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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Sifting through the Edmonton Oiler trade rumours"

With a trade just recently completed again by MacT, I figured a blog to discuss trade rumours would be interesting. Now these rumours I am about to post come from a variety of sources. Some are absolutely terrible and throw stuff out there hoping something will stick , while others are somewhat credible and yet a couple others have good merit. So before you read on, no need to crucify me and act like I am trying to get hits on this blog and throwing garbage to the wind. It is just tossing out rumours (and they are only that) and walking through even remote possibilities.

Here are rumours that have been floating around by over 15 sources in one way or another, just take it all with a grain of salt;

1)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner and Oscar Klefbom for Jack Johnson:
MY THOUGHTS: Scott Howson is the one who brought him to Columbus and has now returned with Edmonton. Don't be mistaken with the bad rap Scott got in Columbus. Most the players they have doing well and their current success has more to do with what Scott was putting together then the newly appointed President and new GM. The Blue Jackets do a great job in development of other d-men (See Jan Hedja) They also have bigger players so Gagner is not just another of the same kind of player. Fans are split on Jackson, some think he brings what we need while others think he is utterly terrible and slow. It's a mixed bag but I am one who thinks as a second pairing defensemen he would fit perfect into what we need but that is me.

Jack Johnson salary is about $4.36 million/year and after this year has 4 years left on his contract at that rate. He averages about 35-40 points a year on the back end. Is 6'1 and 231 pounds of bruising defensemen and is 27 years old. Gagner has about $4.8 million per year hit for the next 2 seasons, averages about 45 points per year playing in the top 6 for forwards. Stands 5'11 and is around 198 pounds. I actually think this trade could work well for CBJ as they get potential in a good draft pick that is developing and big with Klefbom but far from a NHL player yet. Gagner who could fit well if playing with bigger, heavier players on a team that is not all about run and gun hockey. Salary is a wash pretty much but if needed they can exchange a small deal in this to help send another player CBJ way and one more player with a additional 1 million extra to the Oilers. CBJ are close to the cap so it may need sweetened on that part. This deal could be something that could have some wheels if the parties both like it.  (P.S. I would rather keep Klefbom and throw in another player but he may be the player they want)

2)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky to the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs and/or the Columbus Blue Jackets.
MY THOUGHTS: Ales Hemsky is a $5 million salary and a UFA. That means he is a rental player but his next contract will likely be more in the 3.5-4 million mark. There is also discussion that Hemsky could be resigned, unless its a 2 year $3.25 million/year deal, the Oilers will not be wise to resign Hemsky. He is young enough still to serve on a few teams as a complimentary 2nd line player. I see Detroit as a good possible landing spot and/or CBJ. I do not see Hemsky a fit whatsoever in Toronto though. If they could trade Hemsky to Detroit I would push for Thomas Jurco or Martin Frk in the prospects department. We could use some higher skill forward prospects in the system.

3)RUMOUR: Gagner and Ryan Smyth, and defenseman Nick Schultz, are also on the trade block.
MY THOUGHTS:We already know Gagner's name is out there and with N.Schultz becoming a UFA at year end may be a great bet for a depth defenseman to a team looking to make a long playoff push. My best guess would be Chicago, Detroit,Anaheim, St.Louis, San Jose or Montreal. In regards to Smyth, unless he gets a opportunity with a team like Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago or San Jose I highly doubt he is moving. I think you are looking at Ryan playing out the year in Edmonton and maybe signing a 1 year contract for less then this years $2.25 million he finishes this year at.

4)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner. Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth are expected to be possibly moving out before the trade deadline day expires.  
MY THOUGHTS:From some reports there’s been no dialog between Craig MacTavish and Ryan Smyth. Those same reports say their belief is that Smyth wants one more crack with a winning team to see if he can win the Stanley Cup. They believe he’s still effective, at least in the offensive zone, so they expect his name will heat up as we get closer to the deadline. I am not so sure but see RUMOUR #3 re:Smyth thoughts.Re: Ales Hemsky see RUMOUR #2 thoughts.

