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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Oilers Loss, Is The Barons Gain

Everyone is always sad when cuts happen after the Oilers training camp, and rightfully so. Watching a good player get cut sucks, especially if you believe he should stay.

Today is no different. Some cuts were made today like Ryan O'Marra and Teemu Hartikainen. I like both of those players and I'd like to see them full time in an Oilers uniform. But as of now, that's not going to happen.


My other favorite team just gained some kick ass talent. Both players played in OKC last year and both were welcomed to the city with open arms. My friends in OKC have had nothing but good things to say about them. I'm sure they will be welcomed all over again this season too.

On a hockey side, the Barons gained 5 quality hockey players today. O'Marra, Hartikainen, Josh Green, Gilbert Brule and Ryan Keller.

Keller has proved he can play in the AHL and his experience is going to help propel the Barons into the playoffs. He showed the Oilers he can be effective and no doubt he will in OKC too.

Josh Green, the former Oiler, is a classic case of veteran leadership. He's been in the show, and he's played enough in the AHL to know how it goes. He going to help the young kids adapt to being a pro and that's valuable. If I was coach Todd Nelson, I'd give serious consideration on making Green the captain of the Barons.

There's two ways this is going to work for Gilbert Brule. Option 1, this will light a fire under his ass and he's going to lead the team in points. Tambellini says he needs to find his game, and I can't argue with that. Option 2, this demotion crushes his feeling and he fades away to the point of not being able to produce or be worth of ice time. The Stockton Thunder can use a forward.

Let's not forget that this team already has a good group down there, adding these five guys is a good thing for the Barons. Like I said. The Oilers loss... is the Barons gain.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Players on the BUBBLE? Pt2

As we look at the remaining BUBBLE players I have on my list, be rest assured this is my list and not the Edmonton Oilers list (or so we think). Again I will remind people that players listed as my BUBBLE players may catch on and play eventually full-time in the NHL, I just don't see them playing with the Edmonton Oilers. Aside from a major break out year I believe these players just won't be able to make that cut. Disagree? State your opinion and share your arguments. So without wasting anymore time let's cut to the chase and finish looking at my list of remaining BUBBLE players.......

Kristians Pelss 
5' 11"
9 Sep 1992

2010-11 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL Games 63 G 14 A 19 PTS 33

this past year, he represented his country in the U20 world jr's and recorded:
Latvia U20  2011 Division 1 tournament: Games 5 G 2 A 2 PTS 4

Derek Zona at the Copper and Blue wrote this following being drafted: Who?  From where?  Latvia?  Are you kidding me?  Who drafts from Latvia?  In a move that confounded both NHL  staff on site and Edmonton fans everywhere, the Edmonton Oilers reached into Latvia's Junior system to select  the speedy young forward.  Ben attended the draft and his rundown on Pelss included this gem:

When he was drafted he was so obscure that not only did the NHL not have a little insert for him on the draft board, but when they handed out the lists of draft picks about forty-five minutes later his birth city was shown as "Latvia" and his team was left entirely blank. The reasonable guess is the Oilers took Pelss based on what they saw of him at the Under-18 World Junior  Championship in Minsk, in April where Pelss had two goals and an assist in six games.  Pelss made the jump to North America this summer and will be playing for the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL.

To find out more about the mystery man from Latvia, I went to the aptly named Latvian Hockey News Report and the writer behind the site, Didzis Rudmanis.  Didzis was kind enough to speak with us and build a picture of Pelss and his game.  We also talked about the state of Latvian Hockey. Didzis Rudmanis (Latvian Hockey News Report):    Not a single player from Latvia - the 12th highest  ranked country by the IIHF - had been drafted into the NHL between 2007 and 2009.  In 2006 the Thrashers
 took Arturs Kulda and the Sens selected Kaspars Daugavins, but that's a long time between picks. Although Kristians Pelss is considered to be the best prospect of all 1992-born Latvian players, not many people expected him to be drafted.

