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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Put Up Your Dukes #1 (Gagner/Schremp)

Welcome to Put Up Your Dukes.  This is a segment where we have a verbal fight about whatever floats our boats.  Today we fight about Gagner and Schremp.


Round 1


Smokin' Ray Burnt - Hey Guy. Not sure if you know, but Gagner is on the 4th line to start the season. *sends text*

Paq Twinn - It is what it is, but I don't like Gags playing with some less talented guys like that.  That is Bullsh*t  in my opinion. Being demoted to the 3rd line would have been sufficient enough.  But this is nuts.

SRB - Yeah, but I thought that the 3rd line was more of a 1c, not an actual 3rd line.  The more I think of it, I'm cool with Gagner on the 4th line.  You get what you give.  So far this year... that's not much.

PT - For the record, I'm not cool with it.  Gags needs someone else on a line with him and it doesn't matter if it's the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th line.  He needs someone with skill to play with.  What good is it doing him playing with Stortini and Moreau?

SRB - I agree to a point.  But there is a real answer to this problem.  Be better Gagner.  Be better and this wouldn't be an issue right now.  It's his fault.  Although, I bet this lasts only two games tops and he'll be back with Penner and Cogs where he belongs.

PT - I don't know man.  If this was the plan all along, then letting Schremp go was a mistake.  The Captain should have been put on waivers.  But I doubt anyone would take him. *shakes head in disgust*  How is he supposed to succeed playing with Moreau and Stortini?  Hey, maybe Storts will score more than Gags this year?  I reckon Quinn and Co. just made their 1st mistake.

SRB - You doubt the Mighty Quinn?  Pfft.  But I'm with you on Moreau.  Not sure why Nilsson isn't getting a shot with Gagner/Stortini.  Four lines of cream puffs and a side of crust.  Wait a minute.  Did you mention Schremp?  Time for round 2.  Ding, ding!


Round 2


Paq Twinn - So long Schremp, if it was up to me you'd have gotten your chance here two years ago. Good luck in your home state.

Graham Martin - The thing is I don't think that he ever deserved a chance to crack the lineup in any of his years at training camp except maybe this year, and that is another reason (previous conversation) why I didn't like the Comrie signing cause I thought it spelt the end for Schremp. And if you don't show up in camp, you can't make the team, it is that simple.

PT - I agree that he didn't show enough in camp to make the teams past, I just think he should have got more then 7 games in the time he was here. He should have got 7 consecutive games, the year he got 76 points in Springfield, to show something. I just think the Oilers/MacT didn't give him a fair chance, especially when scoring was so sorely needed.

GM - Again, I have to go back to the whole defense thing (another previous conversation), and if you don't play it in the NHL, you are a serious liability. and after watching two of his preseason games, he is absolutely awful without the puck.

PT - I can't disagree with that, but you could possibly counter balance he liabilities by playing him with more defensively aware linemates. MacT just couldn't think outside of the box, or box+1, or diamond etc. he was too single minded as a coach. That's why Reddox and Peterson got so much ice time, just because they knew where to be without the puck. We had way too many players that knew what to do without the puck and not enough that knew what to do with the puck.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - *shows up late to the party*  On one hand, Graham is right. A guy needs to play defense first in order to be good in this league. Schremp can't do that.

However... Last year when Schremp had 3 points in 3 games (the 4th game doesn't count because he sat on the bench the whole game), How much better does a guy have to be? That's a point per game. That alone should have given him a better chance with the Oilers. But MacT wouldn't have any of that. Instead, Schremp goes back down and MacT rode the Red Ox for all he's worth.  Schremp and Nilsson were dynamite together in the AHL. Why were these two not paired together in the NHL?

SRB - On a side note: Dan Barnes said that Schremp's Dad sells Schremp Dogs outside the arena in Rochester. Too friggin' funny. Hmmm.. A hot dog player and a hot dog seller. #theworldisgettingmuchclearer

GM - You can put him with defensive minded players, but that takes away from his offensive flair. he needed to be with other scorers. But I do agree with last year, I thought he was better and deserved more games. But without the puck he has no idea what to do.