5)RUMOUR:  The Oilers won’t take Kootenay forward Sam Reinhart (not big enough) in the draft if available
MY THOUGHTS:I take this inside rumour of information with a grain of salt. Before many fans start drilling me, you need to know the hockey world looks at Sam Reinhart as a player much in the same mold as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with Hockey IQ and his defensive awareness at the same age (not to mention his experience)is greater then what we got in RNH. He could make the perfect #2 Center on this team behind RNH and at 6'1 and 183 pounds is actual the same height as RNH but 5 pounds heavier at the same exact age. Not a big center but won't be a small one either.If the Oilers draft 2nd or third overall and Ekblad is gone, Reinhart will be their 2nd choice. They have the chance to give him a extra year in jr and if he shows continued promise could be ready in only a couple years. You don't pass on a player this high end and with incredible hockey IQ and skill for a lower chance % of a bigger size center or even a trade for a established roster player unless they are a long term contract fit and a top 6 forward to top 2 defenseman.IMO the Oilers won't be trading their #1 pick unless a top #2 defenseman is valuable in the trade.

6)RUMOUR: - The Edmonton Oilers are likely moving Sam Gagner
MY THOUGHTS:See Rumour #3 thoughts 

7)RUMOUR: Hemsky to Ottawa for Zack Smith
MY THOUGHTS:Mike Cammarelli is becoming a UFA and could be moved and it's known that he is a good friend of Spezza's so he is likely a better target. Ottawa needs to find a winger for Spezza so it is a possibility they could consider Hemsky. He has 3 more years on his contract at $1.9 million/year so Zach Smith could be a great fit moving forward as a 4th line center and good cap hit. Was a confirmed conversation last off-season but not sure why the deal didn't go further.

8)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner will find their name being tossed around by the Oilers.
MY THOUGHTS:Craig MacTavish is hoping to get a top-six forward, a top-four defenseman or a starting goalie in return for Gagner’s services, anything less and it's highly unlikely he makes a deal

9)RUMOUR:  Gagner for Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler or Dustin Byfuglien. 
MY THOUGHTS:With Mark Scheifele and Brian Little solidified at centre on the top two lines, Gagner would have to play on the wing in Winnipeg. Andrew Ladd has 2 more years at $4.4 million/year and is a big boy at 6'3 and 205 pounds. His salary is manageable for what he can bring to a top 6 in Edmonton and if available you would think that Edmonton would feel he could fit perfectly with what they are looking for. Personally I would move quite a bit to make this happen. Ladd brings more grit, size, skill and experience to a team that continues to go in that direction. Blake Wheeler is going nowhere and Dustin Byfuglien.has very little interest in Edmonton among Oilers brass IMO as he is a player in the Penner mood. Fans would eat him alive with complaints that he takes nights off. 

    10)RUMOUR: trade talk is happening between the New York Rangers and the Edmonton Oilers(players discussed are unknown)
      MY THOUGHTS:A report came out of New York speculating trade talk between the New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers sparked lots of considerable buzz in hockey circles. This could have been just a media spectacle finding something to write about but many various sources for some time have stated that Edmonton wants some size in a power forward and the Rangers would like to add some high end skill. Reports say Ryan Callahan but the guy while playing big (Like Andrew Ferance) is only 5'10 and 187 pounds. Not a player who you would think would be on the Oilers radar, not to mention he will be a UFA next year and is rumoured to be seeking 6-7 million/year on a new contract. The only two likely players of interest to the Oilers are Chris Kreider or Marc Staal. Neither one of those players would be likely available so chances are there is no deal to be made with the Rangers.

    11)RUMOUROilers will NOT trade 1st round pick unless they drop below top 3 picks in case Ekblad could be available to select.
    MY THOUGHTS:MacT has been on record as saying 'Ekblad is a right hand shot, Nurse is a left hand shot,that would make a pretty good pairing for years to come'. I would have to agree with MacT's statement and say, those 2 players are a incredible foundation to build a team on, for the next decade of hockey in Edmonton. MacT did not believe they even stood a chance of selecting in the top 3 in the 2014 NHL Entry draft but now that it's a 90% chance they select top 2, Ekblad can be had and in no way do I see them trading their #1 pick before the trade deadline or before they step up to the podium in June.

