said this morning that the word out of the Oilers office is that this is going to happen. Multiple reports have also surfaced around OKC and all signs are pointing to this being a reality. 

Great news for the people of OKC. They had a taste of the Oilers at the start of this year by hosting Hall and Co. for the start of the AHL season. It will be nice for those players to go back to a city that treated them well and say thank you. 

Great news Oklahoma City! You deserve it. 


Friday, April 2, 2010

Oilers Lose To The Stars / A Game Recap

This is brief game recap of the Edmonton Oilers vs the Dallas Stars game on PPV.



Edmonton Oilers (24-45-7) at Dallas Stars (34-29-14)



Edmonton Oilers - 3

Dallas Stars - 6



Penner Potulny Linglet
Brule Pouliot Jones
Moreau Horcoff Pisani
Comrie Cogliano Stortini

Whitney Gilbert
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Arsene






The Good:

- If your name wasn't Dustin Penner, you just weren't good enough. Penner had a goal and an assist and really controlled the play/puck when he was out on the ice. He was the Penner from the first half of the season.

- Great fight by Jason Strudwick. He landed some big bombs.

- Marc Pouliot was the only Oiler to be a + at the end of the game. He also scored.

The Not So Good:

- The Oilers lost. Again.

- Gilbert Brule slammed into the Stars' net (after only 3 shifts) and hurt his right ankle in the 1st period. He did not return.

- Charles Linglet had a bad debut. He gave the puck away at the Oilers blueline and very shortly after, the Stars scored. ZING!

The Side Dish:

- Eberle had no points tonight and the Falcons lose 6-3 to the Pirates. Here's the recap.

- The Stockton Thunder are playing tonight but the game is still in progress. It's currently tied 2-2 in the 2nd period.


DID YOU KNOW? (Facts About The Edmonton Oilers)

Did you know... after tonight's game, Dustin Penner is 2 goals away from 30 goals on the season?

Did you know... this will be the highest draft pick for the Edmonton Oilers in the franchise's history?

Did you know... Dean Arsene has played 8 games with the Oilers and still has no points?





Edmonton Oilers vs Phoenix Coyotes
Sat 03/04/2010
8:00 PM


-Written by Smokin' Ray-

TweetCast of Edmonton Oilers (24-45-7) at Dallas Stars (34-29-14) PPV Game


Welcome everyone to another fine TweetCast by Oilers Jambalaya.

Tonight you will see the tweets/comments of Paq Twinn, Smokin' Ray, Nick Walker, Scarlett, OilFieldHockey, Dan Tencer, The official Edmonton Oilers and the official Dallas Stars tweets as well as the tweets from the Springfield Falcons and the Stockton Thunder.

Feel free to comment by typing in the box below. It's easy and no signup required. Once you comment, we will unmoderate you and you can then speak freely. Be patient if we don't see you right away. You will get on.

We hope you enjoy the TweetCast and we are glad you stopped by.

Edmonton Oilers (24-45-7)
Dallas Stars (34-29-14)

Puck Drops at 6:38pm MST

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's news & rumors

Blues send:

G Hannu Toivonen
D Danny Richmond

Blackhawks send:

G Joe Fallon


Panthers send:

D Jordan Leopold

Penguins send:

2nd round pick


Ducks send:

Evgeny Artyukhin 

Thrashers send:

Oystrick and a conditional pick in 2011.


Flames have re-signed Forward Matt Stajan to a 4 year deal worth 14 mil.

Stars have re-signed Forward Steve Ott to a 4 year deal worth 11.8 mil.

I expect the Oilers to make at least 3 moves before the deadline on Wednesday.

According to Senschirp Senators GM Bryan Murray no rpogress has been made in re-signing Defenseman Anton Volchenkov and is not ruling out a trade.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

News & Rumors

The Nashville Predators have re-signed Goaltender Pekka Rinne to a 2 year deal earning him 3.4 million a year. This means they are shopping Dan Ellis.

The Calgary Flames have re-signed Forward Rene Bourque to a multi year deal.

The Minnesota Wild have re-signed Forward Cal Clutterbuck to a 3 year deal.

Alex Auld of the Dallas Stars has cleared waivers.

The Oilers will be very active at the deadline, I expect both Souray and Visnovsky will be dealt.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily News & Rumors

First off, I would like to wish the Oilers luck tonight against the Kings, it should be a good game.

According to Bob McKenzie of TSN the Dallas Stars have claimed F Brandon Segal off waivers from LA.

According to Bob McKenzie the New York Rangers have put tough guy Donald Brashear on waivers.

According to, the Vancouver Canucks are shopping Goaltender Cory Schneider. They would try and bring in some depth on the blue line. Schneider a top prospect will never get a shot in Vancouver as he is behind Roberto Luongo who is locked up for a long time.

According to, the Atlanta Thrashers are taking calls for Forward Slava Kozlov. Kozlov has been a dud so far this season however he has a ton of Offensive talent that many teams want.

Montreal sends:

2nd round draft pick in 2011

Florida sends:

F Dominic Moore

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trade in the Works

According to Chris Vivlamore (Thrashers beat writer) for AJC Kari Lehtonen may have been dealt to Dallas.

"I'm hearing more than rumbles that Kari Lehtonen has been traded to Dallas. Didn't accompany team to Denver."

