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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tambellini Fired, MacTavish Hired

Every fans dream came true this morning. Kevin Lowe is about to announce that Steve Tambellini has been fired as GM of the Edmonton Oilers.

Tambellini has done a poor job at assessing and move forward with a progressive plan to make the current Oilers better. The fans sigh a collective sigh of relief.

Craig MacTavish is rumored to be the new GM. I believe that MacT will do a better job. Time will tell.


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Waiting Game Sucks...

As we all know, the Oilers still have to try and swing a few deals to get some better upgrades on players. Obvious 1st choice is to get another top 4 defenceman. Given the market, it's shouldn't be that hard to pull off. Or is it?

What's Steve Tambellini waiting for? Probably a sweet deal. I'm sure he has a few irons in the fire, but all of Oil Country is starting to get impatient.

Realistically though, I say what's the rush? Summer has just begun. Let's let the man do his thing and by August We should see a deal possibly done.

But if he hasn't by then, HURRY THE HELL UP TAMBY!!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Video Of Steve Tambellini Talking About Ryan Smyth

In case you missed this, I thought I would post it here.

Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini talks about the Ryan Smyth trade.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

OJ/OFH Weekly Round Up

Eberle, Hall, and Paajarvi(Courtsey of

This week Oil fans got their 1st taste of the future of the organization. The "Baby" Oilers won 2 of the 3 tournament games, and saw the renewal of "The Battle of Alberta". The Oilers put the Canucks down with a 4-1 win, as Mangus Paajarvi had two goals in the game. And showed why he was an excellent pick for the Oilers, with his presence in front of the net paid off. Jordan Eberle got his 1st goal as an Oiler, with an assist from Taylor Hall late in the 2nd period. And 2010 pick Tyler Pitlick put the nail in the coffin, as he scored a empty net goal in the 3rd Olivier Roy showed why he could be the future netminder for the Oilers. He stopped 28 of 29 shots, and he made some spectacular saves. Vande Velde and Hartikainen made their presence known by crashing the net several times, even though they didn't score any goals.

Game 2 was especially fierce as the Oilers took on Flames, and there was no love loss between the two teams. The lack of Hall, Eberle, and Paajarvi in the lineup, didn't slow things down. As the Oilers put literally put the smackdown on Flames in a 5-3 win. And several good scraps during the game, including Cameron Abney v. Chris Breen(video below of the fight). 5th Round draft pick Tyler Bunz was put in net, and didn't disappoint anyone that night. Even though He let 3 goals slip by him, but he stopped an onslaught put on by the flames. Future OKC Baron Chris Vande Velde got his first goal at the 9:21 mark in the 2nd period. With assists coming from Kristians Pelss and James Livingston. The Oilers hung on to win by getting an empty netter from Alex Plante.

Game Three was the complete opposite of the two previous games. Even though that the Big 3 were put back into the lineup. The coaching staff decided to experiment by moving Hall into the Center position. From what I saw of the game on the internet. Hall looked out of place being at center, and couldn't get the offense going against the Sharks. Sharks prospect Michael Sgarbossa came out of the game with a hat trick, and also getting an assist too. But Oiler fans had some reason to celebrate as Taylor Hall scored his 1st goal as an Oiler. But it just wasn't enough as the Sharks chewed up and spit out the Oilers. And Oilers goaltender Bryan Pitton showed why he isn't going to be resigned after this season. Cause he got lit up like a christmas tree, but there just wasn't any flow to the game for the oilers. At least Cameron Abney sure tried motivating his teammates, by taking a tilt with Samuel Finn.

Oilers GM Steve Tambellini told reporters that disgruntled player Sheldon Souray was "Persona Non-Grata" at Oilers Training Camp. This came after what seemed like that Souray had a change of heart, that he was excited with the renewed enthusiasm in the locker room. This mess with Souray has taken more turns then a roller coaster at an amusement park. There are several assumptions of what could happen to Souray, including sending him down to the Barons. But given the fact that Tambellini doesn't want Souray to be a distraction. Hopefully that Souray is just told that his services are no longer needed, like former Canadiens' player Geogre Laraque.

In Oklahoma City this week, the rink was painted, logos laid out, and the ice was formed this week. Also the Barons' Mascot has been out at the State Fair of Oklahoma. And our own Eric Rodgers(@AHLBarons) was able to capture the 1st picture of Derrick the Mountain Lion. The Barons' also announced that former Blazers' play by play broadcaster Jim Byers is going to be the play by play broadcaster for the Barons. Former RoadRunner and Oil King assistant Rocky Thompson was hired to be an assistant coach for the Barons.

