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Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I was Owner / GM / Coach... #3

The Panic Mode Button has been pushed.  Thousands of Oiler fans are crying out for Tambellini to make some sort of a trade/move.  Anything right now would appease these fans.  Well... almost anything.

IF I WAS OWNER I WOULD: If I was Katz, I'd suck it up and send Nilsson down to the minors.  The guy stinks and needs to be shown the door.  I'd probably do the same to Moreau as well.  He sure isn't helping the team either. And let's be real... who is going to take those two?  So much for having money.

IF I WAS GM I WOULD: The Oilers desperately need a guy who can win faceoffs in a consistent and winning manner.  As of right now, it's anyone's guess which Oiler will be the best of the night.  One day it's Gagner and the next it's Horcoff, the day after that it's Cogliano.  It's just crazy right now and it seems to be hurting this team. 

The other need this team has, is it needs players that can demolish the other teams better players.  We had that with Jacques and Stone, but Stone has not played in awhile and Jacques is now suffering from his bad back.  Without those two, the Oilers are a soft team.  Nevermind not having Souray back yet either.  Quinn wants this type of player in his lineup and if Tambo was smart, he'd find one.  So if I was GM, I'd try and shore up those two positions and give this team a better chance to win.

IF I WAS COACH I WOULD:  If I was Quinn, I'd be bugging Tambo and Katz everyday for a little help on the ice.  You know the team isn't in good shape when Reddox is called up.  There isn't much that Quinn and Co. can really do to improve.  It's up to Tambo and Katz.

This team is in trouble and there is some easy fixes.  But can it all be pulled off?

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