**UPDATE** From Chris Vivlamore "Deal for Lehtonen could involve defenseman Ivan Vishnevskiy. Maybe a low-round draft pick."

**UPDATE #2** This from Bob McKenzie "Kari Lehtonen trade from Atlanta to Dallas has not yet been completed but it MAY happen later tonight. Stay tuned."

**UPDATE #3** Bob McKenzie "The deal is Kari Lehtonen to Dallas for defenceman Ivan Vishnevsky and a fourth-round draft choice." 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Player Grades / Oilers vs Stars / Cult of Hockey - Edmonton Journal (1/22/10)

Thanks again to David Staples for asking me to do the Player Grades for the Cult Of Hockey.

One of the things I have noticed in the last few bad losses is the lack of blocking shots.  If the Oilers want to win games, they need to block shots. Mind you, if I was on a team as bad as these guys have been playing, I may not throw my body in front of no pucks either. But regardless, if this team actually wants to win, block more shots.

The Oilers were good this game. All of them really tried to win a game, and not for us, but for themselves.  They came close but couldn't seal the deal.  With a tie game on the line, I do wonder why Quinn had the players he did out there. Why Strudwick? Why Moreau? At this point however, I don't really want/care about the answer. I just wanted a win.

The Cult of Hockey Grading System: 10-perfect game, 9-extraordinary, 8-great, 7-good, 6-above average, 5-average, 4-below average, 3-poor, 2-terrible, 1-deserves to be in minors.

#10 SHAWN HORCOFF (7) - I liked the way he played. He was worse tonight than usual on the faceoffs but his overall game was pretty solid.  He has that natural chemistry with Pisani and Moreau and it really shows.  Now if for a minute you forgot all about how fat his wallet is and really watched him as a 3rd line center, he's damn good.  He's a top notch 3rd line guy. It's where he belongs and it's where he shines.  His -1 came on that last goal of the game.

#12 ROBERT NILSSON (7) - He continues his good play with another good game tonight. He made a nice play on the first Potulny goal and continued that throughout the game.  He makes some crazy plays and after the night was over he had two assists.  Nilsson was even hitting guys.  He's trying hard to be the real deal and you know what? I think he's getting there.

#13 ANDREW COGLIANO (7) - Once again his chemistry with Gagner keeps him looking good.  His speed and his ability to get open makes him stand out.   I really liked that he was shooting the puck. He had 5 shots and is seriously due for a goal or two.

#16 RYAN POTULNY (8) - Who is this guy? At the beginning of the year I didn't know or care anything about this guy. I sure do care now. He's a gem in the dirt pile we call the Oilers.  He scored the games opening goal and picked up an assist on the Gagner tie goal.  In between all that he was playing a great game. He finished the night at 50% on faceoffs and took 4 shots. He did end up tied with a team worse -2. But I don't care... I LIKE POTSY! I LIKE POTSY!

#18 ETHAN MOREAU (6) - I'm sure glad they got rid of that strange guy that used to wear that tinted visor.  He was terrible.  The new and improved Moreau was dynamite.  Seriously folks, playing with Horcoff and Pisani is the best thing for him. He has that brotherhood with those two guys and seems cool like a cucumber out there. He had 3 shots and 3 hits and played pretty damn good (for his standards).

#19 PATRICK O'SULLIVAN (5) - I don't know what to say about him. He was OK. Nothing fancy. He tried hard but really didn't do much at all.  He's a shooter who had a total of 2 shots on goal. So if he didn't shoot the puck then what did he do? *shrugs shoulders* One thing I do know, he was the other guy with a -2. But he didn't score like Potulny did. 

#22 JEAN-FRANCOIS JACQUES (4) - He had no effect in this game what so ever.  In his 8:30 of ice time, he only mustered up 2 hits and one good shot. Hitting is your thing. No hit? No good.

#27 DUSTIN PENNER (8) - The first period was making me nervous.  It's hard to grade people when it's all PK and no 5 on 5 action.  Penner was one of those guys that I didn't notice much. But once the nonsense was over, Penner and his line mates started to really take it to the Stars.  Penner was a force.  He was stick handling like Gretzky (maybe a stretch) and was rewarded for it by getting 2 assists.  He was one of my favorite players tonight. This was the player I was lobbying for to get picked by Team Canada for the Olympics. Glad he's back, he's been gone for too long.

#34 FERNANDO PISANI (6) - Like I said up above, Pisani fit in with those two guys.  I liked the way he played tonight. He did all the little things right and tossed 3 hits in there as well. The 3rd line is what he's good at. Keep him there Quinn.

#37 DENIS GREBESHKOV (6) - On one hand he looks great. He handles the puck well. On the other hand, he doesn't handle the puck so well. He had a few pucks slip off his stick and I'm not really sure why they didn't count as a giveaway.  He did lay out 4 hits and he had some good PP time.  I just don't know why he was out with Strudwick in the dying seconds of a tie game. Grebeshkov freaks me out and if it came down to it and I'd have to chose, I'd keep Gilbert.

#41 TAYLOR CHORNEY (5) - This was his first NHL game is a while.  He was OK and I thought that he could have played more minutes (he played 11:51). The only official stats he registered was 1 takeaway and 1 blocked shot. That just screams a 5 rating. His low point of the game was his pinch that led to the Stars third goal. To his credit, he almost made it back in time and not one forward beat him back to the zone.

