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Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Closer look into the Edmonton Oilers 'Recruitment'

In light of recent activity both good and bad in many people’s opinions, I have decided to now put my ‘Oilers fan’ hat aside and put on my Oiler Blogger’ hat on. I know, my last blog basically ripped MacT and the Oilers (as have some of my tweets on twitter @revingev) but today it is time to take a different perspective of the Oilers organization.

After years of ‘retooling’ and ‘rebuilding’ or whatever you choose to call it, the fans in Edmonton and Oiler fans around the NHL have grown impatient over the progress the team has made in recent years. Many people felt and still feel that nothing is really going to be much different this year from any other. Will we see progress again this year slightly over last? Maybe, but not much other then the continued maturity of the skill players the Oilers already have.

In all fairness, if MacT had to do it again, would he have proclaimed to make bold moves , say he was an impatient man and/or tell people if he did not return from the draft without some roster players it would be a disappointment? I think he still FEELS that way but being a new GM, he was hoping he could be a mover and shaker and do some things differently. There are a number of reasons other teams seem to make moves and not the Oilers in my view. Are they factual? I have no idea other then just speculating or as some say, just guessing based on what we have seen or heard. IMO these are the possible reasons the Oilers seem to miss out on great trades and or free agents.


I know, I have continually said that players don’t usually care about the weather cause most the season they are away or have their off season in a warmer climate. Problem is, the more you talk to players these days, location is extremely important. They are looking for a place where they can not be in the limelight and or can get away from all the stress of pressure they feel from the media and or public. Sure some players love the limelight and like that attention but not all. Some players dream of playing and living in warmer weather conditions. Can’t say I can blame them. Some players want the extras that come from playing in a state of the art building with training equipment etc...

My suggestion:
Why not trade for and draft or reach out to UFA’s who like the spotlight? Sure they may be a little cocky or have some attitude, but is that so bad? I know we want character players but do we always need polished boys who say or do the right thing? If they don’t help you win, why does it matter? Just a thought! On the other note, I believe the team is going in the right direction with our new downtown arena complex. Nothing like a good time in a positive environment with state of the art facilities. Great for the players and the fans. 


Every player who says winning the Stanley Cup is not important should have their head examined cause that’s why they are paid to play. We don’t pay them to look pretty, provide a nice game here or there and collect there cheque. Every fan, dreams of their team winning or at least competing to win the Stanley Cup. In the end, we should not be upset at a player who does not want to come to a losing team. Sorry Oiler fans but we all know, at this time we are close to being a winning team but not yet. Sure we can convince some we are almost there but in the end, players want to come and play for a winner. Hopefully soon the Oilers will arrive there.

My suggestion:
Allow time for the young core to develop and surround them with the best staff available. Pick a system and stick to it. Also stick to the plan of how you want to build your team. (ie: Big and mean VS Puck possession etc…) Fans will be willing to wait if they see continued success each year. With that, to be a winner you need to take chances in your trades. No complaints really in amateur scouts but there is in the pro scouts. Their success has been terrible and when you keep doing the same, your results stay the same. Let’s find some scouts who know how to find good players once in awhile. (ie: Glencross, Ryan Jones) through small trades and or waivers. We need to have more hits then misses.


Winning teams have players who go out and pursue the UFA’s when they are available. Before a player becomes available they are already talking about possible teams to join in the future. It’s not wrong for a player to recruit early, there just friends, however a team recruiting before UFA time is illegal. Philly players help make attraction better, Boston does the same as does Pittsburgh. Even Calgary in the past worked hard on personal recruitment among the players. It may not be liked by some people but it is happening and if you don't jump on board you will get left behind.

My suggestion:
Recently we saw this with Justin Schultz,  however this seldom is seen. In today's post-modern way of thinking, players who are younger are more interested in being ‘wanted’ or ‘needed’ then in the name on the Jersey in the front. Continue to make this a priority of the players selling the organization rather then the GM’s and such. Sure they want to see the President and the GM but more importantly they want to see ‘friends’ asking them. Key point here is to think of what is most important to ‘people’ NOT to ‘players’. Sometimes we forget that these guys don’t need our city, our city needs them! Should we bend some? Absolutely, it’s a business, do everything we can, and with this young core we have, make them the recruiters.


