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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winless in January & Undefeated in February

Your Edmonton Oilers are on a winning streak and their first since the beginning of December. I was at the game last night and I thought if they lose I'd be okay with that. The win on Monday against Carolina was nice to see and was very satisfying. One win was enough. However, as the game against Philadelphia dragged on last night and continued to be scoreless, any thoughts of the future or draft went out my head and all I wanted was a win. It felt really good to be at Rexall and just enjoy a well played game. Nicely done boys!

However, is anyone else worried that this team will go on a 7 game winning streak, taking themselves out of the preferred position of last place which gives them the best chance at the overall pick? Edmonton is now only 3 points behind Carolina and 5 behind Toronto. There is a lot of hockey to be played this year so it's not the time to panic. I'm sure the Oilers will lose enough games to be in the bottom 5, but I want last overall. It gives them at least the 1st or 2nd overall pick. This team needs it.

Okay, after a quick turnaround, the Oilers left for Minnesota last night and will play tonight. Harding probably starts after Backstrom, the Oiler killer, tweaked his back. So can the Oilers win three in a row less than 24 hours after getting their second ? Do we really want them to win? I'm torn on this because it was so enjoyable to watch the Oilers win. I'd like to see a well played game and if they lose, not a problem. Head vs heart people.

One side note: obviously the devil played last night (Pronger) and received a good smattering of boos. Anyone else notice that Pronger is sure not the player he used to be? I don't follow any other team so I cannot really comment on his play the rest of this year but using last night's game, I am not impressed. Normally I couldn't care less but he'll be playing on Canada's blueline in two weeks and that makes me nervous. Maybe it was just an off game but he certainly wasn't the nasty SOB he was during his Edm or Anaheim days. Right? He was hesitant, jumpy and not confident in his passes at all. Buck up Pronger, Canada needs you to be a nasty ass (not a stretch, this is who you are) so bring it. Ugh I feel sick now.

Okay, bring on the Wild.

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