#43 JASON STRUDWICK (6) - Don't get me wrong. I like Jason Strudwick. He's a good guy. But don't put him out with a game like that on the line. It's a 3-3 tie game and there is less than a minute left in the 3rd period.  Renney looks down the bench and picks... Strudwick. The winning goal was a result of a puck ending up on Struds stick just as he's losing his balance. Boom, the puck shoots off his stick and onto Neal's stick. Game over.  But for the rest of the game he was good. I liked him. The quote of the night was from Kevin Quinn. Just as Struds started fighting with those rabbit punches he throws, Quinn says, "Strudwick has the lawnmower going now". And it totally was the lawnmower. Classic!

#44 SHELDON SOURAY (7) - Souray was a great player tonight. During the 5on3's he was hacking and whacking everything in sight. All night he played rough and he really stood out as being good.  He had 5 shots and 3 hits.  Souray was a leader out there. He led by example.

#46 ZACK STORTINI (5) - He was rocked at the half way point of the game and never really amounted to much.  He had a pretty non-existent game. There is a better player than what we seen in that uniform tonight. He did manage 3 hits. So he does get a 5 because of his lousy 5:12 of ice time. But who knows... maybe he's hurt from that hit?

#71 LUBOMIR VISNOVSKY (6) - I liked him tonight. He just needs to find away to hit the net with his shot. He had 5 attempts blocked and one shot on the PP and he missed so bad it wrapped around the boards and out of the zone.  He wasn't great, but he wasn't bad either.  He played 22:50 and had 2 giveaways. 

#77 TOM GILBERT (6) - Gilbert was not bad or great. He was very Visnovsky like.  He played 22:57 and only had 1 shot hit the net.  His big moment: his assist on the first Gagner goal.  He has definitely played better games. I do like him with Souray and I don't see a compatible guy for him to play with of Souray does get traded.

#78 MARC POULIOT (5) - He was better than the other two guys he was playing with. He was 50% on faceoffs and had 2 hits in his 9:09 of ice time. It's too bad he didn't get any PP time. He needs some responsible time to gain some confidence.

#89 SAM GAGNER (8) - He played a great game from start to finish. The last few games he's really taken his game to a higher level.  His penalty was even OK in my mind as well. He tossed down a Star player and had a little spaz.  He showed emotion and his line mates feed off of it.  He scored the Oilers second goal of the game and scores the tie goal to bring the game to a crazy climax. Even though his second goal was a lucky bounce of Modano's foot and who cares. That tied the game. That was a huge goal. Ahh.. but not for long. *sigh* He was 50% on faceoffs and had 6 shots on goal.

#38 JEFF DESLAURIERS (N/A) - Did not play.

#40 DEVAN DUBNYK (7) - The Big Easy is what Kevin Quinn was calling him tonight on the Sportsnet broadcast. Let's see if it sticks. I really do like Dubnyk.  In my opinion, he's been better than Deslauriers lately and is making a strong case to be the backup here next year.  The first goal he barley seen and the second goal was tough to stop.  The third was a Strudwick last second deflection and he really had no chance on it. I feel bad for him because I just want to see him get his first NHL win. He was close tonight. But close sucks.

Oilers vs Stars / LIVE TweetCast with Paq Twinn (join the fun)

Welcome everyone to another fine TweetCast by Oilers Jambalaya.

Tonight you will see the tweets/comments of Paq Twinn, Smokin' Ray, Dan Tencer, The official Edmonton Oilers and the official Dallas Stars tweets.

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We hope you enjoy the TweetCast and we are glad you stopped by. GOILERS!

Dallas Stars (21-18-11) at Edmonton Oilers (16-27-6)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

B&J #92 Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars Recap (12/05/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray Burnt and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? No one. The lines stay the same as the last game.  Including Deslauriers starting in goal.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (11-13-4) at Dallas Stars (13-8-7)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at **


- Welcome folks to the nooner game between the Oilers and the Stars / Jeff Deslauriers is going to get the start in net for the Oil.
- The Puck Has Been Dropped! GOILERS!!!
- Pretty even so far for both teams. 5:00 minutes have been played.
- Stars PP. Potulny goes for Hooking at 5:42
- No damage done by the Stars as they failed to score on the PP. Oilers should gain some momentum from the kill and get going. Good start.
- There is 12:16 left in the 1st and the shots are 2 for the Oilers and 4 for the Stars
- @Nick_OilersFan Your right. It's like we are watching a glorified practice. Oilers vs Stars 6:14 minutes left in the 1st. #pickupthepace
- Stars score. Benn taps in an easy rebound at 15:51. 1-0 Stars .
- The Stars take a penalty so it's a PP for the Oilers
- The pace has really picked up now. 2:00 minutes left in the 1st
- The Stars kill it off but score a few seconds later with 30 seconds left. #Oilers looked sloppy on the play. 2-0 Stars
- That's it for the 1st period. The Oilers need to get going and play better in their own end.
- ONronaldo Oilers would be such a better team if they could find a league that played 19 minute periods


- Game On!!! Visnovsky scores for the #Oilers / 2-1 Stars / Visnovsky from Nilsson and Smid at 2:15 of the 2nd period
- Niskanen takes a Hgh Stick penalty at 4:51. PP for the #Oilers
- 11:39 left in the 2nd period and the Oilers are looking more fired up.
- Souray hammers Brendan Morrow. It was a good hard hit. / 2-1 Stars / Oiler shots 19 / Stars shots 22 / 9:40 left in the 2nd
- 5:44 left in the 2nd and it's still 2-1 Stars
- Stars are going to get a Power Play with 5:10 left in the 2nd. It's a Too Many Men call. Jacques to serve it.
- The Stars can't score and Gagner is back out on the ice. (he served it, not Jacques)
- Great chance by Penner
- Oilers played a better 2nd period. The score is 2-1 Stars.


