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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beers and Jeers #43 (Feb 12/09 vs. Atlanta Thrashers)

Well first off I need to apologise to all the Jambalaya Fans for missing the last Beers and Jeers. Now I know that this isn't much of an excuse, but I hurt my neck on Tuesday and that made it impossible to write more than one line. So that made me unable to write out the B & J. Gagner and Roli would have had beers. O'Sullivan would have been booed for taking a penalty in overtime. Some people would lay the blame to MacT for putting out the 4th line in the 3rd when Montreal scored. I do to a certain degree, but it's still the players responsibility to play a smart game. But still. The 4th line MacT? With the game on the line? Come on!


The Oilers are playing sub par and for some reason still sit in 7th before this game starts. Nothing short of amazing.


Sorry there will be no Period by period action. I missed the 1st and 2nd periods. (This is the most I have missed all season. Work. What can you do? *arms up*) However my bud Whitey is helping me out with the Beers and Jeers. Things will be back to normal next game. If you really need the break downs then check out these places. Jen Sharpe OilersNation JeanShortsBaggedMilk David Staples


Tonight's Starting Line's

Kotalik Horcoff Hemsky (Horcoff and Hemsky were pretty good. Kotalik still isn't fitting in on LW)
Nilsson Gagner Pouliot (This line is really working well together. Pouliot is playing very well. Gagner is still on fire and Nilsson scores and plays smart.)

O'Sullivan Cogliano Pisani (This line was average. O'Sullivan scores his 1st as an Oiler and plays a good game. Cogliano was not bad and not great, however he did cough up the puck in OT and that's not good at all. Pisani was also not so hot. He was kind of invisable.)
Moreau Brodziak Penner (This was a hard to judge line as Penner only played 5:03. All three were average except for Penner sticking up for Hemmer. That was good.)


Atlanta Thrashers - 4
Edmonton Oilers - 3



Sam Gagner - He was real good tonight. He seemed to be on his game tonight. He manages 5 shots and has an assist with a +1 rating. Gagner is a gamer. Well... a at the end of the season gamer. Either way it's working for him. Have a beer little dude. Cheers!

Patrick O'Sullivan - He scores his 1st goal as an Oiler and looks good doing it. He really seems t be fitting in better than Kotalik is. It shows, as MacT had him out for 19:39 of ice time.. He does need to create more. Maybe a shift or two with Hemmer would fix that? But, today he deserves a beer. Frosty? Cheers!

Shawn Horcoff - The man was good. He seemed to do everything right. And he scores a pretty nice goal. All that in 22:42 of ice time. The workhorse needs a cold beer? Cheers!

Honorable Mentions - Robert Nilsson (He played pretty good, scoring a goal and was +1. He wasn't a waste of a roster space tonight.), Ales Hemsky (He looked good and managed to pick up an assist.), Denis Grebeshkov (He sure has changed since we picked him up from the Islanders. I hope he stays.), Sheldon Souray (The man was a force. I love the way he plays.)



Smid/Strudwick Pairing - They were on the ice for the 1st two goals. Not the best way to start a game. For that alone you deserve a Booooooooooo!

Craig MacTavish - It's getting real hard to defend you anymore. Bench Penner? For what? It just seems that he makes judgement errors at every game now. My hands are up in the air because I have no idea what to thunk of him anymore. Boooooooooo!

The Entire Team - Last time I checked, 2 points were not being awarded for losing in OT. 2 points = Playoffs. It's time to win a few. Booooooooo!


Can't believe that Sakic, err.. Marty Reasoner scores the overtime winner. Only one point again. What the hell man?!? One point.

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