Alessandro Seren Rosso at HF Boards writes:
The native of Preili, a small city in eastern Latvia with a large Russian presence, had to face most of
the troubles European players face in their first season in North America. Things like the new language:  "When I left Latvia I thought I knew English, but then I quickly realized I didn't. Now I'm trying to learn new words every day and now it's definitely better than before."
The winger also wanted to share his impressions about his new life in Canada, a country that he said he likes:  "I like my new life in Edmonton a lot, but sometimes it's boring. No one to talk with in my mother language." With that said, Pelss enjoys usual teenager activities in his free time: "Usually I go to the cinema with  my teammates, or we go shopping, but more often we play to the Xbox."  The Latvian forward is now settling into a solid role with the Oil Kings. His task for his first North American  season is to help the team to go as far as possible in the post season. The Edmonton-based franchise is now the sixth seed of the Eastern Conference, with 57 points earned so far. They shouldn't face many problems in getting a playoff spot.

As Pelss said earlier, since the start of season, a lot of progress can be seen in his game. However,
 he admitted that he still has "a lot to work on." Pells considers his skating and shooting abilities
 his best assets, and also considers himself more a goal-scorer, preferring to score goals over registering assists.

Upon the end of last season Dan Sallows writes:
All signs point to the Edmonton Oil Kings improving on the 69 points they put up in the 2010-11, and a big reason for that should be because of the crafty Latvian left winger Kristians Pelss. The 18-year-old enjoyed  a decent rookie season with the Kings, scoring 33 points on 14 goals and 19 assists in 63 games, and finished an impressive plus-11. Those totals sat the youngster 6th overall in scoring for Edmonton, and 12th overall among first year players in the WHL. Pelss also represented his native Latvia at this years IIHF Div 1  World Under-20 Championships, where he scored 2 goals and 4 points in 5 games en route to helping them capture gold, and led the tourney in penalty minutes with 31. The 5-foot-11, 180-pound forward has  tremendous hands, excellent vision and hockey sense, plays a solid transition game, is very opportunistic and has an abundance of raw skill and ability. Pelss was a seventh round pick (181st overall) of the  Edmonton Oilers in last years NHL Entry Draft, after he potted 6 goals and 9 points in 46 games for his Dinamo Juniors Riga squad, which is a team that was based out of the Belarusian Extraliga and serves as the farm team to the KHL’s Dinamo Riga club.

Hockey fight:


revingevs TAKE:
Has signed (some say it is only a try-out contract) to play with Dinomo Riga in the KHL for 2011-2012, the team he was Drafted  by in 2010, round 7 #175 overall in the KHL Draft.  I for one really liked his play at years end ,last season. In fact I even heard interviews by his coach, how he thought he made big strides and this year would be a interesting year with his development. He had legs that's for sure!  Now, about that signing! Why? Who is giving this advice?  Not a smooth move if you ask me. Not at this stage of his life right now. Maybe his agent looked at the current roster, looked at the players in the system and decided it was time to follow a different path. I can't see the Oilers being happy with this move. Of course I am just reading between the lines here and do not know for certain how they feel about this signing. To me, it takes a young prospect and makes him become suspect, when he decides to sign back in Europe (unless it was an arrangement already made by the club and the player).

Starting your career in Europe and then coming to North America is one thing. But coming to North America, then heading back to Europe is not usually a good sign of a developing player. Of course, if anyone has any good examples to say otherwise I would love to hear the players that fit that mold. This action alone for me has taken this prospect and made him suspect. I'd now consider him a BUBBLE player.

Ryan O'Marra 
6' 2"
9 Jun 1987

HF Boards says:
He is a skilled center with a good set of wheels. He handles the puck well and has a very good shot.
He can score from many areas of the ice and doesn't shy away from playing in traffic. Exceptional in the faceoff circle, he could be a player that is counted on to take defensive zone draws on a regular basis. O'Marra is at his best when he is playing with a physical edge to his game.  Banging bodies, creating turnovers and playing tough in the corners or in front of the net. He’s a natural center but has shown the ability and the comfort to play on the right wing as well as he did with Team Canada.He projects to be a  third-line center in the NHL who is able to shutdown the opposition, throw the body, take the key faceoffs and chip in offensively from time to time.

