Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eberle maybe getting a extension.

Hello readers my last post was about Hall maybe getting an extension which he did (7 years 42 million.) Anyway this Post is about Eberle maybe getting an extension.

Eberle is great young hockey player that will probably get close to Hallsy contract dollar wise.  He will probably get close to 7 years. Here are the negatives and the positives about signing Eberle to a long term extension.


  • He's got some of the softest hands in the game today and could there's a slight chance he ends up being more productive than Hall.

  • He has shown the element of clutch or where others have called puck luck.  He just seems to have this calmness to his game which is really comes to the fore when the game is on the line.


  • He's had some injures (Oiler's curse) in his first couple years and some have questions his size and toughness which never is a good sign.
  • He can't keep up his shooting percentage because he was scoring on every fourth shots.

TSN'S goal of the year in 2011 and Finalist in who's better.
Resume or highlights of his Hockey career.

Draft day.

Picked 22nd overall 2008 (steal.)

Scored 106 points, in his last season in juniors with the Pats.

First season in Edmonton 18 goals, 25 assists, 43 points.

Second season (sophomore slump?) 34 Goals, 42 assist, 76 points.

Deep thoughts

When the Oilers sign Eberle hopefully between Hall and Ebs the Oilers will have an internal salary cap.  This will become more important as the other young guns contracts become due. After the next wave of  entry level contracts are over and with Horcoff, Hemsky and KHABIBULIN off the books there's a chance the Oilers can keep all the young guns together. 

your truly NHL Rumors Guy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Future Is Getting Locked Up

After the huge Taylor Hall signing yesterday, - he signed a 7 year extension at $6 million per year - we are all waiting for the next announcement.

Jordan Eberle is the next one to be signed long term by the Oilers and it's good timing to be doing this now with the new CBA negotiations going on right now.

It's possible Eberle will get about the same type of deal that Hall has. I have heard it could be a little less than Hall's coming in around $5.5 million a year over 6 years. But we won't know till the deal is done.

These two contracts will setup the future for the rest of the Oilers. Don't expect Nugent-Hopkins or Yakupov to ever get paid more than Hall is now. That's the benchmark going forward and rightfully so. The kid is future captain.

Even if all 4 players have roughly the same contracts, the Oilers should be OK down the road with staying within the cap space.

I like the Hall signing and I'll like the Eberle one as well once it's done.

The future of this team gets better every single day we wake up. Get ready Oil Country. Our time is near...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My thoughts on Hall maybe getting a extension.

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers this is my third blog post. I hope that the Jambalaya readers are enjoying them. Here's my last blog post which was taking a  closer look at Yakupov during the Canada-Russia Challenge. Check my last blog if you get the chance.  In this blog I am going to write about the rumored Hall extension.

Hall getting a long term deal done before the new CBA comes in to effect (if Bettman can do his job) in my mind is a smart move but, does have it's share of risk.  I will go over the positives and negatives of this extension below.

bye bye NHL season.

  •  Even on one shoulder Hall was still playing really good hockey by driving the play when he is on the ice.
  • He has great leadership potential which will be extremely valuable as the Oilers progress into a powerhouse.  He was one of the main players in the signing of free agent Justin Schultz.

  • Injuries might take away from his long term potential (god forbid) although a lot those injuries were bad luck (Pronger curse).  Looking over his recent injuries history the Dorsett fight where he wish boned his ankle,  Potter using his face as skating rink and even the Sarich concussion he slipped just before the hit which position his head a lot lower than it would have been if he didn't slip. If these injuries take their tole worst case scenario he could end up being along the lines of Wendal Clark just below Eric Lindros.
  • Depending on the new CBA the Oilers may be over paying on Hall's extension due to changes on when a player becomes a Unrestricted Free Agent.
Final thoughts.

My final thoughts are Hall has the potential to be the corner stone and future captain of the Oilers. He is a young talented player that will one day score around 80-90 points (no pressure Hallsy if you read that.).  And even if they overpay of his contract due to changes to the CBA I believe the goodwill shown by the Oilers will help with future negotiations. (Boys on the Bus part 2 the sequel)

Hall's resume.

  • 2 Memorial Cups and 2 Memorial Cup MVP's.
  • Picked 1 Overall

First season stats.

22 goals and 20 assist.

Second season.

27 goals and 26 assist.

Yours truly NHL Rumors Guy.

