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Monday, July 15, 2013

Questions & more Questions in "Oilerland" pt 1

Where do I start? Between the MSM of TV and Radio, along with all our Oiler bloggers on the Internet and fans on twitter and Facebook, the world of hockey has some real crazy talk happening out there. Sure some stuff sounds quite interesting and plausible but some stuff does not even make sense. Sometimes it is simple deduction in figuring out what is ludicrous or what has possibility.

 I am like the next guy, always interested in the next possibility, be it a trade or signing or buyout. Also when trying to wade through the mud of the dirty waters of rumours and speculation, all you have to do is consider the few facts in front of you.When a team is over the cap, very low % of a chance that a team in that standing will trade for a player who has a high salary. Sure the Oilers can keep some kind of salary but unless they are getting a need met in their organization , why would they take on salary as well? Also it is unlikely a team will trade for a player unless they believe they can help their organization especially at the cost it takes. Some teams may take on salary for depth like Dallas did with Horcoff but they need the cap room first. All those small details need to be figured out.

The great insiders of the game don't just have a GUY, they have people who know or have heard that people are talking. They then do simple deduction of what are the different possibilities and demise from that conversation. After all that is done, they throw out that rumour possibility and then check out the reaction from the players, agents and the NHL clubs. Depending on what they hear, they either move forward or pull back off of the rumour. Very seldom, the great insiders know actual facts from directly within until it looks like it is almost all but over and the contract is all but signed.

There are only really 3 players who are constantly in rumour mills and could or have some kind of trade value should the Oilers make such a move. (we will all disagree of how much trade value they carry but nonetheless they still have trade value of some sort. More then say Ryan Smyth at this point of his career)

Ales Hemsky:
A rumour for picking up Zack Smith from Ottawa is possible if they consider him a option as their third line center. MacT has said Gordon is 3rd line center so trading hemsky for a guy who would be a 4th line center and keeping part of his salary and paying that high of a price? Does not make sense. Oilers might as well keep Hemsky and worse case scenario is wait til trade deadline and get what they can to a contending team. Trading Hemsky to Ottawa does not make as much sense either if there is no room in the top 6. Who wants to pay 5 million to a player on the 3rd line? Remember Bobby Ryan going to Ottawa in a trade? That closes those doors. OTTAWA? 10% chance

What about New Jersey and the Devils? Unlikely due to his contract size unless the Oilers picked some of it up on their end. If that were to happen, who does NJ have that the Oilers need? You need to have a match for that to occur. NEW JERSEY? 10% chance

Been hearing about rumours to Long Island to join John Tavares? He would look good there very likely but doubt it happens. They have been going younger and are tired of possible injury prone players, they just bought out their worst mistake in franchise recently , they don't want any part of Hemsky IMO. NEW YORK ISLANDERS? 5% chance (never say never)

Remember the CBJ rumours awhile back? With Howsen out of Columbus maybe not the same desire for Hemsky as there once was? Or is there? They have been stockpiling some talent and maybe they are willing to take him for a spin if they can unload some money back to Edmonton in a deal. Sorry Ryan Johansen will not be coming back in a deal if only Hemsky is included, does not make sense from a CBJ perspective. Just look at there roster and it may give you a couple ideas. COLUMBUS? 15% chance

Forget Philly, the Rangers or even Boston. Those locations sound too cash strapped to even consider his 5 Million and unless they send back something Edmonton really needs why would they eat some of his salary? 

What about Pittsburgh? I know they are a cash strapped team. They have spent quite a bit on their top level players already so this trade would have to have the Oilers eating some of his salary. Is that possible? Only if they send something back the Oilers want or need. They are deep in defencemen, so that is always a good possibility. Your guess is as good as mine. PITTSBURGH? 10% chance.

Unless MacT is a real salesman, I think we see Hemsky still start the year in Edmonton with the understanding if he plays good, a Stanley Cup contender may trade for him before the deadline.Worst case scenario, one of Edmonton's top 6 goes down on one of the wings and Hemsky moves up a spot to the 2nd line and actually does return to scoring again when it matters.

