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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Edmonton Oilers A Game Recap / First 1/2 Sucked, Second 1/2 Decent

This is brief game recap of the Edmonton Oilers vs the Detroit Red Wings game on Sportsnet West.


I just want to thank everybody for the kind words and warm wishes yesterday for the birth of my second daughter. My family and I really appreciate it and all four of us are home now.

I would also like to thank my wife for being cool about watching the Oilers game after such a long couple of days. She's tired of watching this crap Oilers team and I don't blame her. I am too. But... I'm hardcore and I don't miss many games.



Edmonton Oilers (24-44-7) at Detroit Red Wings (39-23-13)



Edmonton Oilers - 4

Detroit Red Wings - 5



Penner Cogliano Comrie
O'Sullivan Potulny Brule
Moreau Horcoff Pisani
Nilsson Pouliot Stortini

Whitney Gilbert
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Arsene






The Good:

- With the Wings up 4-0, it was nice to see the Oilers once again make a last half of the game charge. While the Wings manged to win this game, the Oilers at least tried for a little bit.

- With the loss, the Edmonton Oilers have clinched 30th place in the NHL standings. At worst, the Oilers will get the #2 overall pick at the upcoming 2010 rookie draft.

- Jeff Deslauriers played a pretty decent game. Make sure you watch the highlights, he makes some HUGE saves.

- Mike Comrie was moved to the first line and really had himself a good game. Even after Penner was hurt, Comrie kept up the good playing. He had a goal and an assist.

- Andrew Cogliano is not only getting more ice time, he's making the most of it. He had 2 assists and was a +1. He also led the Oilers with 4 hits. I'm guessing the Oilers are really trying to make him look good to other teams so we can trade him in the summer.

- I really liked how Tom Gilbert played as well. He picks up his first ever NHL multi goal game and lead this team in the 3rd period.  It's just too bad the Oilers didn't win because Gilbert did his part.

- Gilbert Brule did better than his stats suggest. He plays an effective game, but if he's paired with people that make errors, it reflects on Brule.

- Aaron Johnson picks up another point by notching an assist on the Mike Comrie goal. If the Oilers don't re-sign Johnson, I'd be shocked.

- Strudwick and Chorney had some great chances for the Oilers when they were on the ice. WTF?!? They both finished the game +1 and +2 respectively.

The Not So Good:

- Losing a game to a high stick goal is horse crap. Whoever made that call was wrong. Very wrong.

- Getting out shot  44-26 is not very good. Not good at all.

- Not showing up till the half way point sucks even more. Judging by the way the Oilers made plays and scored, this could have been another win for the Oilers over the Wings if they would just play a 60 minute game.

- Johnson, Brule, O'Sullivan and Potulny were each -3. Ouch!

- Dustin Penner took a puck to the eye (he left the game) early in the game but he should be OK to play the next game on Friday.

The Side Dish:

- Only the Stockton Thunder played last night. They won their game and clinched a playoff spot. Good for those guys. Read the Game Recap here.






Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars
Friday 02/04/2010
6:30 pm MDT


-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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