(This extension rumor originally came from Ryan Rishaug of TSN.)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

PROSPECT OR SUSPECT? "Ryan Martindale"

Ryan Martindale
6’3 207 lbs
AGE: 21

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2007/08    64    9     8     17     -15    Ottawa 67's                       
2008/09    53   23    24    47     -7     Ottawa 67's 
2009/10    61   19    41    60      2     Ottawa 67's  
2010/11    65   34    49    83     38     Ottawa 67's

2011/12    16    0     2      2      -2      OKC Barons
2011/12    34    6     9      15    -13     Stockton Thunder

Ryan is a player who leaves you still wanting and 2 minutes later, your sitting in awe of some play he just made. He has world talent, good size but commitment level still appears to be the thing in question. He has a good knack for the net and great vision on the ice but can lack right decision making at times which was seen in Stockton and in OKC. Defensively Martindale is a good PK player and is decent on draws. 

Last August 2011 I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalaya;

Ryan , with his size, strength and talent, will be amongst the tops again this season in the OHL. Trouble is, it can be completely offset by his lack of perceived desire and competitiveness.  At his size Ryan has great mobility and can be an offensive threat passing or shooting the puck. When Ryan is using his size, he protects the puck extremely well.  That bodes well for him to be a very effective player on the cycle. The downside is when he isn’t competing well, he is no different then any other player on the ice. In scouting reports before his draft year, it was being said he needed to improve his skating to have a chance at the pro level. Not sure if that area has improved much since. In any case, it looks like drive and foot speed will be what has to show improvement , if he is going to continue to show development.

REVS TAKE: Ryan's start to his professional career has been underwhelming and that is in playing minor pro. His offensive numbers are limited yet has greater high end then he has shown yet once again. While he is taking the hard road to the NHL, he is certainly learning about hard work ethic along the way. Likely this will truly be his make it or break it year.Having said all that, I say he is definitely SUSPECT.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yakupov during the Canada Russia challenge.

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers as some of you know i am the guy who wrote check it out if you have the time. This Blog post is about Oilers First overall pick Nail Yakupov and how he is did in the Canada-Russia Challenge.

My thoughts on how Nail Yakupov is doing in the Canada-Russia Challenge.

The First Game.

The First game in the Canada - Russia series for Nail in my opinion was a slow pace game for what we are used to as he was playing sloppy.  I will give him that everyone was playing sloppy in that game after all its summer hockey.  Once he got the rust off he let go a ROCKET of a shot that everyone knew was going to him but, no one could stop. He started to play with more confidence not as many turn overs and more crisp pass's but again still summer hockey.

     at the 1;30 mark of the video is Nails goal.

Canada wins 3-2

Stats from Game one for Nail Yakupov 1 goal 0 assist.

Game Two.

Nail played well in game two but had no points he looked a little tentative and was cheating for offense.  Even without Nail contributing to the offense the Russian walked away with a 6-3 win.

Stats for Nail 0 points.

Game Three.

Nail has a two point day, he was cheating on the offensive zone again.  On the whole he was playing better than he has been just like the rest of the players on both teams (summer hockey). Nail played well in this game his passing skills are a lot better than people give him credit..

                                                                  Nail had 2 assist but no goals.

one of the assist.

Game Four

Yakupov played well with nice pass's and a couple good chances in the final game of the series.  He had  one really chance where he let go his amazing shot that grazed off a Canadian defender or Subban just got a piece of. 

Canada wins  the game and ties the series 2-2 (final game)

Nail had one assist.
Yeah mom their talking about me on Oilers Jambalaya                                                       

Overtime (they went to Overtime to decide who won the series) Canada won in OT and won the series

Things to work on.

- less cheating for offense.
- create space to get into shooting areas.
- smile more  (just kidding)

Things to keep an eye on.
- His quick release heavy shot (already NHL caliber)
- Above average play making skills


Yakupov played well but cheated a little too often for offense.  He really impressed with his play making skills and showed off his quick release on his lone goal (sweet one-timer).  I have to say that Yakupovs best game was the last one when the Russians were down late in the game and was getting extra ice time.  With the additional ice time he started to play like we are used to.  He's the type of player that brings you to the edge of your seat every time he touches the puck.   Hopefully he will have a great NHL rookie season and maybe just maybe win the first Calder trophy in Edmonton Oilers History.

yours truly NHL rumors guy.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Guess at the 2012-13 Season for the Oilers

Hello Oilers Jambalaya readers, this is my first blog ever edited because of some new developments and some new thinking.