    12)RUMOUR: Yakupov and a top prospect defensman for LA Kings 1st round 2014 pick and Kyle Clifford
    MY THOUGHTS:Kyle makes just under $1.1 million/year and has 1 additional year on his contract and at 6'2, 209 pounds he is the big forward they may be looking forward. The Oilers have expressed interest in him before but his point totals do not show he is capable of playing top 6 so he would not be worth more then a top prospect out of Edmonton's system. That would mean Yakupov for the Kings mid round 1st round pick. What is the best that would be. 20th Overall? Not a chance there is anything to this rumour whatsoever.

    13)RUMOUR:The Oilers will likely trade Sam Gagner, with Nail Yakupov and/or Jordan Eberle possibly next in line if a deal presents himself.
    MY THOUGHTS:See RUMOUR#3 re:Gagner. Nail Yakupov could very well be on the block but there is no way he is traded unless equal or greater value is sent back and don't think that means his current value but his #1 overall value and potential to be a pure goal scorer as evidenced last year and in the KHL and jr. With Jordon Eberle, it's always possible but unless it's a top 3 big power forward with lots of contract or a top 2 d-man, Jordon is going nowhere.

14)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky to Pittsburgh as rental player for a prospect forward
MY THOUGHTS:This could be a very legitimate rumour especially since Pascal is lost for the year and they already were going to look at picking up 1 more player at the trade deadline. Now with needing 2 players, Hemsky could be had if the price is right.For quite awhile it's been thought Ales may do well playing with Crosby. Being a UFA they can unload Hemsky if they don't want to resign him. On the other hand Hemsky's contract could still make this a difficult trade unless they eat some salary in this someway.

15)RUMOUR:Jon.Gibson and Davante.Smith-Pelly for Sam.Gagner and a 5th round pick
MY THOUGHTS:As unlikely as this sounds to some, this could be a trade that could make sense.Gibson is a highly touted goalie of the future(which the Oilers are still looking for in their system)and Smith-Pelly is a bigger power forward (in weight)who likes to throw his weight around and could be a long term potential fit if he can lift his game in the NHL to what was originally hoped. The last two years he has been floating in the system up and down but Anaheim is a tough team to crack. Not sure Anaheim does this deal but Gagner could fill a winger role where Selanne is likely retiring from next year.His size will not be a issue in Anaheim.

16)RUMOUR:Cam Ward to Edmonton
MY THOUGHTS:The Hurricanes and Oilers have denied that they talked about Cam Ward. Rutherford denies any interest in moving Ward but a Scrivens/Ward combo could be a nice blend in Edmonton to cover us for a few years while we develop a goalie in the system. With 2 more years and $6.3 million/year on his contract that might be too steep of a price to pay. The dollar figure tells me, the Oilers will not be interested in the slightest.

17)RUMOUR:Eberle + 1st 2014 for Weber + a prospect
MY THOUGHTS:This rumour keeps getting mentioned by MSM but from those closet to the organization Weber is going nowhere at no price as he is the face of the franchise. Unless the owner wants to drop salary and take a huge loss from his bonus, it's not happening.

18)RUMOUR:Oilers 2014 first round pick in a package deal with a roster defenseman for Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber and a roster player
MY THOUGHTS:see RUMOUR#17 thoughts

19)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner to the LA Kings
MY THOUGHTS:See RUMOUR#15The Kings could use some scoring and could look at pending UFAs in Matt Moulson, Thomas Vanek and Mike Cammalleri. Gagner could be an option, but he has two years left at $4.8 million, something the Kings may not be thrilled with. Some insiders think the Kings will go the rental route.
20)RUMOUR:From Ottawa, Methot, Craig.Anderson, Zach Smith, and a prospect (not Lazar) for Nail.Yakupov and the Oilers 1st round pick 2014 
MY THOUGHTS:So potentially the Oilers trade Nail Yakupov and Aaron Ekblad for a #1 Goalie, #4 d-man, #4 center and a prospect. Not likely even close unless that prospect is Lazar.

21)RUMOUR:Jon.Gibson+ Anaheim's 3rd round pick 2014 for Nail.Yakupov 
MY THOUGHTS:Not a chance they trade Nail Yakupov unless more is added or upped from this offer. Chances are this rumour is one just thrown out by MSM.