2007-08 Springfield Falcons AHL         Games 31 G 2  A 7  PTS 9
2007-08 Stockton Thunder ECHL         Games 62 G 1  A 9  PTS 10
2009-10 Springfield Falcons AHL        Games 74 G 12 A 6  PTS 18
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL   Games 53 G 2  A 20 PTS 22
              NHL                                         Games 24 G 1  A 5  PTS 6

Hockey fight:

First NHL Goal:

revingevs TAKE:
I like Ryan. Have liked him since we traded for him in that Ryan Smyth deal way back in the day. I got to meet him that same summer he arrived at the Oilers Development Camp. He was still recovering from his injury and had to stay off the ice. He spent time talking with fans and was a popular one playing with kids. A very personable guy and one who does great interviews. Very intelligent guy and smart player on the ice. My question is, 'How many years can you be in development as a forward?' I only ask, because we all know it's been awhile. The Oilers must like what they see, they keep signing one year deals. He is close, but the closer he gets the more new players are starting to come into the system who can do what he can do. Unfortunately for Ryan, he is a BUBBLE Player who knows it ,as well. I can't see Ryan signing another year on a two-way contract after this , unless it is a breakthrough year for him. With the talent coming in at center now, chances are pretty low he gets more then a handful of games even again this year. "I'm rooting for ya Ryan!" (Sigh...) BUBBLE Player.

Milan Kytnar 
6' 0"
19 May 1989

HF Boards says...

Kytnar is a two-way, creative center who can score goals but is seen more as a safe, defensive player.
He is not very big (6'0), but he uses his body well. Good in front of the net, but he could stand to be
more aggressive. He had very impressive stats during his draft year especially in the plus/minus column  where he boasts an incredible +78. His whopping 91 points in 53 games suggests offensive ability to be further developed but must be taken with a grain of salt when quality of competition is taken into consideration.  In the WHL he was hardly a factor in an offensive sense.

2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 78 G 13 A 16 PTS 29

Goal Video:

Fight Video:

revingevs TAKE:

I am having a difficult time with Kytnar. He is someone who could definitely go either way. He has been a developing player to date but again, with the center talent increasing in the organization he will be in tough to get a shot with the Oilers. If and that is a big IF, Kytnar comes out flying from training camp and shows he is improving in his development , there is a chance he gets a call up if he sustains that. I think it is a BUBBLE year, show improvement and he may get one more year with the AHL team. Any lack of  improvement and the writing is probably on the wall.  

Philippe Cornet 
6' 0"
28 Mar 1990

HISTORY:Cornet was drafted by Edmonton in 2008 in the fifth round, 133rd overall. After attending Oilers training camp each of the last two seasons, he opened a new chapter of his career this year in Oklahoma City. For a player that saw quality ice time in junior, Cornet’s start for the Barons saw him watch from upstairs more than the bench.

Stats:2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 60 G 7 A 16 PTS 23

HF Boards says....A bit of a sucker for punishment, Cornet often finds himself digging for the puck in the corners and along the boards and battling against players much larger and stronger then he is. To his credit, he takes his knocks and always gets up and tries again when he gets out-muscled and knocked down. When he does get the puck, he has the ability to thread a pass that has no business getting through, thanks to his on-ice awareness and soft hands, but his lack of strength reduces his effectiveness. Needs to improve in all facets of the game but the Oilers feel he is a skill player that could be a diamond in the rough  just needing development and better luck with his health.

revingevs TAKE:

Cornet is a player who has needed time to adjust to the speed of the pro game. He's not a player who is found out of position, lost on the ice or even making bad mistakes. He is just struggling to be the player he was in jr. His development curve is starting to look familiar to the same as Ryan O'Marra. Good player but development has slowed and too many new young prospects coming into the system. Maybe he has to discover himself at the pro level.  Most likely he will be a player sometime down the road, but not sure it will be with the Edmonton Oilers. BUBBLE player who will need to play above his head this year in order to make any progress out of that BUBBLE!

Alexander Bumagin 
6' 0"
1 Mar 1987

Alexander Bumagin (born March 1, 1987 in Togliatti, Russia) was drafted as the fifth choice (170th overall) of the Edmonton Oilers in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

HF Boards states:An effortless skater who can reach top speed by using just a few of his long, effective strides...
plays with above-average agility and possesses a solid balance...boasts an impressive pair of hands
which control the puck smoothly...utilizes on his strong instincts and the ability to find the open man...
very good in one-on-one situations...willing to play in traffic, but doesn't play a physical style...
releases a precise wrist shot...decent slap shot, which could be more accurate...his intensity off the
 puck drops off...doesn't show much commitment on defense.