Barons' Mascot: Derrick the Mountain Lion(Courtsey of Eric Rodgers)


The Oil Terminal podcast will return next week with a full recap of what has gone on with the Penticton Tournament. And we'll look at who looked good at the Oilers main camp. And get you up to date on the latest news from the Barons. So Stay Tuned to and We are your Number 1 source on news and opinions on the Oilers, Barons, and the Stockton Thunder. We would like to thank Shawn McMann (@bulletacdotcom) for all the tweets from the Penticton Tournament.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Getting Clearer / Rookies Go To Training Camp

Last night before the game Dan Tencer tweeted that all the kids at the Young Stars tournament are getting invited to the regular Edmonton Oilers training camp.

Wow! These kids must be peeing in their pants. To think that Tyler Pitlick will be skating circles and lines with Ales Hemsky. Or Hall honing his leadership skills by watching Horcoff work his ass off, on and off the ice. For some of these kids, this is it. This is their one chance at an NHL training camp. Some may never be here again. I'm willing to bet they all make the best of a great situation.

Steve Tambellini says that he wants to show the kids what it takes to be an NHL player and to create a good atmosphere for the team. He wants the Oilers to be class. This is definitely a step in the right direction.


So, what's this getting clearer thing?

I can see now why he's (Tamby) shunned Sheldon Souray from training camp. Bringing these kids here to experience what it's like to be a real NHL'er, is, and should be, the focus of camp. This Souray mess shouldn't even cross these kids' minds and with Souray being sent home, the kids, and the Oilers, can focus on hockey. I believe that's best for the team.

Could have Tambellini handled this Souray situation better? You bet he could. He could have made it clear last month Souray wouldn't be attending camp. He could have made it clear, he wasn't wanted anymore by the Oilers. God knows he was asked 5000 times about Souray this summer by every Tom, Dick and Harry so it's not like he forgot. And we all know that that training camp question was also brought up countless times and he sluffed it off like the question never was asked. He knew the answer, he just never said it out loud.


The word cancer has been used a lot in reference to Sheldon Souray. It's been used by TV, newsprint, bloggers, fans. Even Steve Tambellini said it.

But what does the term cancer mean in hockey? What are they saying without saying it?

I look at that and the first thing I think is, is he a shitty teammate? Is that what it means?

They call him and his situation toxic. What does that mean? Doesn't that also mean he's a shitty teammate? Or is it just because he's a constant complainer?

I know he's a good leader and I loved him for it. If he's in the right situation (another hockey cliche), he can be an asset to an NHL club.

Somewhere along the way he made a mistake.

The mistake started with this article with Spector. After that, the avalanche got bigger and bigger till it couldn't be stopped. He was shopped around more than a Vancouver hooker and nobody wanted to trade for him. He was placed on waivers and still, nobody wanted him. That was an eye opener for Souray and probably caused his change of heart for the Oilers and his willingness to come back, but it was too late. The damage was done.

I don't know. I would still have him on my team (until a trade is made) because without Souray, there is a hole in the 2nd defence pairing that none of the current Oilers can handle. Foster? Strudwick? Vandermeer? So until a trade is made, there is a hole in that spot.

I'd say it's clear now (is it?) that there is no turning back. It's clear the Oilers have moved on and I think we will all be better for it.

I want to focus on hockey. I want to focus on Oilers hockey, not more scandals and BS that has surrounded this great and storied franchise in the past. I want hockey. True Edmonton Oilers hockey. The way it was meant.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ales Hemsky, The A or Not the A?

I kind of started to pipe off today (what's new) on twitter about who deserves to wear a letter this year for the Oilers. Steve Tambellini said today on the team 1260 that there will be a captain this season. So why not start some speculation?


I started thinking about the current roster and really, you can hate Horcoff's contract all you want, but you can't hate his work ethics. He does give it his all and he never quits. He is IMO the best veteran guy to help these kids grow. Shawn Horcoff is going to be an Oiler for a few more years and I can see Tom Renney going with a solid all around guy like Horcoff to lead this team. He wouldn't be a bad choice at all. He's the logical choice.

