Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Edmonton Oilers Announce Young Stars Roster

The Edmonton Oilers Young Stars tournament roster has been released.  This looks to be a pretty good team once again this year.  While I don't think it's as good, talent wise as last year, this current squad has a chance to be the best team at the tournament.

Not only are the Oilers bringing guys like Nugent-Hopkins, Tyler Bunz, and Colten Teubert, they will also bring some camp try outs to the tourny as well.  6 of them will get a chance to impress the Oilers brass. 

Will any of them land jobs? Will RNH impress all those who watch? Will one of the lesser know players step up and shine?

Stick around to, as we will once again follow the Young Stars tournament closely.

The tournament begins September 11th in Penticton, British Columbia.


73 Cameron Abney
51 Philippe Cornet
71 Drew Czerwonka
69 Travis Ewanyk
79 Brett Ferguson *
70 Curtis Hamilton
64 Milan Kytnar
57 Anton Lander
66 Ryan Martindale
72 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
63 Kristians Pelss
68 Tyler Pitlick
92 Toni Rajala
61 Tobias Rieder
76 Chase Schaber *
59 Colin Smith *
75 Antti Tyrvainen


82 Jeremie Blain
88 Brandon Davidson
81 Taylor Fedun
78 Martin Gernat
45 Ryan Lowery *
80 Martin Marincin
87 David Musil
85 Tyler Schmidt
84 Colten Teubert
90 Wes Vannieuwenhuizen *


50 Adam Brown *
1 Tyler Bunz
30 Olivier Roy

-* means the player is on a camp try out-

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The ROOKIE Card and it's place in "Hockey"

I grew up knowing nothing about hockey...until the Canucks run for the cup in 81/82. Watching "King" Richard Brodeur, Thomas Gradin, "Tiger" Williams and the rest of the Vancouver Canucks, making a unlikely run for the cup. I was just a 10 year old kid. But seeing the team that represented my city and province do the unexpected, it made me feel like I could too.

It took me to playing street hockey, pond hockey, grass hockey , kitchen hockey...well point is, I fell in love with hockey. Like many of you. I became a fan and forever have been one. My allegiance's have shifted over the years. As a 10 year old boy, Vancouver was my team in their bright yellow jersey's. Then it shifted to the "Broad street bullies" when Pelle Lindberg took them to the Stanley Cup in 1984. Followed them until the 87' Canada Cup where the "Magnificent" Mario had his coming out party. It was Pittsburgh all the way. That was until 1992 ,when I became a Oiler forever.

We all have our stories of how we first fell in love with the game and how we wanted to be the players, the kids now call hero's, but what I remember most during that cup run in 82 was "Hockey Cards".

Every allowance, I would get all excited. I would run out the front door and bike as fast as I could to the local corner store to get the latest package of new hockey cards. Quickly ripping open the package, I would throw the stick of gum from the package into my mouth, start chewing and hope to find a card of my favourite hockey player like Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier and almost choke on my gum when finding  one.

On the back side of the cards were that players scoring and statistics. I would  know, all the other boys at school would do anything to get that card. Lots of trading would happen. That one good player could fetch you dozens of other cards in completing your team sets.

The excitement would grow at school everyday. We couldn't wait till recess or lunch break.  We would arrange for a card throwing game. A game where each player puts up their best card. Everyone  playing would have to be in agreement that each player had a special card that the other players wanted. You would take your card, stand it up on a slight angle against a wall, then draw a line about ten feet away. That was the line that each player took turns to toss a card from, in hopes of knocking the card down. The player that knocks the card down will get to pick up all the cards that the other players have already tossed and the special card you wanted as well. 

I never thought much about it then, but the cards we were tossing were pretty special cards. It included the likes of the "California Golden Seals", the "Kansas City Scouts", the "Cleveland Barons", the list goes on. Rookie Cards were not thought to be as valuable in that time as gaining your favourite player trading card or completing your favourite complete team set. That was the early 80's. By 1984, the ROOKIE Card in Hockey took a whole new turn. they became valuable! It was years later  that I started remembering all those Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Paul Coffey, Mario Lemieux ROOKIE cards, I once held in my hand and treated like nothing more then a common pebble found on the playground....It was the 'Dawn" of the ROOKIE card and the game of hockey was about to change forever.......(to be continued)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Development Players VI 'The Final Chapter'

This posting is the last in my examination of the Oilers prospect system. While looking at a goaltenders AVG is good, its more of a relfection of the team as a whole. Also Save % is great to look at but high quality chances can make a goalie look worse then he really is.

Example, if a goaltender has 30 shots on him one game but the game consisted of 3 breakaways, a couple 2 on 1's not to mention poor sloppy play by the defenceman, chances are many of those pucks are going in. On the other hand, if you cut those high quality scoring chances down in half there is a much better possibility the goaltender is cutting down the goals scored as well. Goaltenders also deal with the mental fatique side of hockey more then anyone else.

In understanding goalies there are a few things important to watch for...
1) Postioning
2) Mentally Strong
3) Endurance
4) Not over-commiting

we will cover first on one defenceman and then cover the four goaltenders....

My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #26-30:

Colten Teubert  6' 4"
8 Mar 1990


2006-07 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 63 G 3  A 8    PTS 11
2007-08 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 66 G 7  A 16  PTS 23
2008-09 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 60 G 12 A 25 PTS 37
2008-09 Ontario Reign ECHL             Games 8  G 0  A 1     PTS 1
2009-10 Regina Pats WHL                  Games 60 G 10 A 30 PTS 40
Ontario Reign ECHL             Games 10 G 1  A 2    PTS 3
2010-11 Manchester Monarchs AHL  Games 39 G 2  A 8    PTS 10
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 20 G 2  A 5    PTS 7

Fight video:

Goal video:

revingevs TAKE:
being a highly touted first round pick in 2008 (13th overall), Teubert has the look of more of a physical defensive defenseman.  He can intimidate like nobody's business, and mean enough to
strike some fear into a player coming come the wing. Teubert is going to need to improve his decision
Colten is one of those players who can be reactionary and make the odd bad decision that can hurt the team at the wrong time. This is most likely the reason, he has not yet been ready for the big club.

A fierce competitor who coach’s like. Good puck mover, can punish with bone crushing checks, is strong as a ox, and extremely smooth skater. Noticed at the 2011 development camp  like his game has sped up and covering the ice well with his wingspan. Knows how to wrap his man up well, so very little will get by him. Colten most likely will get at least 1 or 2 opportunities this year to cover off for injuries. This will be the year he needs to impress, as he some pretty good defenceman coming up behind him in the system.

Tyler Bunz 
6' 2"
11 Feb 1992


2008-09 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 22 AVG 3.46 SP .886
2009-10 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 57 AVG 2.91 SP .898 
2010-11 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL Games 56 AVG 2.47 SP .919

Fight video:

Save Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Tyler Bunz just completed a spectacular season for the Medicine Hat Tigers, posting a 2.47 goals against average and a .919 save percentage, and  widely viewed as one of the top goaltenders in the league. Tyler  at (6’2, 200 lbs) has decent size and is in line for a postion with Hockey Canada for the 2012 world U20 world jr's. Tyler's arrows are all pointing in the right direction to this point.

Amazing to see the growth in the last couple years. He looked good last 2010 development camp, but this year at the 2011 development camp he looked even better. Looks so much more relaxed and poised in Goal. Can tell his conditioning is far superior this year as well. This camp was crazy, for how tired he should be with all the time on ice, and he still looked good after the many hours in net this week.

