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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who Will it Be?

Just about a week after the "Official" announcement of the Oklahoma City Barons. The Oilers are still looking for a General Manager to over see the Barons. There have been a couple of names mentioned in the Edmonton media. On who just might replace Kevin Prendergast as the Oilers assistant GM. Scott Bonner of the Vancouver Giants was the lead candidate to take the position. But a report from CKNW in Vancouver, is stating the Bonner will remain with the Vancouver Giants. After meeting with Oilers GM Steve Tambellini, just a couple weeks ago. Bob Tory and Gavin Hamilton are also candidates for the position. No word if Tory or Hamilton have been contacted by the Oilers in regards to the vacancy . With the rapidly approaching date of July 1st, when AHL free agency starts. And no head coach named for the Barons, even though Rob Daum is likely to remain as head coach. It remains to be seen on how long this process will take to get a GM, and a head coach in place for Oklahoma City. Let's just hope it gets done before the middle of June, because after that Oklahoma City just might start out being behind.

Update: Oilfieldhockey tweeted to Prodigal, and asked the question about a time frame of filling the GM and Head Coach positions. And we were told that there is no timetable to fill those positions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trademark Search Continues

As the Great Trademark search continues to yield clues on the potential names. Now the T-shirts have some supporting evidence this morning. As a trademark search finds OKC Bisons in the database, and here are some shots of it. There are no logos with the find, just a description of what the look should look like on a jersey.

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