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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOW! What A Day For The Fans Of The Oilers

Today -- which started out as boring and lame -- turned out to be really exciting for all the fans of Edmonton Oilers.

First it started out with a Bruins/Panthers trade which to me, means that the Oilers will be taking Taylor Hall. With acquiring Nathan Horton and parting ways with the #15 pick, any hope of getting that pick is out the window (that's what I was hoping for). Back to Hall. It's also quite clear now that the Bruins have picked up a good solid winger in Horton, they seem to be preparing for drafting a center. And that's not Taylor Hall. Maybe I am wrong here, but I get the feeling the Oilers will take Hall.

Then I'm told that Steve Tambellini is going to have a press conference at noon. I figured I'd look around to see what it's about and I came across an article by the Edmonton Journal that was saying basically that Tambo was just going to talk about heading to the draft today and what the Oilers have planned for the future. So like a moron I'm telling people it's no big deal. No huge news today.

BAM! Pat Quinn has stepped down as head coach of the Oilers and Tom Renney is now the coach of the Oilers. So much for no news.

My mind has been blown.

I really didn't mind Pat Quinn as coach and I figured he'd be back next season. Quinn just had some really bad things happen to this team this year and I didn't really blame him for the failure. I did however blame him for a few other things he did but I won't get into it again. Thanks for your great quotes Pat. I'm going to miss you.

Listening to Pat Quinn ( ) talk about the situation he made it clear that he was not happy about not returning as coach next season. He went on to say that he was looking forward to coaching two 19 year olds that he has coached before. Who's that you ask? Well one guy is Jordan Eberle. The other? My money is on Taylor Hall. There is no other kid in the Oilers system that Quinn has coached before other than those two. So if it's NOT Hall, who is it?

The next big shocker for me was opening the mail today. Our friend Scott from sent me a puck from the OKC Barons name reveal. How cool is that?

Thanks Scott for this, it's going to be great to add to the collection. Is this the first Barons merchandise in Alberta? Maybe... but I doubt it.

Here is a audio link for the new Oil Change documentary preview if you still need something more to do.

What a day...

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Edmonton Oilers News Today (Brule, O'Sullivan, Nilsson, Deslauriers, Quinn)

It appears like Gilbert Brule will be out for the rest of the season with the right ankle sprain. He is on crutches, but thankfully there was no broken bones. With only a handful of games left, I see no point on rushing him back just so the Oilers can still finish 30th.

Jeff Deslauriers will most likely get the start tonight vs the Coyotes on Hockey Night in Canada. Considering that Dubnyk played last night, I'd say JDD is in.

With the optional skate today, only 10 skaters and Devan Dubnyk participated. Linglet, Cogliano and Arsene were some of the skaters present.

Pat Quinn stated that both O'Sullivan and Nilsson will play tonight. The one guy that sits will be determined later today. I would assume that it would be Charles Linglet. He had a very sub par debut last night against the Stars.

-Smokin' Ray-

Friday, February 5, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!! Oilers in Denver to take on the Avs

The Oilers practiced today in Denver and the lines stayed the same as the last game against the Wild. Brule and Nilsson skated with Bucky today so it looks like they won't be in the game tomorrow night against the Avalanche. Expect Jeff Deslauriers to start in goal.

Word has it that Ladislav Smid and Steve Staios may be coming back soon. But don't expect them back too soon as Quinn seemed less than impressed with their conditioning. Mind you, they are in the Mile High city and from what I have heard, it's hard on the system being that high.

With those two close to returning, I would suspect that the Oilers won't try and claim Nick Boynton who is on re-entry waivers. I think he would be a good pickup, but the Tambo wants to subtract, not add at this point.

Don't forget that with the 2010 Olympics coming up soon, we will need to forget about the Oilers and start booing some of our beloved players. Visnovsky? BOOOOO! Grebeshkov? BOOOOO! Pronger? Boo... damn it. Yay!

I can't wait for the Olympic games to start and I fully expect Canada to win gold in both the Men's and the Ladies Ice Hockey events. GOCANADAGO!

Don't forget that the Oilers play the Avs on CBC's Hockey Night In Canada this Saturday night.

