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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greg Chase transferred to 'OKC Barons'

Preparing for my first blog in almost a month, I ran into some interesting news that I didn't notice on the main blogger sites. If late news then I am just late to the party…lol

Greg Chase according to has been signed to Oklahoma City on a ATO (I am assuming). They call it a transfer but as mentioned by other bloggers around the Oilers he is in the same shoes as Eberle in the past. He is eligible right now to play but not next year in the AHL. Likely he plays out this season and next year is with the Hitman again for one last year as a over ager in the WHL.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars in OKC

There has been significant chatter over the last few days about the Oklahoma City Barons hosting a preseason NHL game between the Oilers and the Stars. 

An anonymous tweeter @OilersRumors has came out and said this morning that the word out of the Oilers office is that this is going to happen. Multiple reports have also surfaced around OKC and all signs are pointing to this being a reality. 

Great news for the people of OKC. They had a taste of the Oilers at the start of this year by hosting Hall and Co. for the start of the AHL season. It will be nice for those players to go back to a city that treated them well and say thank you. 

Great news Oklahoma City! You deserve it. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hordichuk To Play in OKC?

The Edmonton Oilers did waive Darcy Hordichuk, which means 29 teams will have had a chance to claim him and put him on their own team, but he isn't claimed so he will go down to OKC.

I am going to talk about Darcy and why the Oilers will miss him and why they won't.

Hordichuk signed with the Oilers in 2011 for 825.000 dollars. It brought toughness that old tough guy Steve Macintyre had left behind. In Darcy's first season with the Oilers, he had 64 PMS and had 1 goal and 2 assists. He only played 43 games that season. He is a tough guy and not much more than that. We all know the goons don't play that often in the NHL anymore and that leads me in to my next topic.

Most teams in the NHL don't need goons or tough guys anymore because, (A) all players must not just be goons, they have to have some skill or it's more or less a wasted roster spot. (B) He wasn't even that big and tough like Mac was. He basically had zero intimidation towards other players.

Why the Oilers will miss Hordichuk.
The Oilers will miss Darcy because he brought some toughness to the team when he played. The Oilers seriously lack team toughness.

It's not to say that he will never play again for the Oilers, because at a certain point of time he could go through re-entry waivers, but I doubt that will happen unless the NHL becomes the 1970's again and the broad street bullies are back. (not going to happen)

Bottom line; the Oilers really have no use for a one dimensional player like Darcy Hordichuk. It was time to move on.

Written by Noah Fuchs aka NHL rumors guy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Living The Dream... Mark Arcobello

Tonight, marks the first night that undrafted Oilers forward Mark Arcobello, will start in an NHL game.

His story runs deeper than this. Arcobello has proved that if you work hard and have goals, anything is possible.

His draft year (2006) came and went. He was undrafted to the NHL for reasons unknown to me. But nonetheless, he went and attended Yale University and had a good time playing with that team.

In 2008-09 he lead the Bulldogs in scoring with 35 points in 34 games. He also helped the Bulldogs win the ECAC Hockey League Regular Season and Tournament Championships. Arcobello was also named to the NCAA East Second All American Team and the ECAC First All-Star Team that year. Impressive stuff for a guy who didn't get drafted.

In the last game he ever played for Yale University, he scored a whopping 3 goals and 3 assists. He went out with a bang.

He eventually made his professional debut with the Edmonton Oilers ECHL farm team, the Stockton Thunder. In the short time he was there, he impressed the Oilers/OKCBarons management and was offered a two year entry level deal with the Oilers in 2011. With this new contract he was awarded a full time shot with the AHL Oklahoma City Barons.

Again he made the best of his situation.

He worked his butt off and kept learning how to be a better hockey player and it paid off when Ryan Nugent Hopkins went to play in the WJHC and Arcobello filled in for him and was center to Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle. He finally earned his chance to be a first line center. He shined playing with those two and it showed the coaches he can play with the big boys.

