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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Oklahoma City Barons Today / Starting To Shape Up

Today we take (another) a look at the Oklahoma City Barons and where they stand right now. Things are really starting to take shape and I figured we should revisit the Barons. Steve Tambellini has been doing a credible job at creating a proper structure in OKC and they are progressing quite nicely.

AFFILIATE TEAM: Edmonton Oilers
ASSISTANT GM: ???? (guessing Pat Quinn?)
HEAD COACH: Todd Nelson
TRAINER: Brandon Dionne



*subject to change


C - Ryan O'Marra
C - Chris Vande Velde
C - Brad Moran
C - Teemu Hartikainen
C - Milan Kytnar

LW - Linus Omark
LW - Liam Reddox
LW - Alexandre Giroux
LW - Gregory Stewart
LW- Phillipe Cornet
LW - Matt Marquart (probably will play with the Stockton Thunder)

RW - Magnus Paajarvi/Jordan Eberle (projecting that one of the two will be in OKC)
RW - Colin MacDonald
RW - Ben Ondrus


Shawn Belle
Richard Petoit
Jake Taylor
Alex Plante
Jeff Petry
Johan Motin
Jordan Bendfield
Taylor Chorney (possible OKC player)
Theo Peckham (possible OKC player)


Bryan Pitton
Backup or #1 ????

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Oklahoma City Barons (AHL) / The Whirl Wind 2 Weeks

What a messed up and wacky two weeks that was.

It all started with a message from to me saying that he heard the new AHL team was going to be called the Oklahoma City Barons. (I had guessed the Oil Barons) He said it was from a good source and he really thought it was legit. We decided to wait on it (and not look stupid) and sure enough two days later, out of the blue, this tweet came out.

Seeing that made us believe that this had some real legs. We decided to go ahead and float the idea out there and see what happens.

Next thing you know, the Copper& and OFH had found some logos for the Barons.

Well that really sold us. That's it! In our minds, the Barons were going to happen no doubt about it and most people believed as well.

Then once Prodigal Hockey had announced that there was going to be a press conference on the 19th, the buzz made a bigger noise.

So with time until the PC, I had a lot of time to analyze those logos. I figured out how the layout would go and I assumed (and was right) that the Barons would use the Oilers jersey design. So I made a terrible photoshop version of my concept. I really can't believe how close I was. They should give me a free jersey just for guessing it correctly! *nudge, nudge*

On May 16th, things went from confidant that they would be the Barons, to what is going on? Bisons shirts? Logos being Trademarked? Bisons. Twisters. Roughnecks. It was nuts!

Even through all that, I still had that feeling it was the Barons and this was just Prodigal Hockey trying to mess us up. I mean really... I had to be. I changed my banner and committed to the Barons and I wasn't turning back now.

Then finally the big day arrived. OFH was prepared and set to be at the Cox Convention Center for the big reveal. I was manning the TweetCast back here in Alberta.

The day went by so quick and the excitement level was really high. I'm sure all the people enjoyed their time down at the presser. I did enjoyed myself and I wasn't even there.

After all the commotion was over, Bob Funk Jr. and Kevin Lowe took the time to answer our questions and we all had a great time reading all the different responses. (very cool that they had those two answering our questions)

One thing I did learn from Prodigal Hockey and the OKC Barons tonight, they loved the fact that we (OFH and OJ) helped create the buzz that they so desperately needed. The respected the fact that we worked hard trying to find the real scoop on this team. I think they now have the same admiration for us as we have for them. I like them. This should be a nice friendship. 

Thanks for bringing the OKC Barons into our lives Prodigal Hockey. You already have changed a lot of lives. Mine included.

Let me tell you, after all the constant digging and searching for the past two weeks, it felt good to post this. It felt like forever.

Welcome to the Oilers family Oklahoma City Barons & Prodigal Hockey.

-Written by Smokin' Ray from Oilers Jambalaya-

IT'S OFFICIAL! The Oklahoma City Barons are the new AHL affiliate for the Edmonton Oilers

We here at Oilers Jambalaya and are finally happy to welcome FOR REAL, the Oklahoma City Barons to the Oilers family.

Thanks to those that followed the madness.

Prodigal Hockey Announces The New Team / LIVE **TweetCast** at 3:00pm MST

Welcome to this very special LIVE *TweetCast* of the official unveiling from Prodigal Hockey for their new AHL hockey team In Oklahoma City. is down at the Cox Convention Center today for the Official announcement of the new Edmonton Oilers AHL affiliate... THE OKLAHOMA CITY ???

Well, we don't know the name yet, but we do (and still) believe it will be the Barons.

