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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hold On... Hear Me Out! #1

Hello everyone. This is another fine segment by Smokin' Ray Burnt. I like to call it "Hold On... Hear Me Out!" This is a place for me to talk about something that maybe a little off the normal path that most Oiler fans walk. Sometimes I may be right. Sometimes not so right. Sometimes you may just shut your computer off and swear off the Internet. Either way... it's entertaining. Right?


After the Oiler game on Saturday, I sat around with my buddy Whitey and we were talking hockey. (shocking?) We started to talk about Ales Hemsky. (or Alex Hempsky if Marc Crawford is saying it) We came to a consensus that Hemmer may never be that elusive #1 guy on the team. Well not a Stanley Cup contending team anyways. It was decided that Hemmer just may be the best "wing man" in the league. If he had a pure shooter to play with on a regular basis he would pile up the points. "No kidding", your probably thinking. I personally think Hemsky is the cats ass (JIB CUTTER). He just may never be in the Ovechkin or Crosby echelon that most fans are hoping for.

Now say for example, the Oilers acquire Kovalchuk. Ilya would be the #1 guy here. But Hemsky would be the best wing man ever. The two would easily account for 2 goals per game. You see it on every team. There is never just one guy. Well... none of the successful teams I should say. For every Gretzky there is a Kurri. Kurri was one heck of a wing man. Would he have the same career with out that #1 guy? Probably not.

I came to the realization watching the Tampa Bay game, that the Oilers 1st line isn't equally matched at all. To any team. Except New York Islanders I suppose. And we wonder why we are always fighting for 8th.

So what am I rambling about? Ales Hemsky will be a really great player in the NHL. He just needs a #1 guy to play with. He's the Kurri. Not the Gretzky.

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