But the fan in me screams Gagner. I think it would be a good choice to pick Sam Gagner as the captain this year, right now. The Oilers are a rebuilding team and this is the first year of many (hopefully only two years till this is a playoff team) and why not have him "grow" into this much like Towes is doing n Chicago. I know that they are two complete different payers and I am not comparing them to each other. I was just comparing the ages. I think if you let Sam learn on the job so to speak he will be a great captain for the Oilers. I know a lot of you think I'm nuts for saying that but I really do think Gagner is going to be the leader of this young squad now, and into the future. So why beat around the bush?

As much as I think that's a great idea to pick Sam (I'm sure it won't happen, no need to worry), I'm going all in on Horcoff with the C.

I said on twitter today that Horcoff should get the C and Penner, Whitney and Gagner should wear an A this year. Just a guess. Purely me taking a shot in the dark.

I'm not a fan of the four assistants rotation, I like just two or three A's that are permanent. Maybe I'm just too old school, but I didn't like that four guy rotation. It was 2 home assistants and 2 road assistants.

A few of my tweeps reminded me that I forgot Hemmer when I made my comment.

I had this to say about it. I said, "I did forget Hemsky for an A. But does he really need/deserve it? He's not a leader on the team so why give him the A?" Then I continued with, "I am talking about helping the guy next to you type of leadership. Yes he's a good player and he puts up the points. But he's not "the let me help you leadership kind of guy". Unless he blows my mind this year, I'm ready to move on."

Bruce McCurdy from Copper & Blue replied to me with this about Hemsky, "Maybe Ales needs to feel like he's a leader on this team. I'd give him an A for sure."

My answer to that was, "If giving an A to Hemsky is solely for the purpose of making him feel good, then it's a waste of a letter. It means nothing."

Bruce once again countered with, "No, it's more than making him feel good. It's expectation and responsibility and a vote of confidence all in one."

Damn. I can't argue with that at all. Bruce is right. It is what it is. Hemsky is that kind of player. It doesn't matter how I feel about giving out letters to players that don't really lead a team, he is at this moment, an Edmonton Oiler. And if we want him to try his ass off and play his best, having an A on his jersey might just do that.

So I'm torn. Do you appease Hemsky and sew on another assistant captains letter A on his jersey to make him feel wanted, needed and like he's important to the team?

Or do you not give it to him at all and let the real team leaders lead like Horcoff, Penner, Whitney and Gagner have it with no rotation and take Hemsky for what he is? With no A.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Monday, August 2, 2010

Steve Tambellini To-Do List / A Summer Update

Here at we have been following the Tamby To-Do-List. With nothing else to do this summer, we thought it would be fun to keep track of what is going on. As news happens, we will update this list.

1- Draft First Overall (T. Hall)
2- Buyout/Trade Deadweight
3- Hire GM for OKC Barons
4- Hire Coach for OKC Barons
5- Hire Training Staff for Oilers
6- Hire Asst. Coaches for Oilers
7- Sign or trade for Center (3rd or 1st line)
8- Trade or Sign for 2 Defencemen
9- Sign Own RFA's and not UFA's (Gagner and Cogliano need to be signed still)
10- Decide on Goaltenders. Who plays in OKC?  (JDD & DD)
11- Figure out what Pat Quinn will do (Asst. GM of OKC Barons?)
12- Make Fans Happy (Good luck with that one!)


-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan O'Marra and Greg Stewart Are Signed By Oilers

Ryan O'Marra -- 23 years old and 6’2”, 207lbs -- has agreed to terms with the Oilers on a 1 year deal. Ryan gets another shot at making the Oilers this season, but will most likely spend his time with the OKC Barons.
Left Wing, Gregory Stewart -- 24 years old and 6’2”, 197lbs -- was also signed today by the Oilers. He comes from the Montreal Canadiens organization and spent the majority of his time with the Hamilton Bulldogs. In 45 games last year, he had 10 points (5G, 5A) and 90 penalty minutes.

In the NHL Stewart has played in 26 games and only has the one assist, but does have 48 penalty minutes.

He was drafted by Montreal in 2004. He was taken in the 8th round, 246th overall.
This appears to be another depth signing for the Oklahoma City Barons. Steve Tambellini is doing the right thing with all these 1 year deals. I'm liking the cut of his jib. Keep it up Tamby!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Building Up The OKC Barons With Talent

After much complaining and belly aching by mostly myself, it appears that the Edmonton Oilers seem to be finally focusing on the OKC Barons team. ABOUT TIME I SAY!