Which leads us to today. He was called up after both Horcoff and Belanger fell due to injury. Now it turns out, RNH isn't able to play tonight and why not fill the void with a familiar face?

Mark Arcobello, an undrafted player, who worked his ass off, earns every inch of respect he has, gets to play in his first NHL game, starting on the Edmonton Oilers first line! That has a ring to it.

If I'm a betting man... Mark Arcobello will score tonight. And to make it even better, it's vs the Stars. (Psst! There is history between the two farm clubs)

I can't wait to read the next chapter in this exciting book Arcobello is writing.

Wow! Just Wow!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Hockey Canada Announces Captains for WJHC

Hockey Canada just announced the captains for the 2013 World Junior Hockey Championships.

Oilers 1st rounder, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was named team Captain this morning. It's his first junior tournament that he's participating in. He brings skill and leadership to this team. He also brings NHL experience to the fold as well.

Scott Harrington and Jonathan Huberdeau have been named the Alternate Captains and will wear A's.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

NHL Lockout is Affecting the Oilers in 3 Good Ways

Please stand by while greedy people fight.

If there is a sliver lining for this NHL lockout, it's that the Edmonton Oilers have three things in this NHL lockout going for them!

Number one;

Letting Taylor Hall have more time to recover, because if the NHL season would have started on time, he might have been rushed in a little bit to fast then he would have liked.

Number two;

Developing their farm team by getting their players that will hopefully be in Edmonton someday to hang out and play with some of the great young faces of the Edmonton Oilers. Hopefully most of the kids playing in OKC will be playing someday with guys like Ebs, Hallsy and RNH on the Oilers. This is great experience to have them "gel" ahead of time.

Justin: Thanks for signing me

Steve: No problem. It's fun locking out people after I sign them. Yakupov, Hallsy, Eberle and now you.

Number three;

Getting Schultz time in the AHL so it's not as big of a step from college to the NHL. That's a big leap and if I may say my thoughts on him, what a player he is turning out to be. He's better than anyone could have thought, even with the high expectations people had on him.

This article is written by Noah Fuchs.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

High Skill Isn't All You Need / OKC Barons Need Some Help

What nice Jerseys eh!
The OKC Barons have lots of skill on their team brought about by the work stoppage and there has been HUGE expectations for this team early on.

In my opinion, they really haven't hit their stride with Taylor Hall (coming off injury), Jordan Eberle, RNH, and Justin Schultz. At this point, they should be better. There are reasons for this and its not all because of their young guns not putting up the points. Schultz is leading the league in scoring with Eberle trailing not far behind.

The Barons biggest weakness is defensive depth. Especially with the veteran defensemen. I think, because of the hype of the young guns, the forward depth players have been passengers instead of adding secondary scoring. Even the young guns have on occasion, made some errors defensively which is bound to happen. The only cure being more experience.

Hopefully we will see the trio of Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins on Rexall ice soon. But when its all said and done in OKC, this team is doing well. But they could still do more with all their talent.

I hope they make some kind of AHL trade for more experienced D.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

If This Continues, the Oilers Dodge a Few Bullets

Couldn't help but look at the contracts that are essentially being wasted with this lock out. Hall and Eberle are on their last years of their ELC. This is the last year they won't have a $6M cap hit. After this season they are paid handsomely.

Another reason to look is to see which players are in their final contract years. Let's be real. The league isn't going to fire up at all this year, so at some point, the Oilers have decisions to make.


Nikolai Khabibulin - This is the final year in his questionable contact. I can't see the Oilers resigning him even if it's a one year extension. He's past his prime and will never be a good goaltender again. However, not sure Dubnyk can carry the whole load. Oilers will have to sign a replacement goaltender once Khabibulin is gone.

Ryan Whitney - What do you do with a player who has been injured the last few years and still hasn't played a game this year with another league? I don't know either. Sign him for one more year as a "feeler" and see how it plays out? When he's 100% he's the best guy on the backed the Oil have. But will he ever reach that again?

