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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't BS Me. Do We Really Have A Game On Tonight?

What seems like an eternity, game day is finally here. Oilers vs Wild tonight in Minnesota.

There is a couple of stories today for the Oilers that makes this game interesting.

- The obvious. 2nd game of the season. The Oil haven't played since Sunday, and with the shootout win over the Pens, the fans want more. It just took to damn long to get to today.

- Sure does sound like Linus Omark won't play tonight. He's being benched for playing with little fire in the opener. Some say Renney is also pissed off with his shootout attempt.

- Lennart Petrell makes his NHL and Oilers debut tonight. In sure he's buzzing this morning and he's ready to go. He's good defensively and apparently a stud on the penalty kill. I'm interested to see him in action.

- Darcy Hordichuk and his :59 of playing time is in the lineup. WTF? If that's all he's going to play, I'd rather have Omark on the 4th line. Wasn't signing Hordichuk was because he can play 7 minutes a night? Play Hordichuk, or the press box. Pick one Renney.

Hall-Nugent Hopkins-Hemsky




Sunday, October 2, 2011

Final Cuts Have Been Made By The Oilers

Gilbert Brule, Ryan Keller, Josh Green and Ryan O'Marra have all been put on waivers for the purpose of assignment to Oklahoma City. Teemu Hartikainen has also been sent to the Barons. Hartikainen doesn't need to be on waivers.

That spells the end for Brule with the Oilers. He played like crap during the preseason and it's deserving. I'm thinking they hope he gets picked up on waivers cause he's paid way to much to be hanging out in OKC.

With the cuts that did happen, that means that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Anton Lander and Lennart Petrell have all made the opening night roster. Quite the interesting look for the Oil. This should be an interesting year.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lennart Petrell To Make The Oilers Squad?

I didn't get to watch the Oilers game yet (recorded it with PVR), but I did listen to the game on my iPhone. An interesting tidbit from Bob Stauffer was thrown out there. He says that it's very possible that Lennart Petrell could make the team. With his fearless playing and his ability to go on the penalty kill, Bob claims that he's just what the Oilers need. I suppose it is possible that he cracks the lineup (Bob is seldom wrong), but to me personally, I think it's a stretch as the team is pretty well set. I guess we will see in a few days, one way or another.


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