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Monday, October 4, 2010

Linus Omark- Are You Kidding Me?

Today the "Swedish Youtube Sensation" Linus Omark was assigned to the Oklahoma City Barons, but not without some serious parting shots. When asked if the thought the organization gave him a fair chance he responded with "I don't want to discuss that" and when asked if he thought the Oilers were the right organization for him he said "I have no comment." Another quote worth noting from him is "It's a little bit different, it's a lot of politics." Maybe it's just me but these comments come as no surprise to me from the player who was drafted in the 4th round and expected a guaranteed spot and the maximum rookie salary(translation needed). I see he didn't learn from what happened with Rob Schremp and Riley Nash.

Some would argue that he is right in his politics comment, but it was said best during the Oilers broadcast on TSN "If Linus Omark is not one of your top 6 forwards then he is a waste of a space else where on your roster." So a question to you Oiler fans, who would you put Omark above in this list: Penner, Hemsky, Eberle, Paajarvi, Hall, Brule? He could make the team ahead of Andrew Cogliano, but what would you then do with Cogs, send him to Oklahoma? He would have to clear waivers first, and I am sure at least 25 of the other 29 teams would put a claim in for him. Maybe it's just me being fed up with players who expect things to be given to them, which I suspect in this case.

It's fine to be disappointed you were cut, but to be this mad after being cut from your first camp isn't exactly the way to win over Oilers fans. I can understand if he was the first of the players sent to Oklahoma City, but the team gave him a fair shot to win a spot over some of the incumbent players, some of it might have to do with his size, I mean we cut Liam Reddox who had a tremendous camp, Omark should thank the Oilers for the opportunity, issue an apology, shut his mouth, and impress the team with his play in the minors, I suspect that none of that will be happening, so thanks for stopping by Linus, see ya in Russia next year.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Souray to Oklahoma City? What the.....?

Today Oilers GM Steve Tambellini went on Inside Sports with Dan Tencer to talk about many of things, one was what does Steve Tambellini plan to do with Sheldon Souray after he clears waivers? Tambellini hinted that minors could be an option as he continues to wait for a trade that will send Souray else where in the league. Does this mean that he will be assigned to Oklahoma City? Tambellini said "We want to see if we can make a trade happen. If not, we'll have to assign him to the minors." There is no specific mention of Oklahoma City, but one would imagine that the organization doesn't want Souray taking playing time from their young prospects such as, Jeff Petry, Alex Plante, Taylor Chorney, Theo Peckham and Johan Motin. Not to mention that players like Petiot, Belle will probably still be sent to the minors.

Where does this leave the Oilers? Do they do what Washington recently did and "loan" Souray to another American Hockey League team to get the playing time needed to facilitate a trade? Or do they assign Souray to Oklahoma, tell him not to report and just pay him for this season and facilitate a buyout next off season? Souray of course could be assigned to Oklahoma, choose to not report and forfeit $9 million? Only time will tell what becomes of the man that once said he would not pull a Pronger and demand a trade.

-Written by Brandon-

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can This Version Of The Edmonton Oilers Become The 1983/84 Oilers?

I have been debating for a while now if the Oilers should have more than two rookies in the lineup next season. Most of you know that --before the changes by Tamby to make the team tough-- I have thought that only Hall and Paajarvi would start the year in the NHL and Eberle and Omark would go to the Oklahoma City Barons.  But the more I talk to people about it, there is just so many questions that need to be answered and scenarios to think of.

Would the rookies be better off spending a year in Oklahoma City instead of playing in the NHL? Probably. It's only logical and makes sense.

Would it be a great way to fill the Cox Convention Center and build a fan base by adding players like Eberle and Paajarvi to the opening day roster? You bet it would and that's what the OKC Barons are going to need. You can't just open the doors and expect people to just come watch a game. Names sell.

But you also need to think that since players like Eberle and Paajarvi are signed to a contract, it would essentially burn up a year on their respective deals. Not exactly a good thing right? Hmmmm....

Then you look at the way that Tambellini is building the current Oilers roster. He's added some big boys with the likes of Vandermeer, MacIntyre and Foster to go with a talented and skilled small team. It seems like he's preparing to ice a young rookie squad with large muscle to surround them. The writings on the wall one would think.

But is it the right thing to do? Is it too soon?

So now I have myself thinking about another young Oilers team. The first cup winning team from the 1983/84 season. That team is a fairly young team much like the current one we may possibly have now.

How did that team from the 80's get so good so quick? Well I have a theory.

Gretzky, Coffey, Messier and Anderson were all just a mere 22 years old when they won the first cup. Jari Kurri and Andy Moog were 23, Kevin Lowe and Charlie Huddy were 24. Grant Fuhr was just 20.