The Oilers 2013 season through NHL rumors Guy's eyes.

Opening Day Lines

First Line RW Eberle C Hopkins LW Hall

Second Line RW Hemsky C Gagner LW Yakupov

Third Line RW Paajavi C Horcoff LW Symth

Fourth Line  RW Hartikainen C Belanger LW Eager

(Paajarvi and Hartikainen could switch and Jones is hurt)

I think that the Oilers will have the lottery line during at some point this season. (Yak Hop Hallsy.)

Defence lines.

First line LD Smid and RD Petry.

Second line LD Nick Schultz and RD Justin Schultz

Third line LD Peckham and RD Whitney.

The First half of the season (24 games in)

The first half of the season, I think the Oilers will be .500 and I think that the Oilers will have a lot of fun at this point of the season.

Leading points scoring being RNH with 13 and 25 assist for 38 points.

Leading the goal scoring will be Hall with 14 goals and 15 assists for 30 points.

Eberle will be right up there with RNH and Hall with 14 goals and 20 assists for 34 points.

Nail Yakupov will have 10 goals and 15 assists for 27 points.

 Justin Schultz (which will probably being playing with some one like Smid or Nick Schultz) I think he will have 9 goals and 20 assists for 29 points.

Gagner's points could be 10 goals and 15 assist for 25 points.

The Last half of the season.

The Oilers will finish in 8th place to just make the playoffs, but will lose in 6 games of the first round. (26 wins 12 losses)

My guess for the final stats for 2013.

Leading goal scorer Taylor Hall 33 goals 29 assists for 62 points.

Leading point getter will be Jordan Eberle who just beats out RNH by one point with 30 goals, 40 assists for 70 points.

 RNH had one less goal than Eberle. I think he will have 29 goals 44 assist for 74 points.

Justin Schultz points; 11 goals, 33 assists for 44 points for a good rookie year.

Nail Yakupov's points 23 goals 27 assist for 50 points on the dot.

Sam Gagner 20 goals, 20 assists for 40 points.

I think that the Oilers will have good exciting year. But even though they make the playoffs, they get kicked out early. But still being an 8th place team is a big step up from second to last. Remember Oiler fans, this lockout might have hurt us in some way, but lets not stop cheering for our oilers just because we had a couple extra months to watch other hockey.

Go Oilers go!

Yours truly NHL rumors guy. Noah Fuchs

Friday, August 10, 2012

The FUTURE of Team Canada

Today RUSSIA vs CANADA continues on TSN2 at 8am Edmonton time. Two players are front and center yet have to be even drafted yet. Come this years World Jr's U20 , both will stand a high chance to be a important part of team Canada. 

Sean Monahan is a Centermen who fans need to take notice of, including the Edmonton Oilers should they falter this season once again. I highly doubt he is available when they pick next year, but fans will enjoy watching this player as a member of Team Canada as well as a NHL Prospect to watch this coming season.

Shinkaruk a winger and a pure goal scorer is auditioning in this russia vs canada series for the U20 World Jrs this winter. Another player who is likely a top 10 draft pick, he will be given every opportunity to shine and improve on a great season last year. 

Both these players are playing today. Watch them closely cause it is likely you will be seeing their names called early at the 2013 NHL Draft. This series of games you get to see them compete along side prospects already selected and against players much older already. Always nice to see some younger stars groomed by Team Canada. 

So sit back enjoy this series cause it's always a beauty when Russia takes on Canada, no matter the venue.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Anton Lander
6’0 194 lbs

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2007/08    32    1     2     3       +2     Timra IK
2008/09    47    4     6     10      -1     Timra IK
2009/10    49    7     9     16      -2     Timra IK
2010/11    49   11    15    26     -14    Timra IK
2011/12    56    2     4      6      -8      Edmonton Oilers
2011/12    14    1     4     5       -1      OKC Barons   

Lander  had a tough first year in North America. There was lots of hype from several of us in the blogosphere last year with his arrival. Fans were excited to see him play, and they should have been. MSM was pushing him as well and the Oilers look highly upon him as do some other organizations. I always liked Anton, but his Boxcars have also worried me. He does not have soft hands around the net and more often then not he will take a defensive approach rather then offensive approach to the game. That is not bad, but if fans or the Oilers are expecting him to produce anything more then 25 points in a NHL year, they will most likely be disappointed. Strong, feisty, a competitor in all the sense, Anton will do what it takes to get the job done. Personally I think you are looking more at a Pisani type player. When the Oilers are finally making the playoffs, that is when his type of player becomes more valuable.