Samu Perhonen  6' 5"
7 Mar 1993


2010-11 Suomo  Fin2     Games 1   AVG 3.04  SP .900               JYP    Fin Jr.    Games 29 AVG 2.71  SP .922

:No video was found:

Truth is, not much can be found on this goaltender and he was sick and in the hotel most of 2011 development camp. Media were unable to get anything more then a Q&A with him. Here is a link to a article done on him over at copper&blue with Lisa McRitchie :

Olivier Roy 
6' 0"
12 Jul 1991


2007-08 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 47 AVG 2.87 SP .896
Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 54 AVG 2.84 SP .905
2009-10 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL Games 54 AVG 2.62 SP .908
2009-10 Springfield Falcons AHL                         Games 3   AVG 2.57 SP .913
Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL                Games 45 AVG 2.79 SP .911

Save video:

revingevs TAKE:
Watching Roy play can be mind boggling,, when he is good, he is very good, but
when he is bad, he is horrid. Considered one of the top goalies in the JR hockey (ie: playing for Canada’s WJC entry) when Roy is on his game, he can be almost unbeatable. Their does seem to be mental lapses and stretches of poor play that can be devastating to his team. Should he be able to start mastering the mental lapses he will be a stellar goaltender but in the meantime he will likely do that as the starter for the ECHL’s Stockton Thunder.  It will be his ability to play consistently and bounce back from bad outings that will take him forward in the depth chart for the Edmonton Oilers.
Oiler Goaltending coach Chabot really likes his game and has even gone as far as to defend him against the critics of his game.

Frans Tuohimaa 
6' 2"
19 Aug 1991


2010-11 Jokerit   Fin Jr. Games 37  AVG 2.14   SP .931
HIFK     Fin Jr. Games 20  AVG 2.89   SP .911
HIFK     Fin Jr. Games 18  AVG 3.97   SP .884


revingevs TAKE:
Frans has spent the last 3 years in FINISH Jr league. Can not say enough about this guy. Technical Goaltender who seems to make the right decisions at the right time. Does not seem to tire and has a desire to get better each time he hits the ice. He has sais he wants to sharpen his game some before coming over  but is wanting more coaching in the North American game.
Head is always up. No bobing going on, while looking for the puck like many goaltenders. Eyes are very focused on where the puck is and doesn’t lose sight of it easily, even in traffic. Doesn’t play too deep in Goal but also doesn’t wander very much. Rarely over slides in lateral movement in net.
I have nic named him ‘Fabulous Frans’

Hope you have been able to gain some insight into more of the players in the system for the Edmonton Oilers this year. If your like me, you will pick the ones you like and follow them even more closely as the season goes on...and when someone gets called up due to injury or trades, your going to say "I know him!".

Cheers Oil Fan!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Development Players Part V

Almost reaching the end of the development players here. Only one more posting after this one, which will include 1 last defenceman and 4 Goalies. So without delaying  here is Part V.

My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #21-25:

Oscar Klefbom 
6' 3"
20 Jul 1993


2010-11 Farjestads BK Karlstad SEL Games 23 G 1 A 1 PTS 2

Goal video:

revingevs TAKE:
Oscar was acquired in the deal that sent Dustin Penner to the LA Kings, via a draft pick. He has many in Oil Country very excited. His draft year in the Swedish Elite League wasn’t statistically outstanding, but  he was playing a depth role on a good team. Oscars performance in international tournaments and the reports from the scouting community speak of his tremendous potential. Oscar served as captain of Sweden’s silver medal winning U18 team , where he provided offense and leadership from the back end. It is highly likely he will play a major role for Sweden's World Junior this season.

The scouts are excited about his potential , at 6’3 and 200 lbs, he is a good skater, with a physical edge and aggressive offensive instinct. Oscar will need to continue working on his defensive game , but his upside is that of an complete defenseman all teams covet. Oscar wont be coming here soon. He will be in Sweden for next year even possibly 2 years. As a defenceman, that is not always a bad thing. With many other prospects developing in OKC right now playing in Sweden for this year
and next may be just what the Dr ordered for the Edmonton Oilers. Let's hope he improves his all around game this year and progress continues to be made.

Martin Marincin 
6' 5"
18 Feb 1992


2006-2007 HC Kosice U18-Svk-U18        Games 16 G 0  A 3       PTS 3 
2007-2008 HC Kosice U18-Svk-U18        Games 59 G 3  A 29     PTS 32 
2008-2009 HC Kosice U18-Svk-U18        Games 5  G 4  A 4        PTS 8
                  HC Kosice Jr.-Slovak-Jr.     Games 46 G 11 A 15        PTS 26 
                  Slovakia-WJ18-A              Games 6  G 0  A 1              PTS 1
2009-2010 HK Orange 20 Puchov-Slovakia Games 35 G 2  A 4   PTS 6 
                  Slovakia-WJ18-A              Games 6  G 2  A 1              PTS 3
 Prince George Cougars WHL    Games 67 G 14 A 42 PTS 56

Fight video:

Goal Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Martin dominated the WHL (in the first 2/3 of season) in his rookie season with the Prince George Cougars.  Marincin admited himself to having hit a wall and struggled with the rigors of the length, physicality and travel associated with a full WHL schedule. He is creative and intelligent offensively and has tremendous size, though there were concerns last season about his positioning and coverage in the defensive zone. As long as he can continue to develop like he did last year, tweak his defensive play, and become stronger and disciplined when it comes to enduring a full season, it will be considered a successful year.

It was a great 2011 development camp for this big man. Put on afew more pounds since last year and does not look as lanky and awkward as last year. Martin seems  more seasoned in his positioning and movements and choices with puck movement. Great one time passes out of his end. Skates excellent, quick learner.

David Musil  6' 3"
9 Apr 1993


2009-10 Vancouver Giants WHL Games 71 G 7 A 25 PTS 32
Vancouver Giants WHL Games 62 G 6 A 19 PTS 25

Fight video:

Pre-2011 draft report video:

revingevs TAKE:
Shows all signs of having a father who knows hockey. Not a great shot from the point but very good passer and composed in his position. Puts himself were he needs to be. Good speed when he gets moving.  Plays bigger then his size as well, and thats not bad considering how big he is. At one point last year it was thought he was a possible top 10 pick in the 2011 draft. David Musil saw his rankings drop over the course of the season, due in large part to a lack of progress offensively. His game is that of a physical, and defensively responsible, defender who at 6’3 and nearly 200 lbs, has the body to do just that at the NHL level. has all the tools to be an impact top four defenseman who can play a shutdown role at even strength and possibly anchor a penalty kill.

Jeff Petry 
6' 3"


2005-06 Des Moines Buccaneers USHL     Games 48 G 1  A 14  PTS 15
2006-07 Des Moines Buccaneers USHL     Games 55 G 18 A 27 PTS 45 
2007-08 Michigan State University CCHA Games 42 G 3  A 21  PTS 24        
2008-09 Michigan State University CCHA Games 38 G 2  A 12  PTS 14        
2009-10 Michigan State University CCHA Games 38 G 4  A 25  PTS 29        
              Springfield Falcons AHL               Games 8  G 0  A 3     PTS 3 
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL         Games 41 G 7  A 17  PTS 24
               Edmonton Oilers NHL                  Games 35 G 1  A 4    PTS 5

Save video:

Goal video:

Hit video:

revingevs TAKE:Jeff Petry split time between the AHL’s Oklahoma City Barons and the Oilers,  showing well in his 35 NHL games and looking good in his 41 matches with the Barons. Petry doesn’t have number one defenseman upside, but his ability to contribute at even strength, on special teams, and combined with his size and  excellent mobility tells us he has all the tools to be a very good top four defenseman in the NHL. The depth on the club will make it tough to crack the line-up but based on last year's camp Petry will make a good argument as to why he should stick for the season.