I know this may sound like such a small thing but it is important to have a locker room where teams learn to rely on one another and work things out among themselves and even self-motivate each other. We have heard of several rumours over the years of locker room problems. Some is always bound to happen, the question is rooting out the ones who are not team players.

My suggestion:
 It is a new day and age , most the old ways of developing team chemistry is gone. Adapt or be left behind. If a team is run like a hierarchy it can reflect in what kind of team you have on the ice. Giving more responsibility to your team is important to that chemistry of a winning culture. Every team needs to be encouraged to give their input. When a player feels valued it will change their whole attitude and way of thinking.


I know this will be unpopular to Oiler fans but we can not continue to think as a organization that we can win every trade. Someone has to lose and unless your good at it , you will likely lose a few. Sometimes they can work both ways but most times there is a loser in the deal. You cannot get better by trades without trading better players who have value or at least ‘believed’ value.

My suggestion:
When your considering trading someone, don’t tell the world you need to move them. Don’t sit them in the press box. Highlight them in their strengths on the ice and make reasons in the room and with the player as to why your making the changes. (ie: Ryan Whitney value is decreased with the way he was played and even critiqued in the MSM) Find a way to speak positive of players but yet working on improving their challenges at times. I believe Todd Nelson was always good at this. Sure he spoke highly of players (after all, they are humans not robots) but he also talked about area’s to work on. Too often in Edmonton players are ripped apart and that information gets dissected by other teams scouts. A little strategy in how we handle critiquing could go a long ways. In addition how we handle disgruntled players will go a long ways in seeing them traded for at least something rather then rusting in our organization. Have we also forgotten that the way we treat a player can spread like 'wildfire' in the NHL among the NHLPA? Just a thought!

Having said all that, I am not employed by a professional hockey team and never have been, so what do I know? What I do know is how people want to be treated regardless of how much money they make. Team building and training is what I do and that my friends, I believe goes a long way in developing success within any organization.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A look into the UFA 'Center' position in Edmonton

Today we are going to look at potential Centre position players that could be brought in. We may just need that depth center position filled here in Edmonton OR could we trade Gagner potentially if he is asking for too high a price and sign a decent Centerman to replace him? Only time will tell for Oiler fans but in the meantime let's take a look at what is available on the Free Agent market for Centre's July 1/2013.

Elias, Patrik » 6'1 194 lbs

Ribeiro, Mike » 6'0 176 lbs

Connolly, Tim » 6'1 192 lbs

McDonald, Andy » 5'10 187 lbs

Antropov, Nik » 6'6 245

Roy, Derek » 5'9 187 lbs

Koivu, Saku » 5'10 181 lbs

Cullen, Matt » 6'1 194 lbs

Lombardi, Matthew » 5'11 194 lbs

Zubrus, Dainius » 6'5 225 lbs

Weiss, Stephen » 5'11 192 lbs

Malhotra, Manny » 6'2 216 lbs

Handzus, Michal » 6'5 216 lbs

Wellwood, Kyle » 5'11 185 lbs

Bozak, Tyler » 6'0 187 lbs

Reasoner, Marty » 6'0 190 lbs

Gordon, Boyd » 6'0 201 lbs

Hecht, Jochen » 6'1 192 lbs

Steckel, David » 6'5 223 lbs

Lapierre, Maxim » 6'2 220 lbs

Regin, Peter » 6'2 196 lbs

Halpern, Jeff » 6'0 203 lbs

Nichol, Scott » 5'8 179 lbs

Chipchura, Kyle » 6'2 209 lbs

Adams, Craig » 6'0 198 lbs

Hall, Adam » 6'3 205 lbs

Bolduc, Alexandre » 6'2 201 lbs

Of these players available, very few would be of interest to replace Gagner at center, so unless they can grab a top centerman in the NHL entry draft, very unlikely they let Gagner go unless they secretly plan to move Hall to the centre position. (I highly doubt they go that way). Take a look see at some possibilities here for that 4th line role behind Horcoff if he is not traded. Belanger's replacement is very likely going to be a faceoff winning centre who has speed to burn and is a big boy who can land a good hit.