Edmonton Oilers (18-32-6) vs Colorado Avalanche (31-19-6)

Pat Quinn Speaks To The Media

Staios and Smid Update

Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm sorry but the Beers & Jeers Recap is going to have to wait. It will be done but I can't stand this anymore. - The Oilers lost 4-1 in a game where they crapped themselves and lost again for the seventh time. Oh... and Kipper was pretty darn good. -

So what in the hell is Quinn thinking? It's funny that nobody is having an old fashioned freak out over the way Quinn changes the lines and still has no chemistry.  Well I'm going to. 

It's getting absolutely stupid.  At the beginning of the year he claimed that he liked to have pairs and the 3rd guy is interchangeable. OK. Fair enough. WHERE ARE THE PAIRS? What happened to Brule and Penner? What? Forgot that they are good together?  I suppose you like to score only 1 goal a game. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

This coaching staff is starting to make themselves look stupid.  You keep throwing out these odd ball lines and "at the end of the day" they don't work.  You need to listen to yourselves.  Re watch your own damn videos.  Look at the stats and you see what? This is a team that only scores one goal a game now.  WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Then you have a game like tonight where Cogliano drops the gloves and wants to go with Dustin Boyd. He does a good job and seems fired up. Then he starts flying around and gets some chances. But guess what Quinn does? He keeps him on the line with Stortini and Moreau. What the hell man? Two slugs and a speedster that's revved up? This does not make sense at all. Isn't this the kind of player that SHOULD be promoted DURING a game? Shouldn't Cogliano at least taken O'Sullivan's spot? WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Game after game, time after time, Staios and Moreau take a Bad Timing Penalty late in a game. DO NOT PLAY THESE CLOWNS IN THE 3RD PERIOD. Should I say that again or did you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d that? Moreau is the shittiest Captain that I have ever seen.  Remove his letter on his jersey immediately. Can you look at us right in the face and tell us that he really does deserve it? He's dragging this team down. Either the letter goes or he goes completely. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

You pull Grebeshkov in favour of Strudwick? Is Strudwick going to even make the 6th squad for Team Canada? Yeah... didn't think so. If you want him in that bad, pull O'Sullivan or Moreau or Staios, they all suck balls. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Maybe I'm just over reacting, but I doubt it.  Why don't you re-read this and tell me if things have changed. I don't think they have.

WAKE UP PAT QUINN!  I/we are getting sick of this.  Pfft.  Saviour my ass.

-Smokin' Ray-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quinn Made A Promise To The Oiler Fans

Did you watch the video that I have had on the Jambalaya Home Page today?  Watch it again, it right above this.

When I first seen it at the beginning of the season I got goose bumps.  It was an amazing thing to see - remember last year and the MacT fiasco? So do I.  So when I came across it today, a few things he said stood out for me, other than the goose bumps I got again re-watching it. 

Quinn started off by saying, "Hello, I'm Pat Quinn, the head coach for your Edmonton Oilers." 

Sweet intro line.  He had me at hello.

"This is your team and everything we do, we do it for you, our fans."

I'm even more fired up and intrigued by what he is saying and strangely enough, I started thinking about Bryan Adams. "Look into my eyes.."

"I can't sit here and make any promises about the post season.  But I can promise you this..."

Now this is where is gets exciting.  Why is that you say?  Well, remember the coaching staff saying that the team was going to win the division that one year and didn't?  This is kind of where Quinn is going with this speech.  But it's a different promise.  Maybe an easier one we hope?

"We will play tough."

Ok.  That should be a easy thing to do right?  Oh yeah... the team is filled with smurfs.  Hmmm.  I don't know if he should have said that.

"We will show grit."

Ok.  Grit I can see before toughness.  What else you got Quinn?

"And we will highlight the skill on this team."

That was probably the most believable thing he said so far.  Skill we have, but toughness and grit?

"And on every night, even when we're tired, and it's cold, I promise you this."

More promises... the suspense is killing me.

"This team will compete"

That is one hell of a statement to make.  Especially when I have watched this team for as long as I have.  I wasn't sure if he knew this team's history to not show up for games in the past 3 years (or more).  But nonetheless... I believe him.

"And when we do this... everything else will fall into place."

 By this time, I'm ready to vote him into the PM's office.  Quinn for PM!  Finally a coach that gets it.  And he's our coach.  The Oilers have found their saviour.