I'm a strong believer that the Edmonton Oilers really need to help the Oklahoma City Barons get going properly as this is the 1st season ever for this franchise. This is the most important year for the Barons. This is where a fan-base is won or lost so it's important to establish your brand and market it properly. Sure having a new team in town will bring in some fans right off the bat. We seen that with just the logo's being discovered to the actual revealing of the logo, jersey and brand. The excitement that day was off the hook.

But then the fizzle fizzled, and in order to progress properly, you need to keep that fizzle. You need to have fans and media excited and buzzing. You need to find a way to keep fans entertained. I'm not really talking about promotions and the other stuff. I'm talking a solid on ice product. The OKC Barons need a competitive team right out of the gate and with a little hard work, it can be done.

However to this this day the Oklahoma City Barons are without a GM, Head Coach and a coaching staff. They basically have been at a stand still for a while now and it's getting imperative that they need to decide on who's General Manager very, very soon.

But in the meantime Tamby has been doing some great work in signing some very skilled AHL veterans. Here is what he has done so far.

On July 2nd the Barons/Oilers acquired 27 year old Defenceman Richard Petiot. He played last season with the Rockford IceHogs of the AHL.  In 80 games he had 8 goals, 29 assists for 37 points. He has played in 13 NHL games posting three assists. If Petiot plays in OKC he will make $125,000 and if he plays with the Oilers, he makes $550,000.

Then the next day they picked up 29 year old Left Wing, Alexandre Giroux from free agency. Giroux played with the Hershey Bears in the AHL collecting 103 points (50G, 50A) in 69 games. He also played in 9 games with the Washington Capitals scoring 1goal and 2 assists. His one year deal is worth a whopping $500,000 regardless of where he plays. NHL and AHL payment is the same. He better be worth the cash. I would assume he's the "name" guy for the Barons. Unless of course they send down Eberle or Paajarvi to start the year down there.

Next on July 7th the Oilers/Barons picked up 31 year old center Brad Moran. Last season with Skelleftea HC in the Swedish Elite League, Moran scored 40 points (14G, 26A) in 55 games. Not bad. His contract is for one year and he will bring some leadership to a new Barons lineup.

Ben Ondrus was signed next on July 9th. Last year the 28 year old Right Wing scored 17 points (10G, 7A) in 57 games with the Toronto Marlies (Also was the Captain). In 11 games with the Maple Leafs, Ondrus was held pointless but had 34 penalty minutes. His contract is a another one year deal by the Barons/Oilers. He will be paid $130,000 in the AHL and $550,000 in the NHL.

Yesterday the Barons/Oilers came to terms with forward Colin McDonald and defenceman Jake Taylor. Both of these guys were with the Springfield Falcons last season and will be playing in OKC for sure. Hence why the press release states that these two are the first official signings for the Barons. Make no mistake, every player that I have mentioned in this article will be with the OKC Barons at the start of the season. These are all Barons signings even though Giroux has a 1 way deal. If anything, the better players will be the call ups and nothing more.

Basically Steve Tambellini has created a pretty solid complete line for the Barons. That's a good start. Expensive line, but a good start. Over the next few weeks we will see more guys get signed and the OKC Barons roster will start to take shape.

But seriously Tamby, focus on getting that General Manager for the Barons. One would think a GM and Head Coach are the most important pieces, no?

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tambellini and Hall Press Conference

The Edmonton Oilers will be hosting a Press Conference today, with Oilers GM Steve Tambellini and NHL #1 Draft Pick Taylor Hall today at Noon(1pm CDT). Video of the Press Conference(if available) will be posted on here and
Listen Live on the following feeds:


Team 1260

Friday, July 2, 2010

Edmonton Oilers Gain Big, Bad & Ugly (Wasn't That A Party?)


Well this has been one heck of a two days event. The Edmonton Oilers were pretty active in the way they have changed the team. First they put Moreau, O'Sullivan and Nilsson on waivers for the purpose of a buyout. About time! Just as we are planning the see you later captainethanmoreau parade, the Columbus Blue Jackets claimed him off of waivers. That was the first WTF moment of what would become a common occurrence.

Here comes another WTF moment from Tamby as he pulls off a trade with the Coyotes. We get Jim Vandermeer in exchange for Patrick O'Sullivan and the Coyotes proceed to buyout Patty O'. The Oilers however decide to keep Vandermeer and he adds some balls and grit to the blue line. Vandy is a guy who will sacrifice his entire body to win a game. He's a warrior who comes ready to fight every night. Even though he will be in the bottom four, he's going to provide a lot of comfort for the kids. Good trade Tambellini!