I will discuss under comments some of my thoughts as too which players I like  or dislike.

'Keepin on Keepin on'

Monday, June 27, 2011

What's Not To Like About Brooks Laich?

If the Oilers are going to try and shore up some more veteran leadership like Steve Tambellini has mentioned, Brooks Laich is my leading candidate. Here's why.


His stats only tell us half of the story but it's a good place to start. Last season he played in all 82 games with the Washington Capitals. In those 82 games he posted 16 goals, 32 assists for 48 points. Brooks Laich would have led the Oilers in points last year if he was here. Says a lot for a guy. He finished the year +14 and had 46 penalty minutes.

His best season points wise, was in 2009/10, when he played 78 games, scored 25 goals and had 35 assists for 59 points.


He's a leader. He not only wears an A on a team that is stocked full of talent, he's one of those guys who takes charge in the dressing room. He's not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He would be a huge asset for the Oilers and he would set a great example for the young rookies.

He is excellent in his own end and plays well on the PK. He's a well rounded player. Not only is he defensively sound, he can join an attack and put up points too. That 59 point year wasn't a fluke. He can do it again. I'd bet on it.


Why wouldn't you? Look at the raw young talent (Hall, Eberle, RNH, Paajarvi, Hemsky, Omark, Teubert, Petry, etc...) that is getting ready to take the NHL by storm. Added in vets like Ryan Whitney and Ryan Smyth and you have a pretty good support group to move forward with. Laich can be apart of this.

This looks like a good place to cement your name in history. The Stanley Cup will be won by the Oilers in the future, why not get on board now?

Compelling, isn't it?


Oh boy. Here's the tough part. To some people, Brooks Laich is the 2nd best UFA out there after Brad Richards. So this could get ugly. Off the top of my head, I would bet he gets at least a 5 year deal, maybe even more like a 7 year deal if teams are desperate. If he can cash in on a long term deal, I'm guessing he will take it.

Last season he made $2.4 million. If it's true and he is coveted by more than just the Oilers, I could easily see him getting $5 million plus, even though I think he's worth more like $3.5 to 4 million. He will be overpaid.


Can the Oilers really go all in like that and pay a guy like Brooks Laich, $5 million a year for 5 years or more? I'd like to think so, but I really doubt they commit to that much right now. This may just be a pipe dream.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Gilbert Brule, Jeff Deslauriers & JF Jacques File For Arbitration

As per Pierre LeBrun's tweet today, the following players have filed for arbitration. Three of these players are Edmonton Oilers. Gilbert Brule, Jeff Deslauriers & JF Jacques have all filed for arbitration.

Here is the tweet;

On Monday 5th July 2010, @Real_ESPNLeBrun said:

NHLPA announces 31 players filed for salary arbitration today: James Wisniewski, Ben Eager, Andrew Ladd, Clarke MacArthur, Greg Campbell,Blake Wheeler, Tim Kennedy, Ian WhiteAntti Niemi, Jared Boll, Anton StralmanFabian Brunnstrom, Derek Meech, Gilbert Brule, Jeff Drouin-DesLauriers,Jean-Francois Jacques, Brad Richardson, Mark Fraser, Matt Moulson, Daniel Girardi,Chris Campoli, Peter Regin, Daniel Carcillo, Cam Janssen, Nate Thompson, Tanner Glass, Jannik Hansen, Mason Raymond, Eric Fehr, Tomas Fleischmann, Jeff Schultz

That's quite the list. Anyone else shocked that those three Oilers have chosen arbitration?

