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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

B&J #76 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs Colorado Avalanche 10/27/09

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog.  Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn.  We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- The Duffman is back!  Comrie kicks the flu and gets back in tonight.  That means that Peckham and MacIntyre are watching from the press box.  Staios, Souray, Pouliot and Pisani are still injured.  Pisani did skate today and word is he may play against the Bruins on Saturday.  With people coming back, it makes the cap issues tight.  The Oilers should have hired a juggler.

- Game Preview


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (6-4-1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (8-1-2)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at **


- Welcome to tonights LIVE Full Game *TweetCast* for the #Oilers vs #Avs
- the Oilers (6-4-1) are looking to halt a 2 game losing skid, they'll be in tough though as the Avs (8-1-2) lead the NW div.
- line up changes for the Oilers: Comrie-in, Peckham-out
- waiting for player intro's, anthems, and puck drop.
- here we go, Avs win the opening draw.
- Hejduk scores, on a spin a round shot. 1-0 Avs 19:35 remaining in the 1st
- Oilers respond to the goal, with some strong play
- Cogs get slammed into the boards head first. No call, WTF?! 4on4 after a scrum. 17:35 1st
- now Smid takes 2 for hooking. Oilers PK
- Khabi makes 2 quick great saves on PK
- Oilers kill off Smids penalty
- Oilers are looking better this game, more like the first few. Cogs is OK, taking a shift.
- halfway through the 1st its 1-0 #Avs
- Avs have a good cycle game, giving the Oilers problems.
- Chorney is havin another good game. the kid just keeps getting better
- the Oilers 4th line is looking better tonight. #gettingchances
- Oilers still handing out gifts to the opposition. #giveaways
- 2 min warning
- its been a fairly fast pace this period
- after the 1st, the #Avs lead the #Oilers 1-0
- despite giving up a goal in 25sec the Oilers played way better then the last 2 games.
- they're still giving away the puck too much, and getting outshot. Oilers need bury chances left a few out there in the 1st


- 2nd period is underway, Avs win the face off
- Hemmer goes off for hooking Stastny. 19:15 2nd
- Oilers PK kill it off
- Oilers with a flurry of chances, after a 3on1.
- more good hockey here in the 2nd. 13:47
- Avs have been oppertunistic, always get shots off any turn over. #Khabistopedmost
- really good back and forth action 8:40 2nd
- Hannan rings one off the post, Brule takes it down and crashes the net.
- Oilers on the PP 8:00 2nd
- Quinn has Comrie and Patty-O on the PPpoints. #Balls
- Gallardi goes off fot 2. 6:12 2nd
- Oilers PP moving the puck well, but few shots
- Avs kill off their back to back minors.
- both Khabi and Anderson have been playing well. #scoringchances + #keysaves = #goodhockey
- 2 min warning
- crowd chants #LetsGOilers for 1st time. last min
- after 2 periods the #Avs still lead the #Oilers 1-0
- this has been a great hockey game so far. the Oilers cleaned up their game a bit in the 2nd
- The only thing that would make this more of a pleasant experience, is if the Oilers would score already.
- the Oilers have played good, just can't bury any of their chances


- 3rd period is underway
- the Oilers 2nd line of 91-10-19 is getting better evey shift. #goodchance 18:00 3rd
- Pens has a great shift, gets dumped and no call. #twoblindmice
- Oilers get ornery after Avs crash their net. 14:12 3rd
- the 1st line continues to play well
- Wolski scores, on nice drive to the net. 2-0 Avs
- halfway through the 3rd, the Olers have steep hill to climb. #letsgetone #please
- Oilers pressing for a goal. #secondline
- with 5 mins remaing Oilers have a big draw in Avs zone. #needagoal
- great chances for the Oilers, but nothing
- Chorney is hit from behind, and is shakin up a bit. no call. 4on4 after the scrum. 2:50
- Oilers pull Khabi with 2:30 reaning in the 3rd
- Chorney saves a goal but it would have been penaltyshot... Wolski is awarded his 2nd goal. 3-0 Avs
- Oilers PP 1:12 3rd
- the buzzer sounds and the Oilers lose 3-0 to the Avs.
- Anderson(1) Hejduk(2) and Khabi(3) get the Stars for the game.
- for the 2nd game in a row the Oilers were shutout. is it the flu? is it the injuries?
- i'm not sure but the guys that ARE healthy and playing need to play better and capitalize when they do get chances.
- Oilers not shooting enough and again were out shot by about a 2-1 margin.
- hopefully they improve for the next one.
- Thanks for following this LIVE *TweetCast* of the #Oilers vs #Avs. Next up the #RedWings Thur. Oct. 29.




Colorado Avalanche - 3

Edmonton Oilers - 0



- Event Summary

- Game Summary

- Roster Report

- Faceoffs Report

- Shot Report

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice

- Avs Time On The Ice

- Post Game Reaction Video



None - The only real BTP was the refs not calling any on Colorado.  Twice the Oilers should have had a PP.



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - Baaad!

(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - Baaad!


Zack Stortini - I liked his vigor tonight.  He played with passion and busted his hump.  If only the rest of the team played like him.  The stats don't reflect his actual play tonight.  I thought that he was good enough for a beer.  Frosty?  Cheers!

Nikolai Khabibulin - Solid, solid, solid!  He kept this team in the game and the team did nothing.  I sure hope we aren't wasting all his good energy on crappy games like this.  The Bulin wall was once again just that.  What else can we say about him?  Great game.  Miller time? Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Shawn Horcoff (He actually played pretty good.  He was trying hard.  He did good at being defensive but was really bad on faceoffs.), JF Jacques (He was hitting people and causing a commotion where ever he went.), The 1st Line (Even though they didn't score, they played pretty good.  They just needed to shoot more.)



The Entire Team - Two games in a row and not one goal.  WTF? Boooooo!

Denis Grebeshkov - One giveaway (bull crap! It was way more than that.) and two blocked shots and he was -1.  The worst of the worst two games in a row.  That must suck.  Boooooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Robert Nilsson (Wow. You did squat out there and was a -2.  Does he get sent to the minors first? He's my guess.), Ethan Moreau (Are you our leader?  You could have fooled me.)



Smokin' Ray - Everyone played pretty average.  It's sick to watch.  The sickest part was the absolute worst referee's ever.  Twice there was a blatant hit from behind and no call.  I wonder if the Oilers could file a complaint?  Not that it's going to change anything.  After watching Pat Quinn in his post game conference he's mad.  And rightfully so.  What else did he say? One Oiler player (he won't say who) has the H1N1 virus and it's confirmed.  Crazy huh?  Who could it be?  Buck up for the next game boys, or the Rexall crowd is going to get pissy.

Paq Twinn - I'm going to make this quick. UNACCEPTABLE. I can handle losses but not like these last two. Injuries or illness aside, getting shutout twice in a row is foul. Get better soon, on and off, the ice.



Oilers vs. Detroit Red Wings

Oct 29/09
7:30 pm MT
Sportsnet West


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