- It's GAME ON!!!
- Edmonton is going to get a PP chance here
- Oilers don't score but are playing well. Nilsson is like a born again Oiler.
- 11:30 left and the #Oilers are applying some good pressure.
- 8:00 minutes left and the #Oilers really need a goal here. Could this be time 4 a Strudwick goal? Or a Smid goal? Or maybe a Stortini goal?
- YEAH!!! Oilers score. Smid scores!!! 2-2 Tie Game
- I can't believe it. Smid is a stud. WOoooOooOoo!!!! GOILERS!
- RT SportsnetJim For Smid - it was only the 4th goal in his entire career.....right about now Pat Quinn will take it
- One minute left in the 3rd period 2-2 Tie Game
- Overtime it is. Great game so far and I'd expect the same in OT. Now who is the hero?
- Cogliano and Nilsson have looked good in this game. I'm sure they will see some ice in OT


- Good action in the OT. Back and forth play with secent chances for both teams.
- One Minute Left in the Overtime period.
- Souray has been great today. He's been a great leader for the Oilers
- Overtime is over and it's off to the Shootout. / 2-2 Tie Game


- Ok the #Stars are shooting 1st. Richards is stopped by Deslauriers.
- O'Sullivan is up for the #Oilers. He scores on Turco. NICE!!!
- James Neal is up for the #Stars. And he doesn't score.
- Sam Gagner is now up for the #Oilers. Does he have the moves??? No goal.
- The #Stars have Eriksson shooting now. He scores as JDD went for the poke check. 1 goal now for each team
- Bobby Nilsson is the #Oilers guy now. He is stopped by Turco.
- This is it. If Dallas scores it's over. Ribero can't score. Oilers still alive.
- Who's next for the Oilers? Dustin Penner. He can't score either. Another poke check given out.
- Brendan Morrow misses the net. This is a game in itself
- Horcoff can do it right? COME ON HORCS!!! He SCORES!
- OILERS WIN!!! OILERS WIN!!! That's two in a row. I think it's called a streak.
- WOOoooOOOooOOOoo!!!!
- 3 stars of the game: #1 Deslauriers #2 Turco #3 Smid
- Thanks for following along. Now it's time to party like it's a Saturday night. What?  It is? WOOOO!






Edmonton Oilers - 3

Dallas Stars - 2  SO



None -






Ladislav Smid - The guy played his best game as an Oiler.  Not only did he score and get an assist, he had 9 hits.  That's right. 9 hits.  Holy crap!  He was a machine out there.  He plays so well with Visnovsky and they seem to cover each others mistakes.  1 goal, 1 assist, +2, 21:51 of ice time, 2 shots, 9 hits and 2 blocked shots.  Now if that isn't a beer type of game then I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Solid game by Ladi.  Frosty beer time?  Cheers!

Robert Nilsson - I liked the way he played again.  He was doing a lot of things right.  Sure he made a few mistakes/dumb errors, but he played pretty good.  He picked up an assist on the Visnovsky goal and his line was very effective.  They out chanced the Stars and Bobby was a big part of it.  Miller time?  Cheers!

Jeff Deslauriers - Maybe the best Oiler of the night.  He made all the right saves at all the right times.  It's nice to see that he can be a good goalie and not just the bad one we seen a few games ago.  Let's see if the Oilers can ride his good play for another win. For playing good tonight, let's drink a nice frosty Kokanee.  Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - The "other half" of the amazing 1st "D" pairing.  With all the trade talking lately (mostly just Oiler fans), this is one guy I would not let go.  He plays such a ballsy game and yet he can recover if he makes a mistake.  Tonight he was not only part of a great defence pairing, he was a standout.  His goal was sweet.  Watch the highlights above if you missed it.  For a great game... it's frosty beer time. Mmmmm. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Souray/Gilbert (They were also a great duo.  Very solid.  Just not as good as the Vis/Smid guys.), Ryan Potulny (Had a great night on the faceoffs and was looking like a real NHL'er, even though he's not. Yet.), JF Jacques (Even though the stat sheet wasn't screaming his name, he made some timely hits.  Solid hits.), Shawn Horcoff (Scores the Shootout winner and plays ok.), Andrew Cogliano (He's really playing well lately.  Same goes for tonight.  He had himself a good game.), Ethan Moreau (The Captain had himself a decent game tonight.  It's amazing how good he can be when he doesn't try to hard.)



Steve Staios/Jason Strudwick - What a bad pairing.  These guys are not a good match and should not be sent out together anymore.  They caused a few errors and were generally outplayed for the most part.  Maybe I'm biased, but these guys stink. Booooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Gagner/Brule/Penner Line (They ended the night a -2 and even they looked somewhat good, they sucked if that's what you call a 1st line.), Patrick O'Sullivan (A game ago he was lucky and scored. Today, not so much.),



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He played good.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He also played good.