So after all this happens it turns out that Bobby Nilsson doesn't have a dance partner. You know, he's the nerd in the corner with his hand in his pocket that nobody wants. The Oilers did proceed to buy him out and he's now a UFA. Now my personal feelings about this player is if I was Tamby, I would have put him and his $2.5 million dollar ass in Oklahoma City. If I'm Katz, I wouldn't care about the cash as much as Nilsson would put much needed fans into the Cox Convention Center. This is a brand new team and they need a player who can help fill the rink. Nilsson could have done that. Tamby said these next few days that he will be active in making the OKC Barons a competitive team. I'm starting to believe he can.

Tamby then out of the blue resigned newly acquired Colin Fraser to a 2 year deal for $825,000 a year. Good trade to get him a few days ago and a good signing today. I can't wait to get a good look at Fraser, he intrigues me.

So just as things are getting quiet, there is news about the Oilers all over Twitter. Minutes later, Kurtis Foster is the newest Oiler. He's big and plays a hard game. He also packs quite a mean shot. Very heavy and it always gets to the net. It looks like we have our new bomb from the point. See ya Souray!

Speaking of Souray, Tamby decided that since no team wanted him in a trade, Souray was placed on waivers today. Another WTF moment. Talk about a kick in the balls to big sexy. Haha! I guess we will see if any team actually claim him. If not, then who knows what will happen. All I know is that the Oilers WILL NOT BUYOUT SOURAY. Stay tuned for more developments.

It was clear that the Oilers were bulking up. All big draft picks and all big free agent signings. The smurf era is gone. At one point we were told the Oilers were going hard for the big bad John Scott. But they lost out on him and they even pushed hard for Derek Boogaard at one point. The Bogeyman priced himself out of the Oilers reach. So by this point I'm thinking, what about Steve MacIntyre? I loved him when he was here and I was sad when he was lost on waivers. A while later... WELCOME BACK BIG MAC! WTF? #33 is roaming Rexall once again.

I can honestly say, this is the best I have felt about the team in a long time. While this team isn't a good team yet, they sure did get better. Yay us!!!



DAN TENCER TIDBITS (Hall/Eberle/Paajarvi)

Dan Tencer announced that Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi will be at the development camp next week in Edmonton. (CLICK HERE FOR DEV ROSTER) He also said that Taylor Hall will wear #20 and he said it's just a number they gave him. So does this mean Hall won't be #4? Hmmm... come on KLowe. Let the kid wear it.

On a side note, if I'm Taylor Hall and I can't get #4, I would choose the #84. Cool number.

Tambellini took the time to talk to Tencer today and here is the link of the podcast CLICK HERE

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOW! What A Day For The Fans Of The Oilers

Today -- which started out as boring and lame -- turned out to be really exciting for all the fans of Edmonton Oilers.

First it started out with a Bruins/Panthers trade which to me, means that the Oilers will be taking Taylor Hall. With acquiring Nathan Horton and parting ways with the #15 pick, any hope of getting that pick is out the window (that's what I was hoping for). Back to Hall. It's also quite clear now that the Bruins have picked up a good solid winger in Horton, they seem to be preparing for drafting a center. And that's not Taylor Hall. Maybe I am wrong here, but I get the feeling the Oilers will take Hall.

Then I'm told that Steve Tambellini is going to have a press conference at noon. I figured I'd look around to see what it's about and I came across an article by the Edmonton Journal that was saying basically that Tambo was just going to talk about heading to the draft today and what the Oilers have planned for the future. So like a moron I'm telling people it's no big deal. No huge news today.

BAM! Pat Quinn has stepped down as head coach of the Oilers and Tom Renney is now the coach of the Oilers. So much for no news.

My mind has been blown.

I really didn't mind Pat Quinn as coach and I figured he'd be back next season. Quinn just had some really bad things happen to this team this year and I didn't really blame him for the failure. I did however blame him for a few other things he did but I won't get into it again. Thanks for your great quotes Pat. I'm going to miss you.

Listening to Pat Quinn ( ) talk about the situation he made it clear that he was not happy about not returning as coach next season. He went on to say that he was looking forward to coaching two 19 year olds that he has coached before. Who's that you ask? Well one guy is Jordan Eberle. The other? My money is on Taylor Hall. There is no other kid in the Oilers system that Quinn has coached before other than those two. So if it's NOT Hall, who is it?