Gilbert Brule may have a case but even so, he wasn't THAT good last season. Take what you get and play better for a year or two. The money will come with production. He made $800,000 last season.

Then we have JF Jacques. Can someone explain what JF Jacques is going to say in his defence? "Uhhhh... me play hockey." I don't know why he's trying to fight anything? Last season he made $550,000. Not bad for not really playing all season. And he wants more?

Lastly we have Jeff Deslauriers. Deslauriers chose arbitration and Dubnyk didn't. I'd say another edge for DD. Jeff made $625,000 last season and I think that's pretty fair. If he is awarded more than $1 million, that's highway robbery. I'd expect him traded by the start of the season (depending on Khabi's condition).

These three should have elected to negotiate with the team privately as feelings will get hurt. I really hope that these guys settle before arbitration starts because it never ends on great terms.

Arbitration runs from July 20th and goes till August 5.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Friday, July 2, 2010

Edmonton Oilers Gain Big, Bad & Ugly (Wasn't That A Party?)


Well this has been one heck of a two days event. The Edmonton Oilers were pretty active in the way they have changed the team. First they put Moreau, O'Sullivan and Nilsson on waivers for the purpose of a buyout. About time! Just as we are planning the see you later captainethanmoreau parade, the Columbus Blue Jackets claimed him off of waivers. That was the first WTF moment of what would become a common occurrence.

Here comes another WTF moment from Tamby as he pulls off a trade with the Coyotes. We get Jim Vandermeer in exchange for Patrick O'Sullivan and the Coyotes proceed to buyout Patty O'. The Oilers however decide to keep Vandermeer and he adds some balls and grit to the blue line. Vandy is a guy who will sacrifice his entire body to win a game. He's a warrior who comes ready to fight every night. Even though he will be in the bottom four, he's going to provide a lot of comfort for the kids. Good trade Tambellini!

So after all this happens it turns out that Bobby Nilsson doesn't have a dance partner. You know, he's the nerd in the corner with his hand in his pocket that nobody wants. The Oilers did proceed to buy him out and he's now a UFA. Now my personal feelings about this player is if I was Tamby, I would have put him and his $2.5 million dollar ass in Oklahoma City. If I'm Katz, I wouldn't care about the cash as much as Nilsson would put much needed fans into the Cox Convention Center. This is a brand new team and they need a player who can help fill the rink. Nilsson could have done that. Tamby said these next few days that he will be active in making the OKC Barons a competitive team. I'm starting to believe he can.

Tamby then out of the blue resigned newly acquired Colin Fraser to a 2 year deal for $825,000 a year. Good trade to get him a few days ago and a good signing today. I can't wait to get a good look at Fraser, he intrigues me.

So just as things are getting quiet, there is news about the Oilers all over Twitter. Minutes later, Kurtis Foster is the newest Oiler. He's big and plays a hard game. He also packs quite a mean shot. Very heavy and it always gets to the net. It looks like we have our new bomb from the point. See ya Souray!

Speaking of Souray, Tamby decided that since no team wanted him in a trade, Souray was placed on waivers today. Another WTF moment. Talk about a kick in the balls to big sexy. Haha! I guess we will see if any team actually claim him. If not, then who knows what will happen. All I know is that the Oilers WILL NOT BUYOUT SOURAY. Stay tuned for more developments.

It was clear that the Oilers were bulking up. All big draft picks and all big free agent signings. The smurf era is gone. At one point we were told the Oilers were going hard for the big bad John Scott. But they lost out on him and they even pushed hard for Derek Boogaard at one point. The Bogeyman priced himself out of the Oilers reach. So by this point I'm thinking, what about Steve MacIntyre? I loved him when he was here and I was sad when he was lost on waivers. A while later... WELCOME BACK BIG MAC! WTF? #33 is roaming Rexall once again.

I can honestly say, this is the best I have felt about the team in a long time. While this team isn't a good team yet, they sure did get better. Yay us!!!



