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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Introducing Russ Jericho

Fellow Oilers/Barons/Thunder fans,

My name is Russ Jericho. If my name seems familiar as of recently, that might be because I've been mentioned a few times here already, via Twitter and my graphic contributions here thus far (September & October schedule wallpapers).

Let me tell you a little bit about me, I'm one of the more "unusual" fans, so to speak... I'm a hockey fan, yes, but I'm born and raised in the United Kingdom. I'd go so far as to say I'm the biggest Oilers fan and probably the only Barons fan in the UK. Hockey's not the most talked about sport over here, as the UK is dominated by football, the sport most of you know as "soccer". I can't stand the sport, I can't stand this country much either, and if I had the money I'd get a one-way ticket out of this dump!

I've a bit of an outspoken nature... Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's bad... But if you want a straight answer, I'm the sort of person that gives it to you straight, no BS.

I'm also a married man with two wonderful children, my step-son, Kai (5 years) and my daughter, Alexa (7 1/2 months). They're my world, and if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because my job as a Dad is more important than anything else.

What my blogs will consist of are my general thoughts and feelings on the Oilers and the Barons organisations and the plugging of my artwork, all of which will be Oilers and Barons related media.

I'll also be the first person to jump to the defence of my hockey teams too, I'm allowed to criticise my team, but if some non-fan does, they better be prepared for war!

What I'm doing at this minute is complaining my ass off to EA Sports because they've totally F'ed up the Barons Home and Away jerseys in NHL 11. If you're a fan, and you have this game, you already know what I'm talking about! I also try to correct player equipment settings and have realistic audio in-game too. There's nothing worse than scoring an awesome goal with Ales Hemsky to hear "¡OlĂ©!" by the Bouncing Souls!

Expect to see some tidbits from me on Twitter and Oilers/Barons NHL 11 edits on

Well, that's me.


-Written by Russ Jericho-

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