Smokin' Ray - Well watching the Oilers win two in a row is quite a nice change.  First Detroit and now Dallas.  Wow!  Is it Christmas already?  When the Oilers make it to a shootout I always get worried.  But the guys pulled out the win and let's hope that they ride the wave all the way to Monday when the face the Panthers.  I'm wondering if Stortini will fight MacIntyre on Monday?  But it was a great game tonight guys!!! GOILERS!

Paq Twinn - He missed the game due to his truck being towed while he was playing poker last night.  He had to go and reclaim it.  They even charged him two days of storage.  WTF is that all about?  The string of bad luck continues.  Is this the last of it???  Let's hope so.





- Game Summary

- Event Summary

- Scoring Chances (MC79)

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice

- Opponents Time On The Ice

- Faceoff Report

- Shots Report

- Shootout Details


Edmonton Oilers (12-13-4) vs. Florida Panthers (11-13-5)

Monday, Dec 7/09
5:30 pm MT
Sportsnet West


Thanks for stopping by and reading the Edmonton Oilers Full Game Recap. Don't forget that you can agree or disagree with us on Facebook and Twitter. Just look for Smokin' Ray Burnt and Paq Twinn. We will see you all next game. GOILERS!


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beers and Jeers #66 (Oct 6/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well I'm sure the party was good at the Pint.  The OilersNation group was there to watch this PPV game.  It sure would have been nice to meet some of these people.  If only I lived closer... :(

~Nice to see the Oilers PPV crew again this year.~ I'm finding that I still don't like Rob Brown.  It's not just the bad plug job, he's just not a Ray Ferraro in the booth.  Too plain Jane for me I guess.  Too obvious.

I also forgot about how much I dislike Marc Crawford. Ugh.  At least I don't have to hear his voice much this year. Yay! :)

Here is a link to a story about how Craig Conroy "did Gagner a favour."  Weak excuse for getting beat up by a little guy like Gagner.


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
Stone Comrie O'Sullivan
Penner Brule Nilsson
Cogliano Gagner Stortini

Souray Staios
Gilbert Grebeshkov
Smid Visnovsky



1st Period

- Oilers get a PP right off the bat.  Cogliano sends a nice pass to the front of the net and Comrie scores (91 from 13 and 5).  1-0 Oilers
- Dallas scores and make it 1-1 Tie game.
- At 6:28, Souray takes on Barch.  He pauses, removes his wrist brace, then proceeds to give Barch a shake down/beat down. 
- Gilbert shows some crust and scrums with Morrow.  Just before then Ribiero takes a penalty for Holding.
- Oilers PP.  Hemsky is playing left wing and Staios is the QB.  Go figure?
- Stortini even see's a bit of time on the PP and he has the best chances out of all the Oilers.
- PP Stars (Brule/Holding) The Oilers do well. No shots against. They kill it off.
- Quinn is mixing up the lines for the special teams.  I have no idea who is going out.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers will have to finish killing it off in the 2nd.

2nd Period

- The Oilers finish killing off the penalty.
- Ryan Stone nails a Star player (?).  Ott comes off the bench to fight him.
- Some good punches were thrown in the beginning, then it turns into a hug fest, followed by Ott getting "jersey-ed".
- No extra penalty to Ott. Wonder why not? He wasn't on the ice for the hit. That screams instigator to me.
- Grebeshkov goes to crash the net and gets a face full of elbow from Turco as the puck trickles back down to the Oilers zone to an empty net.  Lucky enough it missed.  No penalty for that play.
- PP Oilers.  Good pressure in the first half, then the Stars score a SH goal.  Good god. *shakes head*  2-1 Stars.
- Shortly after Gagner scores on the PP at 6:35.  (89 from 37 and 13). 2-2 Tie Game.
- PP Stars.  An Dallas scores.  3-2 Stars.
- The line of 13/89/46 is on fire.  They are buzzing all over the place.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers kill it off this time.
- Sweet pass from Nilsson to Penner.  Penner then skates in and puts it top shelf on Turco. (27 from 12)  3-3 Tie Game.
- Storts and Gags mix it up with some Stars and Storts goes of to sit in the box.  4 on 4 hockey.
- Horcoff is in his own zone and gets to fancy and loses the puck. Staios hooks the guy and now he has to sit for two. *shakes head* 

3rd Period

- The 3rd starts as a 4 on 3 for the Stars. 
- Morrow scores on the PP and the crowd boo's.  4-3 Stars.
- The Oilers look flat and the crowd is quiet.
- PP Oilers.  The Stars kill it off but the Oilers score shorty after.  4-4 Tie Game. (37 from 83 and 77)
- The 1st line (22/10/83) is not doing so well.  Quinn switches Penner and Jacques and it helps big time.
- PP Stars.  The Oilers again kill it off.
- This game is getting nasty with 5:00 minutes to go.
- This game is going to overtime.


- Exciting overtime with back and forth action.  Hemsky threw himself in front of a puck as the time was winding down.  It was nice to see him do that.  Nothing was solved in OT.


Sam Gagner - gets poke checked
Patrick O'Sullivan - deflection save by Turco
Ales Hemsky - scores low right side 5-4 Oilers.

The Stars ring the last shot off the post and the Oilers win!!!