PT - Hypothetically I would have put him with Smyth and Horcoff back in the day, and put Hemsky with Stoll and Torres. I don't think they (94+10) would have stifled his offense and they could help out defensively. Hemsky would have still been with capable if not equal talents. The more I think about it, MacT was a bad coach, he couldn't even get the best line-up out there never mind getting the best out of HIS line-up. Could of had a 1a and 1b two to three years ago.

SRB - What? Hypothetically, I have no idea what your talking about. Are we still talking about Schremp? This year or then? What?

Way to wreck a good conversation Paq. *walks off into sunset shaking head*

GM -Hahahahahahah. agreed! *rides off on his Harley with a chick on the back*

PT - I never once made any references to this year. I was always talking about past blunders. My whole focus was Schremp and that we never gave him a chance.  This year hasn't officially begun, so I could have only really ever been talking about past years. We don't have the same kind of team now that we had then. I guess my point is that today's waiving and subsequent loss of Rob Schremp could have been avoided if he was given half a chance, with players that would work, when we had said players. But if you guys can't follow me I'll try not to confuse you anymore, besides what's done is done and ain't no amount of debating chances and abilities is going to change it.

I guess we'll disagree to disagree on this one. Guys?  *just realizes no one is here anymore*


Do you want in on this "secret" meeting?  We have them all the time and we could use more than two rounds.  Be friends with me on facebook and join the fun.

No More BS. Gagner's on the 4th Line.

You read the title right.  According to Jason Gregor of,  Gagner is on the 4th line to start the season.  Wow!  Quinn means business here.  Gone is the MacT reign and gone is the "that's ok, you can do it" attitude that we had the last few years.   I am a little stunned that Quinn is doing this, yet very happy about it.

Here is the projected lineup for the 1st game of the year against the fLames on Saturday.

Jacques — Horcoff — Hemsky
O’Sullivan — Comrie — Stone
Penner — Brule — Cogliano
Moreau — Gagner — Stortini

Gagner had two years to do whatever he wants and now it's Quinn's time.  He's in charge around here and he's letting everyone know it. 

He's made it known that Pisani and Moreau were on the bubble in training camp.  He's expressed his displeasure of the way the vets "handle" this team.  And now he's making sure guys like Gagner take this year seriously. 

Way to go Quinn.  I'm liking the cut of your jib.  You might just be a Jib Cutter after all.

Oh yeah... Rob Schremp is an Islander.  Like you didn't know already. #idontknowhowimsupposedtofeel

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beers and Jeers #64 (Sept 27/09 vs. Vancouver Canucks)

It's funny I was reading various NHL stories today and I came across a story about the Oilers and the Preds maybe making a trade.  I threw out Jordan Tootoo maybe coming to Edmonton, while no one else has that I know of. I read a story about it (HERE) and it says it had good local sources that said it.  Could it be that I'm that source? *gasp while doubting it*

JF Jacques and Dustin Penner have been two out of three of the biggest surprises of the pre-season.  (Comrie being the 3rd.)  I've never been a fan of either one, but I'm starting to be now.  They have been very impressive.  Can they hold up for 82 games and then some?  How long does Jacques stay on the #1 line?  Can he score 20 goals?  Can Penner stay skinny?


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
Penner Comrie O'Sullivan
MacIntyre Gagner Cogliano (Reddox replaced Big Mac after one shift)
Reddox Brule Stortini

Souray Staios
Smid Gilbert
Strudwick Visnovsky




Vancouver Canucks - 4
Edmonton Oilers - 5   OT


Bad Timing Penalty™




Mike Comrie - The mini Brick had two goals and was a +1.  He keeps playing well with O'Sullivan and continues to surprise the Oiler faithful.  I still keep thinking it's some crazy screwed up dream that he's back as an Oiler.  *deja vu*  Does little Mikey want a beer?  Of course he does.  Cheers!

JF Jacques - A goal and an assist and another solid performance on the 1st line.  This guy is unreal.  I think that he can do well this year as long as his previous injuries don't comeback to haunt him.  He was awarded 1st star tonight.  For tonight's excellent performance... a cold frosty Bud.  Cheers!

