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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Sifting through the Edmonton Oiler trade rumours"

With a trade just recently completed again by MacT, I figured a blog to discuss trade rumours would be interesting. Now these rumours I am about to post come from a variety of sources. Some are absolutely terrible and throw stuff out there hoping something will stick , while others are somewhat credible and yet a couple others have good merit. So before you read on, no need to crucify me and act like I am trying to get hits on this blog and throwing garbage to the wind. It is just tossing out rumours (and they are only that) and walking through even remote possibilities.

Here are rumours that have been floating around by over 15 sources in one way or another, just take it all with a grain of salt;

1)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner and Oscar Klefbom for Jack Johnson:
MY THOUGHTS: Scott Howson is the one who brought him to Columbus and has now returned with Edmonton. Don't be mistaken with the bad rap Scott got in Columbus. Most the players they have doing well and their current success has more to do with what Scott was putting together then the newly appointed President and new GM. The Blue Jackets do a great job in development of other d-men (See Jan Hedja) They also have bigger players so Gagner is not just another of the same kind of player. Fans are split on Jackson, some think he brings what we need while others think he is utterly terrible and slow. It's a mixed bag but I am one who thinks as a second pairing defensemen he would fit perfect into what we need but that is me.

Jack Johnson salary is about $4.36 million/year and after this year has 4 years left on his contract at that rate. He averages about 35-40 points a year on the back end. Is 6'1 and 231 pounds of bruising defensemen and is 27 years old. Gagner has about $4.8 million per year hit for the next 2 seasons, averages about 45 points per year playing in the top 6 for forwards. Stands 5'11 and is around 198 pounds. I actually think this trade could work well for CBJ as they get potential in a good draft pick that is developing and big with Klefbom but far from a NHL player yet. Gagner who could fit well if playing with bigger, heavier players on a team that is not all about run and gun hockey. Salary is a wash pretty much but if needed they can exchange a small deal in this to help send another player CBJ way and one more player with a additional 1 million extra to the Oilers. CBJ are close to the cap so it may need sweetened on that part. This deal could be something that could have some wheels if the parties both like it.  (P.S. I would rather keep Klefbom and throw in another player but he may be the player they want)

2)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky to the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs and/or the Columbus Blue Jackets.
MY THOUGHTS: Ales Hemsky is a $5 million salary and a UFA. That means he is a rental player but his next contract will likely be more in the 3.5-4 million mark. There is also discussion that Hemsky could be resigned, unless its a 2 year $3.25 million/year deal, the Oilers will not be wise to resign Hemsky. He is young enough still to serve on a few teams as a complimentary 2nd line player. I see Detroit as a good possible landing spot and/or CBJ. I do not see Hemsky a fit whatsoever in Toronto though. If they could trade Hemsky to Detroit I would push for Thomas Jurco or Martin Frk in the prospects department. We could use some higher skill forward prospects in the system.

3)RUMOUR: Gagner and Ryan Smyth, and defenseman Nick Schultz, are also on the trade block.
MY THOUGHTS:We already know Gagner's name is out there and with N.Schultz becoming a UFA at year end may be a great bet for a depth defenseman to a team looking to make a long playoff push. My best guess would be Chicago, Detroit,Anaheim, St.Louis, San Jose or Montreal. In regards to Smyth, unless he gets a opportunity with a team like Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago or San Jose I highly doubt he is moving. I think you are looking at Ryan playing out the year in Edmonton and maybe signing a 1 year contract for less then this years $2.25 million he finishes this year at.

4)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner. Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth are expected to be possibly moving out before the trade deadline day expires.  
MY THOUGHTS:From some reports there’s been no dialog between Craig MacTavish and Ryan Smyth. Those same reports say their belief is that Smyth wants one more crack with a winning team to see if he can win the Stanley Cup. They believe he’s still effective, at least in the offensive zone, so they expect his name will heat up as we get closer to the deadline. I am not so sure but see RUMOUR #3 re:Smyth thoughts.Re: Ales Hemsky see RUMOUR #2 thoughts.

5)RUMOUR:  The Oilers won’t take Kootenay forward Sam Reinhart (not big enough) in the draft if available
MY THOUGHTS:I take this inside rumour of information with a grain of salt. Before many fans start drilling me, you need to know the hockey world looks at Sam Reinhart as a player much in the same mold as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with Hockey IQ and his defensive awareness at the same age (not to mention his experience)is greater then what we got in RNH. He could make the perfect #2 Center on this team behind RNH and at 6'1 and 183 pounds is actual the same height as RNH but 5 pounds heavier at the same exact age. Not a big center but won't be a small one either.If the Oilers draft 2nd or third overall and Ekblad is gone, Reinhart will be their 2nd choice. They have the chance to give him a extra year in jr and if he shows continued promise could be ready in only a couple years. You don't pass on a player this high end and with incredible hockey IQ and skill for a lower chance % of a bigger size center or even a trade for a established roster player unless they are a long term contract fit and a top 6 forward to top 2 defenseman.IMO the Oilers won't be trading their #1 pick unless a top #2 defenseman is valuable in the trade.