The next big shocker for me was opening the mail today. Our friend Scott from sent me a puck from the OKC Barons name reveal. How cool is that?

Thanks Scott for this, it's going to be great to add to the collection. Is this the first Barons merchandise in Alberta? Maybe... but I doubt it.

Here is a audio link for the new Oil Change documentary preview if you still need something more to do.

What a day...

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Steve Tambellini: State of the Organization

Steve Tambellini had his end of the season review with the Edmonton media today. He seems to be setting the tone for the rebuild process. That Management wants to see the organization undertake from top to bottom. Especially with what he wants to see with Oklahoma City next season. He calls the move of their Triple A affiliate to Oklahoma City, "A Significant Step" in the rebuild process. So they can control the players development, and get a core group developed for the future. Tambellini has stated before, that Management want the players to see "Transparency" when going from Oklahoma City to Edmonton.

In the 2nd Clip, Tambellini talks about Eberle's chances of making the club next season. Also on how he wants to see the Oilers' Swedish prospects signed during the summer. So that Management can determine the development status for placement in the organization. Linus Omark has already signed a 2 year entry level contract starting next season. Chris VandeVelde and Jeff Petry have already signed for next season.

In the Final Clip, Tambellini talks about how he wants to hear from Coaches Pat Quinn and Rob Daum about their assessments of both their teams this past season.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Common Themes - A Look Into The Past

I would have to think with Souray coming out and speaking his mind like this about the management team is true, you really need to step back and look at things again.

Souray was quoted as saying, "I wasn’t even ready to play when I came here, but it was like, ‘We signed you, you go out and play.’ I hadn’t been cleared to play yet, but I was being questioned by the organization:‘When are you going to be able to play?’".

Wow! If this statement has any merit and it's true, then I'm shocked.

Souray also had this to say, ""I got challenged by management on the very first day of my first training camp. The very first day," he said. "They said, ‘When are you going to play?’ I said, ‘I have a six month (shoulder) injury and I’m at five months.’ But I played."

Again. Wow!

But, if you look at another player in this organization, I could see what Souray is saying as true.

Nikolai Khabibulin: He was signed in the summer as "damaged goods". The Oilers knew full well what they were getting into with Khabbi. They knew he couldn't pull a Luongo and go 70 something games. Yet, when the season started, how many games did Khabbi play before he was hurt? How many games did Jeff Deslauriers play as a backup?

Khabbi played 4 games to start the year in a row, with JDD getting in for one. Khabbi then played 5 games straight, while again, JDD plays one. Then he plays 6 and sits for one before playing 3 more and he's done for the year.

Why was Khabibulin played so much? Who made that choice? Bucky? Quinn? Tambellini? Lowe? Katz?

That was a real stupid move on someone's part and seeing what Souray said, I'd put some blame on Tambellini. Wouldn't you?

Seeing what Souray says, it all makes sense. In fact, I bet there is a lot of stories like this out there. *cough* Staios. *cough* concussion.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Tambellini:

Dear Mr. Tambellini,

This shall be a very short letter, as I have not much to say about this woeful hockey club. But let me say this, do you think being shutout three times by one team in one season is acceptable? I'll let you ponder that one for a minute.

I would think after the second time being shutout would make you think that there needs to be some sort of... I dont know... change? Because this team looks exactly like every single team we've had for the past 4 years. Hmmm. I don't like to bash anyone in the Management Office, but hey, you're the Captain of this ship. And someone needs to take the blame. After all, we Oilers Fans sit at home every night, and the poor souls who sit in those seats at Rexall, have to watch this team TOSS away the season like garbage, and we wonder, WHY THE HELL ISNT ANYTHING BEING DONE!

Moreau could be traded in a second for picks, and why hasn't it happened?

And don't get me started on Patty-Oh-Fall-Again, I would have preferred that over-payed S.O.B. Erik Cole.

So please, Mr. Tambellini, do something! Shake up the team. Look at those Maple-Laughs, theyre BETTER than us now! I would take anything quite frankly at the moment!

Yours Sincerely,

Nick Walker

P.S. Where the HELL is Dustin Penner?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I was Owner / GM / Coach... #3

The Panic Mode Button has been pushed.  Thousands of Oiler fans are crying out for Tambellini to make some sort of a trade/move.  Anything right now would appease these fans.  Well... almost anything.

