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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Many Irons In The Fire

Well it's been a madhouse around here lately. We found a huge house for the same price that we were paying at the old place, so we moved. Life is better, yet very hectic right now.

The Young Stars tournament is approaching soon and I'm trying to get that all sorted out and ready to rock. We have TweetCasts planned and the LIVE video feeds of the games that will be on both, and Should be exciting times so make sure you are here to see it all unfold.

We have Shawn as our eyes and ears there at the tournament. He will be at every game and he will be tweeting and posting pictures as it all happens. We thank Shawn up front for his help with this project.

I have also been working on some changes for I can't really say what they are yet, but you should dig it. Trust me.

I have also been working on some changes for the NEW Flames Jambalaya. Dearen (pronounced Darren) has been killing it over there at FJ. He's a fantastic writer who's really coming into his own. We will have a few cross promotions with FJ once the season starts and the Oilers battle the Flames. Why not razz the Flames guy after a win right?

I have also been getting together a crew for over at NHL Jambalaya. We have a new guy starting soon and that site will once again be pushing NHL news and rumors. Stay tuned for that.

And... I did it again. Canucks Jambalaya. We will see where this takes us. HELP WANTED

If you know someone who may want to write about the NHL, Flames or Canucks, send them my way. We need more people.

If you haven't checked out the NEW Oil Terminal podcast that Eric and Scott have been doing, you should. They are doing a great job and over the next few weeks, they will have all the kinks worked out of it and it will be smooth sailing. Oh yeah, I am also working on some theme music for the podcast so stay tuned for that. It could be epic! Or not.

For those of you that come here to read our Beers & Jeers game recaps, we are going to once again change the format a little for this season. Less fluff and more meat. We will be asking the readers of OJ what they like and don't like in a recap and we want to make it better than ever. Stay tuned for that.

Well I am sure that I have missed a few of the things that I am currently working on, but it doesn't really matter. OILERS HOCKEY is about to start! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! is going to raise the bar this year, we hope you enjoy it with us. Thanks for being a loyal reader here. We love you for it!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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