6)RUMOUR: - The Edmonton Oilers are likely moving Sam Gagner
MY THOUGHTS:See Rumour #3 thoughts 

7)RUMOUR: Hemsky to Ottawa for Zack Smith
MY THOUGHTS:Mike Cammarelli is becoming a UFA and could be moved and it's known that he is a good friend of Spezza's so he is likely a better target. Ottawa needs to find a winger for Spezza so it is a possibility they could consider Hemsky. He has 3 more years on his contract at $1.9 million/year so Zach Smith could be a great fit moving forward as a 4th line center and good cap hit. Was a confirmed conversation last off-season but not sure why the deal didn't go further.

8)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner will find their name being tossed around by the Oilers.
MY THOUGHTS:Craig MacTavish is hoping to get a top-six forward, a top-four defenseman or a starting goalie in return for Gagner’s services, anything less and it's highly unlikely he makes a deal

9)RUMOUR:  Gagner for Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler or Dustin Byfuglien. 
MY THOUGHTS:With Mark Scheifele and Brian Little solidified at centre on the top two lines, Gagner would have to play on the wing in Winnipeg. Andrew Ladd has 2 more years at $4.4 million/year and is a big boy at 6'3 and 205 pounds. His salary is manageable for what he can bring to a top 6 in Edmonton and if available you would think that Edmonton would feel he could fit perfectly with what they are looking for. Personally I would move quite a bit to make this happen. Ladd brings more grit, size, skill and experience to a team that continues to go in that direction. Blake Wheeler is going nowhere and Dustin Byfuglien.has very little interest in Edmonton among Oilers brass IMO as he is a player in the Penner mood. Fans would eat him alive with complaints that he takes nights off. 

    10)RUMOUR: trade talk is happening between the New York Rangers and the Edmonton Oilers(players discussed are unknown)
      MY THOUGHTS:A report came out of New York speculating trade talk between the New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers sparked lots of considerable buzz in hockey circles. This could have been just a media spectacle finding something to write about but many various sources for some time have stated that Edmonton wants some size in a power forward and the Rangers would like to add some high end skill. Reports say Ryan Callahan but the guy while playing big (Like Andrew Ferance) is only 5'10 and 187 pounds. Not a player who you would think would be on the Oilers radar, not to mention he will be a UFA next year and is rumoured to be seeking 6-7 million/year on a new contract. The only two likely players of interest to the Oilers are Chris Kreider or Marc Staal. Neither one of those players would be likely available so chances are there is no deal to be made with the Rangers.

    11)RUMOUROilers will NOT trade 1st round pick unless they drop below top 3 picks in case Ekblad could be available to select.
    MY THOUGHTS:MacT has been on record as saying 'Ekblad is a right hand shot, Nurse is a left hand shot,that would make a pretty good pairing for years to come'. I would have to agree with MacT's statement and say, those 2 players are a incredible foundation to build a team on, for the next decade of hockey in Edmonton. MacT did not believe they even stood a chance of selecting in the top 3 in the 2014 NHL Entry draft but now that it's a 90% chance they select top 2, Ekblad can be had and in no way do I see them trading their #1 pick before the trade deadline or before they step up to the podium in June.

    12)RUMOUR: Yakupov and a top prospect defensman for LA Kings 1st round 2014 pick and Kyle Clifford
    MY THOUGHTS:Kyle makes just under $1.1 million/year and has 1 additional year on his contract and at 6'2, 209 pounds he is the big forward they may be looking forward. The Oilers have expressed interest in him before but his point totals do not show he is capable of playing top 6 so he would not be worth more then a top prospect out of Edmonton's system. That would mean Yakupov for the Kings mid round 1st round pick. What is the best that would be. 20th Overall? Not a chance there is anything to this rumour whatsoever.

    13)RUMOUR:The Oilers will likely trade Sam Gagner, with Nail Yakupov and/or Jordan Eberle possibly next in line if a deal presents himself.
    MY THOUGHTS:See RUMOUR#3 re:Gagner. Nail Yakupov could very well be on the block but there is no way he is traded unless equal or greater value is sent back and don't think that means his current value but his #1 overall value and potential to be a pure goal scorer as evidenced last year and in the KHL and jr. With Jordon Eberle, it's always possible but unless it's a top 3 big power forward with lots of contract or a top 2 d-man, Jordon is going nowhere.

