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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can Frolov Get Traded To The Oilers? Around the Water Cooler #4 ...

I was talking with Paq Twinn today and we started in on Frolov and the troubles that he is having right now in La La Land.  Could he be a fit on our 1st line with Hemsky and Horcoff we wondered?  What would it take to acquire a guy like him and how much would the Oilers be willing to give?  Would he adapt to Quinn & Co or would he be as complacent as they say he is in LA?  These are all questions that need answering.  Here's what I found...

Coach Terry Murray had this to say about Alexander Frolov before benching him against the Stars, "Frolov is out. That’s really a hard one. You don’t want to take your best players out of the lineup. That’s how you win games. Your best players have to be the best every night in this game. It’s such a competitive division, a competitive conference, a competitive league, that you just have to have your top guys on their ‘A’ game every night in order to give yourself an opportunity to win. It’s a hard thing, but those are the demands that the players have to meet."

“I haven’t been happy with Fro’s game for several games. The game the other night is the straw that broke the camel’s back, in my opinion. The turnovers, the careless play… It has to be better, and you have to come out with that high level of intensity, with smart work, hard work, and you’ve got to love the game. You’ve got to love the game in order to be a player. The talent is there, but it always is the work that brings out talent. And I need more."

GM Dean Lombardi had this to say about Frolov, "He’s either going to get on board or we’ll go in another direction with him. It’s as simple as that. I like a lot of the things I’m seeing, with what we’re trying to establish here. Get or board, or there’s another way too. But like I said, this is not a knee-jerk reaction.’’

Talk about a public lashing a'la MacT.  Ouch!  We all know how that plays out.  Time for a change Frolov.  Come to E-Town.  Just bring a winter coat.


Why is Frolov not on the LA Kings depth chart?  Anyone else find that strange?

So it appears that LA might be close to done with this guy. Should the Oilers take a crack at him?  Is it worth it?  I think so and here's why.

Alexander Frolov.  He's 6'2" and 208 lbs.  In 6 years of playing with the Kings (not including this year) he's scored 14, 24, 21, 35, 23 and 32 goals respectively.  That's an average of 24.83 goals per year.  Now imagine for a second that he had Hemsky passes.  Imagine the kind of damage that those two could do.  He could be at 35 goals a year consistently with Hemsky.  He has the size that Quinn wants on every line, but can he use it to his advantage a'la Penner?  That's a good question that needs to be answered. 

The part I liked about what Murray said was this, "Frolov is out. That’s really a hard one. You don’t want to take your best players out of the lineup."  I guess it would be safe to say that the Oilers could acquire a real good player in Frolov.  One of LA's best.  That's a plus for sure.

Here is another question.  He has yet to play in the NHL playoffs so we have no idea what kind of person he is at that time of year.  Does that worry a GM when he's dealing for a player? 


Ok, so maybe now your a little more open to the idea of bringing him here (pretend for the sake of argument please).  What do the Oilers give up?  How much space ($) is there?

The Kings have about 4.5 million in cap space and the Oilers have about 1 million left in space.  With Frolov at a 2.9 cap hit the Oilers really only need to make 2 million in space.  Keeping this in mind, here is what I offer.

I would offer Robert Nilsson ($2 million cap hit), D Cody Wild (minors) and a 4th round pick. 

With that deal done, the Oilers will have about $200,000 left in cap space (not including a roster move to the minors).  So it is possible to do.  But I'm not the one pulling the strings (only wish).  However, they may want Pisani instead of Nilsson and that's ok too.  They have the space to take both of them if they wanted, but I doubt that would happen.  Hell, I'd throw in Reddox as well if need be.

The bad part of the story... He's a UFA at the end of the season.

So is that too much to give to LA?   Is it not enough?  Is it worth it for the Oilers to pursue?   I hope this gave everyone something to think about.  I'd make the deal.  Would you? 