22)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner, Nail Yakupov & Kellen Jones to Toronto for Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, Connor Brown and Toronto's 1st round pick 2014
MY THOUGHTS:One Toronto source suggests that both teams are in need of a shakeup; and that Gagner and Kadri have been rumoured to be moved and are unhappy with their teams. He believes that the Leafs need more help in their top 6 forwards and Edmonton needs defensive depth; he believes the draft pick and prospects balance out the value gap that Yakupov has over Gardiner. I find this proposal utter nonsense and is not even close to a deal Edmonton would make. A mid round draft pick means nothing and Gardiner is another Justin Schultz style player. The Oilers don't need defensive depth they need top 2 d-men. Don't see a fit with a trade out of TO at all.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Questions & more Questions in "Oilerland" pt 1

Where do I start? Between the MSM of TV and Radio, along with all our Oiler bloggers on the Internet and fans on twitter and Facebook, the world of hockey has some real crazy talk happening out there. Sure some stuff sounds quite interesting and plausible but some stuff does not even make sense. Sometimes it is simple deduction in figuring out what is ludicrous or what has possibility.

 I am like the next guy, always interested in the next possibility, be it a trade or signing or buyout. Also when trying to wade through the mud of the dirty waters of rumours and speculation, all you have to do is consider the few facts in front of you.When a team is over the cap, very low % of a chance that a team in that standing will trade for a player who has a high salary. Sure the Oilers can keep some kind of salary but unless they are getting a need met in their organization , why would they take on salary as well? Also it is unlikely a team will trade for a player unless they believe they can help their organization especially at the cost it takes. Some teams may take on salary for depth like Dallas did with Horcoff but they need the cap room first. All those small details need to be figured out.

The great insiders of the game don't just have a GUY, they have people who know or have heard that people are talking. They then do simple deduction of what are the different possibilities and demise from that conversation. After all that is done, they throw out that rumour possibility and then check out the reaction from the players, agents and the NHL clubs. Depending on what they hear, they either move forward or pull back off of the rumour. Very seldom, the great insiders know actual facts from directly within until it looks like it is almost all but over and the contract is all but signed.

There are only really 3 players who are constantly in rumour mills and could or have some kind of trade value should the Oilers make such a move. (we will all disagree of how much trade value they carry but nonetheless they still have trade value of some sort. More then say Ryan Smyth at this point of his career)

Ales Hemsky:
A rumour for picking up Zack Smith from Ottawa is possible if they consider him a option as their third line center. MacT has said Gordon is 3rd line center so trading hemsky for a guy who would be a 4th line center and keeping part of his salary and paying that high of a price? Does not make sense. Oilers might as well keep Hemsky and worse case scenario is wait til trade deadline and get what they can to a contending team. Trading Hemsky to Ottawa does not make as much sense either if there is no room in the top 6. Who wants to pay 5 million to a player on the 3rd line? Remember Bobby Ryan going to Ottawa in a trade? That closes those doors. OTTAWA? 10% chance

What about New Jersey and the Devils? Unlikely due to his contract size unless the Oilers picked some of it up on their end. If that were to happen, who does NJ have that the Oilers need? You need to have a match for that to occur. NEW JERSEY? 10% chance

Been hearing about rumours to Long Island to join John Tavares? He would look good there very likely but doubt it happens. They have been going younger and are tired of possible injury prone players, they just bought out their worst mistake in franchise recently , they don't want any part of Hemsky IMO. NEW YORK ISLANDERS? 5% chance (never say never)

Remember the CBJ rumours awhile back? With Howsen out of Columbus maybe not the same desire for Hemsky as there once was? Or is there? They have been stockpiling some talent and maybe they are willing to take him for a spin if they can unload some money back to Edmonton in a deal. Sorry Ryan Johansen will not be coming back in a deal if only Hemsky is included, does not make sense from a CBJ perspective. Just look at there roster and it may give you a couple ideas. COLUMBUS? 15% chance

Forget Philly, the Rangers or even Boston. Those locations sound too cash strapped to even consider his 5 Million and unless they send back something Edmonton really needs why would they eat some of his salary? 