IF I WAS OWNER I WOULD: If I was Katz, I'd suck it up and send Nilsson down to the minors.  The guy stinks and needs to be shown the door.  I'd probably do the same to Moreau as well.  He sure isn't helping the team either. And let's be real... who is going to take those two?  So much for having money.

IF I WAS GM I WOULD: The Oilers desperately need a guy who can win faceoffs in a consistent and winning manner.  As of right now, it's anyone's guess which Oiler will be the best of the night.  One day it's Gagner and the next it's Horcoff, the day after that it's Cogliano.  It's just crazy right now and it seems to be hurting this team. 

The other need this team has, is it needs players that can demolish the other teams better players.  We had that with Jacques and Stone, but Stone has not played in awhile and Jacques is now suffering from his bad back.  Without those two, the Oilers are a soft team.  Nevermind not having Souray back yet either.  Quinn wants this type of player in his lineup and if Tambo was smart, he'd find one.  So if I was GM, I'd try and shore up those two positions and give this team a better chance to win.

IF I WAS COACH I WOULD:  If I was Quinn, I'd be bugging Tambo and Katz everyday for a little help on the ice.  You know the team isn't in good shape when Reddox is called up.  There isn't much that Quinn and Co. can really do to improve.  It's up to Tambo and Katz.

This team is in trouble and there is some easy fixes.  But can it all be pulled off?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Well hello everyone. It's been a long and boring Oilers summer. Heatley and Comrie have taken up a lot of talk time in the Oilers Nation. I suppose Tambo as well (for not doing much). I don't know if we can take much more of this type of talk. It does nothing but frustrate the crap out of people waiting for something to get done. But hey... we now have Khabibulin. That's a start right? Right? Pfft.

So now the days of waiting for someone to come to Oilerland is almost over. Training camp starts soon and it couldn't come quicker. I don't know about you guys, but I am excited for this season. Even with no real significant changes, I'm excited (read: Homer).

Since the Oilers don't want to change, I will. Over the next few months you will see some changes around here. No worries. Not that much change. Just enough to make it better for Oiler Jambalaya fans and this site.

What are they Smokin' Ray? Can't say yet. But have no fear... Beers & Jeers are almost here.

This site is now open once again. Thanks for coming back after a long summer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Blame Game #2

Well we wake up after a hard night of drinking. (we all did it after that game) Who's on at 10:30 this morning? Detroit is playing in Pittsburgh. So we better not hear any excuses after this game about playing early twice in a row. Detroit is doing it as well... only earlier.

So after another loss like that, questions need to be answered. And not the usual answers that MacT likes to dish out. Be honest here. Tell us that you panicked. Tell us that the game was out of control so quick that you had no idea how to react. Tell us that you screwed up. Again. My good buddy Whitey writes to me last night, "I'm really starting to think a change of coach is the best thing for the Oilers, 9 years is too long. Time for a new voice/message." Seriously... How can I argue with that anymore? In the past I have. I've fought it to the death. But my fight is getting smaller. I just maybe calling over to JSBM and have them swing by with the old firemactbandwagon to pick me up. I may be going on a wagon ride.

It's not just MacT though. Even Moreau beats around the bush. Just say "I sucked as a Captain yesterday and I didn't play to my full potential." Don't tell us it's a process. We don't want to hear that. Time is running out. A process my ass! Win. Or at least try to win. Play hard. Check hard. Shoot hard. Try and start there. Pfft... a process. *shakes head* I want a NEW captain. We deserve a new captain.

To me I have the most problem with the guys up top. Tambellini and Lowe. I don't know who really has the authority to make a trade. And let's be honest... I don't care. But when Garon was traded for Stone and Sabourin, Tambo said that Sabourin was only temporary. He said that he will be moved. Where is this deal? Where is any deal? Is there no one to "dance" with? The Oilers have been linked to Bouwmeester and Spezza and Lecavalier and nothing has been done. Why? Jason Gregor made a great list over at These are good candidates for Tambo or Lowe to act on. What's the deal with Cole? Is he the next Sykora? Likes it here but the team is moving in a different direction? Why not pick up Doug Weight? What's the hold up?

Lots of questions... not many answers. At this point we need to blame all of the organization. Management, Coaches and the Players. The Oilers are in 9th as of this writing and all is not bad. It just needs to be better. It can be better. Minnesota in 1/2 hour. GAME DAY!!!

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