The oldest guys on the team were Willy Lidstrom at 32 years old and Jaroslav Pouzar was 31. The only two guys over 30. Wow!

So here we have a team with no real veteran leadership yet, the won the Stanley Cup. How is that possible?

The kids grew together. They played together as rookies. They became friends and won for each other like winners need to do. Isn't this what this current team should do? Should the opening roster include Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Omark? You add those four plus the youth of Gagner, Brule, Cogliano, Smid, Chorney, Peckham, & Dubnyk equals the same youthfulness as the Oilers of old. Maybe this squad can grow and learn together like that team did? Maybe this squad is just like that 83/84 team? Take a look, we even have our Pouzar's and Lidstrom's in Horcoff, Strudwick and Khabibulin. The two teams are building to be sort of the same.

But isn't the smart decision to just let the kids develop slowly? In Oklahoma City?

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barons it will be

This banner is from the AHL's website, and was found looking up the Team Directory information. And it was suspected that the other names were nothing more then just a smoke screen by Prodigal.

Here is Proof:

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Oklahoma City Barons (AHL) / How It All Happened

Well, as an Edmonton Oiler fan and a fan of the kids in the AHL, it's sure has been an exciting couple of days around here. Scott over at has done some great work digging up the dirt on the new AHL team in Oklahoma City. Let's recap on what happened.

It all started with this mysterious tweet from @OKC_Barons, "YOU HEARD IT HERE 1st: The Oklahoma City Barons will be the new Edmonton #Oilers AHL affiliate starting in the 2010/11 season. #AHL #OKC".

That sent the sleuth over at to investigate it further. There has been grumbling about the Barons name for a while in Oklahoma City and I had disussed this with Scott before. So when this came out, I believed it was possible. It had legs.

As the tweets kept flowing this morning from OKC_Barons, it made things more real. This whole OKC Barons name is looking legit. But it really didn't get that for sure feeling until discovered two logos at the trademark registry this morning and Derek Zona at the found the third one. (Those two guys are awesome!)

I have to admit. I like the logos. They tie into the Oilers theme well and it appears that the OKC Barons will wear the Edmonton Oilers colors. I can't wait to see the uniforms on them.

A little later in the day, an account called AHLBarons which I looked at this morning, and I was the only follower, became active all of the sudden. They even retweeted one of my tweets about the Barons. I thought that was really cool that they included me. I don't know who you are, but thanks.

So logo's were placed and people started following that account and I guess we will see what comes of it. I personally don't think either of them are the official team accounts, but I don't care. I'll follow both anyways, I'm a nerd for news and information. lol

Later on today at around 6:00pm MST, that same OKC_Barons account laid out another tweet. It said this, "An official announcement by Mr. Bob Funk will be coming soon. Oklahoma City is very proud to be an affiliate with the Edmonton #Oilers. #OKC"

Low and behold a ProdigalHockey twitter account was created and they started tweeting too. They spit this out at about 9:00pm MST, "Official announcement of name & logo for #Oilers new #AHL team May 19 at 4 p.m. in NE Lobby of Cox Center in #OKC. "

This is a legitimate twitter account. Prodigal Hockey runs the Barons and the twitter page even claims that they are official. Trust me. I believe it.

My big question is, how did the OKC_Barons account know that a press conference was about to be announced without some sort of inside information? I'm very curious about that account. Keep an eye on it.

So that's where we're at now. We know the name of the team. We know the logo's of the team. And I'm sure it's clear on what colors they will use. I guess all we can do is wait till the press conference to see what else is said.

Stay tuned for more updates. With no Oilers in the news, this is pretty damn exciting!

-Smokin' Ray-

Oklahoma City Barons (AHL) Is The Real Name / Logos To Prove It

It appears that the twitter account @OKC_Barons is correct. I would expect an official announcement soon. I mean really... the bloggers broke the story. What are the Oilers and Prodigal Hockey waiting for? ANNOUNCE IT!!!

Logos found by and the

Thursday, May 6, 2010

OilField Hockey / A Gift From Or For Prodigal?

With a Twitter post that has left many Oklahoma City and Edmonton fans, a buzz with a potential name for Oilers AHL franchise. Several media outlets are starting to report about this twitter post. Ted Streuli over at the Journal Record, published an article last night on Journal Record's website. According to Streuli that no one has confirmed(or denied) the name, but then the article turns into more speculation on some off the wall names. Now Mike Sherman and Jenni Carlson over at The Oklahoman. They are blogging about the name as it was set in stone. Yet there is one part of Jenni Carlson's post in which I found interesting.
"It was a bad decision, and after the Thunder(NBA) made the playoffs, it became an even worse one. The franchise has lost weeks and weeks that it could’ve been out there building on the momentum that came with the announcement in February. Hockey fans were on fire then. Even the casual fans were feeling the heat. But the franchise stood by and let the flames die out." Even if the post didn't come from Prodigal, they couldn't have asked for a better gift. In getting fans excited again about hockey returning to Oklahoma City.