What about Pittsburgh? I know they are a cash strapped team. They have spent quite a bit on their top level players already so this trade would have to have the Oilers eating some of his salary. Is that possible? Only if they send something back the Oilers want or need. They are deep in defencemen, so that is always a good possibility. Your guess is as good as mine. PITTSBURGH? 10% chance.

Unless MacT is a real salesman, I think we see Hemsky still start the year in Edmonton with the understanding if he plays good, a Stanley Cup contender may trade for him before the deadline.Worst case scenario, one of Edmonton's top 6 goes down on one of the wings and Hemsky moves up a spot to the 2nd line and actually does return to scoring again when it matters.

IMO, if you can't bring decent 2nd line defencemen back or a 3rd line winger minimum, you keep the assets and at worst send him off at the deadline for cheap or let him play out his last year in Edmonton. Hemsky can handle our 3rd line role IMO. We may be grateful we kept him if you look at our current bottom 6 forwards. btw...the total % I show is 50% chance he gets moved only. (watch now how some other team I did not mention trades for Ales Hemsky)

I have been told by a few different places to look into some other options for him to go to Vancouver, Minnesota or Anaheim. Not sure I can see that happening myself but can't say never.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's news & rumors

Blues send:

G Hannu Toivonen
D Danny Richmond

Blackhawks send:

G Joe Fallon


Panthers send:

D Jordan Leopold

Penguins send:

2nd round pick


Ducks send:

Evgeny Artyukhin 

Thrashers send:

Oystrick and a conditional pick in 2011.


Flames have re-signed Forward Matt Stajan to a 4 year deal worth 14 mil.

Stars have re-signed Forward Steve Ott to a 4 year deal worth 11.8 mil.

I expect the Oilers to make at least 3 moves before the deadline on Wednesday.

According to Senschirp Senators GM Bryan Murray no rpogress has been made in re-signing Defenseman Anton Volchenkov and is not ruling out a trade.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Daily Dose (Rumors and Oilers talk)


Quick question Oiler nation, who is your favourite Oiler? Please comment your answer.

Oilers notes: Oilers fans, guess what? Your next game is against the Calgary Flames, so someone will pick up 2 points. Just imagine what the Flames would feel like if they continued their losing streak with a loss against the Oilers. You know, the team that hasn't won a game in 2010? Maybe Lubomir will pull off something like this again Goal against the Flames.

Lubomir Visnovsky - According to Graig Woodburn of sports radio network the Boston Bruins are not willing to give the Thrashers what they want for Kovalchuk so they will pursue players like Alexei Ponikarovsky, Ray Whitney, Matt Cullen, and Lubomir Visnovsky instead.

Ilya Kovalchuk - According to Bob Mckenzie of TSN, he stated the the LA Kings are the front runners for Ilya Kovalchuk. Also, NHL Analyst Steve Kouleas was having a chat with Puck Daddy on the score television network and Steve suggested that if the Kings were to acquire Kovalchuk they would have to give up something like Alex Frolov, Jack Johnson, a young roster player/prospect and a 1st round draft choice like I suggested yesterday.

Ray Whitney - According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Ray Whitney may be the most sought after player in the NHL. If what Darren said is true, up to 10 teams have interest. He suggested the LA Kings, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators all have interest just to name a few.

Ethan Moreau - Whoever stated that 5 to 10 teams are interested in Ethan Moreau is full of crap.  Maybe a team or 2, but based on how he has played as of late, I can see why not many teams are interested.

Update on Moreau - I have seen rumors on various sites that the Ducks like Souray...well now it seems they are one of the few teams that like Moreau as well. We will have to wait and see how this all pans out. Moreau is currently a team worse -29 on beers and jeers points done by Smokin' Ray.

As always all comments are welcome!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Morning Rumor Update

Leafs shopping Mayers

- According to Darren Dreger of TSN, the Toronto Maple Leafs have given Forward Jamal Mayers and his agent permission to seek a trade out of Toronto, Leafs GM Brian Burke has made it clear to every NHL team that Jamal is available.

Trade winds continue to swirl

- Canadiens GM Bob Gainey was scouting last night at the Leafs/Kings game, it is believed that scouts for up to 10 different teams were taking in that game as well.

