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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Edmonton Oilers Announce Young Stars Roster

The Edmonton Oilers Young Stars tournament roster has been released.  This looks to be a pretty good team once again this year.  While I don't think it's as good, talent wise as last year, this current squad has a chance to be the best team at the tournament.

Not only are the Oilers bringing guys like Nugent-Hopkins, Tyler Bunz, and Colten Teubert, they will also bring some camp try outs to the tourny as well.  6 of them will get a chance to impress the Oilers brass. 

Will any of them land jobs? Will RNH impress all those who watch? Will one of the lesser know players step up and shine?

Stick around to, as we will once again follow the Young Stars tournament closely.

The tournament begins September 11th in Penticton, British Columbia.


73 Cameron Abney
51 Philippe Cornet
71 Drew Czerwonka
69 Travis Ewanyk
79 Brett Ferguson *
70 Curtis Hamilton
64 Milan Kytnar
57 Anton Lander
66 Ryan Martindale
72 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
63 Kristians Pelss
68 Tyler Pitlick
92 Toni Rajala
61 Tobias Rieder
76 Chase Schaber *
59 Colin Smith *
75 Antti Tyrvainen


82 Jeremie Blain
88 Brandon Davidson
81 Taylor Fedun
78 Martin Gernat
45 Ryan Lowery *
80 Martin Marincin
87 David Musil
85 Tyler Schmidt
84 Colten Teubert
90 Wes Vannieuwenhuizen *


50 Adam Brown *
1 Tyler Bunz
30 Olivier Roy

-* means the player is on a camp try out-

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Getting Clearer / Rookies Go To Training Camp

Last night before the game Dan Tencer tweeted that all the kids at the Young Stars tournament are getting invited to the regular Edmonton Oilers training camp.

Wow! These kids must be peeing in their pants. To think that Tyler Pitlick will be skating circles and lines with Ales Hemsky. Or Hall honing his leadership skills by watching Horcoff work his ass off, on and off the ice. For some of these kids, this is it. This is their one chance at an NHL training camp. Some may never be here again. I'm willing to bet they all make the best of a great situation.

Steve Tambellini says that he wants to show the kids what it takes to be an NHL player and to create a good atmosphere for the team. He wants the Oilers to be class. This is definitely a step in the right direction.


So, what's this getting clearer thing?

I can see now why he's (Tamby) shunned Sheldon Souray from training camp. Bringing these kids here to experience what it's like to be a real NHL'er, is, and should be, the focus of camp. This Souray mess shouldn't even cross these kids' minds and with Souray being sent home, the kids, and the Oilers, can focus on hockey. I believe that's best for the team.

Could have Tambellini handled this Souray situation better? You bet he could. He could have made it clear last month Souray wouldn't be attending camp. He could have made it clear, he wasn't wanted anymore by the Oilers. God knows he was asked 5000 times about Souray this summer by every Tom, Dick and Harry so it's not like he forgot. And we all know that that training camp question was also brought up countless times and he sluffed it off like the question never was asked. He knew the answer, he just never said it out loud.


The word cancer has been used a lot in reference to Sheldon Souray. It's been used by TV, newsprint, bloggers, fans. Even Steve Tambellini said it.

But what does the term cancer mean in hockey? What are they saying without saying it?

I look at that and the first thing I think is, is he a shitty teammate? Is that what it means?

They call him and his situation toxic. What does that mean? Doesn't that also mean he's a shitty teammate? Or is it just because he's a constant complainer?

I know he's a good leader and I loved him for it. If he's in the right situation (another hockey cliche), he can be an asset to an NHL club.

Somewhere along the way he made a mistake.

The mistake started with this article with Spector. After that, the avalanche got bigger and bigger till it couldn't be stopped. He was shopped around more than a Vancouver hooker and nobody wanted to trade for him. He was placed on waivers and still, nobody wanted him. That was an eye opener for Souray and probably caused his change of heart for the Oilers and his willingness to come back, but it was too late. The damage was done.

