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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Not A Wayne Gretzky Award? Sign The Petition

Since the first time the NHL was formed, there has never been an top assists trophy. They have trophies for just about everything under the sun. Points (yes). Goals (yes), The even have a plus minus trophy of all things. Take a look.

So if the NHL can have a Mark Messier leadership award, why not a Wayne Gretzky Assist Leader Award? Considering what he has done in his career (1,963 assists in the NHL), there is no doubt he should have a trophy named after him. His name is all over the NHL assist record book. There is no one better at passing and assists than Wayne Gretzky.

Now I know this trophy idea thing isn't a fresh idea and I know other people have said it before. But what if we go one step further? What if we had an online petition and we submit it to the NHL and maybe, just maybe they consider it and honor a man that SHOULD be honored?

*drum roll* Well, here you go. Click on the link below and electronically sign the petition. Once we get a ton of signatures, we will submit it to the NHL. This award should be made.

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