Mytishchi Khimik Russia              Games 31 G 8 A 7  PTS 15
2008-09 Mytishchi Atlant KHL                   Games 40 G 4 A 7  PTS 11
Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik KHL   Games 51 G 8 A 13 PTS 21
2010-11 Nizhnekamsk Neftekhimik KHL  Games 4  G 1 A 2  PTS 3 
Novokuznetsk Metallurg KHL      Games 39 G 6 A 5  PTS 11

revingevs TAKE:

You want more information on him? Good luck finding it! Unless you can translate Russian, you may be out of luck :)   Now how could he be on the BUBBLE? Quite easy! Don’t expect to see him in North America any time soon;  he’s signed with HK Atlant through 2010.Not to mention, finding any information on him is difficult or next to impossible. Maybe that is the sign he is a BUBBLE player. I have no idea how long he stays our prospect,  but maybe there is someone out there who has more information on him and his status with the Edmonton Oilers then I can find.  Having talked to a few people 'in the know', they don't seem 'to know' anything for sure. All educated guesses. I think with everything we are getting to this point, we could say this is one player who is more then a BUBBLE player, he is a NEVER player. Sounds mostly like we still have his negotiating rights? Too many players are far above him to even think he has a shot.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For 2011/12, Remove Jacques and Fraser, Insert VandeVelde and Hartikainen

Just watching VandeVelde and Hartikainen these last few games, they have been really making Fraser and Jacques look like stumps. Holy hell those two stink!

Fraser has been pitiful this season and he never really did improve at all. I waited for it, but it never happened. In 67 games played he only has 5 freaking points?!?

Jacques... well... he's just not very good. At all. And to think that Stortini was shafted by being placed on waivers for this slug. Good grief!

Enter VandeVelde and Hartikainen. Both guys have made strong cases for themselves to be here next season. They play with hustle, heart and grit. They back down for nothing. They are beyond hungry for an NHL job and they are proving themselves to us with each passing game.

VandeVelde has been playing tough and he's been great in the faceoff dot. The last 5 games he went, 52.9%, 68.2%, 85.7%, 44.4% and 50%. That's damn good compared to the other Oilers players who played most of the year. Sure O'Marra has some wicked games on the dot too, but VV has been pretty consistent so far. Either way, O'Marra or VV is a huge upgrade over a disappointing Colin Fraser. I'm OK with either.

Teemu Hartikainen had a little hype when he was called up and so far he's impressed. He uses his big frame to pound guys and he even scored a nice goal the other night. As each game is played he's far more comfortable with the puck. I hope he plays out the year with the Oilers. Sorry OKC. I want to see more of Hartikainen.

Maybe it's just me, but that's how I feel.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

*THIS* Is Why We're Here - A Guest Post

I'm sure everyone has seen Linus Omark's shootout goal from last night (If you haven't, you can leave your Oilers card at the door). Having gotten to see him play live those 16 times, it felt pretty cool to see someone go and have success at the NHL level. Late last night, another OKC blogger, and someone who's gotten to be a pretty friend that just happened to have season tickets two rows behind mine, put up a pretty awesome post that pretty much sums up my feelings. She also reminded me of why I stick mostly with stats because of how my writing ability still lacks pretty bad. Candace Riley writes A New Ice Age. If you haven't seen it yet, she gives a pretty great recap and adds in pictures that she takes throughout the game. Go and check it out. So without further adieu, here's Candace's post.


Not long after Tuesday night's game against Houston, the rumours started running hard and fast about the Oilers calling up a couple Barons players. The likely duo was named as Ryan O'Marra and Linus Omark. The rumour became truth early Wednesday afternoon. They were pulled off the ice during the Barons' outdoor practice and shuttled to Edmonton that afternoon/evening.

They both played in their first game of the season with the Oilers Friday night. Ryan had seen time with the club last season, but this was Linus' first taste of the regular season big show. As it would turn out, one taste wasn't enough, apparently.

