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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shane Doan... A Possible Edmonton Oiler in 2012?

I was lucky enough to not be working last night and was able to make it to my beer league slo pitch game. Well surprise to me, Brook brought his family that was in town to fill in for the players missing. Brook brought his sister Leighann and her husband Chad. Both great people and pretty good ball players too.

Shane Doan
Brook also brought out his brother Shane. What a thrill for me that was. Last time I was this close to a guy from the NHL, former Canucks player Zenith Komarniski was rabbit punching me in the face during a ball hockey game in Edmonton. I had to laugh a little as Shane's wife was giving him the gears about playing before the game started. "You be careful!" "Your not that young anymore!" "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Haha! Loved it. My wife gives me the same guff and I'm not a pro athlete.

All three of them played great. All good hitters and I think they had fun playing with us. I know I enjoyed myself.

I'm not a fanboy and I made an effort to not be a hockey nerd. It was clear anyways, as I'm rocking my Oilers shirt and hat. Even my bat is blue and orange. It's funny to know how many people didn't know who he was. It took most everyone, half the game to figure it out.

Leighann Doan (Reimer)
So did I get a picture or an autograph? No. The guy was trying to be a normal guy playing ball and I wanted to treat him as so and not pester him with hockey stuff. He's as normal as you and me.

You can tell he's a captain of a team. He went up to every single person on the team after the game was over and shaked their hands and thanked us for allowing him to play. He made sure to get everyone and he remembered everyone's names. Classy stuff that was.

To the interesting part...

So as the game is pretty much over, the topic of him being in Phoenix came up. He said that it was good and he has one more year there. Then what? He replied with a smile. Of course, he can't really say much about his situation. But you know me. I mention the Oilers as an option and he starts to go on about how great of a place Calgary is. I just about Luongo'd on my beer. CALGARY?!?!

Then he looks at me and says "Why would I ever go to Edmonton?".

While I'm standing there trying to think of my best thing to say (I'm losing my mind right at that moment and I'm sputtering something out about Hall, Eberle and RNH), he ends up standing there laughing at me. He was completely kidding around. He told me that the Oilers are his favorite team. Always have been.

"Will you come to Edmonton then and finish off your career at home?", I asked.

No answer... just a big smile.

That gives me hope. BRING DOAN HOME!!!


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