DAN TENCER TIDBITS (Hall/Eberle/Paajarvi)

Dan Tencer announced that Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi will be at the development camp next week in Edmonton. (CLICK HERE FOR DEV ROSTER) He also said that Taylor Hall will wear #20 and he said it's just a number they gave him. So does this mean Hall won't be #4? Hmmm... come on KLowe. Let the kid wear it.

On a side note, if I'm Taylor Hall and I can't get #4, I would choose the #84. Cool number.

Tambellini took the time to talk to Tencer today and here is the link of the podcast CLICK HERE

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

NHL Free Agent Frenzy Day 2 LIVE TweetCast

Welcome to another fine LIVE TweetCast by Oilers Jambalaya and We thank you for stopping by.

Today is one of the 2nd best days in Hockey. This is the 2nd day of the NHL Free Agent Signing period. WOoOOOoOOO! Many of teams have won or lost at this time and almost always the players win big (big $$$ contracts).

Today we focus on the Edmonton Oilers. Not only is Steve Tambellini trying to unload guys like Sheldon Souray, he's also trying to acquire more depth for the Oilers. Bigger players seems to be the mandate this year and so far that's happened. What large players will the Oilers pick up today?

Our TweetCast box is going to pick up the tweets of a few people to keep track of the entire day.

Included today will be the "HOME TEAM" @OilersJambalaya, @OilFieldHockey, @AHLBarons, @MarshaBoyd, @PaqTwinn, @Nick_OilersFan

We will also see tweets from the "TRUSTED TEAM" @TSNBobMcKenzie, @DarrenDreger, @NHL_Oilers, @NHL, @DanTencer, @CapGeek, @Real_ESPNLeBrun, @TSNRyanRishaug, @RealKyper, @walsha, @kausatoday

And just for fun today we will have the "OILERS RUMOR TEAM" @InsideTheRink & @OilersReport,

Sit back and enjoy all the crazy action. The 2nd day of the free agent frenzy starts now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

LIVE *TweetCast* of Free Agent Frenzy

Happy Canada Day Everyone! And what a day it should be.

Welcome to another fine LIVE TweetCast by Oilers Jambalaya and We thank you for stopping by.

Today is one of the best days in Hockey. July 1st is the NHL Free Agent Signing Day. WOoOOOoOOO! Many of teams have won or lost at this day and almost always the players win big (big $$$ contracts).

Today we focus on the Edmonton Oilers. Not only is Steve Tambellini trying to unload guys like Sheldon Souray, he's also trying to acquire more depth for the Oilers. Bigger players seems to be the mandate this year. Who will the Oilers pick up today?

Our TweetCast box is going to pick up the tweets of a few people to keep track of the entire day. Included today will be the "HOME TEAM" @OilersJambalaya, @OilFieldHockey, @AHLBarons, @MarshaBoyd, @PaqTwinn, @Nick_OilersFan

We will also see tweets from the "TRUSTED TEAM" @TSNBobMcKenzie, @DarrenDreger, @NHL_Oilers, @NHL, @DanTencer, @CapGeek, @Real_ESPNLeBrun, @TSNRyanRishaug, @RealKyper, @walsha, @kausatoday

And just for fun today we will have the "OILERS RUMOR TEAM" @InsideTheRink, @OilersReport,

Sit back and enjoy all the crazy action. The free agent frenzy starts now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Edmonton Oilers - What To Do With The Free Agents?

The Edmonton Oilers have too many Free Agents at the end of this year.  What does Steve Tambellini do about this mess?  Does he just ride it out and try and re-sign as many as he can at the end of the year?  Does he trade them away for equal or better value (or in some cases, no value)?  What to do???

Here is a place to go to see the what the Edmonton Oilers Players are making. (Cap Numbers)

Unrestricted Free Agents

Fernando Pisani UFA ($2.5 million cap hit) I would not keep him.  Sorry, but his time is up here.