His coaches liked him early last year out of camp and and Petry showed no signs of slowing down. he had a few games that were questioned after a good start, was sent to OKC and never looked back, upon returning to finish the season with Edmonton. Plays a game much like Ryan Whitney with a little less hockey awareness when under pressure.

Dillon Simpson 6' 1"
10 Feb 1993


2009-10 Spruce Grove Saints AJHL Games 58 G 12 A 29 PTS 41
2010-11 U. of North Dakota WCHA  Games 30 G 2  A 8  PTS 10

Goal video:

revingevs TAKE:
Dillion played regularly in one of the toughest divisions in college hockey as a 17-year-old. Simpson is a tough player to get a read on, Simpson doesn’t have ideal size for an NHL defenseman, and it remains to be seen if he has the pure offensive ability to project as a offensive threat down the road. He received an invite to Team Canada’s WJC summer evaluation camp, (where he fared well in the time he was there for the week) which is a very positive indicator, and he will likely have at least two more years to hone his game in the NCAA.
There is certainly potential and upside.  Very strong defender and excellent puck mover. (Oilers staff see him as a power play specialist in the future for their organization) Plays well in own end positionally. Does not stand out often but shows reliable smart playmaking. Great agility on his skates.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Development Players Part IV

Before we begin to start through the Defenceman who I believe are development players in the Edmonton Oilers system, I wanted to address two players....

Robby- I said I should have made him a BUBBLE player but did not. Too bad, cause he turned out to be on the BUBBLE. He has now moved on and is no longer with the Organization according to many different sources.

Kristians- I had him in the BUBBLE player catagory, however according sources, he is now coming back to play for the Oil-Kings and will be at training camp. It appears by rumours he would have made the team had he stayed. He did play one pre-season game, He choose to return to billets and busing. He now moves 100% into the development catagory and for sure, the Oilers will be impressed with his attitude and drive.

My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #16-20:

Kyle Bigos 
6' 5"
12 May 1989


2007-08 Vernon Vipers BCHL         Games 58 G 2 A 15  PTS 17
Vernon Vipers BCHL         Games 58 G 8 A 25  PTS 33
Merrimack College H-East Games 36 G 4 A 7    PTS 11       
2010-11 Merrimack College H-East Games 33 G 2 A 6    PTS 8

Goal Video:

Big Hit video:

Fight video:

revingevs TAKE:
Has a striking resemblance as a Matt Greene type player, which can only be a good thing. Carries a good attitude, big body, and plays a shut down game. I have heard in some message boards fans referring to Bigos as a cross between Buekeboom and Greene. Greene's attitude and the potential to use his body much like Beukeboom did. Bigos has a good hard shot which was evident this past 2011 development camp. I also like him as he sticks up for his teammates. His game has grown.

Not easy at this stage of development as he is in the NCAA schooling system, they play fewer games
(which can always be a challenge when put into a 80plus game year) and lots of focus on academics (which is great). Could use some time now in a development program with a personal trainer as he will need to get that first step a little quicker when things start speeding up. Shows great promise though and works hard.

Jeremie Blain 
6' 3"
19 Mar 1992


2008-09 Victoriaville Tigres QMJHL     Games 27 G 1 A 3  PTS 4 
              Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL Games 22 G 0 A 3  PTS 3
Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL Games 64 G 4 A 34 PTS 38
2010-11 Acadie-Bathurst Titan QMJHL Games 40 G 2 A 35 PTS 37

Draft video:

revingevs TAKE:
Upon return from a early season injury last year he was a godsend. Blain scored at a near point-per-game clip (37 points in 40 games) in the back half of the season for the Acadie-Bathurst Titan and helped them vastly improve in that time. He is likely to be relied upon heavily for leadership and as a point producer on the blue line this year.

He plays a well-rounded style. Has some concerns raised about his foot speed and foot work, but saw a big improvement since last year’s development camp. First step much better and placing on defensive zone coverage looks to be improved. He doesn’t have many glaring weaknesses and performs above average in most areas, especially at the offensive end. Another dominant season in the Q will solidify Blain as a quality NHL prospect. Looked bigger than his stats show when playing on the ice.

Brandon Davidson 
6' 1"
21 Aug 1991


2008-09 Olds Grizzlys AJHL             Games 4  G 0 A 4    PTS 4
Regina Pats WHL                 Games 59 G 1 A 33 PTS 34
2010-11 Regina Pats WHL                 Games 72 G 8 A 44 PTS 52               Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 1  G 0 A 0    PTS 0

Fight Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Brandon is a late bloomer in large part due, to his family not having the means to provide him with high level hockey when he was younger. He emerged  as a leader last year on a young Regina Pats team , and played in any and every situation for the club.  He’s a player who can do many things well
 and could become a very useful NHL depth player if he continues to develop. This next season he will need to work on his skating and decision making ability.
That will be the key— to whether he’s in Regina or Oklahoma City the following year—and staying on the upward path he’s been on. At his 2010 development camp his shot stood out, but not just because it was so hard (broke the plexiglass one time) but because he couldn’t hit the net often. In his 2011 development camp he had much better control on the shot. Speed is less, but we already know he can hammer that thing. Looks much better all around in his development. His agility looks much better as well

Taylor Fedun 
6' 0"
4 Jun 1988


2005-06 Fort Saskatchewan Traders AJHL Games 60 G 13 A 18 PTS 31        
2006-07 Spruce Grove Saints AJHL           Games 50 G 10 A 33  PTS 43
Princeton University ECAC          Games 32 G 4  A 10   PTS 14      
2008-09 Princeton University ECAC          Games 35 G 3  A 12   PTS 15       
2009-10 Princeton University ECAC          Games 31 G 3  A 14   PTS 17        
2010-11 Princeton University ECAC          Games 29 G 10 A 12  PTS 22

Goal Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Has spent 2 years in the AJHL and just completed 4 years ECAC with Princetown University. Great execution in his play, attentive in small details, learns quick, seldom makes mistakes. Taylor moves very hard on the puck and has a good first pass out of his end. Not always a player who will stand
out but thats not bad either. It's better then standing out for the wrong reasons. 

Struggle for him will be his age. At very least could be a great veteran AHL defender for years, but since he has a degree in engineering, will he settle for that if he doesn’t get the big break with a NHL team? Wish him all the best and hope its a career year in OKC with the Barons.
(p.s. Did I say he is my neighbours friend?

Martin Gernat 
6' 5"
11 Apr 1993

 2009-2010  HC Kosice U18  Slovakia U18 Games 41 G 4  A 24 PTS 28              
 2010-2011  HC Presov U18  Slovakia U18 Games 8  G 3  A 4    PTS 7              
                    HC Kosice U20  Slovakia U20 Games 28 G 3  A 15 PTS 18


revingevs TAKE:
Gernat is a towering presence on the back end at 6-foot-5 and 187 pounds. Gernat has competed for Slovakia on the international stage on two occasions. His size and offensive upside will be a major factor in how well a role he plays in the WHL this year. During the 2011 development camp he really
displayed some great defensive talent. May not be as offensive as countryman Marincin but has the speed, a extra inch of height and quick first step acceleration.

Very aggressive defenceman who could have a excellent year in the WHL this year. Has great potential for the future. Incredible agility for a 6’5 guy and once the weight is put on, could be a monster out there. Very talkative guy on the ice and has close friendship already with Marincin.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Development Players Part III

This posting is the final group of forwards I have in the Oilers system and my take on them. I am very impressed with the group of forwards we have in the system and the competition is really going to be heating in the near future. This is definately one of those cases where you can't look who's coming up behind you in the organization but rather look forward and intensify your drive for success.

