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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oilers Jambalaya / Random Thoughts, Not The Website

This (Oilers Jambalaya - The Random Stuff) is a column that I started when this little blog started up. I only did it a few times (but I liked it) and it kind of faded away for some reason. But what the hell? It's back.

Mmmmmm.... Jambalaya

Oilers Rookie Development Camp is going on right now down at the Clareview Arena till Friday. It goes from 10:00am till 12:00pm. The place gets packed so if you are going, go early. For all the latest news and info regarding the camp, stay tuned to Oilers Jambalaya. Plus we will have a special fans report from guest writer Steve Schulte a little later in the day plus the LIVE tweets from

Magnus Paajarvi Interview From Today

Khabibulin had his court case postponed today. It appears the courts were to busy to proceed with his trial or something like that. It has been rescheduled for 2 weeks from now. If convicted, he could spend up to 30 days in jail. With a delay and other court procedures, it's possible that Khabi might miss training camp if he does have to do the whole 30 days and this does drag out longer. I would expect him to try and plea bargain.

Taylor Hall's number. What is taking so long to decide? I really do think he really waiting for #44 to get traded. I mean, become available. I hope not, it's cursed. He did say a few days ago that he would think about possibly taking either 44 or 91. God I hope he takes 91 (my choice for him is #84. He could easily be the greatest #84 in the history of the NHL) instead of the 44. *fingers crossed*

That rumor that TSN's Ryan Rishaug started is quite the conversation piece today. He thinks that if the Kings land Ilya Kovalchuk (still possible), they might be willing to part with Ryan Smyth. Souray for Smyth is what he suggested. I'll be honest, I'd make that trade right now. I would even include Cogliano. I would love nothing more than to see Ryan come back and be the mentor for the kids and finally wear the captain's C. He deserved it years ago and I believe he has a lot left in that tank of his. BRING BACK SMYTH!

Wow! The Oilers seem hell bent to have some experienced guys down in Oklahoma City for next season. They have been spending money for OKC Barons like crazy and they have only picked up a few guys so far. Just paying Alex Giroux $500,000 and $225,00 for Brad Moran is whacked out. Three quarters of a million dollars for two guys. If only I could hang out with Katz for a day. He must have $10 dollar bills in the bathroom for toilet paper. Unbelievable amounts of wasted money! I hope for the OKC Barons fans sake, these veteran AHL players are worth the cash. Defenceman Jake Taylor was also signed recently for the Barons.

I'm starting to think that Bob Funk jr. and the Barons have no say in the "hockey operations" department. It appears like the Oilers are sorting out their own problems first without considering the fact that the Barons are new and the fans were hungry for anything related to the team. Yes I did say were. The excitement is over. I don't know what they have in store next, but you couldn't beat the hype that a couple of bloggers (OilFieldHockey/CopperandBlue/OilersJambalaya) created a while back. As of this moment they are looking to sell seasons tickets. They do pay for a sponsored link on google to be found.

So here are my questions to the OKC Barons. Why is it taking sooooooooo long to pick the name the mascot winner? (My suggestion was Edmond Von Derrick) Where is your GM? (He's important to build a team) Where is your Head Coach (Kelly Buchberger??) and his Assistants? Where is your pump-up on Twitter and other social media? Where is the fan involvement? How about another live chat?

I have asked the Stockton Thunder if there has been any progress on if they will resign with the Oilers, as their current agreement is expired. So far they tell me they are working on it and they would love to still be apart of the Oilers family. I really hope they continue being apart of the Oilers organization because here at Oilers Jambalaya, we are going to ramp up our coverage of the Stockton Thunder starting this season. So I will keep you posted if an agreement is reached. We hope so.

**Cool new changes at Oilers Jambalaya and over at are coming soon.
We can't wait for next year to start!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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