You will see LIVE tweets from OilFieldHockey, ProdigalHockey, NHL_Oilers, OilersJambalaya, DanTencer, AHLBarons, & the OKC_Barons.

What name is it going to be? Barons? Bisons? Roughnecks? Twisters?

What colors are the jerseys?

Who's the special guest(s) that OilFieldHockey have confirmed that will be there? All these questions that we have had for months will be answered at 3:00pm MST/4:00 CST.

Tune in right here for the LIVE event. You don't want to miss this!

Barons it will be

This banner is from the AHL's website, and was found looking up the Team Directory information. And it was suspected that the other names were nothing more then just a smoke screen by Prodigal.

Here is Proof:

More Logos Found / OKCTwisters and OKCBison

Here are some more logos found.
Bisons logo

Twisters Logo

-Written by Smokin' Ray at Oilers Jambalaya-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oklahoma City Roughnecks / New Logos

Oilers Jambalaya FOUND SOMETHING!!! New Logos have showed up today. Here they are.

And the plot thickens...

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

Sunday, May 16, 2010

OKC Barons, Bisons, Roughnecks? Hold The Phone, I'm Confused

Hmmm... A few things have come to my attention today.

First, Derek Zona at had this to say today. CLICK HERE

Interesting isn't it? So it appears the team could be called the OKC Roughnecks. Hmmm...

Then I received this in my email inbox. CLICK HERE

The OKC Bisons!? What the hell right? Now you see why I'm so confused?

So, it could be the Roughnecks and it could be the Bisons or... it could just still be the Barons. If you ask me, I think all this leak stuff is a sham. It's going to be the Barons. It has to be.

There is no other logo's made (that we can find). And according to, the jersey's are made because they are giving one away at the Press Conference. So I don't buy the Bison or the Roughnecks leaks. There would be more "stuff" out there for us to find. No?

I suppose on the 19th, we will find out for sure. I guess this makes the and the Oilers Jambalaya LIVE TweetCast that more important to view.

On a side note: If it's not the Barons, I'm going to have to build a new header for the site. I kind of jumped the gun a little. lol

-Smokin' Ray-

Prodigal Hockey Announces The Oklahoma City Barons On May 19th

On May 19/10 at 4:00pm Central time (3:00pm MST), both Oilers Jambalaya and are going to have the LIVE TweetCast of the Prodigal Hockey Press Conference on their respective sites.

Prodigal Hockey is finally set to reveal the new Edmonton Oilers AHL affiliate, the Oklahoma City Barons and we are going to be there to cover it. will provide the in person media coverage and photo's of the event in OKC, while Oilers Jambalaya will be running the LIVE TweetCast for your reading pleasure.

OFH has some tricks up his sleeves and you don't want to miss this. Stay tuned for more details.


**Just another epic moment brought to you by Oilers Jambalaya and Who are you reading?**

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oklahoma City Barons / New Uniforms and Mascot?

Now, I am impatient man and I hate to wait. So with my crappy photoshop techniques and a few bad idea's, I came up with what I think the uniforms may look like.

There has been lots of talk over at the message boards and other sites that the OKC Barons will only pick one of the three logos that were trademarked. I think that's wrong. A company like Prodigal Hockey wouldn't spend money trademarking logos if they weren't going to be used. That means in my opinion, all three of the discovered logos WILL be used.

Here is where I think all three logos will be used.

Here is what I think the helmets will look like.

Before you say anything, yes I know they are bad pictures. I'm just trying to show a concept of what they might look like.

Do you guys agree or disagree with what I came up with? Let me know.


On a side note, the Oklahoma City Barons should employ former coach Doug Sauter. He does resemble a baron doesn't he? Maybe he could be the new OKC Barons mascot? Just sayin'...

Prodigal Hockey and the Oklahoma City Barons

Almost 3 months after Prodigal and Edmonton announced that the AHL would be coming to Oklahoma City for the 2010-11 season. They are set to "Officially" announce the Barons as the new AHL team for Oklahoma City. There has been talk that Prodigal has dropped the ball on keeping the excitement going, and fans engaged leading up to the announcement. Even during the Thunder's playoff run against the "World Champion" Lakers.

"The Pipeline" segment on their website is designed to keep fans updated with the latest happenings. But it was less then a month between entries from anyone at Prodigal, and no Twitter updates before the announcement of the press conference. And only after the blog post of the Barons logo's (note: Which were freely available on US Govt's Trademark Search Site) here on, along with Derek over at Prodigal has seemed to come alive with several Twitter updates, and another posting on "The Pipeline" on Friday.