My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #11-15:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 
6' 0"
12 Apr 1993


2008-09 Red Deer Rebels WHL Games 5  G 2  A 4     PTS 6
2009-10 Red Deer Rebels WHL Games 67 G 24 A 41 PTS 65
2010-11 Red Deer Rebels WHL Games 69 G 31 A 75 PTS 106

Highlight videos:

6 point night video:

revingevs TAKE:
Ryan won 'Rookie of the year' in his first full season in the WHL, then steped it up last year to score 106 points as a 17 year old. He has always excelled and competed well when moving up a level in hockey. Not much can be said that people have not heard before. 

Let's first look at what he does not have. The only weakness that can be found on RNH is his genetics, his slight frame. Tall, slender and less weight can make it easier to be knocked off the puck. Ryan works hard to make up for that, and has overcome that same argument most his hockey playing days to date. He has the intangibles required to battle in the corners with guys much larger then himself, and more often then not, RNH comes out with the puck. He doesn't shy away from battling bigger players.

Ryan is brilliant with his edge work and has the ability to out-maneuver defenders. His balance is notable. Most often he will be engaged from the back along the sideboards, stay up, and slide off the contact. RNH's puck skills are elite and enough can't be said with what he does with the puck. His combination of vision, hands, and passing ability are a sight to see and separate him from other players. With his elite hockey sense and agility, RNH does things at a quick and efficient pace while creating a ton of offense.When watching him on the ice you will notice he keeps his head up at all times, like his head is on a swivel, which helps him avoid checks but also gives him that uncanny ability to get passes through sticks and players to his open man who in most cases has a open net.
He is a perfectionist, who has an strong work ethic and gives lots of attention to detail. RNH is a cerebral player who can fool you when watching. (ie: world jr Canadian U20 red/white scrimmage game)

Just when you think you have kept him at bay, BAM! the puck is in the net. Off of his own shot or from someone else who took a pass from him and had a wide open net. A underrated strength he also has, is his commitment to defense. He works hard to be in the right position and his stick in the right lanes.

Not very talkative on the ice and sometimes it can look like he is just executing a drill, which is not really a bad thing, he just makes it look simple and slow out on the ice.. He is a Very focused player. Looks young, but don't be fooled. The 'Nuge' is a hard worker. He is a humble, grounded, and fairly soft spoken young man. Should be a interesting Oilers rookie tourney and later Main Training camp in regards to how well he can do with men who are veterans of the game.
Make no mistake, RNH will play most the pre-season games, AND will get his 9 game stint at the beginning of the year. Should he be able to handle himself physically he will stay, should there be any question as to his ability to handle the rough physical play he will be returned to his WHL club.

Tyler Pitlick 
6' 2"
1 Nov 1991


2009-10 Minnesota State U - Mankato WCHA Games 38 G 11 A 8   PTS 19       
2010-11 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL                  Games 56 G 27 A 35 PTS 62

Goal video:


revingevs TAKE:
Pitlick is eligible to play in the AHL this year if the club decides to go in that direction, however there’s a decent chance he heads back to the WHL’s Medicine Hat Tigers, especially if they are willing to use him at center (he played on the right side for much of last season). He is a hard-working
who is listed as a center and right winger, but played wing for most of the season. A incredible tough player to get off the puck. Very confident (some could say cocky) but has ability and mad skills to back it up. He's a solid skater with a good first step who can get to a decent top speed, plays a grinder-style game. Pitlick has good size, isn’t afraid of getting physical and has a tremendous shot.

He also has a clue defensively, which will bode well if he needs to break into the league as a checking forward. Pitlick does well cycling the puck , shielding the puck effectively and has solid vision to be able to move the puck well when a hole opens up in the defensive coverage. Can definitely be a pure goal scorer in this league as future potential.

Tyler will need to be more selective in his offensive attempts so as not to get caught out of position to often. Wants to play in the AHL this year but if opportunity is there with his WHL team this year to play center this year the Oilers may just do that, as the AHL team is loaded with alot of good players. During this past summers 2011 development camp, Pitlick did not play in 3on3 scrimmage as his injury started acting up. Sad though, wanted to see how he fared. Was limping off in regular clothes on ice at end of the camp. Sad to see, re-occuring problems recovering from injury is not good. Probably over worked the day before, but the night before the scrimmage he was tweeting with his buddy and teammate Tyler Bunz how he was going to light him up. Obviously the injury was unexpected. Hopefully he is recovering well. Pitlick is coming off a serious ankle injury, and still adjusting to a longer schedule. He will need to endure a lengthy campaign, and stay healthy in order to further his development in the organization.

Tobias Rieder 
5' 10"
10 Jan 1993


2009-10 Landshut Cannibals 2.GBun Games 45 G 10 A 13 PTS 23
2010-11 Kitchener Rangers OHL       Games 65 G 23 A 26 PTS 49

Goal videos:

revingevs TAKE:
Tobias Rieder is an talented young player. He made the move from Germany to the OHL last season and came out of the gates quick but hit a wall in January and struggled into the second half of the season and through the playoffs for the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers. Could be that , coming from a league that plays fewer games , his smaller frame was just getting worn down. It is an area where he will need to improve.

Rieder plays a similar style to Linus Omark, in that he is an undersized, skilled, puck wizard with a nose for the net and he does play with a high level of energy and intensity, and isn’t afraid of going to the rough places. A very speedy player. Smaller size will make it tough to crack our squad at any level but his compete is good. Good agility and looks to be a quick learner. Should he continue to progress this year and plays in the OHL he could push a way into a better place. Should he not improve on his stats in the OHL, he could be in for a long ride in the minors,  trying to prove his worth.

Hunter Tremblay 
5' 11"
15 Jan 1986


2002-03 Barrie Colts OHL                  Games 56 G 6  A 13  PTS 19
2003-04 Barrie Colts OHL                  Games 67 G 13 A 14 PTS 27
2004-05 Barrie Colts OHL                  Games 62 G 30 A 32 PTS 62
2005-06 Barrie Colts OHL                  Games 68 G 31 A 46 PTS 77
2006-07 Barrie Colts OHL                  Games 64 G 35 A 54 PTS 89
2007-08 U. of New Brunswick AUS   Games 26 G 16 A 34 PTS 50     
2008-09 U. of New Brunswick AUS   Games 28 G 14 A 36 PTS 50    
2009-10 U. of New Brunswick AUS   Games 27 G 25 A 32 PTS 57   
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 3  G 0  A 0     PTS 0

Update video from college:

revingevs TAKE:
One of Hunter's focuses for next year is to work hard during the summer to make sure he is ready for training camp. Specifically,  "speed and strength" he says, will accentuate his summer workload. "Those are the biggest things for sure," Tremblay said. "You obviously want to be stronger, and being faster never hurts you no matter where you are, so those two things will be the main focus of my off-season plan."
Tremblay believes he possesses a number of attributes that will translate well to the Pro style game someday soon. "I think my ability to make quick decisions is the best thing," he said. "I try to play a smart, two-way game. I really take pride in that. But like everyone, I love to score goals and contribute that way. I get in hard on the forecheck, get physical and try to create turnovers. I love playing on the PK, too."

 Unfortunately being older like Tanner House makes it more difficult to make the next jump, but if 2011 development camp is only the beginning he will be competing hard for a job. To me is he looking to be a perfect 3rd or 4th line winger type like Ryan Jones, but will  have the chance to show what he has in OKC this year. One tough hombre who competes every shift. And this last 2011 development camp showed he has a great shot too.

