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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PUYD: Hemsky, Frolov, Stafford and a Little Crazy Talk

Smokin' Ray Burnt - I don't think that Hemsky was that bad Monday night. What are your thoughts on it? Don't forget, when I rate a player, I judge him on this season, not on previous seasons. Therefore, Hemsky wasn't that bad, plus he was sick still.

Paq Twinn - I'll admit that based on this year he wasn't that bad, but in the big picture, it wasn't that good of a game either. He looked like he was using a wrong handed stick last night. His passes were off, and he had a hell of time shooting the puck. He missed the net completely when he came out of the sin bin on a break away, then in the last minute. Then for the second time THIS season, the other net is empty and Hemsky was unable to do anything, almost looked like he slipped and fell when trying to do too much. Just shoot the puck, on net, please. He was around the puck all night but didn't do anything productive with it.

Paq Twinn - Maybe he has an injury or something, but then he should come out and say so. So that we (the fans) don't get pissed at him when he looks like a bag of shit out on the ice. If he is healthy then that was a bad game, by his standards.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - I just don't get it. Big deal, so he didn't score. He took eight shots (three hitting the net) That to me is a decent night for Ales Hemsky. Are you still on the trade Hemsky band wagon? Give the guy a break. I've been hard on him, and even I'm not pissy at him for last night. Can anything please these rabid fans?

Paq Twinn - Maybe I'm expecting too much from him, but I haven't seen him make amazing tap in passes since we traded Smytty. Smytty always gushed at how he would feel the puck go off his stick before he even seen the pass. Where did that Hemsky go? Maybe it was Smytty being in the right place, I don't know. All I know is the disinterested attitude that Hemsky has shown, drives me nuts.  I remember back in the 05/06 season, my buddy James and I went to the Anaheim game, I think it was the last game of the season, that year. We won and Van lost later that night or the next day, anyway Hemsky was spectacular that game and most of the season that year. He scored 2 goals that game, 1 was the game winner, Rexall was the loudest I'd ever heard a building. My point is Hemsky took the Oilers on his back that night and almost won the game single handily, he continued to play awesome through out the playoffs all the way to game 7 of the finals. He hasn't played even close to that well since.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - Hey, it drives me nuts too. But they guy is our "star", do we really need to harass the guy to the point of leaving here? He is an amazing talent who needs someone better than Jacques to play with. He's no Ryan Smyth. I just think that Hemsky will improve to your standards and will make all the haters insert a few feet in the mouths. What was everyone expecting from this guy? 100 assists and 50 goals? There is no doubt that he will once again lead the Oilers in points once again at the end of the year. (Unless Quinn keeps him as an option for the PP, rather than the only option.)

Paq Twinn - No it would be foolish to expect those high of numbers, but I don't think that a guy with his ability should be satisfied with 20 goals and 40 assists. I believe he is capable of 30 goals and 70 assists though. But in the end you are right, in that we (the fans) shouldn't run him out of town either. Perhaps my frustrations stem from managements complete ineptitude at getting him someone better than Horcoff to play with. I'll reserve further judgement until he gets a 30 goal scorer to play with on a regular basis.

On some what related topic, I hear Frolov from the Kings may become available. Let's see how important getting Hemsky someone to play with is, in the eyes of management. Its VERY important in my eyes.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - It's important to me too. We need a guy for the LW on the first line. But would Quinn go with a little guy in that spot? Me thinks no. Has anyone thought that maybe it's Horcoff's that looks shitty and all he is doing is bringing down Hemsky? Maybe people are mad at the wrong guy?

Graham Martin - No, it doesn't matter what Horcoff looks like out there, Hemsky is a good enough player that he should look better and make his linemates look better. Now, I did think that last night was his best game of the season even though that doesn't say much. And if he had been healthy last night, maybe he finally breaks out. As for the tap in passes, he needs someone to be in the right position, and JFJ just isn't a smart enough player to go to that spot.

Paq Twinn - @GM And that's where I think Frolov would be a great fit.  @SRB I think that if the Oilers traded for Frolov, Quinn would put him on the top line. He played Comrie, Horc, and Nilsson together the other night. Those are 3 small guys, and besides I don't think Frolov is that small.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - *hangs head in shame* Yeah... he's not small.  He's 6'2", 208 lbs.  My mistake.

*For his error, Smokin' Ray leaves to get beer for the boys*


Paq Twinn - So I hear the Oilers may trade Gilbert to Buffalo for Drew Stafford. I'd much rather see the Oilers make a pitch for Alex Frolov from L.A..  I think AFro could be what Hemsky needs, and visca versca.