Dallas Stars - 4
Edmonton Oilers - 5


Bad Timing Penalty™

none - Moreau didn't play.



Ethan Moreau - It was a goat watch alright.  The goat was watching from above in the press box.  He has a ankle injury but might be back next game.  How am I supposed to boo you way up there?



Sam Gagner - The mighty Sam was good once again.  He had 4 shots and seemed really determined to show that last game wasn't a fluke.  And by the way he played tonight, it wasn't a fluke.  He did everything good other than score in the shoot-out.  The little big guy deserves a beer tonight.  Frosty?  Cheers!

Zack Stortini - He was showing good chemistry with Gagner and Cogliano.  He was hitting and skating hard.  Quinn even gave him some PP time and he almost scored twice.  He's not just a fighting machine, he can contribute.  I think he's better than Stone and Jacques and should get a fair shake at some more ice time.  Will Quinn keep him with 89/13?  Let's hope so.  Have a cold one Storts. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray - Big Sexy played a pretty solid game, never mind the fight.  He was playing fairly smart and not to risky.  Then when he dropped the gloves with Barch in the 1st, he blows my mind once again.  He pauses, removes the wrist brace (to be fair) and does a number on Barch.  That is almost as cool like the time he pushed out Moreau to fight.  This guy should be the captain of this hockey club.  He oozes everything you need to be a leader.  Plus he led the team in ice time with 25:20.  My vote's for this guy.  Care for a Bud?  Cheers!

Ales Hemsky - I was seriously mad at this guy for the first half of the game.  He was lazy and lolly gagging all over the ice.  I would have pulled him from the game.  Instead, Quinn moves Penner back to the Horpensky line and the magic continues where it left off.  Hemsky all of the sudden clicked on the nitro and came alive.  Holy crap!  He's making moves and is fighting for the puck.  He even block a shot to the chest in OT.  Again, holy crap!  This is the Hemsky that became my Jib Cutter, not the bum that we saw in the first half of this game  (and last).  That was awesome.  To top it off he scores the winning goal in OT, and the shot was a whiff.  Luck happens to those who try.  Feel like a cold one?  Cheers!

Dustin Penner - Penner also had a good game.  It's quite clear that Quinn is liking this guy.  20:00 minutes of ice tonight.  Only Horcoff played more out of the forwards. Dustin is playing great right now and he seems to be having fun.  I like the way that he made that 1st line click.  He scores a big goal and had 3 shots.  Let's see if he is with 83/10 next game.  I'm thinking so.  Miller time Pens?  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions - Ryan Stone (Had a good fight and had 6 hits), Patrick O'Sullivan (Lot's of effort, but little results.), Gilbert Brule (He played pretty good.  He was the best on the team at faceoffs with 56% (5W/4L)



JF Jacques - Maybe it's not fair of me to boo you tonight, you are in over your head and I don't really blame you for being in that position.  But your not good enough for the 1st line.  Against weaker opponents like in pre-season, you do great.  Against the NHL quality players, not so good.  You not living up to the hype so therefore I must jeer. Booooooooo!

Mike Comrie - Comrie had a point in last game where he was caught in the Oilers end and he became winded after a long shift.  He was pretty much toast in the 3rd.  I'm wondering if he does have a conditioning problem?  Once again today he was pretty good in the first half.  After that, he faded to the point of not really playing.  What's up with that?  Get into shape man.  Your just bringing down Sully if you can't do much.  Booooooooo!

Robert Nilsson - Before I get into the negatives, he made a sweet pass to Penner and that is why we still have him.  But other than that, I didn't see him do much, other than some errant passes that he was lucky he didn't get burned on.  I think that the Oilers are going to give up on him.  I just don't see the positives out weighing the negatives.  Booooooooooo!

Honorable Mention: Shawn Horcoff (You may have won a fair share of faceoffs and did ok on the PK, but that's all you did.  It's step up time, don't wait for Hemsky to hold hands with, be a leader.) Nikolai Khabibulin (Is it wrong that this guy scares me everytime a puck gets shot at him?  I hope I get used to him soon or I'm going to have a heart attack.)


Well it was nice to see a win.  We needed that.  Life is looking good now in Oil Country.  Is it crazy to say that Gagner is on pace to be an 82 goal scoring 4th line machine?  Maybe.  But maybe he does it?  *mind blown* JK

Until next time...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beers and Jeers #35 (Feb 19/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well JF Jacques has been called up and will also play tonight. Pouliot is watching from above tonight. He was the right choice as he hasn't played well as of late. (well... all year actually.) And to top it off, Zack Stortini will be on the 3rd line tonight.

New lines for the Oilers. Hope the changes work.