Smokin' Ray Says: This gets more interesting as the days tick on.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oklahoma City Barons? The New Edmonton Oilers AHL Affiliate

Is the Letter B set to return to Oklahoma City for 2010-11 AHL season? A post on Twitter tonight (editor note: and other good sources) has indicated, that the new name for Oklahoma City will be the Oklahoma City Barons.

After seeing this post on Twitter, a domain has been found baring the same information from the other domains from Prodigal Hockey.

No trademark has been registered with the Trademark office since the name was abandoned in October 2009. This was a candidate name for Oklahoma City's NBA team.

The Baron's name isn't nothing new to the hockey world. As the Cleveland Barons were an NHL team from 1976 to 1978. Then they were an AHL team two different times in the history of the name. The last time the Barons was used, it was the San Jose Sharks affiliate, before they were moved to Worcester, MA.

Philippe Cornet Signs With The Edmonton Oilers

Today Oilers GM Steve Tambellini announced that Philippe Cornet has been signed to a 3 year Entry Level NHL contract. Cornet was selected by Edmonton in the 5 round(133rd overall) in 2008 NHL Draft. It's expected that Cornet will be assigned to Oklahoma City to start the 2010-11 season. Cornet amassed 224 points in his 4 seasons in the QMJHL.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Prodigal Hockey Adds Another Name To The Mix For The New Oklahoma City AHL Team

Word has come to, that another domain name has been found as a potential name for Oklahoma City's AHL team. Oklahoma City Thunderbirds is the next in a line of domains that have been registered by Prodigal Hockey. According to the Who Is database information on, it has the same information as the other domains.  This name was a candidate for the unnamed Oklahoma City NBA team. As well as the Barons and Bison, being potential names for the NBA team. And from what sources have to told, that the list has been narrowed down to a couple of candidates. But no final decision has been made by Prodigal Hockey at the time of this post.


Smokin' Ray Says: Great detecive work by Scott from I'm hoping that Prodigal Hockey hurries up and settles on a name. I have my money set on Oil Barons.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

OilFieldHockey / AHL Season Ticket Advisory Board

Prodigal Hockey is looking for volunteers for its Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to improve the communication between the season ticket holders and the front office. We expect the Advisory board to share information with the front office and also disseminate information from the front office to your fellow season ticket holders.

Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board members will be asked to attend between 4 - 6 meetings during a year. If you are interested in volunteering for the Advisory Board please contact Stacie Rathbun via email at or by phone at 405-232-GOAL (4625), ext. 111.

FAQ about the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board:

Who is eligible for the Advisory Board?

Any Season Ticket Holder who has at least made a deposit on season seats for the 2010-11 hockey season. Only one member per account is eligible for the Advisory Board and members must be at least 18 years of age. Terms are one year.

How many people will be on the Advisory Board?

The number of members of the advisory board is dictated by the number of season seats sold. Presently, Prodigal Hockey is in search of 15 members.

How do I volunteer to be on the Advisory Board?

Submit your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to Stacie Rathbun at by April 27th.

What do I have to do if chosen?

Be willing to be the voice for Season Ticket Holders in and around your section(s) or group of friends. Advisory Board members will have their photo taken and placed on the website. They will also provide a bit of information about themselves and be approachable by fans.

When will the names be chosen?

The random drawing will take place April 30th and the results posted that afternoon at

When will the Advisory Board meet?

The Advisory Board will meet a minimum of four times during a year period.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is Jeff Petry Really Signing With The Edmonton Oilers?

I have now seen several reports stating that Edmonton Oilers prospect Jeff Petry will not be continuing his College education and will instead turn Professional at hockey.

Here are the reports I've read;

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Petry Deal Could Be Done Today

Posted by Dean Millard

The Pipeline Show has learned that a deal between Jeff Petry and the Oilers is almost done and could be completed today or tomorrow morning at the latest. As Guy Flaming reported on our show Tuesday night, Petry is expected to forgo his senior season at Michigan State University and turn pro in time to play some games this year.

However it now appears that Petry will start in the AHL with Springfield and possibly get a call up sometime in the next 9 games, as apposed to coming straight to the Oilers.

Petry had a career year with the Spartans this season scoring 4 times and adding 24 assists in 38 games. He's 6.03 and about 200 pounds with a booming shot from the point and skates very well. It should be interesting to see what kind of adjustment period Petry has while trying to get used to the pro game.

@ 12:17 PM

And the other report;

Jeff Petry leaving MSU?

