Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MOVEMBER Update in " OIl Country"

Movember is coming to a end very soon. Only 9 days to go and upper lip growth is in full growing mode for some. For some maybe little growth but you got to admire the efforts of anyone who wants to raise awareness for men's health. The NHL is still in CB negotiations (or lack of) and very little focus has been on the raising funds  

Brandon Davidson
Brandon one of the Oilers prospects has been under going some treatment himself and we wish him a speedy recovery. Brandon has always been a fighter when it comes to overcoming adversity and we here at Oilers Jambalaya stand firmly behind Davidson and his family.

Alex Plante
Its been a tough early start this year for Plante but I always appreciate a hard working player regardless of the results on the ice. Plante has always been a good supporter of Movember.

We here at Oilers Jambalaya are trying our best to raise funds and awareness. If your able to donate anything to our cause just click on our cause for movember and donate to the team. If your unable to do so, all we ask is you continue to spread the word for awareness around your community. Is it silly growing a stache in a community where many people think they look awful? It may be, but in the end, that is the point. What a better conversation piece then growing a funny looking mustache? All donations are tax receiptable and can easily be donated to with our above links on our page. 

Here is my personal update as promised when this month started. Day 1 was clean, Day 11 was a start, now today is Day 21...I would like to take this time to not only thank you for your continued support of our blog site  but also in your continued support in this awesome cause of raising awareness for Men's Health!

Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 11
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 21

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Monday, November 19, 2012

REVS 2013 Top 15 Draft Prospects #5. Hunter Shinkaruk

#5. Hunter Shinkaruk
As a late birthday, left winger Hunter Shinkaruk has been on the draft radar longer than other players but like Seth Jones will be one of the older prospects in this draft class.  Hunter had a impressive rookie campaign that saw him net 42 points in 63 games. Then he exploded for 91 in his full sophomore season. This year at his current pace he could possibly top the 100 point mark and that is without Etem Emerson who was a linemate of his last year in route to a successful year. Hunter has recognized the attention on him this year comes with great difficulties. He is no stranger to adversity. Hunter states “I was getting hit after whistles more than before whistles,” he said. “But that’s what I want, to have that spotlight and to be the best player I can be.” 
Shinkaruk will need to tighten up defensively scouts will agree. “He has a lot to learn, as all young kids do,” said one scout. “Hunter was always so gifted growing up that he was allowed to get away with some things defensively. Now he needs to learn to play a team game.” Hunters speed is his greatest assest. He is listed as at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds but most scouts aren’t worried about him handling the rigors of the pro game. “He’s not that small anymore,” said one scout. “Look at Patrick Kane or Sam Gagner; they had elements that brought them success. Hunter’s element is his speed. He’s a highly skilled kid and a very explosive skater.”
 SeasonTeamLeagueGPGATPPIM+/-    Postseas.GPGATPPIM+/- 
 2007-08 Calgary Royals Gold Bantam AAA AMBHL3310304024
| Playoffs32240
 2008-09 Calgary Royals Gold Bantam AAA  AMBHL2732316310
| Playoffs101111226
 2009-10 Calgary Royals Midget AAA AMHL30110
 2010-11 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL6314284224
| Playoffs144590
 Canada Pacific U17 WHC-1765492
 2011-12 Medicine Hat Tigers WHL664942913817| Playoffs829116-4 
 Canada U18 WJC-18644863|
 2012-13 Medicine Hat Tigers  WHL2215183382|
I have Hunter ranked to start this year at #5 but he will be in tough to stay in that top 5 lottery position at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. It is less of what is wrong with Hunter and more of what is happening with the other players ranked around Hunter. Hunter has the possibility of going anywhere from #4 OV to dropping to #8 OV. As much as they say his size is not a issue it is still a consideration in the overall game of selecting a top draft pick. 

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

High Skill Isn't All You Need / OKC Barons Need Some Help

What nice Jerseys eh!
The OKC Barons have lots of skill on their team brought about by the work stoppage and there has been HUGE expectations for this team early on.