Ales Hemsky - 7 shots and 2 assists tonight for Hemmer.  This was his best game by far this pre-season.  About time I might add.  I was wondering when he was going to show up.  He just needed to wait until the last game I suppose.  How about a nice Harold traditional Czech lager?  Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - +3 and an assist.  This guy also needed to have a solid game tonight.  And he did.  He made a sweet 4 moves before he slid the puck over to Comrie for an easy tap in.  Over 23 minutes of ice time showed that Quinn and Co. have faith in him.  We will need Lubo if the Oilers are going to be great this year.  How about a cold beer for Lubo?  Cheers!

Shawn Horcoff - Scored a goal and an assist and was pretty solid.  Nice to see him and Hemmer meshing with Jacques.  This may be a good year for Horcoff as it seems like the coaches are not going to skate his bag off.  Solid game Horc.  Beer?  Cheers!

Honorable Mentions: Gilbert Brule (He had an assist on the GWG and had a great fight.  Limited minutes, but a very solid night.), Sam Gagner (The little guy was pretty good.), Dustin Penner (Also pretty good tonight (1 assist).  Most consistent in pre-season.), Ladislav Smid (played very good tonight.  Ended up +2.), Andrew Cogliano (Seems to like to play with Gagner.  It is showing.), Tom Gilbert (Scores the winning goal and was excellent all game.)



Nikolai Khabibulin - He had a real off start to this game.  He seemed really slow and kind of out off it.  He did play a little better as the game went on, but man he's starting to scare me.  4 years Tambo?!?  I'm hoping I wrong because I was fired up about the signing when it happened, but I might be getting buyers remorse.  For a pretty crappy game tonight... Booooooooo!

Sheldon Souray / Steve Staios - It's strange.  These guys suit each other in the styles that they play, but man do they suck as a pairing.  That was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  They were the only Oilers that ended the game with a minus rating.  If I was Quinn, I would reconsider keeping these two together.  For a stinky game.... Booooooooo!



Ethan Moreau - Did not play.


Well a good game for the most part.  Lots of action and thank god the Oilers pulled off the win.  The Canucks sure seemed hell bent to beat us.  But the boys pull out a stellar/lucky win.  Some jobs were secured in this game and some were lost.  As of this writing, Devan Dubnyk, Kip Brennan, Rob Schremp, Taylor Chorney and Jordan Eberle have all been cut from the Oilers.  Eberle naturally is going back to Junior and Schremp is going on waivers.  Good luck to Rob in the future as I'm sure that some team will pick him up.  ~He will no doubt turn into a star and we will have to debate it for the next 10 years.~ 

This may have been Big mac's final game as an Oiler.  :(   I've liked him from day one.  His story is awesome and one that I was glad to watch for the past year or so.  Thanks for the memories big guy. *once again I hope I'm wrong and he sticks with the big club*

Ok... next up is the regular season.  Who excited now?  *hand up*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beers and Jeers #63 (Sept 24/09 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning)

After a disappointing last two games, the Oilers tun it up here and actually played a good game.  There was so many bright spots and a little low spots.  Pat Quinn has his job cut out for him.  This isn't some make a change and POOF, Stanley Cup Champion.  Faceoffs are killing this team in the pre-season and I don't see it changing. 


Tonight's Starting Lines

Moreau — Gagner — Cogliano
Penner — Schremp — Eberle
Nilsson — Brule — Stone
MacIntyre — Reddox — Stortini

