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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another "Get That Guy Fired" Rally Is In The Works

Well the smell of a "Get Someone Fired" rally is starting to stink in the hockey world once again. No, not in Edmonton again, well not yet anyways.

It seems that our dear old friend and former Oiler main man and current General Manager for the New York Rangers, Glen Sather is really feeling some fan backlash from their own New York Rangers fans. It appears that they want him fired from his job and they are prepared to rally as a group to support it.

With the Rangers sitting at GP54  W24  L23  OTLPTS55 and are -as of this writing - sitting in 9th. Compared to the Oilers, it's not that bad. They are a win away from being back in the playoffs and they are tied with 4 other teams with 55 points, so really, is it that bad?

Ranger fans would say yes. 

So how do you get your message out? Have a rally. So what/where/when the hell is this rally you say? Here is the Facebook page for the Rally and here is the petition to sign if you want Glen Sather fired.

If you are lazy, here is what the Facebook Group page says about Glen Sather;

"Tired of Mismanagement, Bad Contracts, being mired in Mediocrity and a lack of results? Come down to Madison Square Garden before the Rangers– Sabres game, join the rally, and let Mr. Jim Dolan know that you want Glen Sather FIRED immediately!!!!!!"

Again, if you are lazy, here is what the Petition says about Glen Sather to James Dolan;

"Dear James Dolan,

For the past 10 years, loyal Rangers fans around the world have watched our beloved team go nowhere due to the leadership of the clubs President and General Manager, Glen Sather. Our franchise has been in a state of disarray for 10+ years, and there is no end in sight. This here petition is being signed by Rangers fans around the globe who are asking you to remove Mr. Sather from his job, and to replace him with someone who will restore our hockey club to the top of the NHL with hopes that we will become Stanley Cup Champions. This petition is being signed by people who want Glen Sather removed whether they are attending the rally March 7th outside Madison Square Garden or not. Remove him please James!

Yours Truly,
Loyal Rangers fans around the globe."

Geez that sounds like the same way he left the Oilers before going to New York, isn't it?

Below are the details for the proposed Rally if you want to attend in person;
When: Sunday, March 7, 2010
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: The Steps Outside Madison Square Garden
Street: 1 Penn Plaza
City/Town: New York, NY

Now with a payroll of $56.6 million and sitting in 9th in the East - possibly 11th or 7th - that isn't a great way to appease your fans. Nevermind the fact that this is New York, and they are quite familiar with the game of hockey and can't be fooled into thinking the NYR have a good product on the ice. They don't.

It's crazy to think that he was the same guy that built, molded and taught that great 80's Oiler squad to 5 Stanley Cups and now he may become jobless. I suppose he could move up in the NYR organization and out of the limelight. Would that make the NYR fans happy? Probably not. I'm sure they just want him gone, period.

Good luck to those organizing and attending this rally. I applaud your efforts, yet wonder if it's worth it? Does James Dolan actually pull the plug on Slats? Do the NYR fans actually get their way? I guess we will see how this unfolds in March after the petition and rally.

Let's just hope for their sake, that they get more than the 7 angry fans that showed up for the failed Fire MacT Rally in Edmonton. They had over 10,000 people sign up on Facebook much like the Ranger fans are doing and 7 guys showed up. That's it. Not really an impact statement.

If I was the organizer of the NYR rally, I wouldn't get my hopes up that people will actually show up. I guess you can always hope, but good luck anyways.

On a side note: I wouldn't be willing to bet that Katz considers bringing Slats back to Edmonton. I think it's possible, but unlikely. *shudders at the thought*

For more info about the rally or more NYR news, go to

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