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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oilers Jambalaya #4 (Random Thoughts)


A lot has changed in the last week or so. MacT is gone. Tambo steps up. Rumors start swirling. Who's leaving next? Oilers have 10th pick overall at this years NHL draft.

Absolute crazy I tell you.

Everyone is talking about who is going to be the next coach here in Oil Country. At this point of the season, who cares? There is a lot of months before the next season starts and the playoffs are just starting. Why are we getting all worked up about nothing? I don't know? Do you?

All I do know... I DON'T WANT MIKE CRAWFORD! Oops. Did I screw up your name Marc? No big deal right? I'll get Alex Hemsky to sign a shirt for you to make up for it. Can you imagine what Hemmer would do if he taps him on the pads and says, "Ok Alex. Your turn." And Hemmer looks at him and cracks him over the head with his stick. "Help me Rolofson", Crawford yells as Roli turns his back and skates away. OMG! That could be terrible for the team. BBMT (Bring Back MacT) jk. Calm down.


I guess the next "big thing" for the Oilers is the 2009 NHL Draft. The Oilers pick 10th this year for the first time ever. If we picked up Hemsky at 13th, then we should be able to find a guy that is decent. *fingers crossed* I am a believer of picking the best available player for the first two rounds anyways. After that, whatever. Go random. Pick with your gut. There just may be a Zetterberg out there for us.

Here is a look at the top 15 players available from TSN. Anyone of these kids could be an Oiler by next year. Who do you like the best? Don't say Tavares either.


If the Oilers are going to move forward then I suppose we look at leadership. I am a strong believer that we also need a change in out Captain department. Moreau has done a decent job but this team needs a new direction. Now all season I have said how I would like to see Souray as our C. I still do feel that way, but I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Why not be like Chicago and name Gagner the Captain? It seems to be working for them and if anything we can look at Vancouver and Detroit as examples. They are teams that made a young guy a Captain and built around them for years. Yzerman and Linden. Why not the Oilers? Clearly, Gagner was the one that was most bothered by not making the playoffs. (Souray as well as he wasn't available for comment after the last day.) Give Gagner a shot with the C. I won't make us worse. NNC.

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