1st Period

The Dallas Stars have been great lately. But it's the Oilers that start off quickly. Cole gets a nice chance, as well as Cogliano. At 2:07 the Oilers take a too many men penalty and just like that, Dallas goes to the PP. The Oilers were able to kill off that penalty and hopefully can gain some confidence for it. So 6:00 minutes in to this game, and the Oilers are looking good. The 1st line gets some good chances at the 10:00 minute mark. Staios has been laying the body a lot this period. Awwww... Dallas scores against the 2nd line at 10:41. 1-0 Stars. Well come on now Oil! Time to answer back. All right now... Dallas takes a penalty at 11:59. PP time Oilers! OMG. What a bad time to actually look bad. The Oilers are really having a tough time now, getting the puck out of their own zone. They better smarten up before this game gets out off hand. Well I spoke to soon. Dallas scores again. A softy through the 5 hole on Roli at 16:36. 2-0 Stars. The only cool thing about that goal, it was Ray Sawada's 1st ever NHL goal. And... In his 1st ever game and it's his birthday. How cool is that? But it sucks for us. Well not for long as the Oilers score. Yeah! Guess who? come on guess. Liam Reddox 17:00. That's right. Good for him. (Reddox from Jacques and Smid) 2-1 Stars. But as the period winds down, Ales Hemsky takes a slashing penalty. And a brouhaha breaks out. Peckham and Strudwick we in the middle of it and Peckham takes a 10:00 minute game misconduct. So that means the Oil will be a man short for 10 to start the 2nd period.

2nd Period

Well the period starts off great. Horcoff scores! Yeah! 2-2 Tie Game. (Horcoff from Souray and Staios at 0:47.) So just when I'm still celebrating, Moreau takes another bad timing penalty. In fact it's a 4 minute penalty (2 for tripping and 2 for roughing after the whistle). Nice Ethan. *shakes head* So now the Oilers have to kill this off. Well they don't. Dallas scores at 3:07 during the 1st part of the penalty. So that means that they still have a 2:00 minute PP. 3-2 Stars. The Stars have some good chances, but the Oilers kill off that penalty. Back to 5 on 5. Horcoff has played a ton already. Yet, he only has one shot/one goal and one takeaway. Dallas takes a penalty at 10:22. Oilers PP time. Gagner replaces Penner on the 1st line PP unit. Good passing but no real chances. Then just after the penalty expires, Nilsson gives it away to the Stars and they get a solid chance, but Roli makes a great save. Thanks Roli. However... a few minutes later Cole takes a penalty that really wasn't intentional but too aggressive. During the penalty kill the Stars crash the net and Moreau and Staios get involved. The next thing you know, Staios and Ott are having a "chat". (I really dislike Ott. I think he's a chicken shit. But, my opinion only.) We shall she what transpires from that. During the maylay, Dallas takes a penalty and the Oilers will get one minute and change on the PP. They do not convert on it. As the period ends, Hemsky gets nailed by Steve Ott and that leaves the period on a high note. I'm excited for the 3rd period.

3rd Period

Dallas gets the 1st good chance of the period. Roli and the post made a nice save, in the first 2:00 minutes. There has been 8:00 minutes played and the Oilers seem lifeless. MacT is trying to find a line that can do something. So far nothing has worked. Crap. Dallas scores at 8:17(against the 3rd line). 4-2 Stars. How does a team not be fired up when you are down by one when the 3rd starts? Terrible. Just terrible. Can anyone provide something? With 7:30 left there has been nothing. Although Stortini is out with Gagner and Nilsson and they did pretty good. A little while later Ott makes a hit on Gilbert. Roli gets upset and body checks Ott to the ground. Smid, Cole and Moreau all take exception and freak out. Penalties all around. That was the spark that was needed to wake up this Oiler squad. But just a little too late I think. It ends up being 4 on 4 for a while then the Oilers had a short PP. Then it was 4 on 4 again for a bit. Then it went to a Dallas PP. I was so confused. So much going on. But take a look at the scoresheet and you can see why. CLICK HERE. There was a lot of penalties. But the Oilers give the Stars some good pressure to finish off the period. It was nice to see them not shy away after rough stuff happens. I don't think we have much of a team toughness problem anymore. Well... game over. Dallas wins.


Tonight's Starting Lines

Penner Horcoff Hemsky (These guys played a lot tonight. Penner wasn't an impact player at all. He did manage to be +1 but, only 1 shot and 1 hit. Horcoff was good at times and tired at times. Maybe he is playing to much? Hemsky wasn't razzle or dazzle tonight.)

Nilsson Gagner Cole (I thought this line was good at times and bad at times. Nilsson opened his own bakery tonight. He had 3 turnovers. Gagner was good later in the game, but was no where in the 1st half. Cole was hardly effective other than his 5 hits.)

Moreau Cogliano Stortini (I thought that this line was going to be better. But it helps if the Oilers weren't killing penalties all game. Moreau took to many penalties to be effective. Cogliano had 5 hit but wasn't really an offensive threat. Stortini played well. He did what was asked.)

Reddox Brodziak Jacques (This line was effective once. Reddox scores a goal right in the crease. Brodziak didn't really do anything all game. Jacques didn't play much but that's expected. He finally got his 1st NHL point.)



Edmonton Oilers - 2

Dallas Stars - 4



Ladislav Smid - The Spaz was good at laying the body tonight (7 hits). He made some big ones that made people notice him. He really seems to be stepping up with the the eother guys being out. His actual playing was good as well. No real mistakes and he seems comfortable playing more minutes. Have a cald beer Smid. Cheers!

Steve Staios - Steady Steve was great tonight (22:21 of ice time). He played a simple yet aggresive checking game. He made very little mistakes and was smart enough not to take any penalties. Staios is another defenceman that has surprised me since 37 and 71 have been out. Nice going Steve. Have a frosty beer. Cheers!

Dwayne Roloson - I know... he let in some soft ones. But sticking up for Gilbert was great. That alone deserves a beer. Cheers!