Ponikarovsky update

- Alexei Ponikarovsky's play as of late has been very solid and that is not going unnoticed, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins and Atlanta Thrashers have all shown interest.

"The Wizard" drawing interest

- The Boston Bruins and LA Kings have shown serious interest in Hurricanes Forward Ray Whitney don't be suprised if he is dealt before the olympic break.

King Kovy?

- Kovalchuk to the Kings is picking up, if Kovalchuk was to be dealt to the Kings it would take a package like Jack Johnson, Alex Frolov, a top prospect and a 1st round draft pick. Rich Hammond an LA Kings insider has confirmed that the 2 teams have held talks about the Russian superstar.

Hill-en to climb

- New York Islanders Defenseman Jack Hillen took an Ovechkin shot in the face yesterday night. He suffered broken jaw & damaged teeth; he had surgery last night and will be out the next 6-8 weeks.

Time for an Oil change

- The Edmonton Oilers are interested in Predators Goaltender Dan Ellis, I have heard the Predators really like O' Sullivan.

I will highlight sections involving the Oilers in BLUE from now on.

All comments are welcome! 


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Players Grades - Cult of Hockey - Oilers vs Penguins (1/14/10)

They played a great 40 minutes and that's fine and dandy, but why always blow a game in the 3rd? The last time the Pens came here the Oilers lost 4-2 in the same fashion.  The Oilers were up 2-0 after two periods and Boom! 4-2 final.  Deja Vu... well, except tonight's game was a 3-2 final.

The Bad Timing Penalty of the evening was the Ryan Stone hooking call in the 3rd.  That killed it for the Oilers.  The Penguins literally put their foot on the gas and took this game over.  Can the Oilers ever win a game? It's making you wonder.

The Cult of Hockey Grading System: 10-perfect game, 9 extraordinary, 8 great, 7 good, 6 above average, 5 average, 4 below average, 3 poor, 2 terrible, 1 deserves to be in minors.

#5 Ladislav Smid (4) - He was on for all three of the Penguins goals. Two were even strength and one was on the PK.  While he was trying to be a pest, he really didn't do anything and he in my opinion, sucked.  He had 2 giveaways and 4 blocked shots.  He can be way better than that.

#12 Robert Nilsson (8) - I really liked him tonight. He played a heck of a game even though he didn't score any points.  He was double shifted and was put out a lot and really earned his ice time (22:34).  He really does have an amazing talent and it's really nice to see him be consistent.  Tonight he was blocking shots (3), he was shooting the puck (4 shots), and best of all, he had 4 takeaways and only 1 giveaway.  That's impressive. 

#13 Andrew Cogliano (7) - I really wanted to give him an 8 because he was outstanding in this game, but he was on for both even strength goals against.  But how can you put much blame on him when he's out there with Moreau and Stortini?  He was played with both the 3rd and the 4th lines and some PK and PP time and did a great job.  He scores the first goal of the game on the PP and does it with O'Sullivan and Potulny.  Like I said, I liked him.

#16 Ryan Potulny (6) He played a decent game.  He had some good chances and had 4 shots on goal.   He blocked a couple of shots and was on the ice for both Oiler goals.  He plays a real structured game and that's taking him to the next level.

#18 Ethan Moreau (3) When you look at a player and you think to yourself, can he contribute and make a difference to this hockey club?  I don't think he can anymore.  He is a player that can't keep up.  Not only speed, but decision making as well.  One has to wonder if it's his eye injury that is still bothering him or maybe it's that fact that he's just getting older while the game is getting younger?  He seemed out of sync with his linemates and it showed as he has nothing on the stat sheet other than a -2. If the rumors are true, take any deal you can Tambo and pull the trigger with Anaheim.  Need New Captain!

#19 Patrick O'Sullivan (7) - He was outstanding tonight.  He had his head in the game and he made some great plays that led to two slick PP goals.  He was the driving force behind those Oiler goals.   The first goal he made a nice pass to Cogliano who scored and the second goal he took a shot and picked up his rebound, went to the half wall and passed it rink wide to Visnovsky who pounded it in.  If only he could do this for 82 games.

#22 JF Jacques (4) - He only played 6:27 and he did nothing.  No hitting, no getting people mad, nothing.  He just didn't have a centerman to play with and that may have been part of it.  If Horcoff had played, I bet he would have seen more ice time.  But still, 6:27 is long enough to register more than 1 hit and he failed to do that. 