In my opinion, they really haven't hit their stride with Taylor Hall (coming off injury), Jordan Eberle, RNH, and Justin Schultz. At this point, they should be better. There are reasons for this and its not all because of their young guns not putting up the points. Schultz is leading the league in scoring with Eberle trailing not far behind.

The Barons biggest weakness is defensive depth. Especially with the veteran defensemen. I think, because of the hype of the young guns, the forward depth players have been passengers instead of adding secondary scoring. Even the young guns have on occasion, made some errors defensively which is bound to happen. The only cure being more experience.

Hopefully we will see the trio of Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins on Rexall ice soon. But when its all said and done in OKC, this team is doing well. But they could still do more with all their talent.

I hope they make some kind of AHL trade for more experienced D.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

If This Continues, the Oilers Dodge a Few Bullets

Couldn't help but look at the contracts that are essentially being wasted with this lock out. Hall and Eberle are on their last years of their ELC. This is the last year they won't have a $6M cap hit. After this season they are paid handsomely.

Another reason to look is to see which players are in their final contract years. Let's be real. The league isn't going to fire up at all this year, so at some point, the Oilers have decisions to make.


Nikolai Khabibulin - This is the final year in his questionable contact. I can't see the Oilers resigning him even if it's a one year extension. He's past his prime and will never be a good goaltender again. However, not sure Dubnyk can carry the whole load. Oilers will have to sign a replacement goaltender once Khabibulin is gone.

Ryan Whitney - What do you do with a player who has been injured the last few years and still hasn't played a game this year with another league? I don't know either. Sign him for one more year as a "feeler" and see how it plays out? When he's 100% he's the best guy on the backed the Oil have. But will he ever reach that again?

Ladislav Smid - I like Smid. He's just turning into a stud on the blueline and I can't imagine the Oilers let him walk away for nothing. I'd do what it takes to ensure he comes back with a multi year contract.

Ryan Jones - Another North American talent wasting away sitting at home. Jones is a great team player, but can a guy like Hartikainen fill his spot? Most defiantly. If management truly likes him, he will be back for at least one more season.

Darcy Hordichuk - Meh! Fringe player who isn't really part of this team moving forward. Good team guy, but really, that's all he is.

Andy Sutton - From the word on the street, the big man might be headed for retirement. Sad if true. He's a decent 6th man.

Lennart Petrell - I didn't see the big hub bub about him. He's an OK player, but why not give his 4th line minutes to one of the kids whose earning a spot playing with the OKC Barons. I wouldn't bring him back.

Yann Danis - He's a solid goaltender for the OKC Barons and he's worthy of a one year renewal. But, never forget that Tyler Bunz could be ready to play in the AHL next season. With Bunz and Roy, they won't need Danis.

Dane Byers - I don't know a whole lot about Byers. All I really know is he's a good team guy and it's worth signing him for more term with the OKC Barons.


Sam Gagner - Gagner has been playing over in Austria and is trying to stay in game shape. He's still in the "to be determined" catagory with the Oilers and not having him play in front of Oilers management on a nightly basis makes it harder for the team to decide what to do with him. I'd resign him for two more years if he would go for it. But much like last year, he will probably ask for a one year deal. If the Oilers want long term, the price needs to go up. I like Gagner and I want him to be part of this team moving forward. Do the Oilers?

Teemu Hartikainen - The big man is really finding his game this season. He's been good for most of his games played. No doubt the Oilers try and lock him up for two years minimum. He will be a main part of the future of the Oilers for years to come.

Magnus Paajarvi - He's really meshing well with Lander and Hartikainen so far this season in Oklahoma City. Can that carry over to the NHL? Not sure. But the Oilers will resign the Swede and decide down the road if he's a fit with the team or not. Very possible he's trade bait once the general managers get talking again.

Theo Peckham - What do you say about a player who was just released by an ECHL team? Oy!!! (To be noted: Peckham allegedly asked to be released) What happened to this guy? If the Oilers make any decisions on Peckham, it's probably only a one year extension. Also probably trade bait.