Chris VandeVelde 
6' 2"
15 Mar 1987


2005-06 Lincoln Stars USHL               Games 56 G 16 A 20 PTS 36
2006-07 U. of North Dakota WCHA   Games 38 G 3  A 6    PTS 9        
2007-08 U. of North Dakota WCHA   Games 43 G 15 A 17 PTS 32        
2008-09 U. of North Dakota WCHA   Games 43 G 18 A 17 PTS 35       
2009-10 U. of North Dakota WCHA   Games 42 G 16 A 25 PTS 41        
              Springfield Falcons AHL       Games 2  G 0  A 1     PTS 1
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 67 G 12 A 4   PTS 16
               Edmonton Oilers NHL          Games 12 G 0  A 2    PTS 2

Goal video:

revingevs TAKE:
Chris is a strong skater ( did not say fast) who finds open ice (smarts) , is very active in both ends of the rink, and is able to put the puck on net.  Chris is good at both ends of the ice, the centerman has continued a steep curve of development and worked hard to round out his offensive game in college
and then his defensive game last year in the AHL. Has hands to set up or finish plays and he’s a guy who can stand in and battle in front of the net.

A couple years ago it was being said,  long term, Vande Velde was projecting to be a second or third line power forward. At this point he looks to be suited for a fourth line center position with spot duty on a third line if needed. His ability in the face-offs is what could very well provide his best opportunity with the Edmonton Oilers in the very near future. He will need a better start to his AHL campaign early on if he wants to have any shot of being a possible early call up at any time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Development Players Part II

As we continue to cover more Edmonton Oilers players in the system, make sure to take the time to catch the video links if possible. It really gives you a better feel for who the players are and what possible capabilities they have. Even if you have had opportunities to see some of the guys at camps, it is really tough to follow so many players in so little time.

As a reminder, I am covering 5 players in each posting and give my personal take on what I am seeing.
My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #6-10:

Teemu Hartikainen 
6' 1"
3 May 1990


2007-08 KalPa Kuopio SM-liiga          Games 1  G 0  A 0     PTS 0      
2008-09 KalPa Kuopio SM-liiga          Games 51 G 17 A 6   PTS 23
KalPa Kuopio SM-liiga          Games 53 G 15 A 18 PTS 33
2010-11 Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 66 G 17 A 25  PTS 42 
              Edmonton Oilers NHL          Games 12 G 3  A 2     PTS 5

Goal videos:

Hit videos:

revingevs TAKE:

Hartikainen is known for his leadership as well as gritty and physical play back in finland. Not sure as a rookie if he displayed the leadership in OKC but the gritty and physical play remained both in OKC as well in his end of the year call-up with the Oilers. Hartikainen has good size and willingness to get his hands dirty. Described by Oiler brass after the draft as a ‘Tomas Holmstrom’-type player” for the way he battles all over the ice, especially in the corners and in front of the net.

On the downside, Hartikainen’s skating has been described somewhere between ‘lacking’ and ‘atrocious’.  I myself thought when I saw him in his time with the Oilers last year, his speed has looked more developed from previous years camp. It has been noted that he likes to “chirp at the opposition and whine to the officials a lot”. Not sure about the whining but definately the chirping seems accurate. 
He plays a very physical game in his own end, in front of the net and on the forecheck. Teemu likes to play a very physical brand of hockey and has soft hands around the net, which is exactly why the Oilers are so high on him.

Before being drafted, his high end was thought to be that of a third or fourth-line checking forward. However, I would say there is some possibility from what was seen in his development last year, he could eventually in the future become a option to fill in on a second line from time to time.

Tanner House 
6' 1"
27 Apr 1986


2004-05 Canmore Eagles AJHL         Games 58 G 11 A 18 PTS 29      
2005-06 Penticton Vees BCHL           Games 52 G 14 A 17 PTS 31
2006-07 Penticton Vees BCHL           Games 58 G 14 A 55 PTS 69 
2007-08 U. of Maine H-East               Games 29 G 1  A 10  PTS 11        
2008-09 U. of Maine H-East               Games 39 G 10 A 14 PTS 24        
2009-10 U. of Maine H-East               Games 35 G 18 A 21 PTS 39       
2010-11 U. of Maine H-East               Games 35 G 10 A 25 PTS 35
              Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 6  G 1  A 4     PTS 5

Interview video:

revingevs TAKE:

a Flame fan? Dad is a Oiler fan? How do Oilersjambalaya fans feel about that? (ha!ha!)

His age and experience showed well at this past development camp. One of the best players in agility, positioning and skill  but,  is 7 years older then this year’s draft picks. House is a hard worker and very dedicated. He served the last two seasons as team captain for the University of Maine Black Bears and was named the 'Gladiator  Hockey Best Defensive Forward' in Hockey East for the 2010-11 season. His character and leadership abilities are said by many coach's and scouts to be his main attributes he brings to the table.

He Will be in tough to make the grade to NHL but does have the tools. This year and next will be his prime opportunity. Could possibly be a 4th line centerman call up this year depending on injuries. (ie: RNH plays in JR and how well Lander adapts to the North American game) This may mean he continues to grow and develop in the AHL. All arrows are pointing up at this time as each year he continues to develop and rise his game to another level.

Kellen Jones 
5' 9"
16 Aug 1990


2007-08 Vernon Vipers BCHL            Games 60 G 12 A 55 PTS 67
2008-09 Vernon Vipers BCHL            Games 51 G 15 A 37 PTS 52
Vernon Vipers BCHL            Games 41 G 12 A 41 PTS 53
2010-11 Quinnipiac University ECAC Games 38 G 8  A 14  PTS 22

Highlight video:

revingevs TAKE:
Has some hockey pedigree in family. His brother (who is a twin and been at our camps as an invite) plays much the same game, in addition his father played for the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL as well of CIS hockey with the Calgary Dinos. Kellen has played and won 2 championships with the Vernon Vipers. Plays alot , like his brother and like him, his size will make it difficult to cut a oilers lineup with so many smaller forwards.

He Works hard, but not much difference in his game through the last development camp that I saw. Very friendly player on the ice, does not seem to make many mistakes but hard to stand out with so many big guys who don’t only have size but also speed. Very good agility in his game though. The 'Magnificant Bastard' and Oilers Director of Scouting commented in a interview that Kellen has a big heart and good work ethic, that should go a long way.
Hopefully the development in his game will take some new strides as he heads back to University this year.

Anton Lander
6' 0"
24 Apr 1991


2007-08 Timra IK SEL Games 32 G 1  A 2    PTS 3 
2008-09 Timra IK SEL Games 47 G 4  A 6    PTS 10 
2009-10 Timra IK SEL Games 49 G 7  A 9    PTS 16
2010-11 Timra IK SEL Games 49 G 11 A 15 PTS 26

Highlight video:

revingevs TAKE:

A smart two-way player who has excellent hockey sense. Lander reads the game well and can make mature decisions with or without the puck. Upon being drafted, his skating was needing some improvement. After seeing his improvement over two development camps, I can say for sure first hand, his skating has improved in leaps and bounds. Lander really has in every aspect each year and arrows are pointing upward still. First step is much quicker
(noted by coach’s and other oiler brass), really good in the face-off circle. He is one who protects the puck very well and usually comes out with the puck from the corners and along the boards. Very defensively aware.

