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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who The Heck Is Tyler Fleck?

And why do we keep hearing his name?

Isn't that a good question? Who is Tyler Fleck and why all the buzz at the OKC Barons training camp?

With one flick (or Fleck) of the keyboard, the first page I came across was his Hockey DB Stats page. Ahhh... He was apart of the Oklahoma City Blazers, the old "main" hockey team in OKC. Well that didn't take long to figure out why the OKC fans are asking about him. Makes sense.

Fleck and a Fan
But what makes him special and still sought after? Is it just nostalgia or is there more?

From the reports that I read and been told, Tyler Fleck was/is your typical hard nosed defencemen. A real team player. He's one of those Jason Smith/Steve Staios type of guys. You know, the "I'll take a puck to the balls or the face if that means that your not scoring" type of guy.

He was the captain of the OKC Blazers and did a great deal of service and support for OKC.

"Tyler Fleck is a tough defenseman who has been a standout player for a number of years in this league (CHL)," Tulsa Oilers coach Bruce Ramsay said. "He's the kind of player that will sacrifice every part of his body to make a great play."

In 2002/03, he had a personal CHL high, 223 penalty minutes. He wasn't a soft guy to play against by any means. It's almost like he's a Canadian.


He is Canadian. Tyler was born on January 20, 1979 in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, which would make him 31 years old right now. Like Don Cherry would say, "He's a good Canadian Kid!". *thumbs up*

After having some decent seasons over his 10 plus years in the CHL, he had an injury plagued year last season and it cost him. After the Blazers folded, Tyler went to Missouri and was traded a little later on to the Tulsa Oilers to finish out the year. During that year he only played in only 37 games.

OKC Blazers Logo
He's since recovered from the injuries and he feels like he's ready to go. So when the Barons came to town, Fleck wanted a chance. He's living that chance right now as he works his ass off to make the team.

As fun and exciting as it has been for the former OKC Blazers fans to get one more glimpse at the man they loved for so long, he may fall short of making this team this time around. The Barons are looking to be quite a young team and Fleck may not fit into their plans. The man whose hits were called "Fleck Checks", is OK with that. He's fully prepared to go to accept his fate and he will go to Tulsa and play with the Oilers this season.

He's ready to play and play he will... he just would have liked it to be in OKC one more time.

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