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Monday, May 10, 2010

Oklahoma City Barons / New Uniforms and Mascot?

Now, I am impatient man and I hate to wait. So with my crappy photoshop techniques and a few bad idea's, I came up with what I think the uniforms may look like.

There has been lots of talk over at the message boards and other sites that the OKC Barons will only pick one of the three logos that were trademarked. I think that's wrong. A company like Prodigal Hockey wouldn't spend money trademarking logos if they weren't going to be used. That means in my opinion, all three of the discovered logos WILL be used.

Here is where I think all three logos will be used.

Here is what I think the helmets will look like.

Before you say anything, yes I know they are bad pictures. I'm just trying to show a concept of what they might look like.

Do you guys agree or disagree with what I came up with? Let me know.


On a side note, the Oklahoma City Barons should employ former coach Doug Sauter. He does resemble a baron doesn't he? Maybe he could be the new OKC Barons mascot? Just sayin'...

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