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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Just Don't Feel Bad, It's Just That Time Of Year

Watching tonight's game had me thinking about players being cut. I remember being cut from teams. It sucks. It hurts. 

But you move on to whatever lies next and hopefully you realize that it was you that failed to make the team, not the coaches. Some players have to clear waivers, while some don't, and sometimes that makes decisions complicated. 

Hockey is a production based sport and if you're not standing out and contributing, you don't survive. Simple as that. Coach Eakins really seems to be attracted to the stand out players that push their own limits. He really doesn't care about the past or veteran status or the name on the jersey. He cares about the now. 

Linus Omark was the latest victim of not being a standout for the right reasons. Eakins hated the fact Omark tried to do everything himself and he didn't rely on his line mates like he should. The kid has skill, but he just can't seem to follow a game plan. His style hasn't really changed since joining the Oilers, and either has his yearly exit from training camp to anywhere but Edmonton. I had high hopes for him. Those hopes are long gone. 

The next on the waiver wire you would think to be is Ryan Jones. He just seems like he's always a step behind. We have all seen Ryan flying on his A game. We've seen him be his best. Where did he go?

Did Jones not prepare himself enough this summer? Did he do enough on ice work? Did his second surgery hinder his training?

At the end of the day, if he's cut and put on waivers, who will he blame? He clearly has the tools to do the job.

So as camp is winding down and the kids that don't require waivers like Nurse, Pitlick and Fedun go to their respected teams, they must remember what it took to get them this far and to apply that next training camp. They still have more chances. It's not the end of the world. 

The vet players however. Well... you might have blown your last chance. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'A closer look into the Oilers Bottom 6 forwards'

There has been lots of talk about Edmonton's bottom 6, but as it currently sits with Hemsky still in the mix, I don't quite see it as bad as others might. When you look further around the league most good teams spend very little on those bottom 6 and too much IMO is made of the bottom 6. It has been mentioned our bottom 6 was the scoring problem last year. I agree, they lacked scoring ability last year but our second line struggled as well. I do feel strongly that Perron will make a huge impact on that 2nd line with puck possession ability and relentless forechecking.

Taking a look here at the Oilers VS others teams bottom 6, I feel much better about our ability to produce this year. 

Ryan Jones- Boyd Gordon- Ales Hemsky
Ryan Smyth- Anton Lander- Jesse Joensuu/Mike Brown



San Jose



Conacher - Zibanejad - Condra
Greening - Smith - Neil

Tampa Bay

This list could go on but very few teams actually have a incredible bottom 6 forward core. Nothing earth shattering here but nonetheless maybe its time to relax on picking apart our bottom 6 forwards and focus in on other others for growth and improvement. IMO, Edmonton has always been more focused on bottom 6 forwards then most teams fans in this league. Just a thought to ponder through a real slow summer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Hair Love Affair / The Two Ryan's

If you follow Ryan Jones on twitter, it's no secret the guy loves his "flow". Since the first day of tweeting, he's been talking non stop about his and other peoples hair. Last night versus the LA Kings, he had a short conversation with former Oilers player Ryan Smyth during a faceoff.

This is what Jones said today on twitter, "Ryan Smyth told me I had to sick hair at a faceoff yesterday. I told him I was trying to copy him from the old days. He said "Its better!"".

Haha! How awesome! Two dudes lovin'the flow during a game.

While I think it's cool that Jones has that wicked long flocks hanging out of his lid, nothing compares to the rockin' mullet that Ryan Smyth used to sport with the Oil. The mullet is classic.

I miss the mullet.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taylor Hall and Ryan Whitney On Twitter? You Betcha!

Joining Jim Vandermeer (@Jim_Vandermeer), Ryan Jones (@jonesry28), Linus Omark (@limpanomark), Jeff Petry (@petryj), are two new Oilers to join the twitter craze.

Welcome to Taylor Hall (@Hallsy04) and Ryan Whitney (@RyanWhitney6). If you haven`t joined twitter yet, well you should. This is a very cool way to interact with your favorite Oilers players.

While your at it, follow me too for all the Edmonton Oilers updates and news. @OilersJambalaya.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Most. Boring. Game. Ever. / An Oilers Game Recap

This is brief game recap of the Edmonton Oilers vs the Phoenix Coyotes game on CBC.



Edmonton Oilers (24-46-7) at Phoenix Coyotes (47-25-6)



Edmonton Oilers - 2

Phoenix Coyotes - 3  so



Penner Cogliano Linglet
O'Sullivan Pouliot Nilsson
Moreau Horcoff Pisani
Comrie Stortini Jones

Whitney Gilbert
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Arsene






The Good:

- Jeff Deslauries was really, really good. He kept this team in this game. Jeff has been better than I had expected this season.

- Pouliot was a work horse. He played pretty good. He was one guy who I seen all game and not for bad stuff either.

- Ryan Whitney is making me a believer. He's been great. Tonight he was pushy, angry and very aware. He was making some real great passes and was on the ice for both Oiler goals.

- Tom Gilbert also played pretty good. He picked up two assists on the Oilers only two goals. I even seen him push a guy down. I know. Shocking.

- I thought that Aaron Johnson was also pretty solid. He laid out some hard and heavy hits and he's looking like he fits in on this squad.

- Dustin Penner didn't really play well all game, but he did score his 29th goal of the season and that makes me happy. One more for 30.

- With only 7:36 of ice time, Ryan Jones didn't accomplish much. He did score the tying goal though. So that's something right?

- Andrew Cogliano played with Penner again this game and he picked up an assist on Penner's goal.

- Dean Arsene had 5 hits and played pretty good.

The Not So Good:

- This was a boring game. Even the overtime and shootout had no drama. UGH! Glad this train wreck is almost over.

- The Oilers take this game to a shootout. Tom Gilbert is the best choice? 8 rounds of shootout and no Cogliano? Strange.

- Mike Comrie is the natural center on his line yet, Zack Stortini was playing center. With Comrie not wanting to make concessions to improve the team, that is reason enough for me to not want him back next season.

- Strudwick and Chorney were their usual terrible selves. Both were burned by being on the ice for both Coyote goals.

- Shawn Horcoff made some bad plays and wasn't really that good. Maybe he's just tired of the crap like the rest of us?

The Side Dish:

- The Falcons only had one goal in a 6-1 loss. Eberle was the guy to score. Recap here.

- The Thunder were losing 4-1 at the time of this recap. Recap to follow.

- Hall vs Seguin recap is here.


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Edmonton Oilers vs Minnesota Wild
Mon 05/04/2010
7:30 PM


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