James Green - Huh?  Vice, versa you mean right?

Graham Martin - Stafford would be a much better option than Frolov. Frolov has been around awhile and hasn't gotten better for a while. But the Stafford for Gilbert trade won't happen without the Oilers bringing in more salary than just Stafford.

Paq Twinn - Really?!? Stafford over Frolov? Before the last 8 games I may have agreed with you. But not now, we have enough 3rd line grinders. No matter how much of an improvement Stafford may be, he's still just a grinder, 25 goal seasons are the best he can hope for. I want someone that can play with Hemsky, a natural LW that can score 30+ goals a season. Frolov even has some size at 6'2" 200+ lbs.

Graham Martin - Stafford is not just a grinder. And Frolov is not a 30+ goal a year guy. And why make a trade right now when the team is playing well and winning games. Frolov also carries with him some baggage.

Paq Twinn - Frolov has scored over 20 goals the last 5 seasons and over 30 in 2 of those years. I'm starting to learn that almost any player with game breaking ability has some sort of "baggage". The reason this comes up now, with the team playing well, is because of Frolov's situation in LA. He's on the way out at some point this year. Might as well go for it as soon as you can.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - *walks in the back door with the beer*  Visca versca... WTF guy? *laughs hard and pees a little*

Smokin' Ray Burnt - @ Graham: Frolov is a head case just like Hemsky. Very moody if not treated to his liking (just like Hemsky). But I'd still take a chance on him. I think he could be deadly with Hemsky. A RH shot that plays LW. He has the size and he's a cap hit of 2.9 million. That's only .9 more than Nilsson and he's not even playing.

Like I said on OJ.  Nilsson, Wild or Petry and a 4th. That's a little low ball but the guy is a FA at years end. But every team counters with an offer. The price will go up. So he replaces Nilsson and takes a spot from a guy like Moreau. To me that's a win, win. But as you know, I'm not a Moreau lover.

I don't want Stafford. I don't see what's so great about him. I really don't think we need him. Plus I see no reason to turf Gilbert who has a good contract. Why do the Oilers do that anyways? Sign a guy to a sweet contract and move him while we get stuck with the Pisani's and the Staios's and the Horcoff's of the world? What gives?  Anyways... I like Frolov and don't like Stafford and Smokin' Ray is awesome!

Oh... I said that if Penner plays like he is now, he should have a shot to make the Olympic team. Apparently people think I'm crazy. What's that all about? He's better than Iginla right now and he's a lock on the 1st line for TC. WHAT!?!

Graham Martin - There is no sense breaking up team chemistry to bring in a non game breaker. besides, to bring in a forward, we have to get rid of a few forwards cause there is such a back log of them.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - p.s. Nice to see James come around. *slaps him a handshake and passes him a beer*

Graham Martin - Hahaha. Me and my old man were talking about Penner the other day. But with Ryan Smyth playing the way he is, he would get that spot over Penner.  That being said, he has to at least be on the radar the way that he is playing right now. He's better than Getzlaf to right now, and Lecavalier. And ps, you don't want to give up Petry before he even gets to the show. He is similar to Chorney, but better offensive skills. He moves the puck so well. He is a guy the Oil definately need to keep.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - If Penner is in the top 20 at the time of the team selection, he better be on that team. Just sayin'...  And Smyth too. He's freaking awesome this year.

Paq Twinn - As good as Penner has been playing he should get a look, but I wouldn't say he's a lock, I doubt he'll even make it. As much as I'd like to believe he has a chance "our" country is stacked, we could ice 4 teams that could compete for a medal.

Paq Twinn - Oiler fans got a refeshing start to the season due to Quinn's "clean slate" mentality, I'm not so sure TC will work that way. I believe there's an "old boys" mentality involved there, to some extent any way.

Smokin' Ray Burnt - By the way, now that the TRADE HEMSKY poll is close to over, here are the results...

Yes, Hemsky Who? 2 (18%)
No, I Love Him *cries* 2 (18%)
Yes, if it's Value for Value 2 (18%)
No, He's too Cheap to Let Go 5 (45%)

Smokin' Ray Burnt - Ok boys.  We are out of beer.  You guys want to go and have a bite to eat and drink more beer?

Paq Twinn - Who's buying?
Graham Martin - You?
James Green  - Haha!  Sounds good.  VĂ¡monos!

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