Mike Comrie UFA ($1.25 million cap hit) I would not keep him.  His coming home was nice.  But he's not a fit here.

Ryan Stone UFAVI ($600,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him for $1 million a year for two years.  He somehow makes the team better, so we best keep him.

Jason Strudwick UFA ($700,000 cap hit) I would not keep him.  He's slow and he's not able to keep up with most of the plays.  He's a funny guy though.

Dean Arsene UFA ($386,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him to a two way deal for $600,000 a year for two years.  I liked what I saw in his brief stint with the Oilers.

Restricted Free Agents

Sam Gagner RFA ($1.625 million cap hit) I would resign him for no more than $3.5 million a year for 5 years. He just might be the "future" of the Oilers.  Sign him long and cheap.

Andrew Cogliano RFA ($1.133 million cap hit) I would re-sign him for no more than $2 million a year for 3 years. He's a keeper even though I hear he's been shopped around.

Marc Pouliot RFA ($825,000 cap hit)  I don't think I'd keep him either.  Maybe try and include him in a deal this season.

Gilbert Brule RFA ($800,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him to $1 million a year for two years.  He has emerged this year and should have to play well for the next two years and then get rewarded.

JF Jacques RFA ($525,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him for $750,000 a year or under. Great hitter and is a physical player.  As long as his injuries don't keep coming back, he's a keeper.

Ryan Potulny RFA ($595,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him for $750,000 for two years.  I like his style of play.

Liam Reddox RFA ($515,000 cap hit) I would only re-sign him on a two way for under $600,000.  With the rise of Stone and Potulny, he's now expendable. Can he be included in a deal?

Colin MacDonald RFA ($550,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him to a two way for under $600,000 for two years. Good player for the Falcons.

Ryan O'Marra RFA ($1.22 million cap hit inc. bonus) I would re-sign him to a two way for $750,000. Anything more than that and I'd let him walk.  He needs two more years in the minors, at least. And let's be real... $1.22 million a year?  That sounds like a Kevin Lowe contract.

Denis Grebeshkov RFA ($3.15 million cap hit) I would re-sign him for the same amount, $3,150,000 to two year deal.  I like his play, but I think the Oilers would trade him if given a chance. The guys like Chorney are making decisions harder.

Theo Peckham RFA ($600,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him for $750,000 a year over three years.  I like what he brings to the table, but he has lots of room to improve to warrant big money. 

Jeff Deslauriers RFA ($625,000 cap hit) I would try and trade him.  If not, then try and re-sign him to a two year deal for $750,000.  He's good, but I like Dubnyk better.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Devan Dubnyk RFA ($700,000 cap hit) I would re-sign him to a three year deal worth $750,000.  I think that in time, he will be better than JDD.  Either way the Oilers will have to decide which of the two they will keep.  Signing Khabibulin to a four year deal makes no sense.  Why lose a good prospect for a set of old balls?

Before anyone freaks out about what I just wrote, there is a lot of work to do with this hockey club.  Trades are sure to happen and no one can predict who's around at the start of next season.  These are just my opinions and I have no idea what the Oilers cap numbers will look like next year.  Granted, if the Oilers were to sign all the people to the deals I have just said, then other people will have to go. I can tell you right now all these deals, plus the existing one's, would put the Oilers over the cap.  I just haven't got that far yet.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thanks Roli!

Thanks Roli! It's been a great ride. You came here and I was disappointed when you were first acquired by the Oilers. "Roli who?", I said. Now I know who you are and your a fantastic person. A real professional. Now I'm disappointed that your leaving.
Thanks for everything. Good luck in Long Island.

*BREAKING NEWS* Nikolai Khabibulin is an Oiler

I guess that Nikolai Khabibulin has been signed (4 years @ $15 Million) to the Oilers. Better than nothing I suppose. I guess we shall see what he can do here in Oil Country.

Here are his stats. CLICK HERE

Two Guys & Hockey Talk NHL News (CLICK PIC FOR LINK)

The Faithful Followers

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