"We will be taking on the world... starting October 3rd."

Bring it on world... bring it on.


Fast forward to today.  How do I feel about it today? 

I feel let down.  The players seemed to buy into what Quinn was selling at the start.  The first 7 games I was in heaven.  We all were.  I was floating on clouds.  Then the hockey gods laughed and said no more.  Now all that stuff Quinn said looks like horse plop.  We lose two pluggers like Jacques and Stone and that's it.  No more toughness?  Where did the team grit go that we had going on?  Where is the highlighted smurf skill?  Where is this teams willingness to compete?  Yeah... where is it?

 Where is all the "talk" gone to?  Are the players way to comfortable now that all these injuries have happened?  Really, it's not like they are going to lose their spot on the team, unless your name is Steve MacIntyre *starts to cry again*. 

So I have to ask myself, why would the Oilers organisation do a promo like this?  Why would you go out on a limb and say what this team can and can not do?  I just makes no sense to say anything at all.  Because look, it's game 18 and this team is in some real trouble now.  They lost to many valuable points in the last 10 games and it's going to be hard to get some back.  And really, it's all because there is no team toughness or grit.

 He said it himself,  "And when we do this... everything else will fall into place."

It maybe a bold statement... but it's true.  No grit, no win.  And right now, nothing is falling into place.

I think maybe the team should re-watch this video.  Or this season could turn into a wash in a hurry.  I don't think the fans could handle that, again.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I was Owner / GM / Coach... #3

The Panic Mode Button has been pushed.  Thousands of Oiler fans are crying out for Tambellini to make some sort of a trade/move.  Anything right now would appease these fans.  Well... almost anything.

IF I WAS OWNER I WOULD: If I was Katz, I'd suck it up and send Nilsson down to the minors.  The guy stinks and needs to be shown the door.  I'd probably do the same to Moreau as well.  He sure isn't helping the team either. And let's be real... who is going to take those two?  So much for having money.

IF I WAS GM I WOULD: The Oilers desperately need a guy who can win faceoffs in a consistent and winning manner.  As of right now, it's anyone's guess which Oiler will be the best of the night.  One day it's Gagner and the next it's Horcoff, the day after that it's Cogliano.  It's just crazy right now and it seems to be hurting this team. 

The other need this team has, is it needs players that can demolish the other teams better players.  We had that with Jacques and Stone, but Stone has not played in awhile and Jacques is now suffering from his bad back.  Without those two, the Oilers are a soft team.  Nevermind not having Souray back yet either.  Quinn wants this type of player in his lineup and if Tambo was smart, he'd find one.  So if I was GM, I'd try and shore up those two positions and give this team a better chance to win.

IF I WAS COACH I WOULD:  If I was Quinn, I'd be bugging Tambo and Katz everyday for a little help on the ice.  You know the team isn't in good shape when Reddox is called up.  There isn't much that Quinn and Co. can really do to improve.  It's up to Tambo and Katz.

This team is in trouble and there is some easy fixes.  But can it all be pulled off?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Beers and Jeers #67 (Oct 8/09 vs. Calgary Flames)

There was a wind/snowstorm in Alberta today.  Very cold out considering we were at 30 degrees two weeks ago.  Brrrrrr.  What happened to Fall?  Are we not getting it? *shakes fist at Mother Nature for skipping Fall*

Rob Schremp is wearing 13 and didn't look very good tonight with the NYI.  I'm not really sad any more  and I'm kind of relieved that he's gone.

Just found out that Center ice is free right now.  Wish I knew and I wouldn't have paid for the last PPV.

Quinn shuffles the lines in practice to fool the fLames.  Crazy old fox.