IMO, if you can't bring decent 2nd line defencemen back or a 3rd line winger minimum, you keep the assets and at worst send him off at the deadline for cheap or let him play out his last year in Edmonton. Hemsky can handle our 3rd line role IMO. We may be grateful we kept him if you look at our current bottom 6 forwards. btw...the total % I show is 50% chance he gets moved only. (watch now how some other team I did not mention trades for Ales Hemsky)

I have been told by a few different places to look into some other options for him to go to Vancouver, Minnesota or Anaheim. Not sure I can see that happening myself but can't say never.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oilers Jambalaya 2013 NHL Mock Draft

Sunday will be another historic day for the NHL as it embarks on another important day in the history of great players. I am rather uncertain about this being as deep a draft as mentioned by several but I do think its a much more talented first round we are going to see with high end skill spread throughout that round. All you have to do is look and you will see out of the top 7 or 8 players probably at least 5 have better potential to be stars in the NHL and not bottom 6 forwards or bottom pairing d-men.

Each year I post my REVS TOP 15 NHL DRAFT PROSPECTS at the beginning of the year and once again I re-post with changes at year end. There is always a player here or there that pleasantly surprises and moves up the rankings and then there are those who drastically drop down and seem for whatever reason to lose the 'it' factor which got them there. Here is my year ending REVS TOP 15 2013 NHL DRAFT PROSPECTS...

1. Nathan Mackinnon
2. Seth Jones
3.Jonathan Drouin 
4. Aleksander Barkov
5. Valeri Nichushkin
6. Darnell Nurse
7.  Sean Monahan
8.  Elias Lindholm
9.  Hunter Shinkaruk
10.  Nikita Zadorov
11.  Max Domi
12.  Curtis Lazar
13. Frederik Gauthier

15. Ryan Pulock

My rankings I post are based off the player I believe is the best all around player available at the time of drafting, NOT in 5 years or by importance of team.

 I have stood strong throughout the year and never doubted MacKinnon as the undisputed #1 even once. To me the media and some scouts made a big deal and swayed the opinion of the masses for awhile. It is interesting cause you always hear that one tournament does not change scouts minds, yet that is exactly what happened after the World Jr tourney in January. Seth Jones was the man! Then when MacKinnon and Jones continued to pick up where they left off, it was Jones staying ranked ahead by 8 out of 10 scouts. After the CHL playoffs and the Memorial Cup MacKinnon began to once again look like the favourite at #1. Why? Because of his dominance at the highest level. 

Still agree that 1 tournament does not make a difference? It happened when Taylor won back to back memorial cups and MVP awards as well. Not to mention swaying the Oilers to take him after seeing him pick himself up off the ice and then go and score a goal shortly after. MacKinnon has been my guy all along and I still stand by the fact he will be a superstar in the making. Heck, he alone will be worth liking and watching the Colorado Avalanche this year.

This Mock draft is NOT based on BPA but based on WHO I believe will be picked for each team at their respective spots. It's always a difficult task ranking the top players let alone by team perspective but we will treat this 'Oilers Jambalaya NHL Mock draft' as if there will be no trades allowed. Feel free to leave your thoughts, disagreements or opinions. Have fun Oil Country!


1Nathan MacKinnon
2Jonathan Drouin
3Seth Jones
4Sasha Barkov
5Darnell Nurse
6Sean Monahan
7Valeri Nichushkin 
8Elias Lindholm
9Hunter Shinkaruk
10Rasmus Ristolainen 
11Nikita Zadorov
12Curtis Lazar
13Max Domi
14Bo Horvat
15Ryan Pulock
16*Samuel Morin
17Frederik Gauthier
18Alexander Wennberg
19*Anthony Mantha
20Valentin Zykov
21Kerby Rychel
22*Zachary Fucale
23Mirco Mueller
24Adam Erne
25Josh Morrissey
26Jacob De La Rose
27*Ryan Hartman
28*Robert Hagg
29JT Compher
30Nicolas Petan
By "Revingev" of Oilers Jamabalaya

The 2013 NHL Entry Draft will be fun. Find your friends, find a local establishment to hang out with others and enjoy another historic time in the life of every NHL team. In today's NHL finding prospects who can play are extremely important to a salary cap team who must take advantage of cheaper priced players. 

Keep on Keepin on!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kirill Tulupov Invited To Oilers Training Camp?

Our good friend at @OilersReport was reporting today that he's heard that former New Jersey Devils draft pick, Kirill Tulupov will (or possibly did) get an invitation to the Oilers training camp.

I did some digging on him and it turns out he was quite the nasty defenceman at the time of his draft. The tale of the tape says he's 6'3" and 220lbs, but who knows what he's at right now. It sounds like he has an accurate boomer of a slap shot and he's not afraid to get his nose dirty. The bright side is he's only 23 years old and is looking for some NHL employment. The Oilers could use a guy like that.