A bonus is, he also played tough minutes in SEL  Lander shows leadership out there on the ice with the other guys. He communicates and talks with guys after the plays and you can tell he is always thinking the game. You have to love his execution of drills. Lander is as much of a jokester as any Swedes out there. Anton Will have a honest shot at the centerman position in training camp with the Oilers, but most likely will be assigned to OKC to develop and learn the North American game. Likely to be the first center called up due to injury or trade. While each year Lander has improved and becomes more of a complete player, I do not believe he stands to be better then a third or fourth line centerman. That of course, is exactly what this team is needing, but some, see even greater upside in his offensive game. Boxcars are not saying that to me.

Ryan Martindale  6' 3"
27 Oct 1991


2007-08 Ottawa 67's OHL Games 64 G 9   A 8    PTS 17
2008-09 Ottawa 67's OHL Games 53 G 23  A 24 PTS 47
2009-10 Ottawa 67's OHL Games 61 G 19  A 41 PTS 60
2010-11 Ottawa 67's OHL Games 65 G 34  A 49 PTS 83

Goal videos:

revingevs TAKE:

Ryan , with his size, strength and talent, will be amongst the tops again this season in the OHL. Trouble is, it can be completely offset by his lack of perceived desire and competitiveness.  At his size Ryan has great mobility and can be an offensive threat passing or shooting the puck. When Ryan is using his size, he protects the puck extremely well.  That bodes well for him to be a very effective player on the cycle. The downside is when he isn’t competing well, he is no different then any other player on the ice. In scouting reports before his draft year, it was being said he needed to improve his skating to have a chance at the pro level. Not sure if that area has improved much since. In any case, it looks like drive and foot speed will be what has to show improvement , if he is going to continue to show development.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Development Players Part I

Before we begin to cover the players that I believe are in development in the Oilers organization , it is important to know a few things. I have listed statistics for each player , however some players statistics cover more years then others. Due to the wide degree of differences in leagues and difficulties finding information on some players, I have only given you the statistics I felt were needed to get a basic idea of the player. In saying that , I also realize that boxcars don't say everything, especially in the case of defenceman or third and forth line forwards. They do however give us a small look at the player.

I have also tried to give some video footage of each player if possible to get a better snapshot of potential and a closer look at what type of player they are. I do realize that the typical video is more of a 'saw them good' example, but again, only trying to get a closer look into what kind of player they have the potential of being.

There are 30 players I am covering,  so I will cover 5 players in each posting and give my personal take on what I am seeing.
My opinions are based off of three things...

1) NHL Organization's reports
2) Outside scouting reports
3) Personal observations.

Development Players #1-5:

Cameron Abney 
6' 5"
23 May 1991

STATS:2007-08 Everett Silvertips WHL       Games 4  G 0 A 0    PTS 0
2008-09 Everett Silvertips WHL       Games 48 G 1 A 3   PTS 4
Everett Silvertips WHL       Games 34 G 3 A 3   PTS 6
Edmonton Oil Kings WHL  Games 4  G 3 A 4    PTS 7
2010-11 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL  Games 60 G 7 A 13 PTS 20

Fight videos:

revingevs TAKE:
Have seen him first at Oiler Rookies VS Golden Bears game. Saw him at 2010 development Camp, following that, did catch the streaming video of last years rookie tourney in Penticton and saw him at main training camp and then 2011 development Camp.  Abney has made progress each time I have seen him. He is one of those players who is bigger and can look slow to some, while others recognize he is actually quite quick for a man his size. Unfortunately for him (like many others that are developing) he has his days when he lacks the drive on a consistant basis. At this past summers development camp he looked a bit slow at the beginning but by the end of the week , while playing on RNH’s team for scrimmage, he was moving the puck and protecting it well. His game is not that of a skill player but as a tough guy (remember the video's above?) Should he continue to develop as the Oilers hope he can, his role as a 4th line checker and fighter is a legit goal for him.

I Believe to play in the WHL next year he would have to be a overage player and their are limited spots on each team, so likely he will be moved up in the system  to play 1 year in the ECHL followed by 1 year in AHL.  Should he need longer at the ECHL, most likely it will mean he becomes a BUBBLE player. However, should he be ready in 1 year for the AHL club, he could very well take 2 years to finish his development at the minor pro level. If in 3 years time, Abney is not ready for the big club, he will move from the development stage to suspect stage. It is a Critical year to show his tough guy and player development ability. Thinks the game well but will need to work on foot speed and consistancy to work his way onto the AHL team.

Mark Arcobello 
5' 9"
12 Aug 1988

STATS:2006-07 Yale University ECAC          Games 29 G 10 A 14 PTS 24       
2007-08 Yale University ECAC          Games 34 G 7  A 14  PTS 21       
2008-09 Yale University ECAC          Games 34 G 17 A 18 PTS 35      
2009-10 Yale University ECAC          Games 34 G 15 A 21 PTS 36        
2010-11 Stockton Thunder ECHL       Games 33 G 7  A 13  PTS 20
              Oklahoma City Barons AHL Games 26 G 11 A 11 PTS 22

Goal Video:

revingevs TAKE:
His vision is one of his best assets along with his speed. He knows how to find open guys and hit the holes offensively. Mark knows the smaller players who have fared well in the NHL, and have done so because of speed and skill, so he has been working on that aspect. He continues to improve his foot speed and  strength. With great hockey sense and smarts to go with that, Mark is carving a way for himself regradless of what the critics say. With his incredible focus he can only hope it translates into a NHL game someday.

Mark is where he is because he has paved his way through the system.  He is smart and understands what is needed to get to the next level. There is tough competition on the team (OKC Barons) this year and it is up to Mark to rise to the top. Should he continue to develop and improve his game this year, there is a good chance his goal of playing in the NHL will be even that much closer. However, with the Oilers so loaded in their top 9 (and with too many smaller players already)  Mark will be in tough to break onto the team barring 3-4 injuries in the same season to high end talent. His game is more suited to a second line player. Most likely should he make the NHL,  it is most likely with another NHL club,  One thing Mark has going for him? He never quits and is relentless in his pursuit of his dream.

Drew Czerwonka
6' 2"
1 Jul 1992

2007-08 Kootenay Ice WHL Games 2  G 0  A 0     PTS 0
2008-09 Kootenay Ice WHL Games 55 G 16 A 2   PTS 18
Kootenay Ice WHL Games 54 G 4  A 9    PTS 13
2010-11 Kootenay Ice WHL Games 68 G 13 A 30 PTS 43

Fight video:

Goal Video:

revingevs TAKE:
Have seen him at a couple camps and watched some of his games on TV. Unfortunately at this past summers 2011 development camp, I did not see him all week on the ice except for a couple drills before the one scrimmage with just a coach. Heard later on,  he was nursing a bad shoulder and should be ready to play come September. To play this season in the WHL he would require to be brought back as a overaged player. Not sure where he will be placed but his game development has been going in the right direction.

A tenacious player, who is a good checker and doesn't shy away from contact. The club likes his tough physical game but would like to see him improve his quickness and work in front of the net. Definately is not afraid to take a hit or give a hit. I see him as a potential 4th line physical player. More then likely it will take a couple years of minor pro hockey to know exactly where his maximum potential lies. He is a player you want to take time to develop. This year there will be higher expectations on him to take his game up another level regardless of where he plays.