Grebeshkov — Staios
Chorney — Gilbert
Smid — Visnovsky

Deslauriers and Dubnyk

Edmonton Oilers - 3
Tampa Bay Lightning - 4  OT
Bad Timing Penalty™
Steve Staios - What kind of a leader checks a guy from behind in front of his own net and the play is already headed back the Oilers way?  Steady Steve, that's who.  Good god man.  The Lightning get a PP chance with 10 seconds left in overtime. To top it off, the ensuing faceoff was located in the Oilers zone.  Faceoff win by the TBL and wham boom!  Game over on a St. Louis goal.  ~Atta boy Steve.~
Andrew Cogliano - The kid was flying on the wing.  He seemed pretty happy to be with Gagner again and it showed.  It was nice to see that pairing passing and skating together.  It was nice to see them "find" each other.  For awhile there, the Kid line was back together one last time (maybe not?!?). Even Nilsson looked good with them and he hasn't been great at all.  Seeing the three kids again made a little sad that that may never happen again.  But for tonight's hard working effort... have a cold one on me Cogs.  Cheers! 
Gilbert Brule - He wasn't flashy at all but he played a heck of a game.  He was solid in his own end and did manage to have some chances on the rush.  I was surprised to see him play like this.  Good to see "some" players still want to "make the team."  I think ol' Gil deserves a frosty for the effort.  Cheers!
Dustin Penner - The Flying Fridge no more.  He was finishing checks and playing his butt off.  It was nice to hear Quinn say before the game that he was one of his better players so far in the pre-season.  That's a huge compliment for a guy that was the coaches toilet paper last season.  For another solid game... a super sized beer for a super sized effort.  Cheers!
Tom Gilbert - He was definitely the best of the worst of the Oilers defence crew.  He managed to play better than the rest of them and was used often.  He really needs to find his groove in order to get the job done.  However, I do like Gilbert.  Well enough to sling a beer his way.  Cheers!
Honorable Mentions: Taylor Chorney (He didn't do any game breaking stuff, but played well.), Sam Gagner (He was great with Cogliano.  He played real well.  His passes were perfect.), Rob Schremp (He started off not so good but by the middle of the 2nd he was making plays on 5 on 5 and finished game more at the level Quinn wants.  Was this the last game for #88 as an Oiler?), Jordan Eberle (The young rookie battled hard and in return gains more of the coaches respect.), Robert Nilsson (Maybe just a little too late for him?  He was good tonight.)
Lubomir Visnovsky - The worst of the worst.  He's slow and useless.  He's not making smart plays.  Maybe I was wrong when I said he was good a few games ago.  Maybe I forgot how good he really can be.  Common sense would say he's not in shape.  If he wants to start the year as the 5th or 6th guy, keep playing like that.  Booooooo!
Denis Grebeshkov - The second worst of the worst.  Pretty much the same as Visnovsky, but worse giveaways.  Grebs had some very sloppy play tonight.  Losing the puck at the worst time (not like there is a good time), getting caught up ice pinching and his overall defensive game was terrible.  I sure hope that someone other than Souray is going to step up and help this team win some games.  Get better Grebs...  in a hurry.  Booooooo!
Steve Staios - I just think he's past his prime and if there is anyway to make a trade for him I'd take it.  He was a big ball of stinky tonight.  He just plain sucked... that is all.  Boooooo!
Honorable Mentions: Ethan Moreau (Did he even play tonight?  How do you spell invisible?), Zack Stortini (Did nothing), Ryan Stone (He clearly won't make the team.  Not an NHLer.)
Who Should Be The Next To Be Sent Down?
Ryan Stone, Rob Schremp Marc Pouliot and Kip Brennan
Ethan Moreau - He stunk.  I think I picked the right guy.  Need I say more?
What an emotion filled game.  This team is like picking pedals off a flower.  We love them, we love them not.  Once again, we love them.  Until next time...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Beers and Jeers #3 (Dec 5/08 vs. LA Kings)


Robbie Schremp

- Not a bad game for Mr. 88. 3 points in 2 games. He was fore checking, back checking and laying out some hits. (They weren't huge but hits nonetheless) This was the only guy to get me excited tonight. It looks like he is making a case to stay with the big club. I am very happy for him. Oh yeah... Nice move in the shoot out. I still say that was over the line. Two beers in a row Schrempy. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- Really not a bad game. Still not the guy we traded for but he is getting better. I will give him one thing. He DOES try hid butt off. Half a beer Cole? Cheers!

Marc Pouliot

- Pretty decent game from the Pou. Nice shootout move. Still not sold on his play. But I do remember him and Schremp playing very well together last year in the minors. I bet they stay together for awhile even after the other guys comeback. Have a beer Pouliot. Cheers.


Liam Reddox
- Why are you still here again? 1 point in 9 games and a -1. Seriously. Demotion. Booooooooo.

The Entire Team

- You guys blew a 3 goal lead. No effort, No hard work. Pretty sad guys. No sugar coating here. YOU GUYS F**KING SUCKED tonight. Overtime win or not. You sucked. Try that crap against San Jose and the score will be 8 to 3. Boooooooooo...

