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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seasons end

Tonight the season ends for the Edmonton Oilers and a whole new season begins. For the Oilers it will be a off-season and for the lucky 16 teams who have worked hard and smart enough it is called the NHL Playoffs.

With yet another season outside of the playoffs looking in (from afar), this team has a lot of rebuilding to still do. Each year we hear the same kook-aid. One more year, it didn't go as expected! Who is to blame for that? The players? Well if its the players isn't it the managements job to get new players? I hear many say it isn't so easy! No? Then why have management at all? Why do other GM's and organizations make the transactions needed? It is really time to look further then just coaches.

Tonight the Oilers take on the Canucks and this is the 1st time since the Gagner draft that I actually do not want the Oilers to win a game. Especially 1 game that means absolutely nothing positive. Ending with a 1 game win streak or losing the last game will not make or break this teams confidence. This team needs the best chance it can get at either a Top 2 d-man or a top 2 centerman. Granted the Oilers could falter to 3rd if someone other then them or Buffalo win the lottery but then they get Leon Draisaitl as a consolation at worst.

I don't want to make any predictions as to next year's line-up but don't expect too much on the backend. Petry, Ference, Schultz are 100% here unless one gets traded and the most likely would be Petry. Klefbom and Marincin stand a very high chance to have a very good chance as well again next year to start in Edmonton. I give them about a 80% chance. That's 5 defencemen. I know there is big talk about MacT swinging for the fence for a top 2 d-man but good luck unless he is trading Petry and a top end forward.

Next week after the lottery, we will know at least where we are picking and then we can better dissect this team we all love so much in Oil Country!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Over, It's Done / Young Stars Is Finished

Well, this years version of the Edmonton Oilers Young Stars team, wasn't that good. In fact, they stunk. 

The Oilers lost 5-2 in the opening game to the Calgary Flames. They faired miserably and it didn't look like this was going to be a promising tournament. With no big stars on the team this year, the Oilers had a hard time keeping up with the skilled forwards the other teams had. 

Then the Oilers lost the second game to the Winnipeg Jets 7-2. An equally terrible game, but the individual talent started to come out a little more.

Today's third and final game saw the Oilers jump out into a lead and they looked like they could actually win this game. I was wrong. The Oilers ended up losing 5-2 to the Canucks rookies. 

0-3 to finish the tournament. Oh boy...

However, not all was bad. Let's look at some highlights. 

GREG CHASE - My only recognition of this kid was the fact his old man used to work for the Team1260. I had no knowledge of what this kid could do until this tournament. Chase is a hell of a player. He's very gritty and he's got some nice hands. He pretty much did what was expected of him and I'm pretty sure he gave the Oilers management a huge grin all week. I can see him playing in the NHL one day. He has all the tools to become a regular NHL player. I'm glad he's part of the Oilers system. 

MARCO ROY- He showed us that he can be a decent two way player. I liked his overall game. He seemed to make the right choices for the most part. I kind of wish there was more games left so I can see him a little more. 

KALE KESSEY - Fantastic hitter, reminds me off a Raffi Torres. Hitting guys is obviously his bread and butter. A few times this week he seemed to try and emulate Ryan Smyth with his work in front of the net. He's a big guy who's mobile. I hope he can continue to develop. I liked what I saw. 

JUJHAR KHAIRA - I liked his overall play. He definitely has the ability to be a good offensive player down the road. I'd like to see him work on his positioning and he also needs to get more comfortable with a run and gun attack. He looked confused sometimes, but was glad to see he isn't shy to try and make plays. 

KYLE PLATZER - He had a knack of being in the mix of the offensive play. I thought he was decent in the last two games. Good knack for being in the offensive play. 

BRANDON DAVIDSON - Good all around defenseman. Accurate shots and well placed. Good coverage on the forwards coming back in the zone. He must be a leader behind closed doors, as he was the Captain for two games. 

DARNELL NURSE - He wasn't very good (as I had expected). Nerves maybe? Whatever it was, the kid definitly has talent. He will be a gamer. But clearly, after watching him these past few days, he has a long way to go before he cracks the Oilers. 