Ladislav Smid - I like Smid. He's just turning into a stud on the blueline and I can't imagine the Oilers let him walk away for nothing. I'd do what it takes to ensure he comes back with a multi year contract.

Ryan Jones - Another North American talent wasting away sitting at home. Jones is a great team player, but can a guy like Hartikainen fill his spot? Most defiantly. If management truly likes him, he will be back for at least one more season.

Darcy Hordichuk - Meh! Fringe player who isn't really part of this team moving forward. Good team guy, but really, that's all he is.

Andy Sutton - From the word on the street, the big man might be headed for retirement. Sad if true. He's a decent 6th man.

Lennart Petrell - I didn't see the big hub bub about him. He's an OK player, but why not give his 4th line minutes to one of the kids whose earning a spot playing with the OKC Barons. I wouldn't bring him back.

Yann Danis - He's a solid goaltender for the OKC Barons and he's worthy of a one year renewal. But, never forget that Tyler Bunz could be ready to play in the AHL next season. With Bunz and Roy, they won't need Danis.

Dane Byers - I don't know a whole lot about Byers. All I really know is he's a good team guy and it's worth signing him for more term with the OKC Barons.


Sam Gagner - Gagner has been playing over in Austria and is trying to stay in game shape. He's still in the "to be determined" catagory with the Oilers and not having him play in front of Oilers management on a nightly basis makes it harder for the team to decide what to do with him. I'd resign him for two more years if he would go for it. But much like last year, he will probably ask for a one year deal. If the Oilers want long term, the price needs to go up. I like Gagner and I want him to be part of this team moving forward. Do the Oilers?

Teemu Hartikainen - The big man is really finding his game this season. He's been good for most of his games played. No doubt the Oilers try and lock him up for two years minimum. He will be a main part of the future of the Oilers for years to come.

Magnus Paajarvi - He's really meshing well with Lander and Hartikainen so far this season in Oklahoma City. Can that carry over to the NHL? Not sure. But the Oilers will resign the Swede and decide down the road if he's a fit with the team or not. Very possible he's trade bait once the general managers get talking again.

Theo Peckham - What do you say about a player who was just released by an ECHL team? Oy!!! (To be noted: Peckham allegedly asked to be released) What happened to this guy? If the Oilers make any decisions on Peckham, it's probably only a one year extension. Also probably trade bait.

Colten Teubert - He replaces the lost muscle that the Oilers will lose with Peckham. I like Teubert's game. He's a standup guy who takes no shit. Once he's seasoned, he can be a great 5/6 guy for any NHL team. He should get at least a two year extension.

Taylor Fedun - He scored his first professional goal last night and that must be a huge monkey off his back. Oiler fans everywhere are proud of his commitment on getting back into the game after his leg injury last year. Before the injury he was a solid player with big potential. Oilers now hope he can regain that form once again. So far this year he's made strides. No doubt the Oilers resign him for at least a couple of years. He's part of the future.

Mark Arcobello - He's a decent AHL talent and I can see him coming back for another year with the OKC Barons. Not sure if he will ever play in the NHL though.

Chris VandeVelde - While some players have developed, I'm not 100% sure CVV has. It's possible that he could become a 4th line center, but his faceoff % needs to improve for that to happen. I'm not sure if the Oilers want to keep developing him. He's kind of at a stand still. Give him one more year with the Barons then decide?

Alex Plante - Plain and simple, his foot speed is slow. As is, he will never become a regular in the NHL. I'd resign him for the purpose of including him in a trade down the road. I don't see him as part of the future.

Tanner House - Effective AHL'er at times. Not entirely sure what the projected output is of this guy, but it doesn't look that good. Is he worth keeping around for the Barons sake?

Philippe Cornet - He led the Barons in goals last year and was swiftly sent down to the Stockton Thunder at the beginning of this season. It was puzzling. Maybe something happened between him and the coach? Either way, after being sent down he's produced pretty well in the ECHL. He has 18 points as of right now. I'd resign him for sure. Two more years to see if he can evolve some more.