The 1st Line - You guys had plenty of chances but couldn't save the team from losing. Waiting for the 3rd line to provide a spark can't work every game. This line needs to be better. Boooooooo!

The 2nd Line - Why can't you guys score anymore? What has changed? You are good defensivly for the most part but you need to score. Plain and simple. And you don't. Booooooooo!

The Entire Team - Why do you guys (everyone) wait for someone else to do something? Step up and make a statement. A bold statement. We need every point that we can get. Yet we let 2 points slip away again. Boooooooooo!


The next time we play is Saturady. Hockey Day in Canada. Yay! I love this day. Oilers vs. Flames. The war begins...

See you next time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beers and Jeers #14 (Jan 3/09 vs. Dallas Stars)

Well, the curse is over. Thank god. I was starting to think that those jerseys were a bad idea. Glad I can move on. :) Pretty good game overall by the Oilers. The PK was better tonight. The overall team toughness was going strong. That is a good sign that this team is progressing into more of a competitive team. Still miss Hemsky though...



Erik Cole

- The man is quickly turning into my favorite Oiler this year. He seems to be more comfortable every game and his offence is starting to be more consistent. He can pick a pocket and make a play or land a big hit and this is all within one shift. He is just so big and fast. He can draw a penalty like a girl on 118th ave can draw Johns. That is pretty impressive. So for another whopper of a game. Enjoy a beer Mr. Cole. Cheers!

Sheldon Souray

- He really was the force behind the team as the game started. Nice goal to keep the train rollin'. He kind of did look like Paul Coffey. This very well could have been one of his best games this year. So for that, have a 40oz of Big Bear. Cheers!

Sam Gagner

- I thought that the little dude was pretty good tonight. Made some really nice passes/plays. He seems to have nice vision right now. Two assists again tonight. When it rains it pours I suppose. I think Sam deserves a frosty beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

Dwayne Roloson (played very good tonight. Made great saves and was a rock again for the Oil), Kyle Brodziak (did pretty good on the draw this game), Shawn Horcoff (played pretty solid. Gave a good effort. Didn't really screw up to bad.) Bobby Nilsson (how did he get a +2? Nice pass to Cogs), The Fourth Line (played nice and physical. Couple of fights and some real nice hits.)



Not much to Jeer tonight. Well except Marc Crawford. I hate that guy. Booooooooo!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beers and Jeers #2 (Dec 3/08 vs. Dallas)


Dustin Penner
- The big man played a great game tonight. He was actually skating hard, laying the body and making some sweet passes. He made that 1st line look good. Good on ya for keeping this up since the MacT lashing. Here's a big frosty mug of ice cold beer. Cheers!

Robbie Schremp
- What can I say about the guy. He was way better than I think anyone could have expected. He was hitting guys. Took a few shots. Made some really nice plays. If he keeps this up he may just stick with the big club. Right on Rob. Beer? Cheers!

The Entire Team
- Wow. They played a whole 60 minutes. See what happens? You win. We need more of that. Here... split a keg. Cheers!


Not to much to complain about here. But...

Denis Grebeshkov
- Way to many giveaways dude. Sorry man but, Boooooooo!

That's it folks. Great game by the Oilers. We will see you next time. WoooOOooOoo!!!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Beers and Jeers #1 (Nov 30/08 vs. Dallas Stars)


This is a segment that I like to call "Beers and Jeers". It's basically my 3 stars of the game we all just watched. (But not 3 stars) Due to problems with the puter last night I couldn't get this posted.


Lubo Visnovsky
- This man came back from a crazy hard hit during the St Louis game to play in this game against the Stars. I thought he was gone for a week at least. I would still be there in the fetal position sucking my thumb. Good on him for playing today. Plus I heard from SN that he wanted to come back during the St. Louis game. Are you sure this guy isn't canadian? He went up in my books this weekend. Thank god he isn't another Pitkanen. And his actual game play today was great. Very fast and had his head up quite a bit. Wonder why? Anyways. Here is a beer for Lubo. Cheers.

Ales Hemsky
- I wish I had the talent that he has. He played another good game. I am finally relieved that he is starting to look like that point per game player that we drafted. He just looks comfortable out there. Beer Hemmer? Cheers

Sheldon Souray
- How is this guy not our current captain? He probably poops leadership in the morning while eating a big bowl of nasty flakes. He can't skate worth a crap but everything else he does turns to gold. He played a solid hard fought game tonight. Again. How about a case of beer for Shelly? Cheers great leader.

Kyle Brodziak
- Not much to say but nice goals. Lucky. But nice. Did you and MacT have this planned to make him look good? It worked.


Shawn Horcoff
- Not much to jeer here other than he needs to go back to getting the puck out of your own end school. How many times in a row does he shoot it right at the guy coming down on him? I don't get it. Not just this game, but for at least 2 weeks. It drives me MAD. And my wife goes mad because she can't stand to hear me yell at the TV "Damn Horcoff!!!! Get IT OUT man..." A jeer for you Horc's. Boooooooo

Mac T
- Now I am the biggest MacT supporter there is. I like him. I think he's a good coach. The team plays well when they play by the system. But what the hell man? Where was Roli? I thought that if you won you kept playing? You made yourself look at little dumb yesterday. No wonder the goalies are confused. I would be to. But whatever? I'm not the coach. So here's your jeer. Boooooo.

The Whole team
- For the whole team that blew that game. Booooooooo

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