OSCAR KLEFBOM - For the most part he sucked. I'm sure a lot of that was because he was playing his off side, but for all the hype from Craig MacTavish and the Oilers, he disappointed. He looked like he was a step behind. He says the right things, but acting them out is what he needs to work on. He sat out today's game, I expect he will be playing and making an impact versus the U of A. 

TYLER BUNZ - The best of the shitty goaltending. I suspect he will get the start for the game against the U of A, but does he really deserve it? He did make some big saves during his start, but it's the soft goals that have me worried. 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Bring on the KLEFBOM" Oilers Development Camp 2013

At 6'2 and 204 lbs Oscar has becomes the 'Oilers' next great hope. Oscar Klefbom brings a good size presence in the form of a player who has game already. After years of watching Jordon Eberle, Taylor Hall, Magnus Paajarvi, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and last year Nail Yakupov, dominate the attention at Oilers Development Camp, Klefbom and fellow blueliner Darnell Nurse were the ones who were being watched closely this camp.

Klefbom had many eyes upon him last year and before his injury was actually scheduled to be at Oilers training camp in September 2012. As fate goes, he was injured and was not able to attend or even play the rest of the year. This year Nurse was all the ‘craze’ for MacT and the player he obviously was coveting if Monahan was gone at their drafting position. Center and defence is what MacT has preached and so it should be.

This years camp had maybe 75% of the total amount of fans visiting compared to 90-100% capacity at the previous 3 camps held in Edmonton and/or Sherwood Park. It’s a given without the excitement of a #1 OV draft selection, things are not as pretty as they are becoming solid. I have given MacT somewhat of a hard time in regards to what he has done, but selecting Nurse will really stabilize the back end of the Oilers defence for years to come.

This years camp was very little about the forwards (all the young prospects are already playing for the Oilers) and more about defence. With Musil. Gernat, Klefbom, Nurse and Simpson you have a pretty good group of prospects on defence to watch. You can always find ways to pick apart a defence corps in comparison to forwards but this group is looking good for the future.

Notice the size of the Oilers D-men coming down the pipe? They are big guys (maybe not all filled out yet, but will over time) but none stands out as ready as Oscar Klefbom. “The Bom” as I like to call him, stood hands above everyone else at this camp and he should. He has played against men for awhile, is big, solid muscle, good hockey IQ, a leader and solid character guy as mentioned by those closer to him. Not to mention this is his second camp and the 2nd time around is always easier. Just ask Jordon Eberle! 

Sure Oscar made a few mistakes here and there but the drills are made to expose area’s on players to show them what they will need to work on. Be it positioning, stick work, skating agility etc..every player has work too do. I have followed these camps since 2007 and each year even the #1 OV selections struggled on different drills or at different points. This development camp is not about evaluation but about development.

Having said all that, Oscar Klefbom IMO has arrived to the point of readiness. I know many fans say ‘he needs time in the AHL’! How can you make that call, when you have not seen him play against actual NHL players and in game situations. For me, Oscar is ready for that 3rd pairing role already in Edmonton but he should have to earn it. If other players are stronger back there, send him to develop in the AHL awhile but let’s not judge him to quickly. Maybe Oil Country is tired of promises only to see players fall short or not used correctly. I like what MacT is doing by loading up on depth on defence. Klefbom will have his hands full this coming 2103-2014 NHL season competing for a position but I suspect he will be the player who walks out of the battle w=victorious because he is ‘just that good’. I was OK with Oscar and where we selected him but have become even more impressed with what we may have in the future. No pressure on the young guy, let’s just give him a chance before we judge where he should play is all I say.

As far as Darnell Nurse? He showed some promising size, learned some new skills to apply at the Jr level for practice and let’s hope he shows good arrows this year in the OHL. 

NEXT POST: What Possibilities are left for the Oilers?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Edmonton Oilers 'Moves or Non-Moves'?

Today being just another day in the life of Oiler fans, it was a good day for a blog that raised some thoughts and or questions for some of the greatest hockey fans the world has seen or heard.

The hockey world does not always make sense. Sure, eventually what goes around, comes around, but that does not stop the pain suffered by Edmonton Oiler fans since the devastating Game 7 loss in the 2006 Stanley Cup. It's like the pain never stops. Just when there looks to be hope at the end of the tunnel, WHAM! Right in the gut once again. Kind of reminds me of growing up in elementary school and facing the big bully each day that wants your 'yummy' lunch your mom sent.