Travis Ewanyk
6' 1"
29 Mar 1993

STATS:2008-09 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL Games 2  G 0  A 0     PTS 0
Edmonton Oil Kings WHL Games 42 G 1  A 4    PTS 5
2010-11 Edmonton Oil Kings WHL Games 72 G 16 A 11 PTS 27

Fight video:

revingevs TAKE:
With a good showing at the World U-18 he was able to get a reputation for his efficient two-way play. Travis is considered a very good faceoff man, and a versatile center.(don't forget it was his assignment to contain RNH during their playoff series). Strong in puck battles and can hold his own when the gloves are dropped. It helps he plays right here for the Oil Kings. (which he will play for again this year and continue to hone his game night after night where the team can closely monitor his progress)

He is no doubt, a hard worker who got better as last year went on. This past 2011 development camp it was mentioned by coach’s that he is very attentive, learns quick and they like his ability to translate instruction quickly into on ice drills. This year will be a big year for a better read as to how far he can progress.  Has future NHL possibility as 4th line center, or a 3rd line center as his high end.

Curtis Hamilton 
6' 2"
4 Dec 1991

STATS:2006-07 Saskatoon Blades WHL Games 2  G 0  A 0     PTS 0
Saskatoon Blades WHL Games 68 G 14 A 13 PTS 27
Saskatoon Blades WHL Games 58 G 20 A 28 PTS 48
2009-10 Saskatoon Blades WHL Games 26 G 7  A 9    PTS 16
Saskatoon Blades WHL Games 62 G 26 A 56 PTS 82

Goal videos:

revingevs TAKE:
Hamilton has  some good offensive skills, but his game excels in a power-forward role. He will need a continued commitment to building power and acceleration as a important development, as he transitions to the minor pro game. He was physically NHL-ready at 18, good agility for a man his size. His skills , his vision look good and seems to get along with many players both young, older and even those who speak little English. (as seen at 2011 development camp) During that same camp he was seen quite often, laughing and rubbing shoulders with guys out there on the ice.

His time in the WHL is over, so this will be his year at the AHL level to compete with men. After working his way up the line-up at the U20 world jr’s this past year it will be interesting to see where his top game is. Most likely will be a player in Hartikanen’s mold so probably a 4th, top 3rd line player at this time in his career. As long as his games continues to show positive arrows, he could very well see some NHL playing time, as early as the 2012/2013 season.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Transitional Players?

Just got back home early this AM from a week away in BC and while feeling relaxed, got pretty excited thinking about the Penticton Young Guns Tourney coming up in September. We were only hours away, over in Vernon BC and all I could start to think and focus on, is 'how many days till we see some of these players on the ice again?' Yeah, exiting stuff, well at least for me.

In this posting I am focusing on players who I am seeing as TRANSITIONAL players in the system. These are the players who fill a role, but in all likelyhood will never be a regular roster player with the Edmonton Oilers. Now if your player , who you are following or hoping for is on this list,  it doesn't mean all hope is lost. Every player has a chance of seeing their dream come true, just for some, it could be a much more difficult trip to seeing that happen. Their are afew players who I have listed who could very well become one of those players who falls into DEVELOPMENT player catagory, but it will take a tremendous effort and consistency in their game to even make a dent for it to happen.

Robby Dee 
6' 2"
9 Apr 1987

Scored the only Maine Goal:

2007-08 U. of Maine H-East Games 24 G 1   A 2   PTS 3        
2008-09 U. of Maine H-East Games 33 G 6  A 5    PTS 11        
2009-10 U. of Maine H-East Games 33 G 13 A 12 PTS 25        
2010-11 U. of Maine H-East Games 36 G 13 A 22 PTS 35

revingevs TAKE:I find it difficult to believe that I could actually put Dee in this catagory. In fact I was going to put
him as a BUBBLE player, but could not, due to the fact he will probably still be in the system next year. In all likelyhood, Robby will be looked at and brought into the system by years end.  His game has improved at the university level, but is barely spoke of in Oiler circles. Sometimes with College kids you hear little about them until near the end of their degree's. But with Robby we still have heard very little. Maybe someone else has more information I have not heard but most arrows are pointing he will soon join our AHL club and decisions will be made upon seeing how he fares at the minor PRO level.

I am putting him in the TRANSITIONAL player catagory mostly because he is not really a BUBBLE player and since he is spoke little of, it is possible he will be the TRANSITIONAL player the team uses, maybe even a player who pushes some of the other younger guys on the AHL team, for a roster spot.

Josh Green 
6' 3"
16 Nov 1977

Hockey Fight:

Last 4 playing years outside NHL:
2007-08 Salzburg EC Aust                          Games 58 G 27 A 30 PTS 57     
2008-09 Iowa Chops AHL                           Games 39 G 10 A 14 PTS 24
2009-10 Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik SEL Games 47 G 12 A 8  PTS 20
Syracuse Crunch AHL                  Games 69 G 15 A 31 PTS 46

Last 4 playing years of NHL work:
2005-06 Vancouver Canucks NHL Games 33 G 4 A 2 PTS 6
2006-07 Vancouver Canucks NHL Games 57 G 2 A 5 PTS 7
2008-09 Anaheim Ducks  NHL --   Games 5 G 0 A 0   PTS 0
2010-11 Anaheim Ducks NHL        Games 12 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:
Josh Green is a depth signing for the OKC Barons. He's going to push the younger players in the system for their jobs. Hes a hard working player who has good experience, the right attitude, wants to win and doesnt give up in the pursuit of the puck on the forecheck. His role as a TRANSITIONAL player is going to be that mentor role but he may also be a casualty and be scratched from the line up on occasion. One thing we should not do ,is mistake his role to be a 4th line player with the oilers. Josh Green has pro experience but has not fared well in the few times he has had his cup of tea.

Ryan Keller  5' 10"
6 Jan 1984

Highlight Goal:

Last 4 Years playing outside of NHL work:
2007-08 Blues SM-liiga                     Games 47 G 22 A 22 PTS 44   
2008-09 Blues SM-liiga                     Games 54 G 21 A 34 PTS 55
2009-10 Binghamton Senators AHL Games 72 G 34 A 34 PTS 68 
2010-11 Binghamton Senators AHL Games 71 G 32 A 19 PTS 51

NHL games played:
2009-10 Ottawa Senators NHL Games 6 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:Ryan is a perfect fit for OKC and a excellent possible 3rd line filler (3 or 4 games max however) for the Oilers should the occasion  arise through injury. His veteran leadership skills will be a asset to the the younger players around him. A great pro player with maturity and from most reports among peers, a positive attitude in the dressing room. This is why Ryan is a great TRANSITIONAL player for the Oilers organization. He covers most checkmarks required for a TRANSITIONAL style player. The Barons lost goal scoring and that is exactly what they are hoping Ryan brings to the OKC Barons.

Lennart Petrell 
6'3  198 lbs
13 Apr 1984

Petrell may be most famous for knocking out Michal Barinka in the World Junior Championships in what was considered a questionable hit. He was not a junior national team regular until 2003-04 when his offensive game flourished with the HIFK juniors.

HF Boards talent Analysis:
Lennart's physical, in-your-face play will earn him a reputation much like fellow fin Ville Niemenen. His physical play isn't his only upside, however, as his offensive ceiling is much higher. Petrell has all the tools to become a very solid player, including delicate hands and a soft touch. Whether or not Petrell will be able to continue to develop his offensive skills will remain to be seen, but developing his defensive game is a must. Petrell has been known to be reckless in his defensive end, often taking the high risk route, as opposed to making the simple play. Not only is this a result of his inadequate defensive game, but his lack of hockey sense as well. Both offensively and defensively, Petrell has questionable hockey sense.

Future potential:
Making the simple play is something that he struggles with, and something that he'll have to overcome in order to make a significant impact at any level hockey. Certainly given his physical stature and nasty attitude, though, he'll peak a lot of interest from other teams in the league as well, that will be forced to take notice of Petrell. writer Matias Strozyk says:Lennart Petrell: A large forward who likes to check. Energetic and good with the puck. Offensively good.  Petrell's main weaknesses are his defensive game and skating.


