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Friday, May 21, 2010

Michael Garnett / Is He Right For The OKC Barons?

Now I understand that the OKC Barons might have one of Devan Dubnyk or Jeff Deslauriers -- and that's the best possible option -- to start the season. But if either one of them do not clear waivers or the Oilers decide to keep both with the big club, the Barons need another option as Bryan Pitton is not the answer.

In fact, I wouldn't cry if Pitton went to Stockton -- or which ever team the Oilers choose to affiliate with -- and was a tandem with Andrew Perugini. His (Pitton) best GAA was with the Thunder this past year. It's clear by his stats that he can't play at a higher level than the ECHL, and he's not a good enough goalie to bother keeping around the Barons. Worst comes to worst, he can be called up if needed or play as a back up. But according to Kevin Lowe, the Oilers organization is only going to operate in a forward motion. No more shortcuts. Wouldn't this include turfing Bryan Pitton and picking up a better goalie?

Enter Michael Garnett.


Well, to be honest, I don't really remember why I picked this guy. I don't. Maybe I seen him on TV or read about him somewhere? I can't remember. But there must have been a reason. *shrugs shoulders*

So let's take a look at what possibly makes him so special and why I think he should be signed to be a Baron.

He achieved his best career GAA this season (2.06) and he posted 5 shutouts. Not bad. He was 24W-15L-4T in 44 Games. Again, not bad. But most importantly, these games were played in the KHL (Balashikha MVD HC) so it wasn't like he's been playing in a bush league. I think we can all agree that the KHL is decent league. No? With an average that's that close to two goals against is pretty good. Take a look at the NHL stats, I think you can make your own assumptions.

Maybe I picked him because he's from Saskatoon, Sask? He's practically a local and possibly an Oiler fan. Maybe that's part of the reason I liked him? I don't know. Did I mention he played his junior hockey in Red Deer? Again, practically local. Or maybe I picked him because he has AHL experience by playing for a few years with the Chicago Wolves and he could easily step into a role in OKC and be comfortable?

I really don't remember. All I know is that I have had his name saved in my draft box for a while now. So I thought why not post this? Maybe someone else out there knows more about him and can fill me in on why I liked him at that time.

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt at Oilers Jambalaya-

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