Staios and Nilsson are out / Moreau and Strudwick is in


Tonight's Starting Lines

Jacques Horcoff Hemsky
O'Sullivan Comrie Stone
Penner Brule Cogliano
Moreau Gagner Stortini

Souray Smid
Gilbert Grebeshkov
Strudwick Visnovsky



1st Period

- Good start.  All 4 lines look good.  Fast pace.
- The first 10 minutes went by fast.
- Bulin's looking good.  He's been making some great saves.  He seems confidant.
- It only took a game and a half period of this season for Kevin Quinn to say, "He has to get a new cue." for a broken stick.
- Gagner and Stortini belong together.  There's just something about them that seems right.
- PP fLames (Moreau at 14:18):  The Oilers kill it off with no real chances for the fLames.
- Moreau steps out of the box and gets a breakaway. SCORES!!!  1-0 Oilers (18-67-37 at 16:27)
- Moreau is now revved up and so is Gagner. 
- Bouwmeester rocks Smid and Smid gets pissy.  Iginla comes in and has words with Smid.
- PP Oilers (Bouwmeester at 19:28) Visnovsky SCORES!!! 2-0 Oilers (71-91-19 at 19:46)
- Great period by both teams.  Great action.

2nd period

- Souray and Iginla come together into the boards and Souray goes head first.  His head is cut and he leaves the game with a mild concussion.
- PP Oilers (Iginla at 0:18) The fLames kill it off with the Oilers not really doing much.
- At 5:50, Bulin comes out and plays the puck.  The crowd cheered. 
- Fight!  Moreau vs. Iginla at 6:09.  Moreau tosses a few, slips, Iginla doesn't kill him when he's down, Moreau gets up, Iginla chucks a few uppercuts while the refs break it up, it's over.
- PP fLames. (Stortini at 8:47)  Before you know it...
- PP fLames 5 on 3 (Grebeshkov at 9:14) What the hell man?  Talk about a killer.  This games BTP™.
- Smid takes a puck off the ankle (blocked shot) during the PK. Ouch!
- The Oilers kill off both penalties and somehow get some life.
- PP Oilers (Bourque at 11:54)  Just as the 5 on 3 is over, he takes a tripping penalty.
- The Oilers can't do anything on this PP.  They waste the 2 minutes.
- PP fLames. (O'Sullivan at 16:35) The Oilers keep the PK rolling and kill it off.
- Flames score. Boooooo! Another redirection by an Oiler.  This time Strudwick.  2-1 Oilers. (22-17-5 at 19:31)
- Good period by both teams.  It's a pretty close game.

3rd Period

- Another good start to a period by the Oilers.
- Regehr nails Gagner and then roughs him up a bit.  Stortini gets there quickly and gives Regehr an ear full.  At one point (I read his lips) he says, "Your dead Regehr".  How do you not love this guy?
fLames score. Ugh! Boooooo!  Another redirection but by a fLamer.  2-2 Tie Game. (15-8-17 at 4:11)
- Intense game so far.
- Grebeshkov will a brutal giveaway at 8:10
- Oilers SCORE! Yeah!!!!  Hemsky with an easy slid in.  3-2 Oilers.  (83-10-37 at 13:30)
- In the last 5 minutes Quinn went with these lines: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 1st, 4th, 1st.
- With 30 seconds left, Quinn puts out the big boys to finish off the game. 27-10-18-43-77
- It doesn't work.
- fLames score. It looked like a high stick but it's called a goal. Boooooo! 3-3 Tie Game (17-4-3 at 19:58)


- PP Oilers (Girodano at 0:35)  Quinn rolls with two sets. (89-19-91-71) & (10-83-27-37)
- Kipper is on fire and the Oilers can't score.  Penalty is over.
- What a Battle of Alberta.

Shoot Out

- Gagner - poke checked
- O'Sullivan - shoots and scores
- Hemsky - rings it off the post



Calgary Flames - 4
Edmonton Oilers -3  SO


Bad Timing Penalty™

Denis Grebeshkov - With the Oilers already a man down, Grebs manages to take a stupid hooking penalty and turn the man advantage into a 5 on 3.  Not really a good thing to do to your team when you have a two goal lead. 



Sam Gagner - Once again he was good.  He didn't score, but he was all over the place.  He was even playing like a big guy.  After a crappy pre-season, he's on fire so far.  He had 5 shots and was 67% on faceoffs.  That's huge for him.  Frosty beer Gags?  Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - This guy is finaly getting better.  He also hasn't been great up until this game.  He was playing hard all game and stepped up even more when Souray went down.  He scores a goal and plays over 24 minutes.  He also had 3 hits and 3 blocked shots and took 8 shots with only 3 hitting the net.  Great game tonight Lubes.  Miller time. Cheers!