Last August 2011 , I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalya...

A smart two-way player who has excellent hockey sense. Lander reads the game well and can make mature decisions with or without the puck. Upon being drafted, his skating was needing some improvement. After seeing his improvement over two development camps, I can say for sure first hand, his skating has improved in leaps and bounds. Lander really has in every aspect each year and arrows are pointing upward still. First step is much quicker 
(noted by coach’s and other oiler brass), really good in the face-off circle. He is one who protects the puck very well and usually comes out with the puck from the corners and along the boards. Very defensively aware. 

A bonus is, he also played tough minutes in SEL  Lander shows leadership out there on the ice with the other guys. He communicates and talks with guys after the plays and you can tell he is always thinking the game. You have to love his execution of drills. Lander is as much of a jokester as any Swedes out there. Anton Will have a honest shot at the centerman position in training camp with the Oilers, but most likely will be assigned to OKC to develop and learn the North American game. Likely to be the first center called up due to injury or trade. While each year Lander has improved and becomes more of a complete player, I do not believe he stands to be better then a third or fourth line centerman. That of course, is exactly what this team is needing, but some, see even greater upside in his offensive game. Boxcars are not saying that to me.

REVS TAKE: Rushed probably too quickly last year in adjusting to the North Amercan game , Lander was in over his head and it destroyed some of his confidence early.  Was used sparingly on the wing but Lander is a center in everyway. Likely will start the year in OKC and even be a second center call-up behind VandeVelde should Horcoff or Belanger get hurt or traded. While I can't see him carving out a career as a third line center with his boxcars, he would be one hell of a fourth line Center. I say he is definitely PROSPECT

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Monday, August 6, 2012


Tanner House
6’1 195 lbs

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2003/04    58    13   19    32              Canmore Eagles
2004/05    58    11   18    29              Canmore Eagles
2005/06    52    14   17    31              Penticton Vees
2006/07    58    14   55    69              Penticton Vees
2007/08    29    1     10    11              U of Maine
2008/09    39    10   14    24              U of Maine
2009/10    35    18   21    39              U of Maine
2010/11    35    10   25    35              U of Maine
2010/11    6      1    4       5    3         OKC Barons
2011/12    68    8    12     20   14       OKC Barons   

Tanner has been playing hockey for some time. His maturity and experience show when he is on the ice. On the other hand, very seldom a player at his age makes the transition to the NHL. He will be in tough right from the start this year to even get a game or two in emergency relief in the NHL.
Tanner may not be the biggest guy on the ice but he is one of the best defensive forwards the Barons have. His biggest defensive concern is when he attempts to move the puck through the neutral ice , he can be found lacking control. If he will be stripped or rushed on the play, that is where it usually will happen. House can always be found in front of his net clearing players or grinding in the corners. He is strong on his skates and knows how to battle despite his size against larger opponents.

Last August 2011 , I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalya...
a Flame fan? Dad is a Oiler fan? How do Oilersjambalaya fans feel about that? (ha!ha!) His age and experience showed well at this past development camp. One of the best players in agility, positioning and skill  but,  is 7 years older then this year’s draft picks. House is a hard worker and very dedicated. He served the last two seasons as team captain for the University of Maine Black Bears and was named the 'Gladiator  Hockey Best Defensive Forward' in Hockey East for the 2010-11 season. His character and leadership abilities are said by many coach's and scouts to be his main attributes he brings to the table.

He Will be in tough to make the grade to NHL but does have the tools. This year and next will be his prime opportunity. Could possibly be a 4th line centerman call up this year depending on injuries. (ie: RNH plays in JR and how well Lander adapts to the North American game) This may mean he continues to grow and develop in the AHL. All arrows are pointing up at this time as each year he continues to develop and rise his game to another level.