Colten Teubert - He replaces the lost muscle that the Oilers will lose with Peckham. I like Teubert's game. He's a standup guy who takes no shit. Once he's seasoned, he can be a great 5/6 guy for any NHL team. He should get at least a two year extension.

Taylor Fedun - He scored his first professional goal last night and that must be a huge monkey off his back. Oiler fans everywhere are proud of his commitment on getting back into the game after his leg injury last year. Before the injury he was a solid player with big potential. Oilers now hope he can regain that form once again. So far this year he's made strides. No doubt the Oilers resign him for at least a couple of years. He's part of the future.

Mark Arcobello - He's a decent AHL talent and I can see him coming back for another year with the OKC Barons. Not sure if he will ever play in the NHL though.

Chris VandeVelde - While some players have developed, I'm not 100% sure CVV has. It's possible that he could become a 4th line center, but his faceoff % needs to improve for that to happen. I'm not sure if the Oilers want to keep developing him. He's kind of at a stand still. Give him one more year with the Barons then decide?

Alex Plante - Plain and simple, his foot speed is slow. As is, he will never become a regular in the NHL. I'd resign him for the purpose of including him in a trade down the road. I don't see him as part of the future.

Tanner House - Effective AHL'er at times. Not entirely sure what the projected output is of this guy, but it doesn't look that good. Is he worth keeping around for the Barons sake?

Philippe Cornet - He led the Barons in goals last year and was swiftly sent down to the Stockton Thunder at the beginning of this season. It was puzzling. Maybe something happened between him and the coach? Either way, after being sent down he's produced pretty well in the ECHL. He has 18 points as of right now. I'd resign him for sure. Two more years to see if he can evolve some more.

Antti Tyrvainen - From all reports that I've read about him, he's not a player the Oilers should continue developing. I'd move on.


Sheldon Souray - His $1.5M cap hit is over after this 2012-13 season is officially over.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Rajala and Cornet Continue Assault on ECHL

Once again this dynamic duo of Oilers prospects Toni Rajala and Philippe Cornet light up the oppositions goalie.

Both players finished the night with 3 points each. Cornet scored 2 goals and had an assist, while Rajala had 2 assists and a goal.

Since joining the Stockton Thunder they have been excellent. They have really helped make this Thunder team a high scoring group and are currently on a push for 1st place.

Rajala sits with 9 goals and 11 assists for 20 points so far this season. Cornet isn't much farther behind with 8 goals and 10 assists for 18 points. Coach Thomas can't be happier to have those two on his roster.

On one hand, having the kid line demoted to play with the OKC Barons was terrible for Cornet and Rajala. Some guys had to be sent to Stockton. However, this couldn't have worked out better. The confidence level on these two guys will be an asset if, and when, they get recalled to Oklahoma City in the near future.

Big question is, can this success they are having translate to the AHL game?

On a side note, new/old Thunder player Cameron Abney who was just recently returned to Stockton also scored tonight. His hands aren't just for punching people. Deep down inside that rough exterior is a goal scorer. OK, so that's not entirely true. But it was sweet to hear Abney finally scored his first goal of the season.

Another Oilers prospect is creating a buzz in California too. Goaltender Tyler Bunz again played lights out. He was 1st star of the game and has been solid most nights he starts. Nice to see the kid is developing down there. Hard to believe in a few years he could be the Oilers starting goalie.

Until next time... GO THUNDER!!!


I'm Sick Of This... Boycott Still On!

You have to wonder at what point the players and the league say, "screw this!"

Good luck sharing revenue when there is no revenue. Just like at the beginning of the season, I encouraged our followers to boycott buying any NHL or Oilers related merchandise to show them the fans are not stupid. We want the game back more than the players or the league do. So to show them, we as a group, have been keeping our money in our pockets while the owners make nothing and the players wonder why their bank accounts never get filled up.

I still encourage our followers to continue this trend. For the first time in over 25 years, I have asked for my family to NOT buy me any Oilers stuff. Just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean we should support a bunch of morons who are killing the game they "so called" love.

