Saturday, November 12, 2022

Jay Woodcroft Speaks Before Oilers vs Panthers

Coach Jay Woodcroft positive about the team today.

Klim Kostin will debut for the Oilers today vs the Panthers.

Oilers will be aware of Matthew Tkachuk out there. They know what he brings and the impact he can make.

Dylan Holloway has progressed with a lot of bright spots. He's learning as he goes, and we shouldn't expect turnovers like he did last game. I personally, would expect him to have a good game today. 

Ryan Murray will sit out to make room for Klim Kostin.

Will McDavid continue his goal scoring pace? I think so.


Oilers win 5-2

McDavid 3 goals and 1 assist

Draisaitl 1 goal and 2 assists

Friday, November 11, 2022

Lest We Forget

On this day we remember the fine men and women that sacrificed for all Canadians. They fought for our freedoms and Canada wouldn't be what we are without everything they did for us.

We thank you for your service. You are never forgotten.

Friday, January 21, 2022

My choice for the next transition coach

Now hear me out. It’s a crazy idea and I’m just a Joe Blow with hopes and dreams for a team I love like the rest of you. No inside info here. 

The Oilers need a name that we know can get the best out of players. He’s vocal, he’s demanding, he expects hard work and grit. He knows how to win with marginal players and this current team isn’t marginal. 

Katz would sign off on this move 100%.  Ken Holland is more than familiar with him due to Team Canada connections. He was an integral part of the Oilers dynasty back in the day. 

That man? Craig MacTavish. 

He came back to the franchise as an assistant coach back in 1999-00, before he took over the reigns as the head coach in 2000-01. His last season was with the Oilers in 2008-09. The team was 38-35-9 for 88 points that year. Missing the playoffs in the last 3 seasons before he was fired April 15, 2009 with one year remaining on his deal. It was his 10th year coaching the fabled Oilers. He was a good coach and I enjoyed they way he ran the bench. MacT was always working with a limited roster due to money restraints from the Oilers Entertainment Group, so he was always working with a disadvantage. 

We all remember the cup run of 2006. But my reasons for wanting him as the next transitional coach isn’t because of that cup run, but it obviously helps. MacT was tough as nails. He expected the best out of his players and if he didn’t get it, they rode the pine. It was as simple as that. Play the system or don’t play at all. 

MacT was a breed of his own. He was an old school person but seemed to adapt to the newer NHL style, no matter what it was. He understood that he needed to adapt accordingly to the team(s) they faced. Play wide open, or play the trap. He did what was in the teams best interest to win games with the limited skill he had to deploy. If he had a better roster in those years, he could have done better then just the 2006 run and also what the stats for that 10 years suggest. 

He coached a few different versions of Team Canada and did pretty well. His last kick at the bucket was the 2019 Spengler cup where he lead the team to a gold medal. 

His year in the KHL wasn’t very good. Not sure the reasons for his departure, but his coach style simply didn’t translate well over there. 

If the Oilers fire Tippett soon, Craig MacTavish is the guy I would look at to finish off this season before a search for a new permanent coach takes place. He’s the most logical choice right now. He would be my go to guy so they don’t have to disturb the good things happening in Bakersfield. 

MacT is the stop gap. What do you think? 

The Edmonton Oilers were going to announce a signing...

 Collective eye roll...

AHL player Brad Malone. Not a joke.

In a season where disaster moves have plagued the Oilers, today after a 6-0 loss to the Panthers, this is the move that GM Ken Holland wants to make?

Bold move Ken. Bold move.

Malone hasn't played in the NHL since 2018-19. All time NHL stats are 199 GP, 13 G, 17 A, 30 P and 198 PM. What in the actual H E double hockey sticks is going on here? What will Malone bring to the team that will fix this mess? Absolutely nothing. 

At first when I seen the tweet, I thought it was a joke. I mean, it has to be right? But then the Oilers media picked up on it.

Why sign Malone when Seth Griffith is lighting it up in Bakersfield? Copper Marody is crushing it too for the Condors. If this season is a bad dream, please wake us all up.

This tweet sums it up for me and I'm sure all of us.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Guess we can kill the Carey Price rumours

News filtered out today that Montreal Canadians netminder Carey Price won’t be back from injury anytime soon. 

After undergoing a substance abuse program before the season started, his progress on returning from injury has been slow at best. Most had figured after his offseason surgery that he would be ready for action sooner rather than later. But that’s not the case. 

Montreal Canadiens Vice President of communications Chantal Machabee today broke the bad news. 

Arpon Basu had the quote from her today. 

So there we have it Oiler fans. The chances of him starting rehab all over again and playing this year for any team except the Habs, is almost nil. 

Even with this heartbreaking news, it won’t stop fans from constantly bringing his name up over and over again. 

Hopefully we can all agree, it’s time to move on from this pipe dream. 

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