Nikolai Khabibulin - If we won he would be the hero.  But we didn't.  He was good tonight.  The best I have seen him in an Oiler uniform.  He made great saves and was burned/fooled on the last goal in the 3rd.  I can hardly fault him for it.  He made 25 saves and made me less nervous.  So why not?  Let's have a beer together.  Cheers!

Zack Stortini - Storts was a machine tonight.  He really blends well with Gagner and I hope he gets more time with him.  I would just put Cogs there with them. It's wierd he didn't get more stats but no matter, he was good enough for my liking.  Good job Storts. Frosty? Cheers!

Ryan Stone - I never liked this guy yet, but tonight I did.  He was trying for the big hit all night. He landed a few good shots and made people look twice to see when he's coming.  He had 4 hits on record.  Who knows... he may be better than I thought.  A cold mug o'beer? Cheers!

Tom Gilbert - He may have been the best defenceman out there tonight.  He just played really good.  he made solid, sound decisions.  He played over 25 minutes, with 2 shots, 2 take aways, and 2 blocked shots.  I hope this is the beginning of a great year for Mr. Gilbert.  Thirsty?  Sure you are. Cheers!

Honorable Mentipns: Patrick O'Sullivan (Had an assist on the Visnovsky goal.  Played well.), Mike Comrie (He still needs to work on his conditioning.  But he played ok.), Jason Strudwick (Not bad for his 1st game of the year.), Ales Hemsky (Needs to show up quicker in the game.  He can't wait till the end to bring it.  He scores his 1st of the year.), Shawn Horcoff (He did nothing special, but played good enough.), Denis Grebeshkov (Had 2 assists but had 3 giveaways.  That has to improve soon.), Ladi Smid (He played a solid game.)



None worth complaing about.


That was a good game, I just can't believe that we lost to the fLames again.  And again to another crappy goal.

Next game is Saturday, so I see you all then. 

Don't forget you can be friends on Facebook with Smokin' Ray Burnt and Paq Twinn.  We are always talking hockey. Come join us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Put Up Your Dukes #1 (Gagner/Schremp)

Welcome to Put Up Your Dukes.  This is a segment where we have a verbal fight about whatever floats our boats.  Today we fight about Gagner and Schremp.


Round 1


Smokin' Ray Burnt - Hey Guy. Not sure if you know, but Gagner is on the 4th line to start the season. *sends text*

Paq Twinn - It is what it is, but I don't like Gags playing with some less talented guys like that.  That is Bullsh*t  in my opinion. Being demoted to the 3rd line would have been sufficient enough.  But this is nuts.

SRB - Yeah, but I thought that the 3rd line was more of a 1c, not an actual 3rd line.  The more I think of it, I'm cool with Gagner on the 4th line.  You get what you give.  So far this year... that's not much.

PT - For the record, I'm not cool with it.  Gags needs someone else on a line with him and it doesn't matter if it's the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th line.  He needs someone with skill to play with.  What good is it doing him playing with Stortini and Moreau?

SRB - I agree to a point.  But there is a real answer to this problem.  Be better Gagner.  Be better and this wouldn't be an issue right now.  It's his fault.  Although, I bet this lasts only two games tops and he'll be back with Penner and Cogs where he belongs.

PT - I don't know man.  If this was the plan all along, then letting Schremp go was a mistake.  The Captain should have been put on waivers.  But I doubt anyone would take him. *shakes head in disgust*  How is he supposed to succeed playing with Moreau and Stortini?  Hey, maybe Storts will score more than Gags this year?  I reckon Quinn and Co. just made their 1st mistake.

SRB - You doubt the Mighty Quinn?  Pfft.  But I'm with you on Moreau.  Not sure why Nilsson isn't getting a shot with Gagner/Stortini.  Four lines of cream puffs and a side of crust.  Wait a minute.  Did you mention Schremp?  Time for round 2.  Ding, ding!


Round 2


Paq Twinn - So long Schremp, if it was up to me you'd have gotten your chance here two years ago. Good luck in your home state.

Graham Martin - The thing is I don't think that he ever deserved a chance to crack the lineup in any of his years at training camp except maybe this year, and that is another reason (previous conversation) why I didn't like the Comrie signing cause I thought it spelt the end for Schremp. And if you don't show up in camp, you can't make the team, it is that simple.