This on again, off again talks they have been having are pissing more than the average fan off. It's becoming a joke around the nation and beyond.

Enough is enough!

I want replacement players.



Thanks for all the support from the Oilers Jambalaya fans. Feel free to donate $5 to

The Mo looks better everyday!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

OilersJambalaya MOVEMBER update Nov 11/12

Movember is in full stride but with the NHL in CB negotiations still the focus on the raising of funds is very minimal. Got to appreciate our CHL in Canada and the effort they put into raising awareness but have to say, I am not happy with the efforts of the AHL in that regards. Players that are doing the Movember in the AHL are players who have been supporting this from the early base roots.

Regardless of their efforts, we here at Oilers Jambalaya have our own cause. The Cause to raise awareness among the Oilogosphere for Men's Health in the Month of November. We have a friendly competition to raise funds in the fight for Men's Health. All donations are tax receiptable and can easily be donated to with our above links on our page. Also feel free to jump in and raise funds yourself by joining our team here at OilersJambalaya.

Devan Dubynk is one player who has a baby face and finds it difficult to grow the 'MO'. No matter how much one laughs at you, you still got to love the determination to stand in front of your teammates day after day and face jokes about your baby face.

Nicolai Khabibulin is a player who can grow a 'MO' within 5 days. Of course many of these Oilers like to cheat some. They grow the beard with the stache, but in all fairness at least they are raising awareness.

Ladislav Smid is always a favourite in that dressing room and one who can be counted on for a hilarious 'MO'. Smid would really have made a good actor in the 80's. Got to love how proud he always is of his 'MO'.

So fellow hockey fans,time does grow the 'stache' some more and some less. As promised I am posting a picture every 10 days here at Oilers Jambalaya keeping you updated on the progress of the 'MO'. Feel free to get behind our effort. 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 
DAY 11

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toni Rajala Is Runner Up

It was announced today that Edmonton Oilers prospect Toni Rajala was named runner up for ECHL Player of the Week.

He's produced 7 points in 3 games with the Stockton Thunder. He's having himself a nice start to the season. Let's hope he can continue what he's started.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

'Oilers 1st Team Prospects'

Sometimes taking time to look through a NHL franchise system can be a good indicator of exactly what areas look strong and what areas need improvement in. This past week, Bob Stauffer has Oil Country 'buzzing' with conversation of WHO the Oilers could be looking for as the 'WOW' factor possibilities. Bob has gone on to say that all you have to do is look at the areas that they need the most work in. This brings me to this blog.

What better way to figure out which position is the weakest and which positions have little depth. I am planning on posting my thoughts on 3 Teams of Prospect within the Oilers organization. Today we start with the best of what I believe is the best of the Oilers organization. As far as who is eligible and who isn't for the Prospects, I am going to make it simple. A player can not have played more then 60 games in the NHL and not be over 25 years of age.

Introducing your Oilers 1st Team Prospects!
Starting at Right Wing, at 5'11 and weighing 190 lbs. The 'Sniper from Russia'...
Nail Yakupov
Nail Yakupov has done nothing but answer his critics since he entered the CHL. He has set records and stirred controversy. Regardless of what has happened off the ice, Nail has performed on the ice. His Goals per game pace in the KHL is really making teams take notice and no doubt has become the talk of the NHL in many circles not just in Edmonton. In the words of Nail Yakupov "We score more goals, we win!"

On Left Wing, standing 6'1 and weighing in at 215lbs. The 'Beast from the East'...
Teemu Hartikainen
Teemu has been honing his craft in OKC with the Barons now for while. He has had a couple shorter stints with the Oilers but has shown this year to start off his season with some gusto. Teemu is known as a slow starter who comes on stronger as the season wears on. Good strong player who seems to compliment skill better then that checking line player. A good bet to be a good NHL player in the future.