The New Jersey Devils selected him in 2006 in the 3rd round and 67th overall and I don't know why they parted ways.

He played 2 seasons in Chicoutimi (juniors) and 2 seasons in Victoriaville (juniors) before heading back to Europe to play his hockey over there.

Here's what I don't get. Why did he play on 4 different teams last year? Something smells fishy here.


- He played 4 games with Spartak Moskva in the KHL.  He had no points and just 8 penalty minutes.

- He played 9 games with Krylia Sovetov of the VHL. He scored once and he had 1 assist to go with 18 penalty minutes.

- He played 7 games with Molot-Prikamie Perm of the VHL. He only picked up an assist and 6 penalty minutes with that club.

- He played 6 games with Sary-Arka Karaganda of the Kazakhstan league. He had 1 assist and 10 penalty minutes.

All that change in one season of hockey? Makes you wonder why. If that isn't a red flag for taking a serious look into why that happened and what's wrong with him, then what is?

I guess we will see if he really is/does get invited for a try out with the Oilers. Can/will he impress?

So far, not that great.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Penner Scorches Oilers Hope With Overtime Penalty / Oilers Lose 4-3 / A Game Recap


Welcome to another fine Edmonton Oilers Beers & Jeers Game Recap.














Click Here To View The TweetCast Replay


(Photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images)


The Cult of Hockey Grading System:
10 perfect game,  9 extraordinary,  8 great,  7 good,  6 above average,
5 average,  4 below average,  3 poor,  2 terrible,  1 deserves to be in minors.

#2 JAMES VANDERMEER - (5) He didn't play a whole lot. Just 7:32 in ice time.

#4 TAYLOR HALL - (7) BEERS Best game in a while. In 19:54, he had an assist on the Gagner goal, 5 shots that hit the net and one blocked shot. His only drawback, a team worst 2 giveaways. He was on the best Oilers line tonight. Hall did take 2 faceoffs and lost them both. On a side note, I wonder, why does he never see any PP time?

#5 LADISLAV SMID - (4) He had 5 blocked shots, 2 hits and a shot in his 20:26 of ice time. While that seems good, he didn't mesh well with Foster tonight. They were out a lot for the big Devils fire power. Smid was also caught standing still and out of the action on the Devils 3rd goal to tie it up. While Foster is dealing with 2 guys in front of the net, Smid is watching the play happen, rather than tie a guy up.

#6 RYAN WHITNEY - (6) He had a two assist night. He played 30:26 and did everything he could to help this team win. No stupid penalties. Not sure how he plays so much and does (stat wise) very little.

#10 SHAWN HORCOFF - (0) DNP (Injured)

#13 ANDREW COGLIANO - (2) JEERS He had a terrible night. While I'll forgive him because of the stitches in his mouth, his play sucked bad. He was out chanced 0/9 for the game and that's not good any way you look at it. His line was terrible. His personal highlight, a team best 8/6 for 57% on faceoffs. That's an improvement. Booooo!!!

#14 JORDAN EBERLE - (5) A better night than the last two games for sure. He had an assist on the 1st Fraser goal and had 2 shots. While he did make some nice plays, like the Fraser 1st goal, he can be better than this like when he lost his check for the Devils 1st goal. All the forwards need to be aware.

#16 COLIN FRASER - (7) BEERS He was the first star of the game with his two goal outburst. The 2 goals, 3 shots, a hit and a blocked shot. Both goals were his first as an Oiler.

#22 JF JACQUES - (0) DNP (conditioning with the OKC Barons)

#26 KURTIS FOSTER - (4) I didn't really like Foster much, but it might have had to do with Smid more than anything. I thought he overplayed the puck too much and he needed to communicate more with Smid to be effective. He had 2 shots and 3 hits in 21:11 of ice time. He, along with Smid, were out-chanced by a lot tonight. Cogliano's line's fault?

#27 DUSTIN PENNER - (2) JEERS Brutal game for Penner. He didn't produce a single scoring chance and only had 1 shot and 1 giveaway on the stat sheet. For all the people sticking up for him lately, he sure let them all down with tonight's game. He was -1 at games end, and his lazy and senseless penalty in overtime cost the Oilers the game. Boooo!!!

#28 RYAN JONES - (6) He was rewarded with some more ice time tonight after his solid game yesterday. He played 16:48 and only managed a shot. He did pick up an assist on Fraser's 2nd goal. Oddly enough, he seen no penalty kill time, but he did play 1:11 minutes worth of PP time.