PT - I agree that he didn't show enough in camp to make the teams past, I just think he should have got more then 7 games in the time he was here. He should have got 7 consecutive games, the year he got 76 points in Springfield, to show something. I just think the Oilers/MacT didn't give him a fair chance, especially when scoring was so sorely needed.

GM - Again, I have to go back to the whole defense thing (another previous conversation), and if you don't play it in the NHL, you are a serious liability. and after watching two of his preseason games, he is absolutely awful without the puck.

PT - I can't disagree with that, but you could possibly counter balance he liabilities by playing him with more defensively aware linemates. MacT just couldn't think outside of the box, or box+1, or diamond etc. he was too single minded as a coach. That's why Reddox and Peterson got so much ice time, just because they knew where to be without the puck. We had way too many players that knew what to do without the puck and not enough that knew what to do with the puck.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - *shows up late to the party*  On one hand, Graham is right. A guy needs to play defense first in order to be good in this league. Schremp can't do that.

However... Last year when Schremp had 3 points in 3 games (the 4th game doesn't count because he sat on the bench the whole game), How much better does a guy have to be? That's a point per game. That alone should have given him a better chance with the Oilers. But MacT wouldn't have any of that. Instead, Schremp goes back down and MacT rode the Red Ox for all he's worth.  Schremp and Nilsson were dynamite together in the AHL. Why were these two not paired together in the NHL?

SRB - On a side note: Dan Barnes said that Schremp's Dad sells Schremp Dogs outside the arena in Rochester. Too friggin' funny. Hmmm.. A hot dog player and a hot dog seller. #theworldisgettingmuchclearer

GM - You can put him with defensive minded players, but that takes away from his offensive flair. he needed to be with other scorers. But I do agree with last year, I thought he was better and deserved more games. But without the puck he has no idea what to do.

PT - Hypothetically I would have put him with Smyth and Horcoff back in the day, and put Hemsky with Stoll and Torres. I don't think they (94+10) would have stifled his offense and they could help out defensively. Hemsky would have still been with capable if not equal talents. The more I think about it, MacT was a bad coach, he couldn't even get the best line-up out there never mind getting the best out of HIS line-up. Could of had a 1a and 1b two to three years ago.

SRB - What? Hypothetically, I have no idea what your talking about. Are we still talking about Schremp? This year or then? What?

Way to wreck a good conversation Paq. *walks off into sunset shaking head*

GM -Hahahahahahah. agreed! *rides off on his Harley with a chick on the back*

PT - I never once made any references to this year. I was always talking about past blunders. My whole focus was Schremp and that we never gave him a chance.  This year hasn't officially begun, so I could have only really ever been talking about past years. We don't have the same kind of team now that we had then. I guess my point is that today's waiving and subsequent loss of Rob Schremp could have been avoided if he was given half a chance, with players that would work, when we had said players. But if you guys can't follow me I'll try not to confuse you anymore, besides what's done is done and ain't no amount of debating chances and abilities is going to change it.

I guess we'll disagree to disagree on this one. Guys?  *just realizes no one is here anymore*


Do you want in on this "secret" meeting?  We have them all the time and we could use more than two rounds.  Be friends with me on facebook and join the fun.

No More BS. Gagner's on the 4th Line.

You read the title right.  According to Jason Gregor of,  Gagner is on the 4th line to start the season.  Wow!  Quinn means business here.  Gone is the MacT reign and gone is the "that's ok, you can do it" attitude that we had the last few years.   I am a little stunned that Quinn is doing this, yet very happy about it.

Here is the projected lineup for the 1st game of the year against the fLames on Saturday.

Jacques — Horcoff — Hemsky
O’Sullivan — Comrie — Stone
Penner — Brule — Cogliano
Moreau — Gagner — Stortini

Gagner had two years to do whatever he wants and now it's Quinn's time.  He's in charge around here and he's letting everyone know it. 

He's made it known that Pisani and Moreau were on the bubble in training camp.  He's expressed his displeasure of the way the vets "handle" this team.  And now he's making sure guys like Gagner take this year seriously. 

Way to go Quinn.  I'm liking the cut of your jib.  You might just be a Jib Cutter after all.

Oh yeah... Rob Schremp is an Islander.  Like you didn't know already. #idontknowhowimsupposedtofeel

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