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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ryan Keller Has Been Recalled?

Dan Tencer is reporting that Ryan Keller is listed on the Oilers game notes. So one would assume that he's been recalled.

I'll report more on this as we find out.


EDIT: Keller has been recalled for precautionary measures. Not for an emergency.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Oilers Loss, Is The Barons Gain

Everyone is always sad when cuts happen after the Oilers training camp, and rightfully so. Watching a good player get cut sucks, especially if you believe he should stay.

Today is no different. Some cuts were made today like Ryan O'Marra and Teemu Hartikainen. I like both of those players and I'd like to see them full time in an Oilers uniform. But as of now, that's not going to happen.


My other favorite team just gained some kick ass talent. Both players played in OKC last year and both were welcomed to the city with open arms. My friends in OKC have had nothing but good things to say about them. I'm sure they will be welcomed all over again this season too.

On a hockey side, the Barons gained 5 quality hockey players today. O'Marra, Hartikainen, Josh Green, Gilbert Brule and Ryan Keller.

Keller has proved he can play in the AHL and his experience is going to help propel the Barons into the playoffs. He showed the Oilers he can be effective and no doubt he will in OKC too.

Josh Green, the former Oiler, is a classic case of veteran leadership. He's been in the show, and he's played enough in the AHL to know how it goes. He going to help the young kids adapt to being a pro and that's valuable. If I was coach Todd Nelson, I'd give serious consideration on making Green the captain of the Barons.

There's two ways this is going to work for Gilbert Brule. Option 1, this will light a fire under his ass and he's going to lead the team in points. Tambellini says he needs to find his game, and I can't argue with that. Option 2, this demotion crushes his feeling and he fades away to the point of not being able to produce or be worth of ice time. The Stockton Thunder can use a forward.

Let's not forget that this team already has a good group down there, adding these five guys is a good thing for the Barons. Like I said. The Oilers loss... is the Barons gain.


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