#33 STEVE MACINTYRE - (0) DNP (Healthy scratch)


#40 DEVAN DUBNYK - (6) In his 2nd start of the year I thought he looked OK. Two of the goals were almost impossible to stop. But the other 2 could have been. No blame to Dubnyk for losing this game. He was as cool as a cucumber all game. I like his style.

#43 JASON STRUDWICK - (5) He played 14:34 and didn't get into much trouble. He only had a hit and was even on scoring chances.

#46 ZACK STORTINI - (6) He created space and the puck landed on Fraser's stick for his 2nd goal. Glad to see Storts out crashing and banging. He was awarded the assist on that goal, and he was out for the 1st goal as well. He ended +2, had a fight (draw) and all in 8:48 of playing time. I thought he was effective.
#49 THEO PECKHAM - (5) He was OK. He had 3 hits, 2 takeways and 2 blocked shots. Sometimes he chases the puck too much. Take the body, then the puck. He was on the losing side of the scoring chances.

#67 GILBERT BRULE - (4) Brule wasn't very good. He didn't shine in his time he had on the ice. Very much a lackluster performance. He went 5/7 for 42% on faceoffs.

#77 TOM GILBERT - (3) JEERS He is killing me out there. I hope he asked Santa to not suck anymore for Christmas. God knows he could use all the help he can get. He was a whopping 3/9 on scoring chances and he just looks lost out there. Booooo!!!

#83 ALES HEMSKY - (7) BEERS He had some great chances and was buzzing all night long. He made some beautiful plays and didn't get rewarded with any points. He had 1 shot and 2 hits in 23:11 of ice time.

#89 SAM GAGNER - (7) BEERS He scores a nice goal with the help of Taylor Hall. He was way better than the last two games. He actually made some good plays and he crashed the net a few times. Gagner looked like he and Hemsky were on the same page tonight.

#91 MAGNUS PAAJARVI - (2) JEERS 0/7 on scoring chances stink not matter how you look at it. He was on a terrible line with Cogliano and Penner and they didn't fare well. Not sure what's going on with him, but these bad games are starting to trend.






mc79hockey Scoring Chances


BAD TIMING PENALTY (what is a Bad Timing Penalty?)

Dustin Penner - His overtime penalty was the game killer. Was he too tired to be out there? This was his 3rd BTP of the season. A team worst.


Thank you for reading and We are trying to change the way you look at the Edmonton Oilers... one reader at a time.

Special thanks to David Staples of Cult Of Hockey - Edmonton Journal for allowing us to use his grading system.

-Written by Smokin' Ray of

Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils Video Highlights


Double Double! Oilers vs Devils and OKC Barons vs Wolves / A LIVE TweetCast

Welcome to the Double Double LIVE TweetCast of the Edmonton Oilers vs the New Jersey Devils and the Oklahoma City Barons vs the Chicago Wolves.

This LIVE TweetCast is brought to you br and


OKC Barons vs Chicago Wolves 
5:00pm MT Start





Listen to game HERE!


Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils
5:00pm MT Start


San Antonio Rampage at Oklahoma City Barons
6:00pm MT Start
Edmonton Oilers (4-8-2) at New Jersey Devils (4-10-2) 
5:00pm MT Start

Monday, March 8, 2010

B&J #117 - Edmonton Oilers vs New Jersey Devils (3/7/10)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


Pre-Game Records

New Jersey Devils (38-22-3) at Edmonton Oilers (20-38-6)



Penner Horcoff Pisani
O'Sullivan Cogliano Brule
Nilsson Gagner Pouliot
Comrie Potulny Stortini

Gilbert Whitney
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Peckham


**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn featuring Smokin' Ray, during the LIVE *TweetCast* at  You can also join along at our LIVE interactive *TweetCast* right here at Oilers Jambalaya during every Edmonton Oiler game.**



New Jersey Devils - 0

Edmonton Oilers - 2





None -


Jeff Deslauriers - He fought hard for a shutout and was awesome. Watching him beat Marty Brodeur made me remember why I wasn't sad about him getting pulled at the Olympics. JDD was lucky at times, but for the most part made good on his end while the team managed to score twice. Good job Jeff. How about a Bud? Cheers!

Gilbert Brule - His grit and passion came out in every game he plays. He is always trying to do something out there. He was in the right place at the right time for his goal and it was all because of the way that line worked together. Brule was a factor in this game. Is it frosty mug time? Cheers!