14)RUMOUR: Ales Hemsky to Pittsburgh as rental player for a prospect forward
MY THOUGHTS:This could be a very legitimate rumour especially since Pascal is lost for the year and they already were going to look at picking up 1 more player at the trade deadline. Now with needing 2 players, Hemsky could be had if the price is right.For quite awhile it's been thought Ales may do well playing with Crosby. Being a UFA they can unload Hemsky if they don't want to resign him. On the other hand Hemsky's contract could still make this a difficult trade unless they eat some salary in this someway.

15)RUMOUR:Jon.Gibson and Davante.Smith-Pelly for Sam.Gagner and a 5th round pick
MY THOUGHTS:As unlikely as this sounds to some, this could be a trade that could make sense.Gibson is a highly touted goalie of the future(which the Oilers are still looking for in their system)and Smith-Pelly is a bigger power forward (in weight)who likes to throw his weight around and could be a long term potential fit if he can lift his game in the NHL to what was originally hoped. The last two years he has been floating in the system up and down but Anaheim is a tough team to crack. Not sure Anaheim does this deal but Gagner could fill a winger role where Selanne is likely retiring from next year.His size will not be a issue in Anaheim.

16)RUMOUR:Cam Ward to Edmonton
MY THOUGHTS:The Hurricanes and Oilers have denied that they talked about Cam Ward. Rutherford denies any interest in moving Ward but a Scrivens/Ward combo could be a nice blend in Edmonton to cover us for a few years while we develop a goalie in the system. With 2 more years and $6.3 million/year on his contract that might be too steep of a price to pay. The dollar figure tells me, the Oilers will not be interested in the slightest.

17)RUMOUR:Eberle + 1st 2014 for Weber + a prospect
MY THOUGHTS:This rumour keeps getting mentioned by MSM but from those closet to the organization Weber is going nowhere at no price as he is the face of the franchise. Unless the owner wants to drop salary and take a huge loss from his bonus, it's not happening.

18)RUMOUR:Oilers 2014 first round pick in a package deal with a roster defenseman for Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber and a roster player
MY THOUGHTS:see RUMOUR#17 thoughts

19)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner to the LA Kings
MY THOUGHTS:See RUMOUR#15The Kings could use some scoring and could look at pending UFAs in Matt Moulson, Thomas Vanek and Mike Cammalleri. Gagner could be an option, but he has two years left at $4.8 million, something the Kings may not be thrilled with. Some insiders think the Kings will go the rental route.
20)RUMOUR:From Ottawa, Methot, Craig.Anderson, Zach Smith, and a prospect (not Lazar) for Nail.Yakupov and the Oilers 1st round pick 2014 
MY THOUGHTS:So potentially the Oilers trade Nail Yakupov and Aaron Ekblad for a #1 Goalie, #4 d-man, #4 center and a prospect. Not likely even close unless that prospect is Lazar.

21)RUMOUR:Jon.Gibson+ Anaheim's 3rd round pick 2014 for Nail.Yakupov 
MY THOUGHTS:Not a chance they trade Nail Yakupov unless more is added or upped from this offer. Chances are this rumour is one just thrown out by MSM.

22)RUMOUR:Sam Gagner, Nail Yakupov & Kellen Jones to Toronto for Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, Connor Brown and Toronto's 1st round pick 2014
MY THOUGHTS:One Toronto source suggests that both teams are in need of a shakeup; and that Gagner and Kadri have been rumoured to be moved and are unhappy with their teams. He believes that the Leafs need more help in their top 6 forwards and Edmonton needs defensive depth; he believes the draft pick and prospects balance out the value gap that Yakupov has over Gardiner. I find this proposal utter nonsense and is not even close to a deal Edmonton would make. A mid round draft pick means nothing and Gardiner is another Justin Schultz style player. The Oilers don't need defensive depth they need top 2 d-men. Don't see a fit with a trade out of TO at all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

That Uneasy Feeling

I'm usually full of positivity and optimism when it comes to the start of the NHL season. But not this year for some reason. 

Maybe it's the lack of centers? Maybe it's those first goals that are scored on Dubey that are weak? Or maybe it's the fact we have yet another new coach, and I'm half assed expecting the same results as years past?

Whatever is troubling me, I want it to go away. 

I've been really happy with the play of the Hall line. They have been pretty good and I love seeing Hemsky and Smyth back together again. The strange part is Hall actually looks like he belongs with those two guys. It's uncanny. I'm just hoping this line doesn't stay together long. Smyth will peter out by game 20 and production will drop. I'm just hoping by then he's relegated to the third line by then. 

