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Monday, January 5, 2009

Beers and Jeers #15 (Jan 5/09 vs New York Islanders)

Wow! Canada played a heck of a game tonight. Exciting as ever. I think it topped the last game for excitement. Good job Eberle and Team... The drive for 5 is done. Now on to #6.

The Oilers started the game out pretty crappy. The crap that Horcoff was doing was horrendus. Not sure why he decided to play tonight? The 2nd period was much better. The 4th line was hopping. Roli was getting better as the game wore on. The 3rd period started off good. And then it just rolled on. Cogs scored though. Made it 3-2. The faceoffs were much better tonight. Cogliano and Horcoff were the 2 worst. They need to get better. ASAP. You know it's kind of sad when your #4 line is your #1. Hurry up and come back Hemmer.



Jason Strudwick

- The man was an offensive dynamo. Well one goal may not make him a dynamo, he sure played well. He was hitting and doing all the small things right. I felt bad for him when everyone is high fiving him and them the goal gets changed. Ouch. But my wife said it was ok. He had the momentum to do it again. Don't tell her this, but she was right. The 4th line was a force to be reckoned with and Jason Strudwick did his share and more tonight. Great game. Have a frosty beer. Cheers!

Zack Stortini

- The big guy looked like a hockey player tonight. His improvement in the last couple of weeks is nothing short of a miracle. I said a couple of weeks ago that if Huggy wants to keep his spot then he best improve before Big Mac returns. By golly he did. He really did. I thought that he played his butt off tonight. So for a snazzy effort. Have a nice paper bagged Colt 45. Cheers!

Tom Gilbert

- Even though he didn't really put up any numbers. He was in my opinion very effective. He played the man/body very well. His decision making was very quick and correct. Overall I just really liked what he brought to the game. Have a Heineken Gilbert. Cheers!

Honorable Mentions

- Erik Cole (played a solid game. No points but a great effort.) Dwayne Roloson (good game. Made the stops that were needed.) Sam Gagner (Did very well on the faceoffs and was shooting up a storm.) Mathieu Garon (I'm sure he did a great job opening the bench door. jk)



Shawn Horcoff

- Why did you decide to play tonight? Nice cough up in the 1st period. How did it feel to see that puck go in the net? Probably pretty crappy I suspect. Shawn's off beat game continued throughout the entire game. Penner looked like the only one trying to do anything tonight on that line. So for playing and playing very badly... Boooooooooo!

Robert Nilsson

- I think Ricky Bobby was trying to hard tonight to look like a playmaker instead of a shooter. That is what Gagner is there for. Shoot the puck. Please. So for doing nothing but bring down your line mates. Booooooooooo!

Liam Reddox

- Not sure why Robbie Schremp isn't in your shoes right now. MacT said when a top six guy goes down then Rob would be the next call up. But they called Brule. Ok. Fair enough. But tell me why is Reddox playing on the top line? I don't understand what it is that I can't see here. I don't know... maybe it's just me? Boooooooooooo!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beers and Jeers #13 (Dec 30/08 vs Ottawa Senators)

Well. That game was a so-so match. Kinda fun at times. Kinda sad at times. The outcome was a little predictable. I mean come on... Why put in Garon? (didn't work). What? Reddox as a 1st line RW? (it worked/sort of) I sure hope that things look a little better against the Flames.



Shawn Horcoff

- Yes you are reading this correct. He played pretty good last night. He actually looked like the old Horcoff. Maybe playing without Hemsky was a good thing for him and Penner. Horcoff was all over the ice tonight. Amazing. That guy was worth the $$$ tonight. However, I don't know if he can continue that when Hemmer comes back. But for the good game tonight. Have a cold one Horcoff. Cheers!

Erik Cole

- I may get slack for this one but I thought that Cole was pretty good. He had lots of shots and a 4 hits. He played his role and I think it is really starting to pay off for the guy. Since he didn't really produce tonight. Have a half of beer. Cheers!

Honorable Mention

- Bobby Nilsson (had 3 hits), Liam Reddox (he was the poor man's Hemsky, although he was on the ice for just about every goal. For us and them)



The Entire Team

- Geez you guys... Just when the train was rolling. And the bed goes to poop. Sad really. I was actually thinking that we were going to keep this going. I guess I was wrong. So for losing this game... Booooooooo!

Mathieu Garon

- My opinion was that he looked bad tonight. He made a spectacular save and then the next minute gets burned. Terrible. I can't believe this was the same guy from last year. Sorry man... Boooooooooo!


Calgary on New Years. Better win. Nuff said.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beers and Jeers #7 (Dec 16/08 vs. Chicago Blackhawks)

Wow. What a game. Good thing I didn't have to pay for that. Have we won wearing the old jerseys yet this year?


Zack Stortini
- Nice to see you throwing actual punches. Not a bad fight. Beer and some ice for the knuckles? Cheers!

The Oiler's Trainers
- I'm sure you worked your butt off getting cleaning up the mess after MacT had an explosion in the dressing room. And you probably had to get a lot of towels for the girls to cry in. So you all can share a beer. small cheers.


The Entire Team
- Your defensive zone coverage sucked tonight. In fact everything you guys did sucked tonight. I am expecting a much different result tomorrow night. Wow! (shakes head) Boooooooooo!!!

Booooooo! again.

Mathieu Garon
- 5 goals against. Way to make a statement. Boooooooooooo!

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