Be better tomorrow Oilers. or else....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beers and Jeers #2 (Dec 3/08 vs. Dallas)


Dustin Penner
- The big man played a great game tonight. He was actually skating hard, laying the body and making some sweet passes. He made that 1st line look good. Good on ya for keeping this up since the MacT lashing. Here's a big frosty mug of ice cold beer. Cheers!

Robbie Schremp
- What can I say about the guy. He was way better than I think anyone could have expected. He was hitting guys. Took a few shots. Made some really nice plays. If he keeps this up he may just stick with the big club. Right on Rob. Beer? Cheers!

The Entire Team
- Wow. They played a whole 60 minutes. See what happens? You win. We need more of that. Here... split a keg. Cheers!


Not to much to complain about here. But...

Denis Grebeshkov
- Way to many giveaways dude. Sorry man but, Boooooooo!

That's it folks. Great game by the Oilers. We will see you next time. WoooOOooOoo!!!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Belvedere #1

Dear Mr. Belvedere,

I received the call today. I was having some tea and biscuits with Timmy Sestito and the phone rang. I thought that it might be my mother and she keeps nagging me about using deodorant so that I smell good after games, so I was going to leave it but I decided to answer anyways. Boy am I glad I did. It was the big club. The Edmonton Oilers.

Oh boy Mr. Belevedre. This may be my last chance. I have been trying to learn and train so hard. I have been trying every kind of power drink there is. I have been practicing my puck flips like it's going out of style. I know I made a joke with Timmy about him going and not coming back. Oh how I hope I don't come back. Maybe I'll be traded? Maybe this is the only reason that I am getting called up? Maybe I still suck? But do I suck good enough to actually be traded?

I'm probably just a throw in. (sigh)

I hope all goes well with this. I really don't want to go back to Springfield. I have only scored one goal and I am really starting to believe I am incapable of scoring.

Oh well. Time to sleep. I need to dream about me being like that #89 chap. He has all the luck. (sob)

R. Schremp

*not an actual letter. just made up lame humour by Smokin' Ray Burnt*

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Your Last Chance.

Yeah. A couple of lame jokes to start it off. Yay! But it's a tune that's all to true for Mr. Schremp. Is this really his last chance? Some say yes. Is this a "showcase" of sorts for the team of him? Maybe a package guy to go in a deal with one of the goalies? What if he just so happens to light it up in the next (1,2,3) game(s)? Where would he play if he stays with the Oilers? Who in the top 6 moves down? Lots of questions surrounding this call up. It's really not that simple as the cover of a hockey card suggests. The Mystery of Robbie Schremp.

Right from the get go I was a HUGE Rob Schremp fan. His skills are pretty good. His stick handling is ridiculous. His creativity is Gretzky like (but not really). The kid has all the tools to become a 1st line player in the NHL. Maybe a top notch 2nd line guy. PP specialist. You know... someone useful.
But something is wrong with the situation. A situation that stinks of weirdness. This is a guy that fans embraced because we lost our guy "that female dog Comrie" (we actually aquired Schremp in the Comrie trade) and we were looking to cling on to some hope. Someone young and fresh like Comrie was at first.
Enter Rob Schremp. He had controversy surrounding him from the beginning. His attitude was crummy we were told. Fair enough. Massive skills.... no size, no grit. Damn. Every year since we drafted him I was the 1st person to say "This is his year". "No Doubt about it". "Schremp for PM". But MacT would not have it. The year Schremp led all Oilers in points in the preseason. Mac T said no once again. It really was his size and his ability to be easily knocked off of the puck. Almost embarrassing for him. They told him his problems and he didn't really want to listen. Quite sad really. You would think that you would do whatever it takes to make it and stay in the NHL. Break your balls to get there. Need motivation? Gagner made it there in his 1st try. Year 4 Mr.Schremp and you have played 3 games. You could be a Senator or Thrasher before you know it.
But, hopefully this time around all that conditioning and training he has been doing is going to pay off. Hopefully this time his potential is realized and maybe sticks here with the big club. Hopefully this time the fans that want you to succeed will actually not look like idiots for sticking up for you all the time. I for one will be cheering for him next game. But I don't really understand why him? Why him right now? Why not Brule?
Last chance or Showcase? I guess we are going to find out.

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