Antti Tyrvainen - From all reports that I've read about him, he's not a player the Oilers should continue developing. I'd move on.


Sheldon Souray - His $1.5M cap hit is over after this 2012-13 season is officially over.


Monday, October 8, 2012

And The Thunder Rolls... Players Assigned Today

The Oklahoma City Barons have announced that Philippe Cornet and Toni Rajala have been sent down to the Stockton Thunder this morning.

While I'm not rat all surprised Rajala was sent down (He's just turned pro and Stockton would be a great experience for him), I am very surprised they sent Cornet to the ECHL.

Cornet had a great season last year with the OKC Barons. He scored 24 goals. He's played the last two seasons with the Barons and was even an AHL All Star last year. There has to be more to this story. But whatever it is, the Stockton Thunder just gained a heck of a player.

The Barons also lent defenceman Tiegan Zahn to the Thunder as well.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

OKC Barons vs Houston Aeros Video Highlights

The NHL Lockout Provides Oklahoma City With A Boost

Oklahoma City
Everyone knows that with the lingering NHL lockout that's going on, the Edmonton Oilers have sent down a couple of their young stars to Oklahoma City to play with the Barons.

Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Justin Schultz, Anton Lander and when ready and healed, Taylor Hall are going to be in the OKC Barons lineup.

This is a once in a lifetime (probably not now with Bettman still in charge) opportunity for the people of Oklahoma City to come out and watch some very good NHL talent play right in their own back yard.

Jordan Eberle was a Lady Byng finalist this year. He piled up the numbers while playing a gentleman's game. He's classy through and though. To have him around your community is something to cherish and embrace. He's a great ambassador of the game.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was a finalist for the Calder trophy which is awarded to the NHL's top rookie. Some say he should have won. Who better to be a part of your hockey club to show what hard work really is than RNH? His work ethic will rub off on the rest.

When he's ready to play again in a couple of weeks, Taylor Hall is going to bring leadership to the team like they have never seen before. He oozes a winning attitude and no doubt, he will help bring the team to new heights in their quest to winning the Calder Cup.

Let's not forget the fact they still have Oilers prospect Magnus Paajarvi on the team. He's a year older and another year wiser. I'm expecting a big year from him too before he can make the jump to the Oilers.

Oklahoma City is extremely lucky to be getting these guys. Coach Nelson was given an NHL top line to have at his disposal. I can guarantee he isn't going to squander this. You can hear it in his voice, he's excited.
Not only are the OKC Barons going to flourish because of the NHL lockout, so will the ECHL affiliate, the Stockton Thunder. With the Barons gaining a few new players, that means they are taking spots from guys up there. Those guys will go down to Stockton until a spot becomes available with the Barons.

Goaltender Tyler Bunz and at least 3 other players will be sent to the Stockton to play in the ECHL with the Thunder. It could even be more.

The ripple effect has begun. Enjoy this Oklahoma City, it won't last forever.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tom Renney Will Not Be Back!

The Edmonton Oilers announced that Tom Renney will not be back as the head coach for the 2012-13 season.

While its not surprising, they should have told him earlier as it has been over a month since the Oilers season ended.

Like I've said before, I'd fully expect OKC Barons head coach Todd Nelson to be on the short list when they have it ready. I'd strongly consider hiring him. He's done well so far with the club in his two years. He might even coach this team to a Calder Cup championship.

I'm interested to see how this plays out over the summer.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Linus Omark Recalled To The Oilers

The flashy swede has been recalled. I'm really interested to see him in the blue & orange again. Has he found that fire inside to keep him around? We will see.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Former Oilers Player Josh Green Recalled With Colten Teubert

I was going to suggest this the other day before the injuries happened but figured I'd be ripped for saying it. Josh Green has been recalled.