Sam Gagner - He was also a big reason why his line was clicking. Gagner had himself another solid game and he wasn't even on the top line. He had 3 shots and picked up an assist on the Pouliot goal. Good job Sammy. How about a cold Kokanee? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Mike Comrie (He quietly plays a great game often. Like tonight), Ryan Whitney (His passing is really good. He's also a big guy that can skate well. He may just make me eat my words.), Marc Pouliot (He scored the Oilers 2nd goal and played a pretty decent game.), Taylor Chorney (He was +2 and played good. This playing time that he's getting now is great for him. Next season can't come soon enough.), Jason Strudwick (He went from #7 guy, to #3/4 guy. Wow! He played good tonight and was +2.), Shawn Horcoff (Good game from Horcoff. He managed to look not useless.), Aaron Johnson (He's another guy that will make me eat my words. He's better than I thought.),





Smokin' Ray - Great game by the Oilers. I was happy to see JDD get the shutout and I was happy to see the crowd enjoy themselves. But STOP losing guys. The dive for five needs to keep on course. I keep hoping these guys don't do any late season runs. That's the last thing the fans need right now. To finish 10th in the West. Oy!

Paq Twinn - He had some technical troubles. He watched the game, but can't report on it just yet. Stay tuned.





- Scoring Chances (MC79)

- David Staples/Player Grades (Cult of Hockey)

- Game Summary

- Event Summary

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice

- Opponents Time On The Ice

- Faceoff Report

- Shot Report

- Roster Report



Edmonton Oilers vs. Ottawa Senators

Tuesday 09/03/2010
7:30 PM
Sportsnet West


Thanks for stopping by and reading the Edmonton Oilers Full Game Recap. Don't forget that you can agree or disagree with us on Facebook and Twitter. Just look for Smokin' Ray Burnt and Paq Twinn. We will see you all next game. GOILERS!


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oilers vs Devils **LIVE Blog** (3/7/10)

Welcome everyone to another fine TweetCast by Oilers Jambalaya.

Tonight you will see the tweets/comments of Paq Twinn, Smokin' Ray, Nick Walker, Scarlett, Dan Tencer, The official Edmonton Oilers and the official New Jersey Devils tweets.

Feel free to comment by typing in the box below. It's easy and no signup required. Once you comment, we will unmoderate you and you can then speak freely. Be patient if we don't see you right away. You will get on.

We hope you enjoy the TweetCast and we are glad you stopped by. GOILERS!

New Jersey Devils (38-22-3) at Edmonton Oilers (20-38-6)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily News & Rumors

The Oilers are no longer undefeated in February, maybe they will be in March?

I was attending an OHL game last night and had no connection to the internet so I could not post the trade.

Devils send:

F Patrice Cormier
F Niclas Bergfors
D Johnny Oduya
1st round pick (this year)
2nd round pick (this year)

Thrashers send:

F Ilya Kovalchuk
D Anssi Salmela
2nd round pick (this year)

According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Sheldon Souray has submitted list of teams he would waive his NTC to go to. The teams on the list are the Ducks, Kings, Stars, Rangers, Capitals, and Flyers.

The Nashville Predators have re-signed Forward Jordan Tootoo to a 2 year deal worth $1.25 million per year.

According to John Kincade of The Fan 680, Kari Lehtonen will most likely be traded. He said the Stars and Blues seem to be leading the way.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily News & Rumors

Congratulations to the Oilers for winning 2 in a row, hopefully you can make it 3 tonight.

Kovalchuk is officially on the trading block as Thrashers GM Don Waddell offered 101 million dollars for 12 years and Ilya declinded.

It looks like the 3 remaining teams in on Kovalchuk are the Kings, Rangers and the Devils.

This from Larry Brooks of the NY Post "Source: price of NYR rental of Ilya is Staal or Del Zotto + Callahan or Dubinsky + Kreider or Stepan or Grachev + first rounder = No deal."

Ryan Whitney and Tim Gleason will fill in for Mike Komisarek and Paul Martin on the USA Olympic team.

This from Chip Alexander "Jim Rutherford said a deal is pending that will send Nic Wallin to another team. Rutherford not saying which team."

Two Guys & Hockey Talk NHL News (CLICK PIC FOR LINK)

The Faithful Followers

Oilers Jambalaya is in no way, shape or form associated with the Edmonton Oilers or the Bakersfield Condors. This is a fans blog for fans. We happen to love those teams, so we write about them.