#24 Steve Staios (6) - I actually had no problem with the way he played tonight.  He didn't do anything special, but he played hard and made decent puck choices.  He didn't get scored on and even tried being offensive for a minute or two with a good rush to the net.  Some games Staios looks slow and bench able, but tonight he was the opposite.  He was good.

#27 Dustin Penner (7) - The big guy was pretty good and played 22:03.  I liked his hustle and his willingness to bang and crash.  You know, bang bodies and crash the net (very Cam Neely like).  He was a force but just couldn't get a puck in the net.  He had 5 shots and had a glorious chance to score on a breakaway due to his hustle and speed.  That's right folks, a flying donair. I'm not sure why he just doesn't play center? Who knew he was so good at faceoffs?  He was 7W 2L for 78%.  As much as I like him with Gagner and Nilsson, he really needs to go back to playing with Brule.  The feed off each other and they both play better as a result.

#32 Ryan Stone (4) He was slotted for a 5 when he took the games Bad Timing Penalty and basically gave the momentum to the Pens.  His only real high point of the game was his chance he had but shot it right at Fleury for a no goal.  He was a non factor tonight.

#34 Fernando Pisani (5) - Not great game at all for Fernando.  He did do well on the PK so I won't knock him for that.  But other wise played an average game.

#37 Denis Grebeshkov (6) - While he did have one giveaway, that was it for errors for him.  I kept waiting for him to crack in this game and he didn't.  He played a smart and reliable game. 

#38 Jeff Deslauriers (N/A) - He was a bench warmer and did not play. 

#40 Devan Dubnyk (7) - While he was on the losing side of things, he did play a great first two periods.  He was stellar.  But once the Stanley Cup champs come flying, it's hard to stop them.  The last goal was a fluke and it always sucks for the goalies on those.  I was really impressed by the way he handled himself in this game.  I hope he gets more playing time as I think he will show us how good he can be. 

#43 Jason Strudwick (N/A) - With Horcoff going out due to sudden case of being violently ill and was sent home immediately, that meant Strudwick was in.  What I don't understand, why not play him with Stortini and Moreau?  Why have a guy sitting there when he could do a little 4th line duty?  Strudwick only played 2:38 as a defenseman and does not get ranked. 

#44 Sheldon Souray (5) - Big sexy was not great but was better than the last game.  He fired the puck a lot more tonight (he took 8 in total and 2 only hitting the net) which is good to see.  Those are hard shots and why not make the goalie/defenseman a little puck shy?  He had 2 hits and but had a team high of 3 giveaways.  Ouch!  This is two games in a row where he isn't the same guy he was a week ago.  He's lost the fire.  Maybe he does want out now via trade?

#46 Zack Stortini (4) - He had a nice wrap around chance but that was about it for the game for good stuff.  I would like to see some better suited line mates for him.  In his 10:28 of ice time, he managed to be -2, he had no hits and had a giveaway.  For what it's worth, he went 4W 1L for 80% on faceoffs.  I guess that's a positive. 

#71 Lubomir Visnovsky (7) - He scores the Oilers 2nd goal on the PP and picks up an assist on the first Oilers PP goal.  He was PP specialist.  It's just too bad he was bad 5 on 5.  He was burned along with Smid on the Penguins two even strength goals and that brought him down to a -2.  I did like his play though.

#77 Tom Gilbert (6) - He played an OK game.  He didn't really do much other than 4 blocked shots.  His low point was his 3 giveaways.  Not a good night in that department for him and Souray.  I've seen him better than he was tonight. 

#89 Sam Gagner (6) - He was flying around out there and gave it a good try.  He had 5 shots and did pretty good at the faceoffs going 10W 7L for 59%.  He would have won more but the Pens would get by all the Oilers and beat them to the puck.  He plays great with Nilsson and Penner but I don't think they are a #1 line.  Sam had an impotant role tonight and I don't think he disappointed.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Playoff Picks (Conference Finals)

Well. That last round made me look pretty dumb. All in all, there was some real good series played that last round. Wash/Pitts was awesome. Ducks/Wings also freaking great. And Bos/Car was intense right up till the last minute. Chicago beating the crap out of the Nucks was one of my favs. Wow! What a round indeed.