I must say, the Oilers organization should be credited with some good work being 'spin doctors'. Seriously, think about it. Ever since the 2006 Stanley Cup run, the Oilers have found a way to spoon feed us some good hope that this team will eventually return to make a solid run at Lord Stanley's Cup. A feat few teams ever get close to , let alone actually accomplish.

Having said all that, there is the newest Sheriff in town and his Name is 'Sheriff MacT' and he is ready with guns loaded to run the bad guys out of town! Ok, if I am going to make that analogy, I better describe who the bad guys are right? Wrong! I am going to leave that up to you incredible and knowledgable fans. What I am going to do is walk through some possibilities moving forward and what I think is going to happen. I have mentioned this before and will reiterate it again, you can read between the lines if you pay close attention to the subtle things being said. There is always the local gossip rumour mill and of course there is occasionally some insights learned from things said by the Oilers brass that gets passed on through those 'casual get togethers' in the community. So having said all that here are some of the 'Moves or Non-Moves' that could possibly be on the horizon in Oil Country in the coming weeks and months.

1) Horcoff; Will be moved out but a trade will be the way MacT tries to move him out. I know he still has a couple years left on his contract but to the right team this could make sense. There are likely about 5-7 teams who may have interest , while maybe 2 or 3 have more interest. The possibilities? A team on the verge of making a run at the playoffs and/or a team who needs to reach the cap floor. I do not believe Horcoff moves via a buyout as that likely will be used on Belanger if he can not be traded which most believe he can not be moved any other way. The Oilers will not use both their compliance buyouts this year so expect a trade or Shawn will have one more year playing Center in Edmonton.

2) Smyth; I know many fans who want him gone but Ryan has lots to prove. He will have extra motivation this year to make up for the worst year of his career. Ryan will be settling for 4th line duty this year, maybe 3rd line in the case of injuries once again but 10-12 minutes a night of TOI could make him a valuable asset in played in right circumstances.

3) Belanger; See comments under Horcoff

4) 2nd Goaltender; Yes, fans wanted the latest and greatest finish Goalie but there are a couple other options lying out there. Don't write off a move for a top notch Goalie. The Oilers making a play for Luongo is still not out of the question (like it or hate it). In addition, Miller could be in play from Buffalo. Like him or not, Miller even with a bad season in Buffalo still makes the clutch saves, his SP remains close to the same year after year as does his GAA. (Something to be noted of what is a indicator of a consistent and good goaltender is that his SP and his GAA remains much alike year after year) There are exceptions when playing behind a terrible defence that changes year after year but it's a good mark of a great goalie. Unfortunately a terrible playoff record year after year falls into that same category. It may be neither goalie but look for a move along those lines as a possibility if not this year absolutely next year.

5) #7 OV Draft pick 2013; The greatest likelyhood is keeping the pick. I would think the likeliest pick will be Monahan and or Darnell Nurse if they keep the pick and with who may be available. If they can, MacT will make a push to get MacKinnon but that would be a absolute gift if he can pull that off. It's not happening but we can dream. There is a possibility they do press to move up a few and get Barkov. Some talk suggests to move up to the 4 or 5 spot to get Barkov will mean giving up this years #7, 2014 1st OV selection and a roster player of significance. What I can say is I do not believe the Oilers will take Lindholm and/or Zadorov as some suggest they can. Nurse is a much better skater then Zadorov, is more mobile, has a better 1st pass out of his zone and is still close to 200 lbs already. I do believe if they can not land MacKinnon (Highly unlikely) Barkov (slim chance) or Monahan (50% chance) then they will try to trade down with Columbus and land Lazar and/or Horvat. Lazar is underrated IMO and if they can not land those earlier three centres I mentioned I do believe Lazar is next on their list. NOTE: I do believe the Oilers like Pulock as well should they have a opportunity to trade with Columbus for their two higher picks for their #7 slot. Would Ryan Pulock (Captain, over 200 lbs, has a slapshot already over 104 mph) with Lazar be acceptable? It's a chance there is a possibility there. Should be a much more interesting draft for us then previous years.

