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Thursday, November 5, 2009

B&J #79 Edmonton Oilers Recap vs. New York Rangers (11/5/09)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Horcoff and Souray.  Horcoff has shoulder problems and will be out 7-10 days (from what I know) and Souray skated yesterday and today so that's good a good sign.  He will still be out for awhile.

- When is Deslauriers going to play again?  How is he going to play 20 games this year when he's seen very little action so far this season?  The team stinks right now anyways so why not?  They may play harder with the back up in net.

- I still can't believe that my cable bill is going to kill me next month right before Christmas.  4 PPV's in 6 games.  Why?  And the NHL wonders why people watch the games for free on their PC's.  And the worst part is... we pay $13.95 for lackluster efforts.  PPV's are always bad games for the Oilers.  I just might start watching them for free too.


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (7-7-1) vs. New York Rangers (9-6-1)







**These are Re-Tweets of Paq Twinn's LIVE TweetCast© at **


- Welcome to the Oilers vs Rangers LIVE *TweetCast*.
- Horc is out (shoulder), Comrie's back in, Gags is on the top line.
- Souray is still out but not for much longer. #wentforaskate
- Waiting for anthems and puck drop. GOILERS!!!
- Here we go, Oilers win the draw.
- Big Mac goes off for hooking. Oilers PK 17:52 1st.
- Oilers kill it off. #goodpk
- Voros takes a tripping call. Oilers PP 15:11 1st
- Oilers get a chance but can't score on the PP.
- Khabi makes a good save. 0-0 12:00 1st
- Oilers PP 9:57 1st
- A couple more chances but no goals on that PP either
- Flurry of chances for the Rangers. Khabi with some good saves.
- Higgins scores. 1-0 Rangers 4:32 1st
- Cogs gets a good chance. Oilers get 3rd PP 1:31 1st
- The 1st period ends, Oilers have :29 sec left on PP to start the 2nd.
- After the 1st it's 1-0 Rangers. Oilers need to pick up the pace next period.


- 2nd period underway, Oilers don't score on remainder of PP.
- It's a back and forth period, with the Rangers carrying most of the play. 15:12 2nd
- Lisin goes off for hooking. Oilers 4th chance on PP 14:06 2nd
- Some good passing, Lubo gets a good chance.
- Rangers kill off the penalty.
- Valliquette makes a great glove save on Pens. #firstlineisgoodtonight
- Hemmer gets a good chance. Everyone crashes into the net and it comes off the moorings. 10:24 2nd
- Oilers go on the PK. 9:54 2nd
- Callahan scores on a deft tip off Del Zotto's half board shot. 2-0 Rangers
- Storts with an open net chance but missed the shot, nice pass from Comrie.
- Lubo Scores on a nice drive to the net. 2-1 Rangers 5:08 2nd
- Pisani takes a holding call. #badtimingpenalty 4:34 2nd
- Higgins gets a few wacks from the side of the net. Khabi stands his ground.
- Kotalik scores right off the face off. 3-1 Rangers 3:20 2nd
- 2 min warning
- Now Gilbert goes off for interference. Oilers PK :58 2nd
- Khabi has to make a great save off a deflection with 2 sec left.
- Rangers have 1 min remaining on PP to start the 3rd
- After the 2nd Rangers lead the Oilers 3-1
- Oilers aren't playing that well, other than the 1st line no one is getting pressure, and even they can't sustain anything


- 3rd period is underway. shots are 28-16 for the Rangers so far.
- Khabi makes another good save on the PK. Oilers kill it off.
- Pisani gets his stick up on Del Zotto. Oilers PK for 4min. 16:05 3rd
- Oilers have killed the first half of dbl minor, thanks to Khabi.
- Pens with a great short handed rush, turned 2 Rangers inside out, but can't beat the goalie
- Gaborik scores, point shot tip lands in the crease, Gaborik taps it in. 4-1 Rangers
- Comrie Scores on a simple shot through traffic. 4-2 Rangers halfway through the 3rd.
- Shots are 35-22 for the Rangers 8:40 3rd
- Oilers go back on PK. Moreau off for 2.
- Oilers with a big PK. Khabi lost his stick for a bit.
- Oilers are pressing now. 3:00 3rd #toolittletoolate?
- With a faceoff deep in Rangers zone, look for Khabi to leave the net. #extraattacker
- Oilers getting lots of pressure. last min
- Oilers lose 4-2 to the Rangers. Rangers had 18 PPshots tonight, scoring twice.
- Gaborik(1), Patty-O(2), Valiquette(3) get the stars.
- Thanks for following this Live *TweetCast*. Next up the Avs on Sunday. Time to start winning on the road, or else, things could get ugly.




