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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Trio Of Oilers Playing Nice With The Red Wings?

Shawn Horcoff and Corey Potter are in Detroit right now and while there, they are participating in an informal skate with the Detroit Red Wings to get their skating legs under them.

While this isn't big news or anything, cause its happening all over the league, I can only imagine the rumors that could start because of it. Eklund could eat this up.

"Horcoff and Potter are being scouted by the Wings! Trade imminent."

Haha! Oiler fans could only be so lucky.

The third Oiler is Nail Yakupov and is also skating with that crew but isn't in the picture below. I wonder how they are treating the 1st overall pick? Is he recognizable in Motor City? When is he coming back to Edmonton?

We all have our fingers crossed that the NHL season gets underway soon. Well it better! I don't know how much longer I can look at Potter with a Wings jersey on. Seriously... Horcoff didn't have an extra in his bag?


*Photo courtesy of Bill Roose follow @Bill_Roose on twitter*

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