Each one registered an assist during the 2nd period of a close game against Tampa Bay. Tampa led on a couple of occasions, but Edmonton fought back to take a 3-2 lead to the 3rd. Steven Stamkos would tie the game for the Lightning early in the 3rd. We arrived home from the Barons win over Manitoba, and we'd see it go to overtime, then finally a shootout.

The Edmonton announcers on Rogers Sportsnet were pretty excited with speculation as to whether or not Oilers coach Tom Renney would put Linus in the shootout. I almost couldn't believe it when they said that, yes, he had made the list of 3. He would shoot third, behind Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall.

Eberle scored on his attempt, and Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin stopped Marc Pouliot on his. Taylor Hall would be stopped by Dan Ellis, and the same for Steven Stamkos.

Then, it was Linus' turn. He took a very quick run to the puck, but was stopped by the referee at center ice. Apparently in his excitement, or that of the entire crowd at Rexall Place, he hadn't waited for the whistle to go. On his second go.................................magic.

Already hoarse from the Barons game, Aaron & I both screamed loud enough to doom what was left of our voices, pretty much. JF Jacques was the first player off the bench to grab Linus, and the entire building was so loud I think it was shaking. I know *I* was.......

It finally hit me a little while later................*THIS* is why we're here. The Barons. The fans. To support these guys on whatever journey their career might take them. Sure, I knew it and understood it before. But to be caught in that actual *moment* that takes your breath away.............seeing a guy's dream come true, is just almost too much joy for a heart to bear.

I know Linus didn't want to be here. I know some things were said in interviews early on that may have been.....questionable. Some so-called fans tried to turn it against him.

I. Don't. Care. I understood WHY. And now, tonight, we as fans were able to understand it and live it with him.

Whether they play one game here, or an entire season, they'll always be "ours"....if only for fleeting moments. From then on, all joy and heartbreak will be shared by us all. It's positively heartwrenching to see them go, yet that's all you want for to have their dreams come true.

They may play one game up there, or we may never see them down here again.........NHL superstars and fixtures from then on. Linus may never do another thing in the NHL ever again, and it wouldn't matter. He still can say that he *owned* the night of December 10, 2010.....when he set all hockey related electronic media on fire and kicked it off stage. TOP THAT, he seemed to say.

I watched a player named Rene Corbet score 2 goals in a Stanley Cup final game in early June, 1996 for the Colorado Avalanche. Who, you might ask? It doesn't matter......he was my favorite player, it happened, and I remember it.. And just like was magic.

Linus, should lightning strike and you ever read this......I understand why you didn't want to be here. I accept that with all my heart. And after tonight, I hope I never see you back again. The hockey world belongs to you tonight, if only for this short, fleeting moment. I can only hope you grab it, hold on, and DON'T LET IT GO.

Gratis, more time.


Be sure to check out Candace's Twitter, @SoonerPenguin. She's a Pens fan, but don't hold it against her. Thanks to Candace for letting me repost this.

Be sure to check out the Barons game starting in about an hour. You can listen on 1000 KTOK or follow along on Twitter, @AHLBarons. Barons will play again tomorrow in Milwaukee at 7 CST/ 6 MST.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan O'Marra and Greg Stewart Are Signed By Oilers

Ryan O'Marra -- 23 years old and 6’2”, 207lbs -- has agreed to terms with the Oilers on a 1 year deal. Ryan gets another shot at making the Oilers this season, but will most likely spend his time with the OKC Barons.
Left Wing, Gregory Stewart -- 24 years old and 6’2”, 197lbs -- was also signed today by the Oilers. He comes from the Montreal Canadiens organization and spent the majority of his time with the Hamilton Bulldogs. In 45 games last year, he had 10 points (5G, 5A) and 90 penalty minutes.

In the NHL Stewart has played in 26 games and only has the one assist, but does have 48 penalty minutes.

He was drafted by Montreal in 2004. He was taken in the 8th round, 246th overall.
This appears to be another depth signing for the Oklahoma City Barons. Steve Tambellini is doing the right thing with all these 1 year deals. I'm liking the cut of his jib. Keep it up Tamby!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Saturday, November 28, 2009

B&J #89 Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks Recap (11/27/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Here's the injury report.  Ales Hemsky is out for the rest of the season and his shoulder is going to have to be operated on.  Luckily for the Oilers, more players are getting set to return to the line up. 