By oilfieldhockey on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 5:55 AM

According to's Tim Staudts' Blog Defenceman Jeff Petry has decided to skip his senior year of college at Michigan State University in order to jump into the pro ranks of the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers. If he doesn't make the Oilers next season, it's not hard to assume that he will be assigned to their AHL affiliate in Oklahoma City.

Here is a quote from the blog post. "Rick Comley seems resigned to the fact that his stellar junior defenseman, Jeff Petry, will give up his senior season and sign with the NHL's Edmonton Oilers"

I personally have no opinion on Petry, I've never really seen him play. I'm excited and curious just like the rest of you. What are you thoughts on this kid?

Is skipping out on College that smart? Is a crappy Oilers team an incentive to go pro?

-Smokin' Ray-

Monday, March 22, 2010

The New Oklahoma City AHL Team - The List Of Names *UPDATED*

Well our friend over at OilField Hockey has found some more names for the new Oklahoma City AHL team.

The New Names:

OKC Crude
OKC Raptors
OKC Outlaws
OKC Bulls

Add Those To These:

OKC Oilers
OKC Oil Kings
OKC Oil Barons
OKC Roadrunners
OKC Hawks
OKC Roughnecks
OKC Wildcatters
OKC Twisters
OKC Tornados
OKC Bison
OKC 89ers (since pulled)

If you ask me, the more I think about the name the Crude, the more I'm liking it.

Stay tuned for more names to be found.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Friday, March 19, 2010

The New Oklahoma City AHL Team - A List Of The Domains

Today let's look at the list of potential names for Oklahoma City's AHL Team, by looking the domain names that have been reserved by Prodigal Hockey. It looks like the PH wants to make sure that they make sure to choose a name that fits the team. (since has been taken down) (should not be used,due TOO much association with the NBA team)

Tell Us at what you think the name should be, by voting for it on the poll.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oklahoma City - More Names Come To Light

The intrepid investigators at have come up with a couple more names for OKC's newest hockey team. and have been registered by Prodigal Hockey as of the end of Feb. This brings the total number of domains that have been registered to 9.

The was dropped, due to the association with the former AAA Baseball team name.

The initial story on the domain names broke in this article

**UPDATE: has been found!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Take: Doug Sauter by OilField Hockey

I am going to start off "My Take" on things hockey here. For my 1st edition of "My Take" on the blog. I am going to look if former Oklahoma City Blazers' coach Doug Sauter should be on the coaching staff.

This is a touchy subject for most Oklahoma City Hockey fans. The feelings towards Doug Sauter, is that there are some who love him. But there are those fans who don't think he couldn't coach a side of a barn. There is no doubt Sauter's coaching record seems pretty stellar at first glance. The Blazers only made it to the post season 11 out 14 seasons, during Sauter's tenure in Oklahoma City. So here's the post season breakdown, out of 4 times making to the final round.

The Blazers split the difference by winning two championships in 1995-96 and 2000-01 seasons. Sauter and his team never made it past the 1st round of playoffs four times. Then they never made it passed the 2nd round three times. If you look at his total winning percentage over his 14 years. His record comes out to be with a winning percentage of .556 percent.

Do I think Sauter should part of the coaching staff here in Oklahoma City? No. I think he has a great persona about him, which could make him useful in finding some talent to bring here. If he gets on to the coaching staff, it shouldn't be behind the bench.

He should be someone who sits in the crowd to look at things from a different perspective. No one can mistake him for who he is in Oklahoma City, and what he did here. I believe it's time for the torch to be passed to a new coach, who just maybe can return glory to Oklahoma City hockey history.

Written by OilField Hockey

OilField Hockey Partners With Oilers Jambalaya

Well, we did it again. Oilers Jambalaya is happy to say, we have formed a partnership with the new AHL blog called OilField Hockey. Thanks to OFH, we will now be providing the OJ readers with up to date news and analysis on the new Edmonton Oilers AHL farm team in Oklahoma City.

Scott is the guy that writes the (brand new blog, he started it in March) blog and he is located directly in Oklahoma City. He's pretty excited as he's purchased seasons tickets for next season and he's amped up and is excited to watch the new team in his hometown.

As Oiler fans know, we have some great talent in the farm system and I'd expect the new Oklahoma City AHL team to be a pretty good one.

As he has mentioned to me, there isn't a whole lot of media around his area that gives a lot of attention to the game of hockey. So luckily for me and you, we have OilField Hockey.

So, thanks again OFH for working with us at Oilers Jambalaya, you will find our readers are very passionate about the game of hockey and I'm sure you will help fuel the passion. GONEWOKCAHLTEAM!!!

OilField Hockey is not affiliated with the Prodigal Hockey,LLC or yet to be named AHL Club, the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, the AHL, the NHL, or any of their partner organizations

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