I've really like Anton Belov too. I was told by a friend that he looked like Boris Mironov out there, and he does. Except Belov looks more stronger and not so gangly looking. I'm excited to see him continue to develop. That was a hell of a signing by MacTavish. 

I'm very skeptical about having a couple of Eakins guys on the team like Hamilton and Acton. We're they better than the other guys who were cut? Marginally I'd say. Do they deserve a roster spot? That's still up in the air. 

I'm loving the Perron/Paajarvi trade. Oilers are loving Perron and the Blues are confused with Paajarvi. They know MPS needs more development, but what do you do with him? All the Oilers have to do is put Peron out with Eberle and you have magic. Oil clearly won this trade as of right now. 

There is lots to be excited about, I'm just having a hard time getting amped up for this season. The thrill is gone, and I want it back. 

How about you?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No More Tucked Jerseys? What The Hell?

It's the end of an era in the NHL. A rule has been passed, stating all players must wear coinciding uniforms. No player can have any gear showing except skates, gloves and helmets. That means, no more tucking of the jersey like many players do, including Ryan Smyth. 

This rule is one of the dumbest rules the NHL has ever enforced. If your jersey is tucked, you get an automatic two minute minor for delay of game. 

One such penalty was handed out tonight to the Columbus Blue Jackets player, Alexander Semin. 


I know that the tucked jersey didn't make Gretzky who he was, but it helped make him unique. Since when is it a crime to be a little different? 

Dumb rule NHL... dumb rule. 


Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Beginning That Lies Ahead

It's the beginning of the 2013/14 NHL season coming up, and the beloved Edmonton Oilers fans are starting to get giddy. Lots of speculation and opinions having been flying around for some time.

The latest story is the possibility of Sam Gagner as the next Oilers captain. If you've followed me, you'll know I was and am a huge Gagner supporter. I think he'd make a fantastic captain and he would be a good mediator between the different age groups. So if Sam Gagner is the next Oilers captain, I support that decision.

One scenario I'd like to see played out this year? I'd love to see Ryan Smyth wear the C for this last kick at the can. Captain Canada should have a C on his jersey before he retired. This is that chance.

Another story has been who replaces Ryan Nugent-Hopkins if he's not ready to return at the start of the season. Some speculation has Taylor Hall moving to center. That's easily doable for the fact that now with the addition of Linus Omark into the fold, the Oilers can still have the top 6 filled with goal scorers. Doesn't matter if it's Hemsky or Omark, the Oilers can fill the void.

I've also heard the possibility of Marc Arcobello will fill the void left by the RNH injury. He has experience playing with Eberle and Hall and that could be the way the Oilers start their season.

Although, what kind of message does that send to a player? Right now, good enough to play on the first line, but the minute RNH comes back, back to the OKC Barons for Arcobello. I wouldn't want to have to make that decision.

Will the Oilers have three scoring lines? I'd hope not, but it's looking more and more like that's going to happen. It's very possible that we will see a Omark/Gordon/Hemsky line. I just can't imagine a 3rd line as a checking line with Ales Hemsky and Linus Omark on it. Can you?

Of course a top discussion was, will Oscar Klefbom make the team straight out of training camp? The Oilers are very high on him and it's very possible he's a final candidate for the 6th and 7th spot. I'd personally, if he's not quite there, send him down to OKC and let him play big minutes and develop his skill. That decision never hurts the player.

The YoungStars tournament starts in a couple days. I'm excited to see these kids and see what they can do. Lots of new faces and I'm hoping the Oilers show them via webcast like the previous years. Should be fun to watch.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'A closer look into the Oilers Bottom 6 forwards'

There has been lots of talk about Edmonton's bottom 6, but as it currently sits with Hemsky still in the mix, I don't quite see it as bad as others might. When you look further around the league most good teams spend very little on those bottom 6 and too much IMO is made of the bottom 6. It has been mentioned our bottom 6 was the scoring problem last year. I agree, they lacked scoring ability last year but our second line struggled as well. I do feel strongly that Perron will make a huge impact on that 2nd line with puck possession ability and relentless forechecking.

Taking a look here at the Oilers VS others teams bottom 6, I feel much better about our ability to produce this year. 

Ryan Jones- Boyd Gordon- Ales Hemsky
Ryan Smyth- Anton Lander- Jesse Joensuu/Mike Brown



San Jose



Conacher - Zibanejad - Condra
Greening - Smith - Neil

Tampa Bay

This list could go on but very few teams actually have a incredible bottom 6 forward core. Nothing earth shattering here but nonetheless maybe its time to relax on picking apart our bottom 6 forwards and focus in on other others for growth and improvement. IMO, Edmonton has always been more focused on bottom 6 forwards then most teams fans in this league. Just a thought to ponder through a real slow summer.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ryan Smyth's Last Game?