Last 4 years (No NHL or AHL experience):
2007-08 HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 48 G 10 A 17 PTS 27 
HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 43 G 7  A 13 PTS 20
HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 56 G 12 A 12 PTS 24
2010-11 HIFK Helsinki SM-liiga Games 56 G 13 A 22 PTS 35

revingevs TAKE:Lennart has been rumoured to be pushing for a center position should RNH get sent back to Jr in the WHL. Lennart is considered to be playing his best when he is flying on the left wing. Regardless, I think Lennart is a depth center who has the ability to be capable of handling some 4th line mins should the occasion arise, but to actually play ahead of some of the other centers in the system? It's a possibility, but highly unlikely. Lennart will be pushing alot of good players this year which is good for the team, but should he perform well, its very likely he has been told he is getting a fair shot to play for the big club right out of training camp or at the very least be a first call-up. A TRANSITIONAL player is his most likely high end.

Antti Tyrvainen 
5' 10"
3 Apr 1989 writer Ulf Andersson says:
Antti Tyrvainen: An energy player with a fearless style of play. Variable with a good shot. Make some goals from rebounds. Aggressive, but sometimes the wrong decision. Dependent on good environment for success.

Big Hit:

Hockey Fight:

Last 3 years (No NHL or AHL experience):
2008-09 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 5   G 0 A 0   PTS 0
2009-10 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 32  G 8 A 3  PTS 11
2010-11 Pelicans SM-liiga Games 52  G 14 A 9 PTS 23

revingevs TAKE:
This guy hits, and hits hard! He is going to cause havoc on the ice every night he plays. He's going to
irratate some teams bad. He is exactly the type of players the Oilers are trying to build in the
organization. Hard working, checker and tenacious on the puck and body. The question for him will be, how does he adjust to a smaller ice surface. He won't have as much time to build up momentum in his hits but he will be in closer and tighter quarters and able to hit more.

He is young, has time to develop still and could even be a development player. I think he was brought in as a TRANSITIONAL player with the possibility of moving into a DEVELOPMENT player should he adjust well and have a good year.  Interesting enough I find his style of play to be alot like the U20 Canadian player Dante Smith-Pelley. He's older but, 1 inch shorter, strong and built ford tough! Nice thing is, should we need a replacement to fill a role on the 4th line in Edmonton he may very well, fit that role. He will be in tough compeition as players like Hartikanen are more likely to get the call up first.

Corey Potter
6' 3"
5 Jan 1984

HF Boards report:

History:Was a 4th Round (122nd Overall), 2003 Draft by NY Rangers. Potter played two years with the National Under 18 team. Following the 2001-02 season, Potter left to begin his college hockey career at Michigan State University. His freshman season was a success, in that in 35 games, the defensive oriented Potter, accumulated 4 goals (3 game winners) and 4 assists and firmly entrenched himself into Michigan State’s line-up. 003-04:This season, his sophomore effort, Potter continued with his strong play. He picked up 8 assists in 38 games, but more importantly he was named Michigan State’s top defenseman. Potter also suited up for the United States at the 2004 World Junior Championships, where he helped the team win its first ever gold medal. 

In 2004-05: After a pre-season shoulder injury, Potter had a developing year. He imporved his decision making and play in his own zone. He was used in all situations other than on the power play.
 In 2005-06: Potter's final year at Michigan State was a very good one, in that he was a team leader and added defnsive potency to his game.

 In 2006-07: The big blueliner split his first professional season between the ECHL Charlotte Checkers and the AHL Hartford Wolf Pack. He was a top defenseman at the ECHL level and played well in Hartford after he was recalled. Along came 2007-08: Potter had a very good sophomore professional season, showing that he has an offensive upside in addition to solid defensive skills.
However, he needed to improve his discipline, as Potter took over 100 PIM during the regular season. Not much of a fighter, most of Potter's penalties were due to either loose play or speed issues.

Talent Analysis:
Potter is mostly a defensive defenseman who can also play an offensive role when needed. He has good size and has  filled out to 200 pounds, which helped him deliver some punishing hits. He’s a decent skater who has the ability to jump up into plays and help create offensive chances.



Last 4 years outside of NHL play:
2007-08 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                     Games 80 G 5 A 27  PTS 32
2008-09 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                     Games 67 G 10 A 22 PTS 32
2009-10 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL                      Games 69 G 4 A 24  PTS 28
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins AHL Games 75 G 7 A 30  PTS 37

Last 3 years NHL work:
2008-09 New York Rangers NHL  Games 5 G 1 A 1 PTS 2
2009-10 New York Rangers NHL  Games 3 G 0 A 0 PTS 0
Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Games 1 G 0 A 0 PTS 0

revingevs TAKE:Out of all the TRANSITIONAL players, I would say Potter has the closest chance of even having a chance to stick with the big club. To make the team it will require a few things to fall into place and the stars to allign just right. I don't think that is realistic though and look to see him tending the OKC blueline in the very near future. He's a good hard worker, fairly smooth skater, has loads of AHL experience and will be a great mentor for the younger players. I wouldn't be surprised even if Potter was paired with Plante on the blueline. In fact Potter could very well be the type of leader and mentor Plante could use to get over that next hurdle and be NHL ready.

This is what makes Corey such a good TRANSITIONAL player. He can be a solid player in the AHL, mentor and if needed through injury or say trade, fill in on the blueline with the Oilers. Not to mention should he be called up to play, he could easily fit into that 7th defenceman role quite well and not complain while in it. (Better salary in the NHL versus the AHL , so who would complain?) I like his upside in a limited role and I believe he is one of the better TRANSITIONAL role players we currently have.

Yann Danis 
6' 0"
21 Jun 1981

Great Stick Save:

"The Hockey News" says...
Is a cool customer under pressure. Plays a steady, mature game between the pipes. Usually lets the puck hit him and is rarely out of position.
FLAWS: Is a little undersized and must improve his lateral mobility. Needs to show he can consistently string together quality starts at the big-league level.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Backup goaltender

Outside the NHL:
2004-05 Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 53 AVG. 2.34 SP .924
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 39 AVG 2.97  SP .902
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 44 AVG. 2.81 SP .905
Hamilton Bulldogs AHL           Games 38 AVG. 3.28 SP .893
2008-09 Bridgeport Sound Tigers AHL Games 10AVG. 2.26   SP.924
2010-11 Khabarovsk Amur KHL           Games 31 AVG 3.05   SP.910

In the NHL:
2005-06 Montreal Canadiens NHL Games 6 AVG.  2.69  SP .908
2008-09 New York Islanders NHL Games 31 AVG. 2.86 SP .910
2009-10 New Jersey Devils NHL Games 12 AVG. 2.05   SP .923

revingevs TAKE:I know the Oilers are high on picking up Danis and seem to feel pretty confident in his role with the
organization, but I have some concerns. In 7 years in the AHL only twice did he post a Goals against average over .915 and only once in the NHL. Only one time in the NHL did he post a better avaerage and that was with the NJ Devils (we know what kind of game they play). If it were up to me, Danis signing would be to fulfill a back-up role in OKC but unfortunately it will be a #1 role with the possibility of pushing for a role with the Oilers should a injury occur. He is a TRANSITIONAL goaltender in the sense that he is a very confident and mature goalie and will be a good mentor for Oliver Roy (should he get some time in OKC to work together) but as far as being good enough to be a NHL back up for 4 or 5 games? I would say no. Love the guy, not certain about the player.

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