New York Rangers - 4

Edmonton Oilers - 2



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- Post Game Reaction

- Full NHL Play By Play

- Oilers Time On The Ice

- Rangers Time On The Ice

- Shot Report

- Faceoffs Report



Ethan Moreau - Just when the team is trying to mount a comeback, you push a guy down and the puck is no where near you.  WTF were you thinking?  Did you not notice that the team was sucking bad anyways on the PK?  Or is this your way of taking the team (bull) by the horns?  ps. It didn't work.



(Smokin' Ray) Ethan Moreau - He did nothing to contribute. Plus he tops it off with the BTP of the game.  Baaaad effort.
(Paq Twinn) Robert Nilsson - He also did nothing to contribute to this team.  Well... other than some bad errant passes.  When is he going to go on waivers?



Sam Gagner - He played like he was 200lbs.  Quinn wants guys to go to the "tough" areas and Gagner does just that.  He was the guy that was taking the beating so the team might have a chance of a screen or a rebound.  I really think that this kid is going to be the "man" for the Oilers in the next 2 years.  He has a ways to go, but when he gets there he is going to be scary good.  Good effort tonight Gags.  Budweiser?  Cheers!

Patrick O'Sullivan - He did everything he could tonight, well, other than score.  But he did get an assist on the Comrie goal.  He really needs to watch his turnovers.  He had 3 tonight.  But I really like his full out effort that he shows just about every game.  If this team is going to suck, then it's hard to blame guys that try hard.  A mug o' beer?  Cheers!

Taylor Chorney - I just don't see him getting demoted now to 7th guy when Smid comes back in.  And honestly, I don't see him losing a spot when Souray comes back.  I'm expecting a trade from the Oilers soon.  This kid is for real.  He played a real solid game tonight and had 3 blocked shots.  He was flawless.  Frosty beer time?  Cheers!

Lubomir Visnovsky - He's so damn good that it makes me wonder why LA gave him up.  I'm glad we have him.  I've never seen anyone catch Gaborik like that.  This is our best guy on D until Souray gets back.  He scores a beauty while taking 4 shots and had 2 takeaways and 2 blocked shots.  He's freaking great.  Enjoy a cold beer Lubo. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ales Hemsky (He had the moves and the energy, but faded half ways in the game), Tom Gilbert (He played a lot and looked ok), Denis Grebeshkov (Played well, he just sucked at penalty killing.), Andrew Cogliano (He was flying out there. He managed 6 shots but couldn't score.)



Robert Nilsson - He managed to be the only person on the team that ended up a -1.  Yay!  Seriously, get rid of this guy.  He makes the most asinine plays that I have ever seen.  Blind passes DO NOT WORK.  How is he getting minutes and MacIntyre gets 1:40?  I say to the minors with you. Booooo!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Ethan Moreau (He had the BTP and was invisible but led the team in hits. Go figure?), Fernando Pisani (Bad penalties and a bad game.)



Smokin' Ray - I'm getting sick of this already.  WTF Oilers?  This is getting old.  Does Quinn need to crack the whip and shake up things again?  I'd send Nilsson packing and send a message to the team that enough is enough.  Either crap or get off the pot.  This team will never win unless all the players are going to show up.  These last 7 games... the Oilers have not.  Boooo!!!

Paq Twinn - Another bad effort by the Oilers. How many of these games before Tambo makes a move. The 1st line played good tonight, and the 2nd had their moments, the D weren't that bad either. Everyone else had bad games. How long will it take, to learn how to clear the puck. The wingers are too deep, trying to help, and then they give up point shots. Its a vicsous circle that has to stop for this team to succeed. Game Grade: D.



Oilers vs. Avalanche

Sunday Nov 8/09
6:00 pm MT
Sportsnet West


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