6) New associate coach; It will happen, they need someone with NHL experience who can help with technical skills. MacT has indicated with subtle hints that coaching needs to be more rounded and after hearing rumours circling Oil Country, I am prett certain we will see such a thing happen.

7) Klefbom; Contrary to some people's opinions if he is healthy, he will make the Oilers out of training camp I believe. I understand why people say he needs time in OKC but how do they know? Until you see him play in training camp and a few per-season games you can not make that judgement unless as fans we know better then coaches. Rushing him to the NHL means he was not ready, him playing cause he is better then the other players in camp does not mean rushing at all. I have high expectations of Klefbom and believe he will make believers out of alot of fans this coming season. Only question will be. 'is he fully healed up'? I expect our defence to be Smid/Petry/J.Schultz/N.Schultz/Klefbom/UFA or TRADE

Thats a few random thoughts for today. Next blog we will continue with some more Moves or Non-Moves in Oil Country.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Prospect Pool at the Juniors

The Oilers have quite a few prospects in the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship. None of them played for our beloved Team Canada but they played some pretty important roles on their respective teams. These players include Oscar Klefbom, David Musil, Kristian Pelss, Martin Gernat and Martin Marincin. Over the course of the tournament I decided to take short notes on what I noticed from each player.

Klefbom - He is one great positional player, he may not be the most physically strong man out there but he knows how to separate the man from the puck, simply with his positioning. Klefbom also has a great read on the play, he is constantly alert and knows where to be. A slight problem of his however is to make good, but fairly chancy plays, that can be costly to his team.

Musil - He is also a brilliant player at reading plays, very alert. Musil is also great with the stick, he is very capable with his poke checks. One thing I had noticed is his unmistakable ability when in front of the net, his physical dominance and shot blocking.

Kristian Pelss - To be honest I have not seen much of his play, but from what I have heard he was one of the best players on Latvia's team.

Martin Gernat - Great skater with great stick work. Aggressive offensively in the attacking zone but can sometimes be a little too offensive. With his size comes a hard shot, but for his size he is also very mobile on his feet.

Martin Marincin - He can very much be like his fellow team mate, Martin Gernat. Another large sized defenceman with a booming shot and great mobility. He can however make some risky plays with his stretch passes.

On another note: I'm proud of Canada, of course we all wanted gold, but the boys played with heart and soul, obviously they didn't want to end up in the bronze game either.

GO Canada GO!

I don't know about you guys, but tonight I'm rooting for the Swedes, I just can't bear to see the Russians win again.

Let's Go Oilers!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oilers Jambalaya's Top 25 Prospects List

I was asked by Derek Zona from the Copper & Blue website to submit my top 25 Edmonton Oilers prospects, or in other words, the guys who have not yet made the team.  Here is the list and rankings that I came up with.  Agree? Dissagree?

Read the article by Derek HERE. Thanks for including my point of view Derek!

1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C
2. Jeff Petry, D
3. Linus Omark RW
4. Anton Lander, C
5. Oscar Klefbom, D
6. Teemu Hartikainen, LW
7. Martin Marincin, D
8. Curtis Hamilton, LW
9. David Musil, D
10. Tyler Bunz, G
11. Colten Teubert, D
12. Tyler Pitlick, C
13. Dillon Simpson, D
14. Ryan Martindale, C
15. Olivier Roy, G
16. Travis Ewanyk, C
17. Jeremie Blain, D
18. Chris Vande Velde, C
19. Alex Plante, D
20. Ryan O'Marra, C
21. Johan Motin, D
22. Samu Perhonen, G
23. Frans Tuohimaa, G
24. Tobias Rieder, RW
25. Cameron Abney, RW


Friday, June 24, 2011

The Edmonton Oilers Select Ryan Nugent-Hopkins! / The 2011 NHL Entry Draft

WooOooOooOooo!!! The Edmonton Oilers are proud to select, from the Red Deer Rebels, #93 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

It's finally official. *crowd goes wild*

*We will update throughout the 1st round what else the Oilers do. They have pick #19.*

UPDATE: The Oilers select defenceman Oscar Klefbom.

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