Well here is my picks for this round.

Chicago wins in 6
Pittsburgh wins in 6

There you have it folks. The winning picks

*Not for betting use. You may lose your money with these picks. I have.*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Playoff Picks (2nd Round)

Well folks. I did ok with my picks in the 1st round. The only series I was completely correct on was the Hawks/fLames. Either I'm good a guessing or really lucky but the only series I was completely wrong on was the Ducks/Sharks. So much for my pick of SJ in the finals.

According to the pool that I am in, I managed 8 points out of a possible 16. I need to get the amount of games right. On to round two...


Chicago beats Vancouver in 6

Anaheim beats Detroit in 6


Boston beats Carolina in 6

Washington beats Pittsburgh in 6


*fingers crossed*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What I Want in a Captain

For those of you that didn't like my comments about Ethan Moreau fighting with a visor should read this story about Sidney Crosby. This is great!

Here is the quote;

"Rumor has it that last night Savard challenged el Sid to a fight, but Savard wouldn't drop them as long as Sid had a visor on. Supposedly Sid went to the bench and unscrewed it from his helmet. Savard did nothing afterwards. Not sure if it's true (as this was told by a buddy of mine who works for the Pens) but it makes an interesting story if it is." -- Eric from Pa.
The incident referenced above between
Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Boston Bruins star center Marc Savard is now the stuff of hockey folklore. We've received about three dozen variations of this e-mail since the Penguins' 6-4 victory over the Bruins last Sunday.
The basic premise is the same: Savard challenged Crosby and talked smack about his visor; Crosby had it removed on the Penguins bench; and when he reengaged with Savard, the Bruins player didn't back up his words. Bangin Panger had, perhaps, the first and most complete telling of the tale, even if the Chuck Norris-level of toughness that would have been Crosby unscrewing his own visor for a fight was later reconsidered as inaccurate.
Now, Crosby isn't exactly known as a model of physical intimidation: His two altercations this season involved
jumping a guy after a face-off and punching another player in a sensitive area from behind. That history begged the question: Did this situation with Savard really happen?
The mainstream media in Boston and Pittsburgh didn't pursue the story for days, leaving some lingering doubt. That was until
Chris Kunitz, Crosby's linemate with the Penguins, went on Mark Madden's radio show on WXDX in Pittsburgh this week (.mp3) and was asked why Crosby removed his visor:
"I hear him and one of the other Boston players had some words after one of their goals, and then came back to the bench ... I didn't know whatever happened, if it was scratched or whatever. But I noticed the next shift he had it off and was letting the other player know he wasn't intimidated. I guess the guy made some kind of remark, and Sid went and took it off, and maybe challenged the guy a little. Obviously nothing had come about it, but obviously you see the heart and the grit that Sid has ..."
Yesterday on his blog, Madden added further clarity with a literal blow-by-blow of the Crosby/Savard Fight That Wasn't.

Madden said Crosby claimed he had a scratch on his visor, saying it with a broad smile. Here's how Madden claims things went down on Sunday:
Bruins center Marc Savard taunted Crosby after a Boston goal, and the taunting continued until both players neared their benches. Crosby challenged Savard to fight, and Savard responded: "Take off that [sissy] shield, and I'll be glad to."
So Crosby handed his helmet to equipment manager Dana Heinze and told him to remove the visor. Crosby took the ice for his next shift sans shield but Savard backed down, thereby looking like the [sissy] he accused Crosby of being.
Score one for Sid in the mind games department and cue a verbal beatdown for Savard, who took a brutal aural blistering from the Penguins bench throughout the rest of the afternoon (and no doubt lost a little respect in the eyes of his teammates when his bluff got called).
Madden writes that Crosby had the visor reattached during the first intermission.
Sure enough, Crosby was wearing the visor again when the Penguins scored an empty net goal to clinch the game."

That is freaking awesome. This brought up my respect level for Sid the Kid up to a whole new level. This is the kind of a captain that the Oilers need. Simply awesome...

And I apologize that this isn't 100% Oilers related. I just needed to share this.

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