At Center, Standing 6'0 and coming in at 194 lbs..."The Competitive Swede"
Anton Lander
Anton is a work in progress. Never known his his scoring touch but being a good two way centre can go a long ways in any organization. Lander stuck with the Oilers last season till the later point of the season and was then sent down to work more on his overall game in OKC. This year he has not flown out of the gate and will likely need to show some more progress if he wants to get a call up at centre should a centremen go down with a injury. I have ranked as the #1 Centre but only because of potential not performance. 

On Defence, standing at 6'2 and weighing 185lbs..."The Smooth and Silky"
Justin Schultz
Justin Schultz is a rarity in today's game. There are few and far players like him in today's NHL that can play offensively like he can. Already this season he has outperformed expectations and this adjustment to pro hockey in OKC seems to have come at a perfect time for him. Justin will take some time to work more on his defensive game but his gap control at the minor pro level is excellent. Could potentially become a star in the NHL.

On Defence, at 6'3 and 204 lbs..."The Bomb"
Oscar Klefbom
Oscar comes exactly as advertised. He is a big, and physical defencemen. Some expect his point totals to be better but that is not his fortay. Oscar is more of a Pronger style player except without the dirty play (that we know of). Is logging big minutes and being a major difference this year in Sweden. Has been injured but once back and playing at 100% health, Klefbom will be putting on his final preperations to get ready to start 2013/2014 training camp for the Oilers.

In Goal and standing at 6'1, weighing 198 lbs..."Bunzzy"
Tyler Bunz
Tyler is a competitive and self motivated player who can be found working on his game every moment he gets a chance. His strides of growth each year have been sensational and has him poised as being a good NHL goaltender in the future. The proof is always in the pudding and for Tyler he is working on continuing to show Oilers management exactly how good he is this year in Stockton with the Thunder of the ECHL.

Oilers 1st Team Prospects

I believe this is a team the Oilers could be proud of for Prospects, however 1 position definitely looks weaker then the others when comparing talents. While I do like Lander, this list shows us we definitely have a weakness at the Centre Position in the future. My bet? This team will be dealing for a centre or waiting till the 2013 Draft and attempt to grab a Centremen with their 1st Pick in the 1st round. Centre's are plentiful in the higher rankings should the Oilers get another high pick. Nathan MacKinnon, Sean Monahan, Aleksander barkov, Curtis Lazar. Of these names, I would say their is a good chance we could see one of them putting on a Oilers Jersey at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember in 'Oil Country'

Movember has arrived in Oil Country. NHL or NOT, Movember carries on in the greatest hockey city in the world. It's for a cause far greater then the sport itself and gives the guys another reason to be lazy and not shave. Now a true 'MO' is only the 'Stache'. Can't be lazy here, you still need to shave the entire face. I know, I know many a people will grow facial hair in other area's. Why? Because they hate the look of the 'MO'. I get it, my entire family and 80% of people I know, hate it too. But it's not about looking good, it's about raising awareness and dollars for men's health. 

I am putting a challenge out to all our readers here at Oilers Jambalaya. Join our team and raise awareness and dollars yourself. Just click on the link and follow through. Don't want to grow a 'MO'? Feel free to donate towards 'changing the face of men's health'.

In years past the oilers have taken a shot at it themselves.

 Sam Gagner has always had a beauty, err maybe we should say a 'baby Mo'?

Taylor Hall did not bad, but too blonde and he cheated, he grew a beard with it. 
'Booo! Loser! Go back to the OHL!'

 Hordichuk can always be depended on for a beauty of a 'stache'

Personally I think the 'Nuge' wins it hands down! This guy can grow a 'Lanny McDonald' MO.
OK, I know Ryan Nugent-Hopkins picture is photo shopped but you can't say it doesn't make him look that much more mature.

 Being a goalie myself, I absolutely love this tribute to Movember portrayed on a Goalie Lid. 
'Sweet Fuhr!'

Evan "Revingev" Renaerts 

So my friends, I will be posting a picture every 10 days here at Oilers Jambalaya keeping you updated on the progress of the 'MO'. Feel free to get behind our effort but remember, you need to start clean shaven today. Off with all the hair and start from scratch. (I also will be updating some pictures of Oiler players in the system as the month goes on.)

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The Faithful Followers

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