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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pocklington Loses Oilers Championship Rings - How Many Rings Does He Have?

In some not so shocking news, the National Post says that former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington has reached a deal with a U.S. bankruptcy trustee over his recent bankruptcy filling.

If you don't remember, he was arrested for making false statements about the worth of his actual assets during a bankruptcy proceeding and he was also charged for making false oaths during that proceeding. Ouch!

It's been a while (March 2009) since Glen Sather posted bond for him to get out of jail. So I guess more news on this was bound to surface at some point.

It's been reported that Peter and his wife, Eva, have agreed on a procedure to part with some of their private possessions such as his Stanley Cup rings that he never seems to run out of, some Andy Warhol prints and some other personal items not mentioned. Though nothing has really been finalized as they are still going through the entire Pocklington inventory (over 200 items).

The strange part in all this, in 2008, Pocklington only claimed assets of $2,900 and liabilities of $19.7 million. $2,900 in assets? Who's really going to believe that? I could see $29,000 in assets being more convincing to a Judge, rather than the paltry $2,900 that he suggested.

It's also been reported that the U.S. attorney alleges Pocklington failed to report two offshore accounts and property that he's kept in storage in California and that would indeed make him worth more than the $2,900 he has claimed.

*shakes head* Fire your advice guy Puck. It's clear he's not very good at his job.

What's next in the Pocklington saga? Where does he go from here? Can it get worse? *shrugs shoulders* Stay tuned.

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