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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jason Spezza Isn't The Answer, Maybe Nathan Horton Is

With all the talk about the Edmonton Oilers acquiring Jason Spezza, I tend to sit here and shudder at the thought of Spezza being an Oiler. I don't think he's a great guy to have around for a rebuild and I think he's not the right guy for the Oilers.

The only reason I would even want him here... well, watch the video's below. He would be a funny interview. But for hockey reasons (soft), I don't want him.

Well who, if any player(s), should the Oilers try and acquire?

The only reasonable player in my mind is Nathan Horton. He's a great choice if I'm Steve Tambellini. 

Horton has put up decent numbers on a mediocre Panthers team and is still young enough so he can be part of the Oilers rebuild for the future. He can play Center or Right Wing and has decent size (which the Oilers need). He's definitely a guy that I would look at trading for, if I was making a trade.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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