Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Jake DeBrusk on the move?

Word came out of Boston that Jake DeBrusk has requested a trade in the last couple days. Oiler fans immediately started to salivate and get excited at the possibility of the younger DeBrusk suiting up for his father’s former NHL team. 

I won’t lie, I got excited too. Until I heard Calgary was in the mix for him. My excitement then changed to greed and now I really want to see DeBrusk don the Oilers silks and not the hated rivals jersey. 

The big question now, what do the Oilers have to give up to acquire him? Yamamoto and a 3rd? Could it be less? Generally when the options are limited, so is the asking price. Since we have heard both Edmonton and Calgary are for sure interested, that price won’t be as cheap as we all hope. 

What about you? What do you think the Oilers will have to give up to trade for Jake DeBrusk? Let’s hear your thoughts. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Beers and Jeers (Oilers vs Blackhawks)

Beers & Jeers Game Recap


- McDavid does McDavid things again, just not as flashy. Scores the first goal from standing beside the net, which for McDavid, was an easy goal. Bouchard and Hyman with the assists on that one and virtually creates that goal for him. He had speed all game long, but the Hawks did a good job to keep him with only a goal and assist. 

- Barrie with the first power play goal of the game. Draisaitl suckered the Hawks to his side with hesitation and he made a nice feed to Barrie at the top of the slot for a one timer and in. 

- Yamamoto with a beauty of a steal for a short handed goal in the first. It seemed to fire him up and he was flying out there the entire game. You could see him going for a second goal hard. That’s what the Oilers need from him. That competitive drive day in and day out. 

- McLeod with a nice deke and goal for the Oilers fourth goal of the first period. He’s fit in for Ryan very nicely while he’s out with an injury. Really digging the chemistry with Kassian and Fogele and want to see more. 

- Loved the Keith and Bouchard pairing. Thought they had good chemistry and seemed to work well together. Bouchard finished the night with 2 assists. 

- Skinner has been awesome. He faced a lot of tough shots, but held his own like a veteran of the league even if he’s not one. Big hopes for this kid in the future and really want to see him play more games before Smith finds his way back from injury. 

- Loved the hockey fights cancer purple on the board advertising. Was a nice touch to go with the jersey night. I fight for baby Thatcher and my Uncle Dan. ❤️

- Broberg played a quiet game. Had some decent hits, made smart plays. Even picked up his first ever NHL assist and point on the McLeod goal. He didn’t look out of place wish is usually how it goes for first time games. I’d suspect Tippet was also happy with what he saw. Very impressive debut. 

- Draisaitl with a quiet, yet effective game. A goal and an assist.


- Seth Jones snaps a shot on net and DeBrincat tips it in to make it 4-1. No biggie, but it did give the Hawks a bit of life after being down 4-0 to start the game.

- DeBrincat scored again for his second of the night in the third. Bad offensive play in the Hawks zone by Bouchard led to that breakaway and subsequent goal to make it 4-2.

- Not much to jeer about. The Oilers played a very solid game after going up 4-1 after the first period. They played a strong game with not a lot to complain about. 

- Final score was 5-2.

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