The chatter on local message boards, about season ticket holders asking the same question over and over again. And they kept getting the same answer "we're waiting on a jersey to be completed, before we announce anything." There was no "They're Coming!", or a Countdown to keep fans excited about Hockey returning here after a season of transition.


Smokin' Ray Says: After months of waiting, it took plus that mysterious OKC_Barons Twitter account to get the ball rolling. We finally know what is to us, the worst kept secret. It just would have been nice if Prodigal was the one to spill the beans. But, they need to be quicker than that.

WELCOME TO THE OILOGOSPHERE PRODGIAL! We are relentless and we never give up digging.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Oklahoma City Barons (AHL) / How It All Happened

Well, as an Edmonton Oiler fan and a fan of the kids in the AHL, it's sure has been an exciting couple of days around here. Scott over at has done some great work digging up the dirt on the new AHL team in Oklahoma City. Let's recap on what happened.

It all started with this mysterious tweet from @OKC_Barons, "YOU HEARD IT HERE 1st: The Oklahoma City Barons will be the new Edmonton #Oilers AHL affiliate starting in the 2010/11 season. #AHL #OKC".

That sent the sleuth over at to investigate it further. There has been grumbling about the Barons name for a while in Oklahoma City and I had disussed this with Scott before. So when this came out, I believed it was possible. It had legs.

As the tweets kept flowing this morning from OKC_Barons, it made things more real. This whole OKC Barons name is looking legit. But it really didn't get that for sure feeling until discovered two logos at the trademark registry this morning and Derek Zona at the found the third one. (Those two guys are awesome!)

I have to admit. I like the logos. They tie into the Oilers theme well and it appears that the OKC Barons will wear the Edmonton Oilers colors. I can't wait to see the uniforms on them.

A little later in the day, an account called AHLBarons which I looked at this morning, and I was the only follower, became active all of the sudden. They even retweeted one of my tweets about the Barons. I thought that was really cool that they included me. I don't know who you are, but thanks.

So logo's were placed and people started following that account and I guess we will see what comes of it. I personally don't think either of them are the official team accounts, but I don't care. I'll follow both anyways, I'm a nerd for news and information. lol

Later on today at around 6:00pm MST, that same OKC_Barons account laid out another tweet. It said this, "An official announcement by Mr. Bob Funk will be coming soon. Oklahoma City is very proud to be an affiliate with the Edmonton #Oilers. #OKC"

Low and behold a ProdigalHockey twitter account was created and they started tweeting too. They spit this out at about 9:00pm MST, "Official announcement of name & logo for #Oilers new #AHL team May 19 at 4 p.m. in NE Lobby of Cox Center in #OKC. "

This is a legitimate twitter account. Prodigal Hockey runs the Barons and the twitter page even claims that they are official. Trust me. I believe it.

My big question is, how did the OKC_Barons account know that a press conference was about to be announced without some sort of inside information? I'm very curious about that account. Keep an eye on it.

So that's where we're at now. We know the name of the team. We know the logo's of the team. And I'm sure it's clear on what colors they will use. I guess all we can do is wait till the press conference to see what else is said.

Stay tuned for more updates. With no Oilers in the news, this is pretty damn exciting!

-Smokin' Ray-

Prodigal Hockey Will Hold Press Conference On May 19/10

Here is an official press release from It appears that they are set to announce what is to us, the worst kept secret.


Prodigal LLC has scheduled a press conference for May 19 at 4 p.m. in the northeast lobby of the Cox Convention Center.

The topic of the press conference will be the official presentation of the name, logo, color and jerseys for Oklahoma City’s newest hockey team.

Oklahoma City’s newest hockey team will be the American Hockey League affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers. The team will play its games at the newly renovated Cox Convention Center beginning in October 2010. The American Hockey League is the primary developmental league for the National Hockey League. Over 85 percent of the players in the NHL have played at the AHL level.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Prodigal Hockey Adds Another Name To The Mix For The New Oklahoma City AHL Team

Word has come to, that another domain name has been found as a potential name for Oklahoma City's AHL team. Oklahoma City Thunderbirds is the next in a line of domains that have been registered by Prodigal Hockey. According to the Who Is database information on, it has the same information as the other domains.  This name was a candidate for the unnamed Oklahoma City NBA team. As well as the Barons and Bison, being potential names for the NBA team. And from what sources have to told, that the list has been narrowed down to a couple of candidates. But no final decision has been made by Prodigal Hockey at the time of this post.


Smokin' Ray Says: Great detecive work by Scott from I'm hoping that Prodigal Hockey hurries up and settles on a name. I have my money set on Oil Barons.

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