REVS TAKE: Due to Tanner's age, he has a fight in front of him right now. Should House have a stellar year and average at least .50 ppg, In addition show well on the PK and indicate signs he can still grow and develop his game, he could pick up another year or two in OKC with the Barons. The likelihood of it being a two way contract? Not very good. With the cupboards packed and father time against Tanner, I say he is at best SUSPECT

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

PROSPECT OR SUSPECT "Teemu Hartikainen"

Teemu Hartikainen
6’1 215 lbs
AGE: 22

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2008/09      51    17   6      23     -8     KalPa Kuoplo
2009/10      53    15   18    33     +6    KalPa Kuoplo
2010/11      66    17   25    42     -1     OKC Barons
2010/11      12    3     2      5       -3     Edmonton Oilers
2011/12      51    14   18    32     +1    OKC Barons
2011/12      17    2     3      5       +1    Edmonton Oilers

Teemu is coming into his 3rd season in the Oilers North American system. This is his time to shine should he be afforded an opportunity to have a future with this team as we see it now, and it's rising stars. The Oilers need his hard forechecking style in the offensive zone but they also need to see some improvement in his defensive play when without the puck.

There are few players like Hartikainen available anywhere, the only question remains for Teemu is can he perform at the level once again that we saw on his first call up in 2010/11? Coach Nelson says he should be ready and pushing hard for that final spot on the Oilers roster and I tend to agree. While I love his game when he is playing well, his ability to play it night after night leaves the big question about his future. I know the Oilers really like this fellow and all indications are saying he will be given every opportunity coming out of training camp to claim a spot to start the season on the big club.

Last August 2011 , I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalya...
Hartikainen is known for his leadership as well as gritty and physical play back in finland. Not sure as a rookie if he displayed the leadership in OKC but the gritty and physical play remained both in OKC as well in his end of the year call-up with the Oilers. Hartikainen has good size and willingness to get his hands dirty. Described by Oiler brass after the draft as a ‘Tomas Holmstrom’-type player” for the way he battles all over the ice, especially in the corners and in front of the net.

 On the downside, Hartikainen’s skating has been described somewhere between ‘lacking’ and ‘atrocious’.  I myself thought when I saw him in his time with the Oilers last year, his speed has looked more developed from previous years camp. It has been noted that he likes to “chirp at the opposition and whine to the officials a lot”. Not sure about the whining but definately the chirping seems accurate. He plays a very physical game in his own end, in front of the net and on the forecheck. Teemu likes to play a very physical brand of hockey and has soft hands around the net, which is exactly why the Oilers are so high on him.

Before being drafted, his high end was thought to be that of a third or fourth-line checking forward. However, I would say there is some possibility from what was seen in his development last year, he could eventually in the future become a option to fill in on a second line from time to time.

REVS TAKE: Teemu has done well, proving to the Oilers he will do whatever it takes. He never will be a ppg player, but if he can crash and bang and make the ice more open for the young stars of the Oilers, he very well may find a spot even in the top 6. Should Hartikainen get opportunity to play top 6 it will mean one of three things. Either Hemsky or Yakupov are on the third line OR there is a injury and he slots up a spot. Let's just hope he earns it. He is still young and growing into a physical beast of a man. He has some time still left to show the Oilers the whole package. I say he is a good PROSPECT

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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Curtis Hamilton
6’3 202 lbs
AGE: 20

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2006/07      2      0     0      0       -2      Saskatoon Blades
2007/08      68    14   13    27    -15     Saskatoon Blades
2008/09      58    20   28    48     28     Saskatoon Blades
2009/10      26    7     9      16     9       Saskatoon Blades
2010/11      62    26   56    82     48     Saskatoon Blades
2011/12      41    5     6      11     2       OKC Barons

Hamilton is a big winger known for good skating and finishing his checks. He plays well at both ends of the ice and in jr hockey had solid offensive skills, but thrives in a power-forward role among smaller opponents. He excels at using his big frame effectively and efficiently even at the minor pro level when on his game. Still adjusting his game to the minor-pro level his defensive awareness is above average,  and his willingness to get his nose dirty without taking unnecessary penalties serves him well. He can be the kind of hard working player who can contribute in any situation that coaches love.

The one stat that is alarming is Curtis' point totals. While never thought to be a top end point producer, some expectations have been that he could be a quality third line guy who can put up some points occasionally. I have doubts that he can produce even at a .50 ppg pace in the NHL but only time will tell.

Last August 2011 , I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalya...