- Dany "the Douche Bag" Heatley was greeted with a nice boo from the crowd.  Jacques hit him, Souray hit him and a few other guys did as well.  It was nice to see.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (10-12-3) vs. San Jose Sharks (16-6-4)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at  **


- **coming soon**





San Jose Sharks - 5

Edmonton Oilers - 4



None -



Gilbert Brule - Mr. Brule gets Hemsky's spot on the 1st line with Gagner and Penner and steps right in like he's always been there. In fact he may have looked better than Hemsky has with those two. Brule said that he likes to play with Penner because he knows how to find him. He's right. He scores tonight on an assist from Penner. They had a few good chances. Not only did Brule score a goal and pick up an assist, he also had three blocked shots. Frosty beer for Brew.  Cheers!

Ryan Potulny - With the departure to Reddox back down to the minors it only meant that Potulny was not only going to be staying long term with the Oilers, but he's going to get a chance to succeed. Reddox just doesn't have the overall game that Potulny has. Tonight he was awesome. A big time player who busted his hump and made good things happen. He didn't wait for chances to come to him... he made them. He had two goals and was a +2.  It's Miller Time. Cheers!

Dustin Penner - He was a quiet guy in the first half of the game and then all of a sudden, he wakes up. Once he got his legs going he played well like he has all year. He is going to have to continue his strong play if the Oilers want to be competitive for the rest of the season. Luckily for Oiler fans, he showed it in the last half of the game and the Oilers had a great end to the game. He had a goal and a assist that was some nice play making with Brule. He also went 8W-5L=62% on the faceoffs. Good night for Penner.  He deserves a cold one.  Cheers!

Andrew Cogliano - Speedy Gonzales was ripping around tonight. Maybe he had something to prove to Heatley? Maybe not. He only had two shots but he created a lot of space out there for the others to go to. He was a +2 and seems to be playing with confidence. He really hustled and out worked the sharks all night. He seems to be responding to the coaching staff as of late and it's showing.  This calls for a Bud. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): JF Jacques (He had some great hits and made the Sharks aware when he was on the ice.), Tom Gilbert (He played pretty good and he played tough.  Nice to see an improvement.)



Sheldon Souray - Holy cow! Souray was a train wreck. It all started when he went and took a run at Heatley in the first five minutes and pushed him down. Sweet thing to do (we all love you for it) but he went way out of position and bing, boom! San Jose goal. Not so sweet. After that it was one thing after another. He took a penalty shortly after the San Jose goal and gives them more life. He was a major culprit on why this team was so bad in the first half of the game. He was on the ice for every single Sharks goal along with Staios. So he ends up a -4 and somehow only takes one shot. (Well one shot hit the net and three were missed shots. So four in total) And... he takes a penalty in overtime with a careless high-sticking call. It was just a bad game for Souray. He will bounce back tomorrow night. *fingers crossed*  BOOOOO!

Steve Staios - He was on for all 4 San Jose goals along with Souray. That alone is worth a 2. However he did play average for the most part and made some good (4) shot blocks. But it just seemed like he was running around and never really played with Souray effectively. He seemed like he was in over his head and he was drowning quick. Glug!  BOOOOO!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Jeff Deslauriers (He wasn't great tonight.  He needs to be better at screens and the high shots.)



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He did pretty good.  Not much to complain about.

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Did not play



Smokin' Ray - That was a tough game to lose.  The Oilers need to find a way to win in a close game. 

Paq Twinn - coming soon

Graham Martin -That was easily the worst game I have ever seen Souray play. He didn't even move on the tying goal. And what defensemen chases a forward all the way out to the damn blueline?? On the plus side, I thought that Smid was much better than the 5 you gave him, and I thought that JFJ was pretty good last night. And Brule was fantastic, but he just shows up every single game and plays his ass off. I wish we had a whole team of guys like him!





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- Scoring Chances (MC79)

- Smokin' Ray's/Player Grades (Cult of Hockey)

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice

- Opponents Time On The Ice

- Faceoff Report

- Shots Report

- Shootout Details



Edmonton Oilers (10-12-4) vs. Vancouver Canucks (13-11-0)

Sat, Nov 28/09
8:00 pm MT


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