Get it done Tambo!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Water Cooler #3 (Smyth/Souray/Cole/Lecavalier/Prucha)

*pours water into coffee cup* Oh... hello there. Welcome to the Water Cooler. I have some gossip today regarding some players. "Like what?", you say. Ok. Have a water and read on.

While it has been slow on the trade front (trades and news), the deadline is fast approaching. Is this going to be a big year for trades? I don't think so. The GM's now seem to have these damn cap problems of the modern era. Too many high salaries. Geez... who would have thought that the GM's would screw themselves again (pre lockout)? Maybe by the 3rd time around they will figure out that the large contracts are just plain silly. It's their own fault though. No one else to blame but themselves.

So with all the hype and hoopla that surrounds the TDL... don't expect much to happen. But it's still exciting as always. I always get fired up. Then I get dissapointed. What will happen this year?


On the 17th of February, Eklund from reports (CLICK HERE) that Petr Prucha may be heading to Edmonton. No word on who would go the other way. (of course!) And I quote, "I am told that Prucha to Pittsburgh or Edmonton" Take it for what it's worth... mostly bull plop IMO.

Also on that same page, Eklund talks about how Vinnie Lecavalier maybe coming to Edmonton. And I quote, "Don't believe a word from anyone who says Vinny is not available. The Lightning aren't pushing the agenda to move him, but they have let it be known 100% clearly that the door is very open and pretty much exactly what the cost of entry is. I have been around enough trade deadlines to know how crazy people get. I would put it at 80-90% that Vinny is gone bny March 4th. The deals will be too big to look away from. The Lightning could be completely set up for years to come. And whenever the Rangers and Canadiens are involved you can be assured that the Leafs, Canucks, Flames, Oilers, and Flyers will have discussions as well. This is a chance of a lifetime for those teams and a golden opportunity for a new look Lightning team to emerge."

I guess we shall see if and where he goes. Not here...


Here we have Ryan Smyth possibly returning to the Oilers. Eklund (CLICK HERE) claims this on February 19th. And I quote, " The Calgary Flames are an interesting possible landing spot for Ryan Smyth, and where there is smoke ther may just really be fire. However, don't rule out completely a return to Edmonton I am told for Smyth." I would love it, but I don't see it actually happening. Too bad.


Now the most craziest one I have heard from Eklund. It came on the 21st of February. Sheldon Souray to the New Jersey Devils. (CLICK HERE) And I quote, "The Devils first choice is definitely trying to grab BOTH Neidermayers, they like Morris, but also like Leopold and Horton. They also would love to grab Souray out of Edmonton for a major league prospect and a roster player." I really don't see that ever happening. Ever. Come on Eklund. Get real!


As far as Erik Cole rumours go... They are everywhere. It seems like if you keep on spitting names and teams around that eventually someone will claim to be right. He is linked to Carolina, Boston, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Washington. So really it's anyone's guess on where he goes. It's more of a question on who we will get in return.


Well folks that is all that I have found. And here comes the boss so we better not get caught standing around the water cooler. Maybe see you next time at coffee break. Cya...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Water Cooler #2 (Cole/Smyth/Whitney/Guerin/Hemsky/Jay Bo)

**Remember, these are rumors. Nothing more. Do not believe any of this. This is for entertainment purposes only. I would seriously be shocked if any of this becomes true.**


*REAL* Just to start off it's being reported by TSN that the Penguins have fired their coach. Michel Therrien has been replaced by interim coach Dan Bylsma the farm team coach. The Penguins have a 27-25-5 record this season and are sitting five points out of the playoffs.


Here from Hockeybuzz we have Erik Cole going to Pittsburgh for (D) Ryan Whitney. I actually think that this is a fair deal if done as one for one. We will see where this goes.


This what I found at Spector's Hockey. And I quote "Jay Bouwmeester and would likely get a roster player, prospect and first round pick. The Flyers, Blackhawks, Oilers, Rangers and Devils are rumored to be interested..." Duh!!! Thanks for the tip Spector.