Hamilton has  some good offensive skills, but his game excels in a power-forward role. He will need a continued commitment to building power and acceleration as a important development, as he transitions to the minor pro game. He was physically NHL-ready at 18, good agility for a man his size. His skills , his vision look good and seems to get along with many players both young, older and even those who speak little English. (as seen at 2011 development camp) During that same camp he was seen quite often, laughing and rubbing shoulders with guys out there on the ice.

His time in the WHL is over, so this will be his year at the AHL level to compete with men. After working his way up the line-up at the U20 world jr’s this past year it will be interesting to see where his top game is. Most likely will be a player in Hartikanen’s mold so probably a 4th, top 3rd line player at this time in his career. As long as his game continues to show positive arrows, he could very well see some NHL playing time, as early as the 2012/2013 season

REVS TAKE: t's unclear whether he will bring enough offense at the NHL level to be a true top six forward, however his game is perfectly suited for a third line role if the offense is found wanting. He plays a physical, responsible, two way game. If Curtis could take his game to the same intensity level he showed for Team Canada at the world jr's , the Oilers could have a excellent player on their hands. The past couple development and training camps have not favoured Curtis but with injuries , his career has gone somewhat sideways. Scouts felt in his draft year that Hamilton would likely carve out a role at the NHL level as early as the 2012-13 season. That surely will not come to fruition this year and I would say fans of Curtis are more likely to see it being 2014/15 before such a possibility happens. I say at this time in his development he is still PROSPECT

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Travis Ewanyk
6’1 184 lbs
AGE: 19

Year         GP   G     A     P      +/-     Team
2008/09     2      0       0     0     -1       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2009/10     42    1       4     5     -8       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2010/11     72    16     11   27   -3       Edmonton Oil-Kings
2011/12     11    1       3     4      8       Edmonton Oil-Kings

Travis played hurt (shoulder) at the U18's before being drafted by the Oilers. "He had played against the other team's best lines," said Hockey Canada's chief scout Kevin Prendergast. "I'd say Travis, (winger) Brent Andrews from Halifax and (centre) Mark Scheifele have improved their draft stock the most."

Kyle Woodlief, the chief scout and publisher of the highly respected Red Line Report on draft age juniors stated "He has better hands and stick skills than I realized and his fire and passion are unmatched."

His defensive play is very good as is his intensity to compete. His strength lies on his board work and strength on the puck. Ewanyk is very strong on his skates but will still need to bulk up size wise and improve puck skills. Only my estimate but he would require to put on some pretty heavy muscle mass in his legs and core (to get to at least 210 lbs). For Travis to carve out a career in the NHL, he would need to fill a 3rd or 4th line role. As a 3rd line center he would need to win the board battles against big defenders who are 6'3 and over 215 pounds and build like a brick house. In a 4th line role, a good back check and strong forechecker would be what would be required to accomplish that task before him.

Travis was not as strong a player in the playoffs as I was hoping he would be, on the other hand he was returning from a long recovery from injury once again. I would suggest this is his year to display and show a large growth curve if he is going to have any chance of a pro career. What I find rather surprising is his career plus/minus and point totals really do not show why he was selected by the Oilers at all. If you look at the other players selected behind him his draft year you soon realize he was a good selection. The only question could be why was Michael St. Croix not selected instead of Travis but then on the other hand we are discussing two different types of players.

Last August 2011 I wrote the following here at Oilers Jambalaya....
He is no doubt, a hard worker who got better as last year went on. This past 2011 development camp it was mentioned by coach’s that he is very attentive, learns quick and they like his ability to translate instruction quickly into on ice drills. This year will be a bigyear for a better read as to how far he can progress.  Has future NHL possibility as 4th line center, or a 3rd line center at best.

With a good showing at the World U-18 he was able to get a reputation for his efficient two-way play. Travis is considered a very good faceoff man, and a versatile center.(don't forget it was his assignment to contain RNH during their playoff series). Strong in puck battles and can hold his own when the gloves are dropped. It helps he plays right here for the Oil Kings. (which he will play for again this year and continue to hone his game night after night where the team can closely monitor his progress)

REVS TAKE: Travis continues to be very good at picking up systems quickly. The question will remain, is it possible to translate at the pro level. His game at the jr level with the Oil-Kings was good but not great and in no way showed he was a potential candidate for the NHL. When it comes to heart and work ethic, Travis will put in his best foot forward. Only time will now tell. I say SUSPECT

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