Tonight very well could be Ryan Smyth's last game wearing the Edmonton Oilers colors as a player in the NHL. Even with one more year left on his deal, the growing consensus is Smyth will/should be pushed into retirement at some point this summer.

If this does happen, I have no doubt #94 will be given a job within the Oilers organization. He's been a true blue Oiler and I can't see him going anywhere else.

I hope you, much like I'm going to, enjoy this very last look at the heart and soul of the old Edmonton Oilers.

Goodbye Ryan Smyth. It's been an awesome ride...


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Oilers Hockey Battle at Hawrelak Park

On twitter right now, Oilers hotshots Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall are talking trash about setting up a shinny game for 4pm today at Hawrelak park. I can only Imagine this will draw a fairly large crowd. They have mentioned names like Nail Yakupov, Ryan Whitney, Nugent-Hopkins and newcomer Justin Schultz participating. We can only imagine most of the team showing up to play in this "unorganized" pick up game.

So if your not busy today around 4pm, head down to Hawrelak park and snap some photos. Your going to experience what hockey is all about. Just pure, fun hockey. Wish I could be there.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Edmonton Oilers Free Agent Day Updates

Throughout the day I'll be posting any deals that the Oilers can make. Check back often as I update this page when news happens.

RYAN SMYTH signs a 2 year deal worth $2.25 million a year.

YANN DANIS signs a 1 year deal.

DARCY HORDICHUK signs a 1 year deal for $850,000.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Does He Feel Right Now? A Year Later

It's no secret to Oiler fans on how and why Ryan Smyth became an Oiler for the second time in his career last year. He asked the LA Kings for a trade to Edmonton.

He simply wanted to come "home".

Now that his former team is one win away from winning the greatest championship a professional player could ever win (IMHO), how does he feel now about his decision now? Any regrets?

It would probably bug me to death watching my former teammates win the Stanley Cup without me, especially if you have never won before. I couldn't imagine how crushing that would feel.

I feel bad for Ryan Smyth. I really do. His former team will win the cup, and his current team finished 2nd to last in the league.

Bottom line, it was his choice to come back, but it still sucks to have to watch this.

Who knows... maybe he's not even tuning in?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Edmonton Oilers On The Move?

Going by what I'm hearing on the radio and websites, there us a good possibility that some of the Oiler players will be on the move from now till the NHL trade deadline.

Bob Stauffer says that Ryan Smyth's agent is in Columbus today talking with Steve Tambellini. It could be about an extension or it could be about moving him to a cup contender and seeing him return to the Oilers in the summer. This late in his career it would be nice to see Smyth hoist the Stanley Cup. While it may not happen, there is that distinct possibility it will.

It's no secret that Ales Hemsky could be on the move as well. He's a free agent this summer and if Tambellini is smart, you don't let him walk for nothing. If Hemsky doesn't want an extension, he will be moved.

Sam Gagner has been very good lately and that could be reason enough to move him. I would think he's at his highest value right now. If the Oilers don't want to keep Gagner for the long term, now might be the best time to get max value for him. Me personally, I'd keep him.

Can the Oilers get anything for Nik Khabibulin? Possibly. Not sure how legit it is, but rumor has it Tampa Bay might want him back. He's been pretty good this year, but good enough a team wants him? Wait and see.

It also sounds like the Oilers might want to move Andy Sutton. He's a good teammate, but it's not looking like he's part if the future in Oil country. Possibility that he's traded soon too.

What will the Oilers get done and who's on the move? Stay tuned to

-Written by Smokin' Ray Burnt-

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Real Wild One! The Oilers Lose In Fashion. Again

What a game that was!

I was absolutely blown away that this team lost yet another game after winning nearly the entire game. I'm not going to pick apart the game (there is enough blogs that do that already), but I am going to talk about what I liked.

- The kid line has been a thrill to watch. They buzz all over and created chances like no other. As they get older and wiser, these three are going to score at will. Oiler fans are lucky to have them wear the blue and orange.

- The crowd was buzzing right from the get go. Every play, every pass, they were on the edge of their seats and were loud. That was one of the best crowd responses I have heard in a long time. Well, except for the booing of Dany Heatley. That was rather annoying.

- Belanger and Horcoff were once again studs on the faceoffs. Horcoff was 50% and Belanger was 67%. Lander was also pretty good too at 46%.

- Andy Sutton and Ladislav Smid had 4 hits each. Big bodies banging the opposition is never a bad thing.

- Paajarvi, Smyth and Eberle each took 4 shots on goal.