Here is a Hockey Leaks Feb 13/09 rumor statement. And I quote, "The Oilers are apparently willing to include Hemsky in a deal to bring in Bouwmeester." You have got to be kidding guy that wrote this. You seriously believe this? Hemsky? Really? *shakes head* If they balked at giving up Cogs or Gags then why Hemmer?


Now there is no mention of the Oilers in this link, but I think the Oilers should look at bringing #94 home. He worked well with Hemsky and Horcoff. Just a thought. I would do it. But it is up to Ryan Smyth as he has a NTC. Last I heard, he wasn't keen on coming back. But what do I know?


Also from 4th period, It appears that the Oilers have shown interest for the Ottawa Senators d man, Filip Kuba. I'm not sure if he is what we need. I'm hoping for a North American player.


A few days ago I heard about Bill Guerin maybe coming back to Edmonton from Hockeybuzz. And I quote, "*With Doug Weight out for six weeks, one source has informed me that the Oilers may be reaching into their past for veteran leadership to the OTHER Islanders American star, Billy Guerin." Cool. I liked him. But doesn't he play RW? And don't we need a LW? Doesn't make sense. So don't count on it.


Well that's all I have found for now. TSN has a site that is ready for the Trade Deadline. It's not bad. March 4th is coming quick. Who do you want?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Water Cooler #1 (Cole/Bouwmeester/Gagner/Penner)

This is a little segment that I like to call the "Water Cooler". This is a place where I can relay some of the stuff that I heard or read about the Oilers. And hopefully you can share with us if you find anything as well. I have no inside info. I just find it fun to speculate on what is going to happen with the Oilers. The other teams I could care less about. Oilers ONLY! For those of you who have never been to any of these rumor sites, do not believe them. Most speculation is just that. Speculation. Never trust a rumor.


This 1st link is from Eklund. (He is wrong 99% of the time.) click here Vermette to the Oilers. But of course he never says who is coming back. What he means is that the Oilers have called Ottawa about Vermette. Nothing more. But very interesting as I think I would give it a shot with him. What do you guys think?


Also from Eklund. Here we have Erik Cole going to Buffalo. click here Again no one going the other way. I really don't know what Buffalo has to offer that we need? On the 5th he reports that Cole may be going to Boston (click here) , Pittsburgh or Ottawa. (click here) Which could bring Vermette our way? Maybe Lucic from Boston? Sykora or Staal from Pittsburgh?


This Eklund guy is a strange guy. He gets people to pay $20 to be a member to see his *Rumor Chart*. But if you look hard enough, someone has posted it for free. CLICK HERE He has quite a few different people linked to the Oilers. Some for good reason. (Bouwmeester). Some I have no idea. (Niclas Havelid from Atlanta) What?!? Check it out. Again... DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY!


Jay Bouwmeester is going to be an Oiler. Everyone keeps saying it. Why trade for him and then lose assets? Let him go to wherever and he can come home in the summer at no cost to the Oilers. click here I am looking for more links for this.


Here is Hockey Leaks. click here Read and scroll down. Lots of Oiler Stuff. Like Gagner and Penner for Bouwmeester. lol. Or Gionta to Edmonton. For who? We can't forget the Vinnie debacle.


Anyways... I think that Cole's days are numbered. Too bad. I do like him. Unless he signs before the deadline he will be traded.

As far as anyone else... Schremp, Brule, Strudwick, Roy, Nilsson, Penner, Pouliot, Brodziak, Grebeshkov, Gilbert, Staios, Smid, Jacques, Potulny, Peckham, Chorney. I would suspect that they are all available to some degree. Hemsky, Gagner, Cogliano and such would have to be involved for something big. Everyone can be sold. Who will it be this year?
Here once again is Jason Gregor's list of people that ARE available. CLICK HERE

The Deadline is approaching... Who do you want?

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