I don't know. I would still have him on my team (until a trade is made) because without Souray, there is a hole in the 2nd defence pairing that none of the current Oilers can handle. Foster? Strudwick? Vandermeer? So until a trade is made, there is a hole in that spot.

I'd say it's clear now (is it?) that there is no turning back. It's clear the Oilers have moved on and I think we will all be better for it.

I want to focus on hockey. I want to focus on Oilers hockey, not more scandals and BS that has surrounded this great and storied franchise in the past. I want hockey. True Edmonton Oilers hockey. The way it was meant.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Big 3 Unite / Final Oilers Young Stars Game vs Sharks / LIVE TweetCast

Well this is it folks. The last Young Stars game for the Edmonton Oilers.

The Big 3 (Hall, Paajarvi & Eberle) will all play tonight -- they all sat out for yesterday's game -- and the three of them will also all play on the same line. Paajarvi is the Left Wing, Hall will play center and Eberle will be on the Right side. This should be interesting.

Like I said previously, this will be the biggest test for this Oilers rookie squad. The Sharks are bigger, but the Oilers have more skill. We will see who comes out on top. I'm excited!

DON'T FORGET: If you use Twitter, make sure to use the #YST or the #YoungStars hashtags. Your tweets will be included into the TweetCast.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Us Versus Them / BOA Oilers vs Flames LIVE TweetCast at 8:30pm MST

Welcome to another fine TweetCast.

The Oilers take on the Flames at 8:30pm MST.

Add the hashtag #YST or #YoungStars to any tweet and the LIVE TweetCast will pick it up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are You Attending The Rookie Young Stars Tournament?

As most of you know, we here (the Jambalaya Family and like to do LIVE TweetCast's of events that most people can't attend to provide a more in depth look at what is going on.

The Young Stars tournament is no exception.

We are looking for people who will be at the tournament that can tweet what they see as it unfolds. We need the help of you to make this a success.

If you are going, let us know ( email ) so we can have your tweets included in our LIVE TweetCast of the Young Stars tournament. This will indeed be a special rookie tournament for all those that get to watch it live.

Stay tuned in September for the Jambalaya families and the LIVE TweetCast and LIVE video footage of the games.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Oilers Rookie Camp (We Were There)

Thanks to my main man, Paq Twinn, for being the eyes of Oilers Jambalaya this morning at the Oilers rookie camp.

No Pat Quinn on the ice this morning. Renney and Bucky are on the ice. Rob Daum is also there. Quinn, Tambo, Lowe and Katz are in the stands watching the practice. Lots of talking and laughing. I wonder if it was a Penner joke?

Practice: Good quick pace to the practice. Six goalies are at this session. Oilers new draft pick #30 Oliver Roy is one of the goalies on the ice.

Scrimmage time: Eberle looked real good. Real fast with great vision and scores a goal for Team White. #73, Burke Gallimore scored twice for Team Blue and made them look easy. Riley Nash also looked good. He plays smart and can hit like a train and take one too (he was rocked). The line of 73 62 87 was dynamite together as was the 64 23 14 line. They made some real slick passes. #50 Bryan Pitton is a huge goalie. He takes a lot of space away from the shooter.


63, ?
87, ?
62, Riley Nash
73, Burke Gallimore (2 Goals)
55, Jordan Bendfeld
53, Cameron Abney
66, Dalton Prout
23, Philippe Cornet
29, Johan Motin
14, Jordan Eberle (1 Goal)
76, ?
64 Milan Kytnar (1 Goal)
86, ?
65, ?
82, Jesse Dudas
59, Brett Breitkruez (1 Goal)
75, ?
48, Alex Plante
74, ?
72, ?


30, Olivier Roy
50, Bryan Pitton
52, ?
79, ?
70, ?
60, ?

Good practice and scrimage. Fast and high tempo. The Oilers have some good prospects in the system. The future looks good in Oil Country.

Team Blue wins 4-1 and fans win also. What a great event from the Edmonton Oilers. We needed a little hockey action. Thanks.

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