- Ryan Jones scored the only goal for the Oil and was setup by Ryan Smyth. Beauty pass for a nice tip in goal or as I called it, 'the give and flow'. I didn't think those two would have chemistry. I was wrong. Now only if they could convince Horcoff to grow a mullet.

- Smid blocked 5 shots. FIVE! That was the team high tonight.

-Horcoff was a takeaway machine. He did it three times.

- Anton Lander impressed me. He took a beating and kept on going. He was on his game for sure. He played like he wants to stay.


Ladislav Smid
Ryan Smyth
Nik Khabibulin (up until the tying goal)
Tom Gilbert
Shawn Horcoff
Ryan Jones
The kid line
Anton Lander


Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

With the kids jingle belling...

Nah, screw that! It's hockey season once again folks! Not just the beginning of the 2011-12 NHL season (which was a few days ago now), but more importantly, Oilers hockey season!

So... What's changed in the world since 2010-11?

Firstly, a new look: As soon as I saw Ryan Nugent-Hopkins pull on a vintage Oilers road jersey (albeit with the Reebok EDGE style collar), I knew one thing was certain: we'd OFFICIALLY dumped the Midnight Blue & Copper colours. Thank God we have, I hated them! The Oilers website looks fresh, it looks good, and it's got all the Blue & Orange touches I could ever dream of! The wallpapers there are also excellent. If you've not seen it, I recommend you go to the Oilers website (no link provision necessary) and download Marcel Schoenhardt's Taylor Hall wallpaper - it's bitchin'!

Secondly, a re-hashed line-up. I think the Oilers franchise made some very good off-season acquisitions, headlined by the "Return of #94", the one and only, Ryan Smyth! (acquired from LA for Colin "Crap" Fraser) Smytty's EXACTLY what this franchise needs right now - a leader (and I don't mean Horcoff) who can show these blossoming kids (Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi, Omark, Nugent-Hopkins etc...) exactly what it means to be an Oiler and play in front of these Diehard* fans.

*Pay close attention to that word, "Diehard", I'll be using it again towards the end of the blog...

We also made a excellent move by acquiring Éric Bélanger (accentuated name and all) from free agency; because, let's face it, the Oilers have stunk at winning draws in the faceoff circle for the last 5 years or so... There's also Ben "Hothead" Eager flanking our 4th line LW and new D's "BIG... Did I say BIGGGGGG?" Andy Sutton (acquired from ANA for Kurtis Foster) and Cam "trying to get my career back on track" Barker shoring up the Oilers blueline. I still think we're missing a top-end D-Man to pair with Ryan Whitney (when he returns from injury), but maybe he's there just waiting to be discovered in Oklahoma City, or Prince George, perhaps?

Whilst keeping within the same point, we're going the other way now with new additions that have come in the form of people like Anton Lander (very excited to see what he's going to do for us), who solidly edged out Gilbert "Bye, have fun in OKC!" Brulé from the Oilers roster, Lennart Petrell (excellent PK guy - he's a bit of a bitch for having a clause in his contract which states "If I don't play NHL, I'm going home to Finland..." My retort: "Grow up, you fucking child!"), Jeff Petry, I had said around various other websites he'd get an NHL job this season and Corey Potter, who's a bit of a dark horse, but had an excellent showing throughout camp, Potter's a necessity for us right now, because of our defensive injury crisis (Already!? Yes, already!) and finally... Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who'll get his 9 games this season for sure, will he get anymore? You're damn right he will! Not only can he find the back of the net, but he's an unselfish playmaker too, who'll have no problem finding a Hall or an Eberle in the right spot waiting to slot it home.

Although it's exciting to see how RNH handles his 1st NHL season, what REALLY excites me is Taylor Hall, he's the true Oilers franchise player. In 10 years time, if you're asked to name an Edmonton Oilers player straight off the top of your head, the first name you think of should be Taylor Hall, because he's this generation's Mark Messier; the embodiment of hard-work, leadership and having the ability to take charge and change a whole game at the snap of his fingers. (Remember Hall's first NHL hat trick when we played Atlanta? That's exactly what I'm talking about!)

Thirdly, not really Oilers-related, but kind of is; my wife is pregnant again with her 3rd (my 2nd) child - a girl, who we're going to name "Jasmine Leah Jericho". She's due in early February 2012, but she'll likely arrive sooner like her older sister (Alexa) did. Another Oilers fan in the world is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing!

Right... It's now time for some plugs:

I haven't designed any artwork for a while, but I'm waiting on some decent media to come my way, before I get started. I have, however, changed my Twitter handle. I can now be found HERE.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Season Starts Tonight! But Not For The Oilers...

With the brand new NHL season getting started tonight, us Oiler fans will have to sit and wait till Sunday. Boooooo!

