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Monday, February 1, 2010

Nick Boynton - Is This a Guy For The Oilers?

Thanks to my main man Todd for posting the news right here at Oilers Jambalaya.

Nick Boynton is an interesting guy to look at from an Oilers stand point. Now that we know that Souray is out for a long period of time, does claiming Boynton fill the gap? He might. Let's take a look and see if he fits the bill.

He' listed as 6'1" and 218 lbs. OK, he's not a little guy. Check. 

He's 31 years old and is old enough and experienced enough to step in help the Oilers while not relying on a rookie. Check.

Is he a UFA at seasons end? Yes. Check.

Is he physical and tough? Yes. Check.

So far he looks good doesn't he? But what could be so special about a guy who is being sent down? He must suck right?

No, he doesn't completely suck. His biggest drawback is his $1.5 million dollar contact. That's pretty steep for a 5th/6th/7th guy.  However, he did have his best season in 2003-04 with GP81  G6  A24  P30   Not bad, but it's 2010. How much has changed? The biggest thing that I like seeing, he has a career NHL stat of +16. Not too shabby.

So I don't know. What to do?

Do the Oilers actually claim him? I doubt it. This team is full and they are most likely not able to take the guy on. It's too bad. He's (in my opinion) a better option than Strudwick, Chorney or Plante. What would you do?

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