If you remember, Green was an Oiler not that long ago. He was a utility type player while he was here and I'd expect him to fit right into what ever plans Tom Renney will have for him.The last time we seen Green on Rexall ice as an Oiler was 2003.

On this current club, he'd fit in a 4th or 3rd line role nicely. He's been playing well in OKC and I believe the Oilers made the right call.

In 19 games, Green has 7 goals, 10 assists for 17 points. It seems that the old dogg still has some bark.

I'm interested in seeing him play with the Oil.

It's just too bad he's not going to play in Edmonton. I'm sure the fans would have given him a welcome back salute.

Colten Teubert was also recalled to replace the injured Tom Gilbert.


-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

Sunday, January 1, 2012

OKC Barons Coach Todd Nelson To Replace Oilers' Tom Renney?

It was announced tonight that Oklahoma City Barons head coach Todd Nelson will coach the western conference AHL all-star team at the upcoming all-star game. Congrats to him. He's having a fantastic season thus far.

The 2012 AHL All-Star Classic is to be held on Jan. 29-30 in Atlantic City, N.J.

As of right now the Barons are 1st overall in the AHL standings with a record of 22-8-1-3 (48 points). That's pretty damn good.

Then there's the parent club Do we dare talk about the Oilers record right now? Good grief what a bad season.

Here's my idea. For all that Nelson has done for OKC, you'd have to think he's one of the first on the list to replace a sinking Tom Renney. The Renney era is coming to a close and why not roll with Nelson at the helm?

His first season he helped the Barons make the playoffs. This year, he's helping this team be champions.

I say if and when Tom Renney is fired. I'd take a long serious look at hiring Todd Nelson. He's earned a look.

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

Magnus Paajarvi / The Monkey Is Off The Back

Already with two assists in tonight's OKCBarons game, Magnus Paajarvi has just scored his first ever AHL goal. Good for him.

From all the reports that I've been given, he has been the Barons best player since joining the team. By scoring this goal tonight, he should find his scoring touch now.

I bet he's relieved...

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

Taylor Chorney Suspended

I forgot to post this earlier.

The following quote is from the AHL.

"AHL announces suspension
December 30, 2011

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. … The American Hockey League today announced that Oklahoma City Barons defenseman Taylor Chorney has been suspended for three (3) games as a consequence of an illegal check to the head of an opponent in a game vs. Rochester on Dec. 27.

Chorney will miss Oklahoma City’s games Saturday (Dec. 31) vs. San Antonio, Sunday (Jan. 1) at Houston and Wednesday (Jan. 4) at Lake Erie."

Happy New Year!!!

Just want to say Happy New Years to all the fans of the Edmonton Oilers, Oklahoma City Barons and the Stockton Thunder.

Let's hope that 2012 can be a fantastic year for all of us.


-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Magnus Paajarvi, The Slump Continues...

If you can believe this... 4 games with the OKC Barons and not a single goal.

One assist and a nifty shootout goal is all he has to show for during his short AHL career. It appears that he's just having a goal scoring slump in life. Not just in the NHL.

While he has played pretty decent in Oklahoma, he's there to find his goal touch. If he's not scoring down there, he'll never get called back up to the Oil. It's looking like a long road ahead of Magnus.

I'm hoping he can turn it around soon. He's too good of a player to be a wasted talent. This isn't another Rob Schremp story.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Monday, December 26, 2011

Alex Plante Recalled / More To It Than We Know?

The Oilers are in need of some help tonight (injury?) and I guess they need it from Alex Plante. He's been recalled from the Oklahoma City Barons.

Not sure if Plante will actually play tonight or not.

As steamed as I am that Colten Teubert wasn't recalled instead, I started thinking that this isn't cause Plante is the best choice, but more of an opportunity.

It's no secret he's on his last legs with the Oilers. This is make it or break it time. This is perhaps his last kick at the can? Or perhaps a little look for some other teams that might want to include him in a trade that's in the works?

Bah! I'm probably reading to deep into this...

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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