But until the game starts, we let our minds wander and we drive ourselves crazy with anticipation. What lines will Renney run? Who starts in net? Will Smid be back from his injury? Will the Oilers acquire another Defencemen?

Let's take a look.





Not sure I agree with this at all. I'd rather have Belanger and Lander switched. I just don't see Belanger as a #2 guy and Lander could really use some quality line mates like Smyth and Eberle.

I'd probably switch Eberle and Hemsky too.  Can't resist a Smyth/Hemsky combo can you?



Hall - RNH - Eberle
Gilbert - Petry

Smyth - Lander - Hemsky
Barker - Omark or Paajarvi



- There is talk going around that the Toronto Maple Leafs are interested in Sam Gagner.  Not sure how much truth there is on this, but Sportsnet analyst Doug McLean said today on the radio that he was asked about Gagner by some Leaf management the other day and he thought it was strange.  So there is legs to this story.  No word if the Oilers would actually deal Gagner for a defenceman.

- As of right now the Oilers have not claimed a defenceman off of waivers, so expect more rumors to be flowing more and more as the days go by.

- Ladislav Smid has not been put on injured reserve and that's a good sign. Same goes for Taylor Chorney.  With both of those two returning in the future, the Oilers won't have to make a deal for a defenceman, even though they should.

- Taylor Fedun, Ryan Whitney, Ben Eager and Sam Gagner are all on the injured reserve list.

- After a good preseason, there's no doubt that I'd roll with Devan Dubnyk for the first game.  He deserves a shot to run with this team. He looks ready.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Video Of Steve Tambellini Talking About Ryan Smyth

In case you missed this, I thought I would post it here.

Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini talks about the Ryan Smyth trade.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gilbert Brule... So Now What?

It wasn't a secret that Gilbert Brule was in the original deal for Ryan Smyth a few days ago. Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie broke the news and for those two days, that - other than the draft stuff of course - is all we heard. Smyth for Brule and a 4th. Then it was for Brule and a 5th. Then back to a 4th. But finally today, the deal ended up Fraser and a 7th. Glad that's over.

Turns out, the Kings would have done the deal yesterday, for just the 7th round pick and no roster player, but the Oilers obviously made it clear that they wanted to dump a little salary in this deal. Fair enough I suppose. With taking a huge contract in Smyth that does add some cash to the expense account. But the Oilers are not a cap team right now, so why worry about a dump today?

Brule now knows how the Oilers feel about him now and I'd be surprised if he's "all good" with how this all played out. I'd be a little pissy too. Wouldn't you, knowing the team you play for, was willing to dump you to a team that is going to buy you out or stick on the AHL? Ouch!

How hurt are his feelings? Can he look past all this and move on?

I have no idea. This story isn't over.


Ryan Smyth Is Home! The Mullet Returns

I have this sense of relief that I haven't felt in a very long time. My favorite Oiler (next to Messier and McSorely) Ryan Smyth is once again back in Edmonton. Sounds nice eh? Indeed it does...

Smyth will help the young Oilers like no other person could. He's going to show them what it takes to be an Oiler. What it takes to be the best. We have our leader back and it's about damn time! All is well in Oil Country.

On a side note. Sad to see Colin Fraser go. He was a decent player for us but just never worked out like planned. I wish him luck in the future as I have no idea if the Kings will buy him out or not.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Sheldon Souray or Ryan Smyth?

Now that buyout time is on us, one has to wonder why the Oilers have yet to make a move on Sheldon Souray. They will have to put him on waivers and after that if no other team claims him, he can be bought out. But that hasn't happened yet. Why not?

The salary cap is going up for next season and the Oilers do need to add some salary to the payroll to make the cap floor. Souray, if willing to play here, can fill the cap void. Maybe that's why the Oilers have yet to buy him out?

Word today from Bob McKenzie is that Ryan Smyth has told the Kings that he would like to play in Edmonton next year. If a trade can be done, he wants to come home. HOLY CRAP!!! I'd take him in a heartbeat. No questions asked. Smyth is everything an Oiler should be.

Smyth back in Etown would bring the cap up by $6.5 million next season and would make the cap restrictions all better again. He has 1 year left on his current deal.

If the Smyth trade can happen, then see ya Souray. If not, it's damn possible #44 is back on the blueline next season. Ugh! BRING BACK SMYTH!!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Hair Love Affair / The Two Ryan's

If you follow Ryan Jones on twitter, it's no secret the guy loves his "flow". Since the first day of tweeting, he's been talking non stop about his and other peoples hair. Last night versus the LA Kings, he had a short conversation with former Oilers player Ryan Smyth during a faceoff.

This is what Jones said today on twitter, "Ryan Smyth told me I had to sick hair at a faceoff yesterday. I told him I was trying to copy him from the old days. He said "Its better!"".

Haha! How awesome! Two dudes lovin'the flow during a game.

While I think it's cool that Jones has that wicked long flocks hanging out of his lid, nothing compares to the rockin' mullet that Ryan Smyth used to sport with the Oil. The mullet is classic.

I miss the mullet.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oilers Jambalaya / Random Thoughts, Not The Website

This (Oilers Jambalaya - The Random Stuff) is a column that I started when this little blog started up. I only did it a few times (but I liked it) and it kind of faded away for some reason. But what the hell? It's back.

Mmmmmm.... Jambalaya

Oilers Rookie Development Camp is going on right now down at the Clareview Arena till Friday. It goes from 10:00am till 12:00pm. The place gets packed so if you are going, go early. For all the latest news and info regarding the camp, stay tuned to Oilers Jambalaya. Plus we will have a special fans report from guest writer Steve Schulte a little later in the day plus the LIVE tweets from

Magnus Paajarvi Interview From Today

Khabibulin had his court case postponed today. It appears the courts were to busy to proceed with his trial or something like that. It has been rescheduled for 2 weeks from now. If convicted, he could spend up to 30 days in jail. With a delay and other court procedures, it's possible that Khabi might miss training camp if he does have to do the whole 30 days and this does drag out longer. I would expect him to try and plea bargain.

Taylor Hall's number. What is taking so long to decide? I really do think he really waiting for #44 to get traded. I mean, become available. I hope not, it's cursed. He did say a few days ago that he would think about possibly taking either 44 or 91. God I hope he takes 91 (my choice for him is #84. He could easily be the greatest #84 in the history of the NHL) instead of the 44. *fingers crossed*

That rumor that TSN's Ryan Rishaug started is quite the conversation piece today. He thinks that if the Kings land Ilya Kovalchuk (still possible), they might be willing to part with Ryan Smyth. Souray for Smyth is what he suggested. I'll be honest, I'd make that trade right now. I would even include Cogliano. I would love nothing more than to see Ryan come back and be the mentor for the kids and finally wear the captain's C. He deserved it years ago and I believe he has a lot left in that tank of his. BRING BACK SMYTH!

Wow! The Oilers seem hell bent to have some experienced guys down in Oklahoma City for next season. They have been spending money for OKC Barons like crazy and they have only picked up a few guys so far. Just paying Alex Giroux $500,000 and $225,00 for Brad Moran is whacked out. Three quarters of a million dollars for two guys. If only I could hang out with Katz for a day. He must have $10 dollar bills in the bathroom for toilet paper. Unbelievable amounts of wasted money! I hope for the OKC Barons fans sake, these veteran AHL players are worth the cash. Defenceman Jake Taylor was also signed recently for the Barons.

I'm starting to think that Bob Funk jr. and the Barons have no say in the "hockey operations" department. It appears like the Oilers are sorting out their own problems first without considering the fact that the Barons are new and the fans were hungry for anything related to the team. Yes I did say were. The excitement is over. I don't know what they have in store next, but you couldn't beat the hype that a couple of bloggers (OilFieldHockey/CopperandBlue/OilersJambalaya) created a while back. As of this moment they are looking to sell seasons tickets. They do pay for a sponsored link on google to be found.

So here are my questions to the OKC Barons. Why is it taking sooooooooo long to pick the name the mascot winner? (My suggestion was Edmond Von Derrick) Where is your GM? (He's important to build a team) Where is your Head Coach (Kelly Buchberger??) and his Assistants? Where is your pump-up on Twitter and other social media? Where is the fan involvement? How about another live chat?

I have asked the Stockton Thunder if there has been any progress on if they will resign with the Oilers, as their current agreement is expired. So far they tell me they are working on it and they would love to still be apart of the Oilers family. I really hope they continue being apart of the Oilers organization because here at Oilers Jambalaya, we are going to ramp up our coverage of the Stockton Thunder starting this season. So I will keep you posted if an agreement is reached. We hope so.

**Cool new changes at Oilers Jambalaya and over at are coming soon.
We can't wait for next year to start!

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ryan Smyth Traded...

As per TSN, Ryan Smyth was traded to the LA Kings. For who? Not sure yet. (EDIT:for D Kyle Quincey, D Tom Priessing and a 5th round pick)
The big question should be is why not to the Oilers? Why can't Tambo get on the horse and get moving? What did Dany Heatley say to you that has made you put on the HeaterGoggles™?

Damn! I really want to wear my Smytty jersey again. *sigh* But once again another deal is done, and it's not the Oilers. :(

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